The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

ASPEN HILL RD., 5000-Jeng and Chiayee Mao to Li Ting Luo and Cheng I. Chen, $350,000.

BARTRAM ST., 4708-Amel and Dib to Nimnuan Matang and Rigoberto Ramos, $290,000.

BAUER DR., 13919-M.D. and Richard A. Weber Sr. to John Karas, $319,000.

BAUER DR., 14420-Adem Buyukacar to Myung J. and Sang H. Gong, $345,000.

BEAVER TER., 13117-May Wong Lam to Shir W. Teng, $247,500.

BITTERROOT WAY, 15213-Joseph R. and C.C. Borrelli to Margaret and Colin Campbell, $515,000.

CANTERBURY TER., 4100-R.G. and George I. Ziadi to Santos Ulisses Dos, $344,900.

CASHELL RD., 17000-William A. and R.J. Maguire to Anne O. and James M. Coyle, $445,000.

CHADWICK LANE, 14118-V. and Martin Blanco to Leonice G. Lima, $325,000.

CHESTERFIELD RD., 14362-Philip E. and G.C. Davis Sr. to Robin and Richard Payes, $645,500.

EMORY LANE, 16454-Joseph C. Wiggins to Gwendolyn and Phillip E. Davis, $650,000.

FLOWER VALLEY DR., 4220-David K. and K.D. Studenick to Christopher and Sharon A. Zinn, $549,990.

HALLET CT., 13105-David W. Frampton to Neris Yanet Bonilla and Ernesto Fuentes, $265,000.

PAYSON ST., 13002-Betty R. Meenen, trustee, to Lois E. and Kevin Galloway, $294,900.

VEIRS MILL RD., 12710, No. 110-304-Megan Joy Frahm to Ming Sai Pak and Teat Shing Tang, $138,000.

Bethesda Area

BARKWATER CT., 7032-Christopher and K.M. Lafleur to Rose and William J. Boyce, $590,000.

BRADLEY BLVD., 7523-Joan Clarke to Roghieh E. Tousi, $489,000.

BROOK LANE N., 8315, No. 2-905-Kate H. MacInnis to Keith Jeffries, $324,000.

BURNING TREE RD., 9000-Prudence Crozier, trustee, to Sima Azimzadehtabrizi, $985,000.

DAHLONEGA RD., 6424-Estela E. Getz to Ralph E. Getz, $392,000.

GOLDLEAF DR., 6515-Selina I. Parelskin to Jaime P. and Benjamin A. Zindler, $1.33 million.

HALSTON WAY, 8513-William E. Holder, trustee, to Sandra L. Marshall, $781,000.

HAMPDEN LANE, 7523-J.G. and M.L. Millspaugh to Robert W. Ludwig Jr., $1.17 million.

HARLING LANE, 4607-John and J.J. Peeters to Michael and Maureen Ferguson, $549,000.

JAMESTOWN RD., 4908-Ethan M. and S.G. Posner to Maureen and Gerald Kolosvary, $889,000.

KEOKUK ST., 5001-Brian P. Berger to Sandra C. and James P. Bellew Jr., $500,300.

KINGSWOOD CT., 5715-Karlis V. and L.J. Kalnins to Martin C. Powers and Lisa M. Goenner, $415,000.

LOCUST HILL RD., 9426-Luis T. Gutierrez Jr. to Christine M. Metzner and Steven Falci, $785,000.

MAIDEN LANE, 6004-Mary MacDonald to Christopher Anthony Albina, $500,000.

MELVERN DR., 5814-Gustav C. and J.A. Pauls to Yayoi and Yasuji Matsuoka, $505,000.

MILLWOOD RD., 6600-Robert P. and A.C. Wheeler to Padmini and Ripudaman Gulati, $745,000.

NEWPORT AVE., 5130-William D. and D.M. Hare to Caroline J. and Harry K. Swann III, $617,500.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 9410-Chaterine Nainggolan to Judith Cabrera, $490,000.

ROCKHURST RD., 6217-Daniel Fox Rabinovich to Mirophora and Peter J. Nickoloff, $514,000.

SANGAMORE RD., 4829, No. 15-J.M. and Robert H. Ballard to Christine Poulon, $355,000.

SHADYWOOD RD., 7509-Velma M. Hofmann, trustee, to Alison K. and Christopher W. Long, $570,000.

SWANSONG WAY, 7126-Lori L. Goehring Coward to Kirsten S. Moore, $325,500.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10506-Akiko and Akira Ono to Nancy Milloy, $178,500.

WHITLEY PARK PL., 9713, No. TH-12-Emanuel A. Manatos to Sassan E. Shaool, $580,000.

WILSON LANE, 6500-Dinanath R. Khatkahte, trustee, to Sartaj S. Alag, $565,000.

Boyds Area

OLD BALTIMORE RD. W., 13625-Geoffrey W. Smith to John H. Cook, $320,000.

RIDGEOAK DR., 14821-Timothy Rush to Greg E. Cassidy, $340,000.

