Foxes Chase Employees

STERLING, Laurel Avenue, June 1. A man reported that two unhealthy-looking foxes were chasing school employees. An animal control officer found a healthy, young fox and an adult fox that appeared to have mange. The foxes ran away when the officer approached.

Kitten Finds a Home

LEESBURG, Shadow Terrace, June 5. A man reported that a stray kitten was stuck inside his vehicle. An animal control officer removed the kitten, and the man decided to keep it.

Woman Rescues Fawn

SOUTH RIDING, Bull Run Post Office Road, June 6. A woman reported that she had found a fawn lying on the roadside and had brought it home. An animal control officer advised the woman to take it to an animal emergency hospital for a checkup and transfer to a wildlife rehabilitator. The officer notified the hospital of the situation and verified that the fawn arrived there safely.

Two Horses Malnourished

PURCELLVILLE, Snickersville Pike, June 7. Animal control officers responded to a report that two horses appeared malnourished.

Both were found to be underweight, with rib and hip bones showing. The officers ordered the horses' owner to have them dewormed and to provide fresh hay.

Officers will conduct a follow-up visit.