The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Adelphi Area

BUCK LODGE TER., 2509-Claude B. and Joviah Karemi Ndahayo to Collin A. and Sandra Costa, $290,000.

EDWARDS WAY, 9200-Gwendolyn C. and William E. Jackson to Eloise C. Hall, $82,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1824-Marilyn H. and Marc J. Rosen to Hafeez Lawal, $86,900.

Beltsville Area

KENNY ST., 4112-Harold K. and Dabney M. Hilb Rednick to Joyce P. and Fabian A. Redhead, $299,900.

STONEHALL DR., 3511-Noe D. and Norma P. Bermud Benitez to Gregorio Cruz and Reina E. Perez, $287,000.

35TH AVE., 11622-Amelia L. and Ernest T. Wright Jr. to Bhagmatie Ramlachan, $265,000.

Bowie Area

ANN ARBOR LANE, 2608-Norma D. Parso and Edna B. Lancaster to Theresa D. Asare, $325,000.

ENDICOTT DR., 15206-Phyllis Throckmorton to Rosalynd and Adams Sani, $217,500.

ERMA TER., 3702-Rene Marshall Miller to Hollis T. Brown, $143,910.

GRENFELL PL., 13905-Paul D. Donlin Jr. to Matthew J. Pape, $243,500.

KAVANAUGH LANE, 12512-Leonard A. Jr. and Aliceann Ceruzzi to Deborah and Scott Haulik, $219,900.

MARQUETTE LANE, 12921-Colette T. and Kimberly V. Williams to Gerri Ann Riegner, $150,000.

MORNINGSIDE LANE, 3642-Dennis M. Briggs to Charlene C. and Michael R. Beairsto, $140,000.

UPPER CT., 5911-Babatunde A. Omisore to Davin Steward, $330,000.

Capitol Heights Area SHADY GLEN DR., 362-Timothy J. Sperty to Virginia R. and Timothy L. Dunfee, $99,000.

WILL ST., 4117-Patty J. and Michael A. Randolph to Elizabeth Diggs, $116,450.

ZELMA AVE., 302-Doretha B. Willis to James A. Bryant, $90,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

CEDARWOOD CT., 1841-Agnes E. Barnhill to Lakeshia Reed, $133,000.

HOBART ST., 9319-Alice F. Wooten to Adebol and Johnson Abe Fapohunda, $295,000.

KILMER ST., 6215-Penny K. Stevenson to Deborah and Lawrence F. Cox III, $223,000.

LAUREL AVE., 2800-David D. Ferreira to Pam

Clinton Area

BLACKWATER RD., 3812-Jose S. Manalac to Steve Owens and Barbara E. Nedd, $163,000.

HUNTERS GREEN CT., 8100-Quinnetta E. Byrd to Bonita and Sherrod L. Thomas, $300,000.

QUIET BROOK LANE, 10114-Elizabeth P. Clinkscales to Kathryn Chism, $202,000.

College Park Area

PATRICIA CT., 8819-Naomi E. Hart to Samer H. Kuraishi, $268,000.

POTOMAC AVE., 8505-Elizabeth M. Barthlow to Michelle Tam, $185,000.

QUEBEC ST., 6016-Vicky E. and Terry A. Phillips to Virna Pineda, $192,900.

49TH PL., 9110-Janice M. Hill to Elsie Clarke, $225,000.

51ST AVE., 9420-Ruby E. and James E. Clapper to Seth J. Price, $220,000.

Fort Washington Area

COLFAX DR., 13407-Deborah D. and Jerry L. McLaurin to Teresa R. and Dontell Rimmer, $299,900.

KISCONKO TURN, 523-Sharon J. Trus and Tyrone W. Roberts to J.M. Gebhardt, $170,000.

POTOMAC HEIGHTS DR., 1326-John L. and Sandra L. Woodard to Lakendra E. Robertson, $144,000.

Lanham Area

JOHNSON CT., 3207-Paula D. Hammond to Kevin Dean, $145,000.

MCHENRY LANE, 9117-Juliet E. Mbonu to Nnenna Ogwo, $230,000.

PALAMAR TURN, 7026-Alice D. Enchill to Helen N., $174,000.

New Carrollton Area

ADRIAN ST., 6613-Reginald J. and Melvlyn T. Dubose to Patrice Dubose and Angela Britt, $214,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5507, No. 1024-Brenda R. Stevenson to Denise Burke and Tashia Freeman, $65,000.

TAYLOR ST., 7004-Felipe A. Gomez to De Leon Maria Gomez, $200,000.

Riverdale Area

MUSTANG DR., 6002-Matthew J. Vinciguerra to Olga N. and Angel M. Cruz, $189,900.

RIVERDALE RD., 4511-Bernard E. Jr. and Aimee E. Doyle to Nancy and Mark W. Gardner, $242,900.

SORA LANE, 5709-Jacqueline M. Hayes to Donna Brown and Winsome White, $165,000.

51ST AVE., 6508-Joseph and Lucille Natoli to Zigrlda and Stephen M. Schmidlin, $213,400.

Temple Hills Area

BEECHWOOD DR., 6560-Barbara L. Williams to Phyllis L. and Donald R. Bradshaw, $118,200.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3337, No. T-1-Elsie M. Phillips to Robert E. Jones, $55,000.

JAMESON ST., 2314-Elsie Z. Morrison to Sandra Kelly, $130,000.

SHARON RD., 5107-Beda E. Solis and Albert Gonzales to George L. Lassiter, $170,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

LANCER DR., 3100-Shirley A. and Fred A. Specht Jr. to Michael S. Brummell, $85,000.

NICHOLSON ST., 4103-Crystal Harvey to Andre Boddie, $300,000.

TOLEDO TER., 3450, No. 108-Elvira M. Romero to Olabode B. Fuwa, $70,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

BROWN STATION RD., 4975-Hulmer J. Heath Jr. to Teresa and Matthew Collins, $300,000.

CAPTAIN DUVAL DR., 4518-Regina C. Fuqua to Kiesha T. Simpson, $189,900.

CROCKETT PL., 9210-James L. Craig Jr. to Laquenceyer and Jackie R. Johnson Jr., $197,500.

FAREHAM LANE, 13810-Robert W. Poindexter to Lisa Thomas, $153,000.

MOUNT LUBENTIA CT., 673-Rema L. Smith to Marietta Arenberg, $145,000.

QUEEN ANNE RD., 17951-Martin T. Loftus to Lee Kareen Henriques, $110,000.

TRUMPS HILL RD., 8604-Natalie M. and Charles A. Summers to Michael D. Moreno, $199,000.