Burtonsville Area

ANGELTON CT., 3790-Wendy Urban to Karl F. Gumpper, $254,900.

ANGELTON CT., 3918-Michael A. Walker to Laura A. Adkins, $259,002.

BERLEIGH HILL CT., 3723-Rayford and Vanessa Hall to Benjamin C. Vollmer, $295,000.

REMSBURY PL., 20405-Kathryn E. Morgan to Barbara Bernstein, $335,000.

SCARLET SAGE CT., 44-Euburn W. Taylor to Danny Mamodesene, $230,000.

SERBIAN LANE, 15116-Scott D. Cash to Jinhua Tian and Joseph Yuehse Huang, $440,000.

SKI LODGE DR., 3800, No. 309-P.L. and McPherson G. Hoffman to Maya T. Edmonds, $111,000.

TAPESTRY CIR., 3214-Alfonso A. Orellana to Miriam Osorio Hernandez, $199,900.

TAZEWELL TER., 4254-Mark Williams to Meseret Kifle and Getnet Habteselassie, $195,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

AVONSHIRE CT., 18-Bola Akinola to Meena Suri and Harvinder Singh, $178,000.

BEETHOVEN WAY, 3140-Laurie N. and Jose A. Bautista to Ezinna U. Mbalewe, $285,000.

BRONZEGATE BLVD., 1830, No. 185-Jo A. Bennett to Cherisse M. Robles, $175,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TER., 1641-G-Jeanette M. Williams to Amy L. Mejia, $107,000.

CLIFTON RD., 13200-P.M. and Salvatore J. Fusco Jr. to Chih Haw Wei, $380,000.

IONA CT., 12808-Vinh Nguyen to Arcila and Pedro A. Carballo, $324,900.

MONDRIAN TER., 1019-Kap P. Ro to Gap Soon Cho, $273,500.

MOZART DR., 2913-F.M. and Dele J. Oshinowo to Karla J. Leahy, $269,000.

MOZART DR., 3041-K.S. and Gerard F. Nolan to Baffuor Anane, $245,000.

STRAUSS TER., 2933-L.M. and Donald L. Frazier to Filiz Basaran, $215,000.

SWEET CLOVER CT., 2705-Chong Ae Park to Sara Amino and Abase Hussen, $270,000.

SWEET CLOVER CT., 2759-S. and Emmanuel Ohene Akonnor to Aster Negash, $277,000.

TINSTONE CT., 12800-C.S. and Robert G. Williams Jr. to Jerrilynn W. Herfurtner, $405,000.

TWO FARM DR., 12711-D.M. and Christopher J. Thornton to Logoh B. Kole, $475,000.

Chevy Chase Area

BLAINE DR., 2621-Ilene S. and M.M. Solomon to Robert and Sally U. Yasuda, $449,900.

BROOKLAWN TER., 3109-C. and S. Ruffin Maddox to Steven D. Hull, $930,100.

CHEVY CHASE DR., 4823, No. 184-John T. Tubbs to Giuseppe Randazzo, $399,900.

CHEVY CHASE DR., 4837, No. 177-Martin Kimel to Mohamed T. Refaei, $421,000.

COQUELIN TER., 3205-Abraham Neustadter, trustee, to Katherine L.Y. and John D. Green, $520,000.

CUMBERLAND AVE., 4909-Susannah F. Prindle, trustee, to Jill Herscot, $862,000.

DE RUSSEY PKWY., 4706-Howard Jr. and D.M. Walsh to Rebecca and Richard L. Campbell, $750,000.

DUNLOP ST., 3603-Hugh L. Jr. and A.R. Elsbree to Darcy and Malcolm Marshall III, $825,000.

ELLINGSON DR., 8401-John W. Melnyk to Iain D. and Stacy D. Gold, $630,500.

GRAFTON ST., 116-Jeffrey I. Sofferman to Lesley S. and Michael T. McNamara, $1.26 million.

WALNUT HILL RD., 8802-Thomas J. and M.M. Ferris to Concetta Lipardi and Francisco Xavier Valencia, $540,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

DONORA RD., 17329-Thomas S. and R.M. Hudson to Gretchen T. and Robert J. Dejter, $520,000.

VALENCIA ST., 15413-Deirdre Keegan Walker to Christine L. Fyanes, $295,000.

WINDMILL LANE, 901-Robert A. and E.L. Stewart to Sianne T. and David Nelson, $378,000.

Damascus Area

SHELLDRAKE CT., 9-John M. Jr. and B. Elliott to Lee Ho and Tak Kee, $157,500.

TRALEE CT., 25165, No. G-1-Pedro Diaz to James Crockett, $126,000.

Derwood Area

GARRETT RD., 6715-Martha M. Diskin to Rico J. Santiago, $400,000.

KILLDEER DR., 16625-Richard G. and P.M. Cover to Cheryl E. and Kevin E. Cunningham, $416,000.

MISTIC VIEW CT., 7802-Kristian G. Koncke to Paul E. Goozh, $305,000.

POLARA PL., 7820-Gungor and S. Aktas to Justine M. and Thomas A. Flint, $419,500.

