The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the District and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


AMES ST., 5352-Alvin M. and Jean R. Shaw to Ramesh Raj and Kavitha Ramesh, $130,000.

BRYANT ST., 327-Kahlil A. Ali to Mariano Alexander and Alicia Shade Keith, $205,000.

C ST., 1434-Mark Brown and Julius G. Howell to Candice Cohen and Alan Goldstevn, $435,000.

C ST., 616-Harold E. McClure to George S. and Sandra L. Kovats, $490,000.

CAPITOL AVE., 1728-Alexander E. Brown to Craig West, $163,000.

D ST., 1210-Neil C. Odonovan to Leslie Suarez, $363,500.

D ST., 1346-Murray Bradford to Abegaz W. Yoseph, $265,000.

EVARTS ST., 433-Alexis L. Brown and Andrew J. Osefchen to Crosstown Properties Corp., $135,000.

GALES ST., 1504-Evelyn Barrenechea and Oscar Manrique to Vanessa E. Arce, $160,000.

GALLATIN ST., 637-Zelma H. Givens to Monica A. Singleton, $165,000.

HAMLIN ST., 1010-Ada E. Brooks to Michele May, $272,000.

JUST ST., 5054-Dorothy A. Nickens to Benita J. Nicholson, $110,000.

K ST., 406-Patricia Ann McLeod Trust to James M. Richardson, $240,000.

LAWRENCE ST., 1328-Benjamin Lorimer Hunton to Zyrus Cesare Campbell and Millicent Springs Campbell, $250,500.

M ST., 641-Dorothy and Joseph Edward Gray to Steven J. Postma, $165,000.

MONTELLO AVE., 1604-Rebecca Brown

Estate to Mohammad Y. Sikder,


NEAL ST., 1513-Pamelia J. Cook and Dukes Lottie to Clarence Dwight Pearson, $122,000.

ROSEDALE ST., 1644-Andrew Gravatt to Severin R. Hanou and Elod Gabor Szathmari, $135,000.

SHERIFF RD., 4411-One Piney Grove Investment Corp. to Milton and Sharon Leath, $129,500.

SUMMIT CT., 3435, No. 3435-Ruth Blake to Gwendolyn C. Miller, $150,000.

T ST., 53-Thomas E. Smith to Joanne W. and Pierre Goubourn, $150,000.

WALNUT ST., 3230-Linda Caldwell to Michael Jones and Mary E.T. Walker Jones, $147,500.

THIRD ST., 2621-Christine B. Phelps to Angela P. Williams, $150,000.

SIXTH ST., 1018-Kingsley Atere to Kenneth Aderotoye and Mustapha Motunrayo I. and Mustapha Moturayo I., $200,000.

NINTH ST., 121-Sarah Gavian and Natalie G. Zuckerman to Adam and Sara Meier, $528,000.

11TH ST., 644-Kathleen R. and Marvin E. Hunter to Troy L. Trujillo, $365,000.

12TH ST., 706-Susan I. Sunkin to Raminder Gill, $255,000.

13TH PL., 5037-Margaret H. Mike Estate and Donald Hoffman to Elijah Eric Rouse, $205,000.

21ST ST., 440-John Herbert Niles to One Piney Grove Investment Corp., $165,000.

48TH PL., 1046-Doxen Lamarr G. to Timo Ntoto, $153,500.

57TH ST., 248-Andrea Brown Sneed to 57th Street Mews Inc., $125,000.


BELMONT RD., 1821-Miguel A. Lopez Forastier to Margaret Meriwether Beatty, $409,500.

BELMONT RD., 2032, No. 619-John Gagosian to Amy E. Symons, $269,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1830, No. 8-Christopher J. Mazzeo to Randall A. Brater, $285,324.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4200, No. 1112-Carl Williams to Mikael Naygauz, $272,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4201, No. 614E-Charles Mark McGhee and Selma G. Freedman Trust and Robert Stephen Winterfeldt to Neil Budde and Virginia Edwards, $475,000.

CHAMPLAIN ST., 2363, No. 3-Sheri L. Orlowitz to Philip L. Shen, $440,000.

CHESTERFIELD PL., 2831-Bernice E. Ross to Mehta Dipali B. and Mark W. Nelson, $1.25 million.

COLUMBIA RD., 1954, No. 512-Sabine C. Haas to Annabel Erulkar, $232,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4444, No. 501-Craig David Ferry to Ivan C. Dale and Lisa M. Re, $360,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4600, No. 729-Jeanne H. Barber Revocable Trust and Michael W. Spire to Christine B. and Robert W. Thomas, $312,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4701, No. 207-Lee A. Feinstein to Elene Makonnen, $475,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 5103-Seviilla Group Corp. to Hyojong Kwon, $635,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 5406, No. 508-Eric L. Bibby to Charles L. Overman and Overman Glades Z., $115,000.

CORCORAN ST., 1754, No. 52R-Andrew J. and Dawn C. Frank to Whitney C. Miller and Robert P. Nye, $290,000.

DENT PL., 3014, No. 24E-Michael S. Marburg to Jenna Kieley, $436,250.

