Girls' Singles

Thuy Vi Le, Westlake, Junior

Suffered only two losses this season, both to Lackey's Kelly Lai in the SMAC and Region IV finals. Advanced to the state tournament, where she was eliminated in the second round.

Boys' Singles

Albert Fitch, Northern, Junior

Completed a second consecutive undefeated regular season before suffering losses to La Plata's Daniel Barnas in the conference and region finals. Advanced to the state tournament, where he lost in the first round.

Girls' Doubles Team

Erica Hocking, Sophomore, and Melissa Loeper, Freshman, La Plata

Finished the regular season undefeated at 20-0 en route to capturing the SMAC and region titles. Voted to the first team in the SMAC and region.

Boys' Doubles Team

Charlie Appel, Sophomore, and Rick Henson, Senior, Northern

Dominated the regular season with a 13-1 record before finishing third in the SMAC and region championships.

Mixed Doubles Team

Cari Brezina, Sophomore, and Jared Ensign, Junior, Lackey

Competed together for the first time and finished with the SMAC's top regular season record at 15-2.

Honorable Mention

Boys' singles: Michael Lai, Lackey, Senior; Jeff Ocker, Patuxent, Senior; Jeremy Cannon, Great Mills, Senior; Charlie Harless, Leonardtown, Senior.

Girls' singles: Jocelyn Gay, La Plata, Senior; Maelino Sakaio, Lackey, Senior; Miku White, Great Mills, Sophomore; Sarah McKinney, McDonough, Senior.

Boys' doubles: Gonzalo Reusche and Michael Russell, Leonardtown, Seniors; Robert Mihalcik and Eli Breitberg, Calvert, Seniors.

Girls' doubles: Dale Miller and Kaylie Thompson, Northern, Seniors; Jenna Davis, Junior, and Heather Hancock, Sophomore, Lackey.