Gaithersburg Area

AMBIANCE DR., 15633-Sherry Broeker to Lynn M. and Don K. Logan, $206,500.

APPLE RIDGE PL., 19807-Sandra J. Lemessurier to Fatemeh Areffar, $213,500.

BIRDALE LANE, 13017-Eric and M. Magleby to Claire S. and William N. Kellock, $725,000.

BRASSIE CT., 32-Kelly C. and Percy L.D. Thackston Jr. to William I. Reyes, $174,900.

BRISCOE ST., 202-P.A. and David W. Carlson to Melissa Thornhill MacKiernan, $675,000.

CAROUSEL CT., 444-Kyle A. White to Maria F. and Francis A. Desouza, $221,000.

CENTERWAY RD., 9118-Ying Tao to Aphene Robinson, $200,000.

CHEVY CHASE ST., 121-A-Mark D. Gent to Harry J. Remington, $379,900.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 415, No. 108-Mary M. Neal to Winifred A. Bukachi, $147,500.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 423, No. 17-Robert L. Sellers to Joseph A. Yoder, $140,550.

CITREON CT., 10917-Jean Michel and Valerie Texier to Nataliya Podlyesna and Oleksandr Pidlisnyy, $527,450.

CROSS COUNTRY LANE, 18763-G.M. and Daniel Rivera to Arnoldo A. Robles, $364,000.

DIAMOND AVE. W., 543, No. 21-Madiya Kim to Fernando Carvallo, $150,375.

DUFIEF DR., 14869-William and E. Duff to Orit and Yoram Goldmark, $464,000.

DUVALL LANE, 112, No. 80-T-4-Robert D. and J.D. Nix to Ju Hua Chou and Eing Ming Huang, $95,000.

DUVALL LANE, 138, No. 248-102-Maria T. Lainez to Jose A. Gonzalez, $100,000.

EVERGLADE CT., 11612-Paul R. Davis Jr., trustee, to Gina M. and Steven K. Neild, $529,300.

GIRARD ST., 410, No. 59-Cindra S. Craig to Darlene A. Dufour, $119,900.

GLAZEBROOK CT., 14-Ernest B. III and B.L. Henry to Efat T. and Saeid Tehrani, $250,000.

GOLD KETTLE DR., 166-K.G. and Robert J. Motes to Duc Nguyen Dang, $265,000.

GRANGE HALL DR., 213-K.L.W. and Richard E. Hardy to Surya N. Maruvada, $409,900.

HALLMARK CT., 18313-Ruth A. Fischer to Jhason T. Abuan, $263,500.

HALLMARK CT., 18343-Robert J. Holland Sr. to Max Fano, $250,000.

HALLMARK CT., 18363-Kerry S. Woodfield to Margaret Belknap, $253,000.

HAWK RUN CT., 10-Juan R. Rosado to Esther Manu, $244,900.

HAYSHIRE CT., 16111-Monico and I. Luna to Ernest Hamilton and Nan Hu, $256,000.

HELLINGLY PL., 9866, No. 122-Michael Williams to Sara S. O'Rourke, $134,000.

HUNTING HILL WAY, 13537-C.D. and William P. Pidone to Manuel J. Del Rio, $1.07 million.

LABELLE CT., 19601-Alberto Perez to Samuel E. Nkum, $205,000.

LEAFCUP RD., 105-Kim Neubauer Sierra to Yvonne Y. Mah, $285,000.

LEATHERLEAF CT., 21-Jay L. and J.S. Alexander to Kitty and Patrick Chang, $560,000.

NINA CT., 84, No. 199-Dawn M. Hardy Bey to Jacqueline I. and Donald F. Demarco, $160,000.

OLIVE TREE CT., 7312-Leon Jr. and P.C. Martysz to Victoria C. and Thomas A. Hurley, $755,000.

OLIVE TREE WAY, 19417-David W. Leach to Linda J. and Nathaniel D. Wood, $792,000.

OTTER COVE CT., 7910-Carol A. Lynes to Carlota G. Salas and Jorge Paredes, $190,000.

PEONY DR., 9-William J. Wichtendahl to Alba Rosa and Edwin L. Aguirre, $325,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 708, No. P-1-D.S. and Warren K. Gladden to Leslie C. Friedson, $105,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 724, No. 101-Cristina Rendueles to Shou Hua Jeng, $150,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 736, No. 101-Douglas P. Giancoli to Lisa L. Carlisle, $92,000.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 405-Akmal M. Tareen to Mau En Lee, $386,500.

ROUNDLEAF WAY, 9132-V.J. and Robert J. Horvath to Glyn M. Ingram, $355,000.

SHADY SPRING TER., 17642-Maximino Guerrero to Xiaohong Zhu and Hongyu Song, $164,900.

SMITHY CT., 10525-Jian Yu to Roman Katargin, $321,000.

STARBOARD CT., 26-Bernardino Martinez to Charles Pierre Canal, $146,613.

STATE CT., 58, No. 108-Giuliana Levissianos to Maria M. and Jose L. Hernandez, $165,000.