DEVONSHIRE PL., 2737, No. 218-Marian Sabety to Fredda M. and John M. Haines, $705,000.

FARRAGUT ST., 1309-Andrea M. Stewart and Andrea Stewart Coble to Amazing Life Games Pre-School, $365,000.

FARRAGUT ST., 400-Charlene D. Johnson to Kenneth S. Faunteroy, $275,000.

GARFIELD ST., 3824-Richard W. Dirksen Estate to Sheree Fitch and Gilles Plante, $619,000.

GEORGETOWN CT., 3908-Eva E. Koubek Revocable Trust and Jana Koubek and Cordon J. Rose to Eugenia V.H. and John McNeil Wilkie, $775,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 7129-Dorothea H. Dargan Estate and Deborah L. Hawkins to Deborah L. Hawkins, $173,000.

HARVARD ST., 1321-Michael P. Weisskopf to Omega Properties LLC, $267,500.

HOBAN RD., 1719-Jane Rosenthal Cafritz to John P. and Lisa A. Walsh, $1.43 million.

HOBART PL., 753-Annie R. Gordon and Annie Gordon Harris to Marcos and Maria F. Hernandez, $168,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 928-Jose A. and Marilu R. Gonzales to Lewis Mezgebe, $261,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 319-Deborah Anne and Randolph Perkins to Golden Investments Inc., $202,375.

LAMONT ST., 618-Christopher Mark O'Brien to Maria Teresa J. Ellis and Faris A. Idris, $240,000.

LAMONT ST., 752-Anna L. Robinson to Digna E. Moran and Jose A. Moran Cortez, $226,000.

LANIER PL., 1623, No. 301-Patrick H. Sears to Edward J. Hannabury and Neena Sachdeva, $468,100.

M ST., 55, No. 401-Bharat K. and Chaitali P. Thakkar to Anthony Cook, $82,200.

MACOMB ST., 5137-Charles and Toby T. Gati to Ann Y. and Paul W. Orr, $1.13 million.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1727, No. 409-William N. and Stella Kotzales to Brendan Richard Branley, $163,000.

MCKINLEY PL., 2805-Victor H. Wilburn to Urban Development Group Inc., $381,210.

MILITARY RD., 2914-Virginia Burlingame to Jonathan B. Tolman, $475,000.

N ST., 1420, No. 316-Karen K. Fair and Karen Van Bred A. Kolff and Margaret Lamberton to Gabriel Albornoz, $125,000.

NEWTON ST., 1432-Minnie B. and Nelson Williams to Anna C. Vredeveld, $340,000.

O ST., 2123, No. 2123-Fred Paul and Judith K. Abramson to Charles G. and Toby T. Gati, $1.02 million.

ORDWAY ST., 2711, No. 12-Lynn A. and Michael S. Deutsch to Matt C. Stowe, $280,000.

PARK RD., 1643-Mary Ann French to Panagiotis Dermentzoglou, $399,900.

PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 601, No. 701-Matthew E. Sanders to Nicole Rowe,


PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 801, No. 1013-Kerry B. Long and Barbara E. McGann to Christine Higgins, $275,000.

POWHATAN PL., 614-DC Properties Corp. to Hafez Al Saleh and Huyen Dieu Nguyen, $279,000.

PRINCETON PL., 744-Dorothy L. Jackson to Teresa Mabry and Thomas Gregory Pendleton, $289,333.

R ST., 1800, No. 203-Tori L. Paide to Leon A. Espinoza and Angel P. Miera, $307,500.

RESERVOIR RD., 3421-Jonathan Beck and Janet B. Rubin Estate and Seymour J. Rubin Estate to Denise H. and N. John MacGaffin, $575,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 1426, No. B-Patrick J. MacFarlane to Tamar and Todd Gender, $749,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 214-Anthony Coates to Collin Keeney and Yoko Shimada, $439,000.

S ST., 1752, No. 3-Brian C. Malady to Francine Gindi and Jerald Siegel, $401,500.

S ST., 1833, No. 23-Manuel Rios to Francesca Barbasetti, $238,300.

SHEPHERD ST., 312-Casiya Y. Thaniel to Leslie Patykewich, $260,000.

T ST., 1605-Afsaneh Tabrizian to Henry S. Purcell, $650,000.

T ST., 3622-Nawara Chakaki and Bashar Mardam Bey to Michael Quimby, $600,000.

TUNLAW RD., 4000, No. 609-David J. and Kanuice Friesen Brockmeyer to Frederique F. Georges, $222,225.

UNDERWOOD PL., 12-Pauline J. Ellis to Johnnie I. Barton and Angela L. Lee, $144,200.

UNIVERSITY PL., 2556-Federal National Mortgage Association to Nations Bank Mortgage Corp., $239,860.

VAN BUREN ST., 1629-Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to Jeffrey and Shelby M. Haggray, $825,000.

VERMONT AVE., 1313, No. 2-Marc Friedman and Gina Schaefer to Kim K. Seidl, $315,000.

VOLTA PL., 3312-Alan R. Thompson to Kimberly Betz, $525,000.

