The Graduate: Rogers Barnes, River Hill.

Top Sports: Football, basketball.

Destination: Morgan State University.

Sports Moments: "Probably that kickoff return I had against Oakland Mills for the game-winning touchdown [in a 20-19 victory Oct. 4] because we weren't expected to win. It was all dramatic because it was our last possession, and either we would score or we would lose, and it was Oakland Mills's homecoming, too, so everything built up for that moment. I got past everyone and looked back, and then I got tackled in the end zone by all my teammates."

The Graduate: Brandon Graham, Wilde Lake.

Top Sport: Basketball.

Destination: Delaware State University.

Sports Moments: "That would have to be beating Long Reach in the playoffs [54-52 in a Maryland 3A East region semifinal March 4] because they were the county champs, and we hadn't beaten them my whole career, and we got to end their season -- that was big. I just remember walking out on the court, and their gym was packed with all of our fans, and we stuck together and won. We found out how good we really were on that day. And then the next day at a school, it was just crazy: Everyone was giving us so much love and telling us how good we were, and even when we walked into the mall, people would recognize us."

The Graduate: Chelsea Kapp, Glenelg.

Top Sports: Cross-country, indoor track, lacrosse.

Destination: American University.

Sports Moments: "I don't think I had a favorite game. But I'll remember this camp our cross-country and track teams went to this summer somewhere in Western Maryland. All we did was run, twice a day for a week, and it was so hot out there, and there were so many hills. We kept running and worked up to a nine-mile run on the last day. We really became close as a team because it was pretty much just us out there. We won states in cross-country, and what we did last summer has a lot to do with that because I'm not sure we would have won if we didn't go [to camp]."

The Graduate: Mary Rollyson, Glenelg.

Top Sports: Soccer, indoor and outdoor track.

Destination: Lafayette College.

Sports Moments: "Just making it to the state [soccer] tournament even though we lost [to Century in the final] because we worked so hard for four years to get there, and it's just a shame we didn't win. Indoor track was awesome because we set a state record, and our names will go in the record book as the team everyone will want to beat."

The Graduate: Mike Smelkinson, Long Reach.

Top Sport: Basketball

Destination: California (Pa.) University.

Sports Moments: "That's a hard one, but probably when we beat Atholton [79-67 in overtime Feb. 19] because we won the county title, and we were all jumping around in the locker room and eating cake, and it was like four years of hard work led up to that one night. But that's just one memory, and I don't think anyone who plays high school sports forgets that much about them. I'll remember what it was like just riding on the bus coming home from road games and everyone joking around when we win, and even how quiet it was when we lost."

The Graduate: Shelley McDuff, River Hill.

Top Sport: Soccer.

Destination: University of Maryland.

Sports Moments: "My freshman year, when we went undefeated and won the state championship, and it was just the perfect ending, and it was only my first year in high school. We won the state championship again my sophomore year, and I scored my first goal [in high school] on a penalty kick in that game, which was big for me because I play defense and don't get that many chances to score. This year, we went undefeated in the county and didn't even give up a goal, and I don't know how many teams have ever done that before."

The Graduate: Vince Cina, River Hill.

Top Sport: Wrestling.

Destination: University of Pennsylvania.

Sports Moment: "Of course, I'll always remember winning state duals my junior year just because no other team at River Hill had done it. But I'll also always remember the wrestling room at River Hill -- it was small and dark -- but it's in that room working with Coach [Earl] Lauer I really reached my potential. I wish I could take him with me to Pennsylvania. I spent so many hours in that room, I can't even count."

The Graduate: Kristen Slahor, Mount Hebron.

Top Sport: Lacrosse.

Destination: Ohio State University.

Sports Moment: "I think holding the state championship trophy right now is what I'm always going to remember because this was the year a lot of people said we weren't going to win because we lost so many seniors coming [into the season]. Not only did we win the state championship, we set all those records [four], and we went undefeated. I don't think very many people outside of our team expected this, so to be able to prove them wrong feels pretty good."

The Graduate: Chelsey Barrett, Atholton.

Top Sports: Basketball, lacrosse.

Destination: Virginia Wesleyan University.

Sports Moment: "Standing at the free throw line after getting my 1,000th career point [on Feb. 2 in a loss to Mount Hebron] because it took me four years to get it. When I first started at Atholton, 1,000 points seemed like so much and so far away, and it was the goal I set for myself. But when I got it, they stopped the game and gave me the ball, and I got to share the experience with my family, and all my teammates and coaches were so great."