SUFFOLK TER., 12160-Adrienne S. Lo to Pirooz Shojajai, $300,000.

TOMAHAWK DR., 16421-Matthew Breymaier to Hsiao Ming and Yun Cheng Wang, $420,000.

TREWORTHY RD., 41-E. and Gary S. Kaskowitz to Tracy E. Trupp, $520,000.

TUCKAHOE WAY, 10832-Sharma Vedbrat to Shehernaz J. and Farhad Verahrami, $620,000.

TYGART LANE, 19977-Dani A. Vasquez to Tatiana and Marcio Encarnacao, $236,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18628, No. 2-Doris E. Vierbuchen to Joyus O. Young, $98,500.

WINDBROOKE DR., 896-Kathleen C. Shapiro to Francis Leopardi, $146,500.

WYE OAK DR., 13213-Arthur and M.S. Brisbane to Eugene S. and Christine K. Reich, $630,000.

Garrett Park Area

ROKEBY AVE., 11010-Jay M. and V. Levy to Moira B. Olevsky and Louis M. Finck, $389,000.

Germantown Area

ANSEL TER., 13476-Christopher J. Ohlandt to Soon Ja and Moon Joong Kim, $332,000.

BRIDGER DR., 13049, No. 1311-Adam J. Zimmerman to Angela A. Skiffington, $240,000.

BRIDGER WAY, 20510, No. 1910-Lori A. Lukehart to Sherry McQuillan, $244,000.

BRONCO PL., 13815, No. 227-Cynthia D. Utley to Chao Wang, $228,000.

CAMOMILE CT., 21139, No. 138-Melissa and A. Henderson to Kimberly A. Ruzickova and Jan Ruzicka, $294,888.

CHALET PL., 13205, No. 6-Albert J. Frost to Stephen C. Gray, $122,000.

CHERRY BEND CT., 40-P.L. and Charles R. Ifield to Tracy Tran, $229,900.

CHERRY BEND TER., 13004-Cindy O. and Yaw Owusu to Onesimo G. Garcia, $216,527.

CHURCHILL RIDGE CIR., 12909, No. 7-9-Benjamin J. Yellets to Mario O. Sanchez, $176,900.

CORAL GROVE TER., 18821-S.F. and Bruce C. Evans to Valerie Gore, $239,900.

CREOLA CT., 13712, No. 172-Thomas L. Howard to Todd Tamas, $229,000.

CROWNSGATE WAY, 13701-Mohammad Reza Komaily to Sean X. Huang and Tracy J. Xie, $470,000.

DEEP RUN CT., 19204-Xinhuai Song to Martine St. Martin and Fritzner Celestin, $203,350.

DEMETRIAS WAY, 13335-Daniel M. Dunkins to Coley C. Emory, $174,000.

DRUMCASTLE CT., 7-Colleen M. and Jay A. Spurr to Sharon J. Long, $264,900.

DUNSTABLE CIR., 19920, No. 192-Barbara E. Indech to Emily Yim and Woon P. Tsang, $219,990.

DUNSTABLE CIR., 20061, No. 412-Kimberly Reyes to Helen Fonbuena, $100,000.

GROTTO LANE, 19031-S. and Roberto Martinez to Chee Yee Tang, $215,000.

GROTTO LANE, 19135-J.W. and Roy C. Rhine to Neda Dameshghi, $222,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19529, No. 132-1-Ken L. Smith to William M. Reed, $121,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19625, No. 924-Khanya N. Campbell to Rosa E. Gomez, $125,000.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 19123-Robert and Michelle Weis to Amy P. and Keith E. Sobel, $265,000.

LAUREL GROVE TER., 19111-C. and Keith A. Dewitt to Domingo A. Mejia, $225,000.

LONG CHANNEL DR., 14339-N.K. and Karl M. Knecht to James A. Pankey, $289,000.

LOWFIELD DR., 20544-D.S. and Ronald J. McKelvey II to Jose B. Barrios, $225,000.

PARRECO FARM CT., 13605-John C. Wolf to Yun Du and Xuan Lu, $495,000.

PICKERING CT., 13, No. 102-Carol A. and John F. Hammill to Alia Malhas, $157,500.

PICKERING DR., 13124-Juan J. Machado to Angela Oatis Ashby and Shaun Ashby, $209,900.

PUMPKIN SEED CT., 12731-John Philip Sorrentino to Ju Hua Chou and Eing Ming Huang, $161,000.

RED ROBIN TER., 18931-A.M. and Jonathan F. Root to Francis A. Robinson Jr., $229,000.

ROYAL CROWN DR., 12400-Ronald J. and J. Parmiter to Kristel C.R. Van Baekel and Nico E.P. Ooms, $434,500.

SAWYER TER., 19085-Charles E. Grimaldi to Epefania and Pankaj Kishore, $290,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13041, No. 11-188-Jeanie and Reynaldo Canton to Lin Chen, $138,000.

SNOW FIELDS CIR., 18942-Amy M. and A. Matthew Grimmig to Laura M. Caruso, $244,500.