WILLARD ST., 1735, No. 4-Farid Ali to Daniel A. Livecchi, $269,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 1080, No. 2008-Harry R. Welter to Joy Palmer and Ian Richards, $354,000.

WYOMING AVE., 1848, No. 402-James C. Tsohas to Douglas E. Escola and Anya L. Naschak, $295,000.

FIFTH ST., 1634-Charles D. Reed to 1636 5th Street Corp., $225,000.

SEVENTH ST., 4105-Lorenzo and Maria Ventura to Cristobal and Ofelia F. Hernandez Argueta and Luis Fuentes, $265,000.

EIGHTH ST., 4704-Bobby W. and Hattie M. Revell to Ralph Lee, $180,000.

NINTH ST., 5619-Delmy and Luis Hernandez to Grace M. Williams, $240,000.

13TH ST., 3416-Gwendolyn Roberts to Robert D. Venson, $475,000.

13TH ST., 5211-Frances L. Pettis Estate and Carolyn B. Harris to HHH Holdings Corp., $218,000.

13TH ST., 6400-James O. and Nannie C. West to G. Shirley and J. Shirley C. Anderson, $333,125.

14TH ST., 4312-Demissie Gebrehanna T. and Zenebech K. Dessu to Marta Ledesma Chavez, $400,000.

16TH ST., 2000, No. 106-Carolyn P. Karr to Daniel L. Huizenga and Karen A. Williamson, $342,000.

17TH ST., 1401, No. 609-Llaana Peta Marcus to James E. Wiggins, $306,045.

17TH ST., 2428, No. 2SW-Bernard James Huckenpahler and Dena Sherene Offutt to Aizenman Nurith C., $431,000.

18TH ST., 1545, No. 410-Matthew P. Goodman to Allison L. Rapp, $226,000.

21ST ST., 1617-Martin H. Seiden Revocable Trust and Martin H. Seiden and Rosalie Seiden to Alexander R. Boyar, $475,000.

22ND ST., 1006-Marlene M. Johnson to Estela Deoliveira, $875,000.

22ND ST., 1511, No. 12-Lewis and Lewis N. Gautieri to Elias B. and Nahed I. Haddad, $166,000.

24TH ST., 922, No. 115-Keith N. Sambur to Bhupinder Randhawa and Charandit Singh, $160,000.

26TH ST., 1001, No. 605-Quoc Khanh Ly to Jenny Mayfield, $279,000.

44TH ST., 4919-Cynthia C. Pfaff and Marcos C. Wilson to Katherine M. Belber and David R. Ingalls, $520,000.

45TH ST., 4821-Betty J. Boone to Sean W. Bulson and Katherine M. Treanor, $630,000.

46TH ST., 4916-Adriana C. and Mark S. Cain and Adriana Ingrassia to William K. Kelso and Allison E. Logie, $714,000.

48TH ST., 2112-Bradley E. and Helena Singer and Michael S. Singer to Joseph K. and Lisa Q. McClean, $710,000.


BASS PL., 4843-New Century Home Equity Loan Trust to James Raeford, $66,000.

CENTRAL AVE., 5056-George Wright to Ainsley and Jackie L. Mims Levy, $120,000.

E ST., 148-Anne F. and Michael J. Boozell to Caren Benjamin and Timothy O'Toole, $750,000.

E ST., 1627-Stephen M. Wilson to Allan Bernstein and George Resta, $220,000.

MELLON ST., 400-Samuel J. and Carlisha A. Morgan to Leon Branham, $187,000.

SOUTHERN AVE., 4276-Sarah E. Coleman and Sarah E. Pyndell to Daniel S. and Jonathan S. Barb, $125,000.

V ST., 1239-Bank of New York and Fairbanks Capital Corp. to Aldric G. and Ibe Bulinda Crawley, $95,000.

W ST., 3803, No. S-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Denise D. Valentine, $96,000.

FIRST ST., 3824-Tyrena Nadine Johnson to Francine D. Dease, $170,000.

FIRST ST., 4118-Lula Mae and Raymond Asaph Bell to Denise L. Isaac, $120,000.

SECOND ST., 2916-Gwendolyn J. and Russell Rich to Gregory Maison, $140,000.

FIFTH ST., 3425-Edward S. Cohn and Stephen N. Goldberg and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $34,539.

11TH ST., 531-Bradford Marx to Larry F. Cook, $495,000.

15TH ST., 712-of John Daniel Rothwell Estate to Blair D. and Linda E. Diseati, $266,500.

18TH ST., 1931-Michael Bailey to Little Lights Urban Ministries, $174,000.

18TH ST., 20-Kahlil Ali to Michael J. Temchine, $285,000.

23RD ST., 3410-Jeannette L. Gibson to Broderick Peters, $78,500.

32ND ST., 2705-Gladys C. Montgomery to Wilbert Keith Jones, $200,000.


FOURTH ST., 1250-Kelvin B. Harris to Donna Kelly and Anne Stom, $85,000.

SEVENTH ST., 700, No. 136-Shirley L. McMillan to Masz Properties Corp., $175,000.