SPARKLING WATER DR., 18809, No. 6/104-Lynn R. Beeler to Jae Y. and David P. Cho, $216,000.

STEEPLE CT., 44-Francisco R. Berrios to Jason Mills, $329,899.

SUMMERSONG LANE, 20422-Christopher G. and C. Mangold to Kristi L. and Andrew T. Powers, $219,000.

SWISS CIR., 18224, No. 1-12-David M. Davis to Katherine J. Guire, $150,000.

SWISS CT., 4, No. 434-Bradley S. Feldman to Tamara D. Taylor, $181,800.

THYME CT., 13013-William C. Ward to Jose N. Rodriguez, $177,000.

VALLEYSIDE CT., 24-Tammy J. Wright to Sarah Bryant, $145,000.

VALLEYSIDE WAY, 12420-Vicki L. Gerber to Peri Perkins, $198,000.

WALNUT COVE CIR., 12412-Gordon and R. Levy to Serguei Viatkine and Irma B. Villavicencio, $252,000.

WATERS ROW TER., 20309-Anh Q. and to Lienchau N. Pham and Hung X. Cao, $275,000.

WONDERLAND WAY, 13250, No. 398-Jerome R. Parkinson II to Marciano Gonzales, $189,000.

Hillandale Area

RUATAN ST., 1076-D. and Marcos E. Reyes to Jose Ramos Escobar, $173,000.

SCHINDLER DR., 912-Leon and G. Friedman to Benjamin and Emma Steele, $295,000.

11TH AVE., 8644-Iquo R. Williams to Kim Lam Dao, $195,000.

Kensington Area

FAYETTE RD., 3303-A.K. and Christopher W. Long to Frederick T. Daily, $355,000.

FINDLEY RD., 3001-Greg B. Horner to Ellen McGuire and Gregory Morrison, $265,000.

WEST AVE., 11103-Laurie C. Bay to Derek Legeikis, $300,000.

WESTBROOK LANE, 4416-Evelyn M. Lanman, trustee, to Stephanie J. Scierka, $494,750.

Laytonsville Area

BRINK RD., 8800-David S. and Kathlyn S. Hubbard to Christiane M. and Samuel L. Lock, $659,500.

NEWBURY RD., 24317-N.J. and Manuel Vasquez to Barry S. Nail, $459,000.

PLUM CREEK DR., 8504-Robert L. and S.L. Dolan to Pam and John Bronson, $505,000.

SWEET MEADOW LANE, 20225-R.G. and Menahem Fadida to Jacqueline L. Loeb, $585,000.

WELSH RD., 24104-Mark A. Muto to Nida F. and Lawrence E. Miller, $279,900.

WOODFIELD RD., 23613-P.M. and Brian K. Carren to Sharon A.M. Jordan, $265,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BAZZELLTON PL., 19803-Delores A. Mallory to Francisco A. Orellana, $220,000.

BRASSIE WAY, 9668-Connie L. Garrett to Anrieta Draganova, $135,500.

CHADBURN PL., 9459-Ana and Francis Nolasco to Thomas C. Foster, $165,000.

COPPS HILL DR., 9525-Lucia C. Rivas to Pradeep Basnet, $164,000.

CRESTED IRIS DR., 10204-C.A. and Joanne E. Clark to Gila Hebert, $229,000.

GENTLE CT., 3-Gerald R. O'Brien to Lillian Inutu and Desmond Bollers, $195,000.

MEADOW POND PL., 20444-M.L. and Charles G. Davis III to Yonette Exeter, $297,900.

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE AVE., 18938-Hamid Riahifar to Jose Santos Martinez and Migdalia E. Valladares, $234,500.

RIDGELINE DR., 10071-Jose A. Portillo to Cecilia Cisneros, $195,000.

SILVERFIELD DR., 19910-William N. and J.A.L. Gollan to Julie S. and Jeffrey T. Purswell, $498,500.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18728, No. 2-Charlotte B. Richardson to Ian Cashwell, $105,000.

WHEELWRIGHT DR., 19806-Mary E. Delozier to Chekeim Wymes, $205,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

BEAVERWOOD LANE, 3379-B.K. and Javier A. Gomez to Laura M. Scott, $279,000.

BLACK WALNUT CT., 13207-Laura V. Casanas to David Guberman, $250,500.

BLUHILL RD., 13007-B.A. and Mohammad Khalid to Maria V. Martinez, $299,900.

CARRIAGE SQUARE DR., 14927-Leslie J. Monde to Michael Stuckey, $192,500.

DENLEY RD., 12415-Randolph C. McLeod to Ross M. Littrell, $260,000.

FELDON ST., 12502-M.A. and John M. Welch to Alex W. Munayco, $276,000.

GARRETT PARK RD., 4306-S. and Patrick Pettis to Oscar Orantes, $224,000.

GREENLY ST., 3703-E.O. and Noel L. Achacoso to Ethilinda and Josalem L. De Guzman, $279,000.

HARRELL ST., 3501-Julian Tortona, trustee, to Conchita Yaban, $290,000.

HEWITT AVE., 3360, No. 101-Mehret Sium to Evelyn Rojas, $90,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15101, No. 1-312-June G. Barrett to Frank Kalisz, $255,000.

JUDSON RD., 12325-Richard A. Watson to Ellson Morris, $275,000.

PICCADILLY RD., 14208-William G. Jr. and D.L. Eberlin to Edna A. and Igor Iliouk, $345,000.

PLUM RUN WAY, 14213-Tammie F. Love to Dingwe Kang, $307,000.

SUN VALLEY CIR., 2418, No. 6-GH-Margaret Mukande to Juan Abarca, $135,000.

TARKINGTON LANE, 3505, No. 66-B-John J. Meyer Jr., trustee, to Catherine C. and George F. Gallagher, $290,000.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 14106, No. 5-6-Tsehay Ayele to Josephine and Joseph Owino, $170,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12921-Regina B. Brown to Stephanie Shaar, $295,000.

WENDY LANE, 3943-C. and Sidney Alterescu to Jose Salazar, $260,000.

Olney Area

CARRISA LANE, 3715-Jean T. Dorsey to Beverly S. Kligman, $185,000.

COATBRIDGE PL., 17701, No. 70-Lynn E. Lucas to Paul E. Wagner, $299,900.

FALLING GREEN RD., 3420-Dennis K. and K.A. Linsley to Janice and Paul Bower, $351,900.

MOSS SIDE LANE, 17122, No. 60-M.A. and Peter E. Espino to Thomas J. Cottone, $255,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH DR., 17544-Gordon E. and E.M. Moore to Roxanne R. and Dennis E. Ludwing, $400,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH DR., 18325-Joseph R. Stromick to Laura B. and Eric D. Menefee, $306,235.

ROLLING ACRES WAY, 18617-Pura I. Ingalla, trustee, to Julie L. and David A. Flynn, $435,000.

ROLLING MEADOW WAY, 18231, No. 34-Roxanne M. Russo to Kristen A. Miller, $205,000.

SHOTLEY BRIDGE PL., 17851-Samuel I. Pakarati to Clare S. Cahill, $295,000.

SPARTAN RD., 3200, No. 1-D-3-Elaine F. Greaney to Stephanie M. and John Donahue, $129,000.

SPARTAN RD., 3202, No. 1-J-Doris Johnson to Marion F. Ferrenz, $139,950.

WAGONWHEEL CT., 18007-Charles W. and S.S. Pratt to Carmen and Conrad Perera, $225,000.

WAGONWHEEL CT., 18033-Lynneta P. Koren to Michelle and Charles F. Harde, $215,000.

WALTONSHIRE CIR., 4855-Anna E.J. Choi to Charles W. Grim, $355,000.

WESTON PL., 4623-Christopher B. Farran to Hilary B. Tomasson, $327,500.

Poolesville Area

COLLIER CIR., 17517-Thomas W. and N.S. Grover to Carol F. and Steven A. Mayer, $290,000.

DOWDEN CIR., 19141-Z. and Iqbal Ahmed to Nelson Hernandez, $317,000.

HICKMAN ST., 17915-Michael A. and B.L. Rhoads to S. Leigh and Richard E. Hegmann, $521,513.

MCKERNON WAY, 18404-Steven P. and T.J. Himmelfarb to Audrey K. and Timothy W. Ames, $605,000.

WESTERLY AVE., 20009-James P. Hennessy to Elizabeth and Edward V. Tarney, $334,000.

Potomac Area

BEMAN WOODS WAY, 9624-John E. Jaquish, trustee, to Gertrude M. and Anthony M. Natelli, $925,000.

CANDLELIGHT LANE, 11013-Anne L. Garnier to Dina Alison Wolff, $380,000.

CENTURION WAY, 11817-Dana F. and Kathi J. Yearian to Tamara Horne and Christopher L. McAndrews, $1.95 million.

CODDLE HARBOR LANE, 7521-Kathryn G. Morton to Martin Eduardo and Amelia San, $420,000.

CROSSING CREEK RD., 10416-C. and Charles S. Furfine to Alon Gozhansky, $592,000.

DEBORAH DR., 11608-Steven and L.E. Newman to Nadine Wettstein and David Baron, $530,000.

DEVILWOOD DR., 12016-Jeffrey Weiss to Lauren M. and Samuel A. Kline, $591,000.

FALLS CHAPEL WAY, 8913-Michael D. Daneker to Zahra A. Fard, $540,000.

GATEWATER DR., 12065-Carmen Lloyd to Robert Biggar, $281,000.

GOWRIE CT., 11606-Beverly D. Mann to Li Tang and Xiaodong Zeng, $559,000.

HIDDEN HILL LANE, 8600-John T. and W.S. Heston to Judith R. and Donald E. Dworkin, $625,000.

INVERNESS RIDGE RD., 7937-Yunmee Lee to Frida Rafizadeh Rafii, $385,000.

KORMAN DR., 11140-Robert K. Hendel to Stacy A. and Alan C. Narrow, $675,000.

MERIDEN RD., 9900-L.W. and Charles J. Tennes to Henry M. Stuart, $895,000.

ORCHARD WAY N., 16-Nancy B. and Charles I. Judkins, trustees, to Nayer Roughani, $600,000.

PASTURE BROOK WAY, 1713-Donald E. and Laura Gerrety to Theresa Ef and Leland J. Tankersley, $590,000.

SANDALFOOT DR., 7931-John J. and L.T. Pohanka to Mary Jane and William A. Long, $1.65 million.

TURNBERRY CT., 8311-Henry C. Scott to Nancy S. Itteilag, $739,000.

WOODEN BRIDGE RD., 9117-Tuan A. and Thuy N. To to Shirley and Rick Fairhurst, $635,000.

Rockville Area

ANTIGUA TER., 10818, No. 163-Kathleen Grant to Negin Moazami, $232,000.

ANTIGUA TER., 10826, No. 141-Jan C. Abraham to Arlene Nunes, $286,500.

BARBADOS PL., 5907, No. 230-Liza R. Safier to Basil Y. Clarke, $284,000.

BRADWILL CT., 14926-Doris F. Higgs to Hyesook Jung, $324,900.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12309, No. 448-Yifat Ben Harosh to Andrea M. Campbell, $169,900.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12401, No. 479-James A. Welker to Leslye P. James, $142,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12409, No. 516-Ximena Casanova to Asha K. Marakath, $165,900.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5700, No. 2206-Kathryn A. Linde to David Robert Cook, $315,000.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5715, No. 1607-Jennifer W. and Clayton G. Smith to Clifton W. Chamberlin, $297,500.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5716, No. 1509-Kathryn S. Moon to Jason Kovarik, $239,000.

COLLEGE PKWY., 876, No. 201-Maria Neyra to Jie Meng and Deli Xue, $169,250.

CROSSFIELD CT., 5105, No. 323-Donna Wartofsky, trustee, to Nava Ezra and Tilden D. Clark, $129,900.

DANVILLE DR., 11625-Catherine B. Jackson to Michael C. Joseph Jr., $520,000.

DIAMOND COVE TER., 15313, No. 5-8-Maria C. Sutton to Bradley A. Cohen, $245,000.

EDSON LANE, 5801, No. 303-Carol A. Terrillion to Darren and Jennifer Finder, $240,000.

ENGLISHMAN PL., 5519, No. 147-Ellen C. Pincus to Elizabeth Perez, $450,550.

FIRE PRINCESS CT., 16-Isaac Fogel to Tung Shu, $451,450.

GRAND OAK WAY, 1017-A.T. and Abbe M. Gross to Anne B. Dumont, $529,500.

GROSVENOR PL., 10401, No. 1406-B.B. and Richard T. Wan to Lingchiao Yu, $249,900.

HAMPTON MILL TER., 10705, No. 402-Jennifer L. Race to John M. Mineweaser Jr., $199,000.

IVY LEAGUE LANE, 764, No. 8-45-Mallon A. Snyder to Jeannine Djaky, $315,000.

MONROE ST., 18, No. 302-Joan Guberman to Douglas O. Halverson, $115,000.

OLD DROVERS WAY, 11805-Kwok Y. Lee to Dale and Jonathan Hill, $283,000.

ROCK RD., 11110-Steven M. and K.K. Bonavita to Benilda G. and Pedro I. Matias, $345,000.

ROSELAND DR., 6115-D.A.L. and Hans A. Baum to Ephi Zlotnitsky, $505,000.

TILDEN LANE, 7008-S.V. and J. Arthur Wood Jr. to Yifat B. Harosh, $662,000.

TRAVILAH RD., 14142-Richard W. Sweeney to Adrian Guerra, $330,000.

UPTON ST., 202-John H. Grimes Jr. to Brigitte and Alain Menguy, $415,000.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10018, No. 8-12-Robin L. Painter to Kimberly C. and Raphael S. Digrado, $239,900.

Silver Spring Area

BOUNDARY AVE., 716-Kathleen A. Cashen to Christopher J. Murray and Catherine M. O'Neill Murray, $380,000.

CARSON ST., 1109-Gene E. Wills to Jordan Y. Naod, $253,000.

CLEARVIEW PL., 9613-John F. Burns to Erin Clare Fogarty and Donald Robert Owen III, $375,000.

COLSTON DR., 2300, No. C-203-Leslie R. Strauss to Fischer Gayle, $255,000.

COLUMBIA PIKE, 11161, No. 55-T. and Frank Baldwin to Jose Caballero, $210,000.

EASTWOOD AVE., 10707-Joseph B. Kemp to David Diaz, $289,000.

EDGEWOOD AVE., 10618-L. and Jonathan M. Bresler to Johnas A. Gomez, $260,000.

GLENVILLE RD., 9309-Linda R. and William J. Fern to Michelle T. Hall and Timothy P. Norvell, $297,300.

GRUBB RD., 8329, No. G-103-Denise Gavin to David Solin, $169,900.

HILLMOOR DR., 313-Daniel Rodriguez to Glenn and Jennifer Hall, $429,000.

HOLMAN AVE., 2549, No. 2574A-Terry L. Manspeaker to James Mauck, $230,000.

INDIAN SPRING DR. E., 423-Bihon Debessai to Sirak Zewoldi, $335,000.

KINSMAN VIEW CIR., 125-Ann C. Lawlor to Olga Acosta and Travon O. Price, $284,000.

LANSDOWNE WAY, 2011-Michele McQuaid to Emily B. and Christopher A. Monaco, $369,000.

LINTON ST., 9004-W.J. and Franklin B. Jackson to Loretta O. Jones, $305,000.

LORAIN AVE., 10012-Marcie M. and Christopher W. Hansen to Gunnar Knutsen, $325,000.

SLIGO AVE., 614, No. 401-William H. Clark Jr. to Manju and Raju C. Shore, $85,000.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 1703-S.K. and Edmund L. Sanchez to Bryan Poms, $145,000.

THAYER AVE., 500, No. 403-Karen Rollings to Angela Jackson, $99,000.

THAYER AVE., 575, No. 203-Cynthia Suchotinunt to Phousack Phimmakaysone, $120,000.

THREE OAKS DR., 9210-Michelyn A. Palmer to Helina Kebede, $320,000.

WHITEHALL ST., 905-Ngoc H. Yen to Darryl Lam, $300,000.

SECOND AVE., 9214-John G. Roth, trustee, to David M. and Katherine M. Smith, $420,000.

Takoma Park Area

BROWNING CT., 423-James L. Humphrey III to Isaias and Jonathan Funes, $175,000.

FLOWER AVE., 7400-John E. Ryan to Rachel Tumidolsky and Matthew Hardwick, $500,000.

GREENWOOD AVE., 8305-K. and M. Thomas Kuriakose to Alfred E. Ekuban, $295,000.

HOPEWELL AVE., 1009-Stephen A. Robinson to David W. Cronic, $349,000.

Twinbrook Area

ARDENNES AVE., 13115-Arthur M. Wagman, trustee, to Rita L. Dominguez, $205,000.

GILBERT RD., 1014-E.C. and Luda E. Howell to Saul Lopez, $274,900.

GILBERT RD., 1026-James F. Jr. and M.K. Eacho to Jeffrey Taylor and Jennifer Stevenson, $315,000.

GRUENTHER AVE., 1619-Terrence A. Taylor to Ana and Francis Nolasco, $269,100.

PAUL DR., 1004-C. and Kalistus T. Gomes to Michelle Baldwin, $265,000.

TEMPLAR CT., 6-Bun S. Ngor to Sharon and Odis F. Lemone, $295,000.

Wheaton Area

ARCOLA AVE., 2609-Gleibys and Jeremy D. Buchanan to David M. Halphen, $298,500.

BOND ST., 12228-Luther Lindler to Lourdes Mendez, $247,000.

BUCKNELL DR., 10955, No. 28-Luis A. Flores to Carlos A. Rodriguez, $229,900.

CLARIDGE RD., 11808-Clyde N. Sr. and M.S. Gilbert to Vicentina and Delfin Rivas, $265,000.

CLARIDGE RD., 11943-Jose A. Jimenez to Maria E. Guerra, $220,000.

CODY DR., 1612-Ralph E. Shuping, trustee, to Michelle S. Bright and Edward M. Fluhr, $300,000.

COLLEGE VIEW DR., 11321-M.J. and John G. Heckathorn to Felix Miranda, $320,000.

DOUGLAS AVE., 10838-Scott W. Reiter to Gezahegn Kifle, $298,000.

EMMET RD., 2704-Thomas F. Jr. and J.H. Clendenin to Margaret O'Sullivan and Thomas Riggs, $419,000.

FAIROAK DR., 11412-Irving Kabik, trustee, to Margarita S. Bennett, $349,950.

FRANWALL AVE., 2013-Patricia Davies to Ellen R. Schmidt, $370,000.

GARNER ST., 11903-Gus B. and E.M. Gill to Coralia M. Jurado and Jose L. Argueta, $245,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 9900, No. 27-509-Debbie M. Griver to Laura C. and Shawn M. Kimberly, $170,000.

GLEASON ST., 1511-Amanda C. Beckford to Araceli Perez, $215,000.

INWOOD AVE., 10411-Anastasia E. and A.J. Sweeney to Nicole D. and Matthew J. Carter, $315,000.

IVYDALE ST., 2910-Heather J. and Kevin D. Burroughs to Timothy S. Bauer, $298,000.

MOLINE RD., 3305-N.H. and Hanna D. Saah, trustees, to Aida E. Browne, $214,000.

SCHOOLHOUSE CIR., 2887-L.M. and Jason Calderwood to Brian F. Tietz, $269,900.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1111, No. 210-A-Max Royston, trustee, to Jamshid Khaldar, $110,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1111, No. 311-A-A.F. and Robert M. Kleinknecht to Celina N. Aniceto, $53,000.