The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Ashburn Area

ALDERLEAF TER., 20382-C.M. Sharp and Josephine V. Sharp to Gladis E. Flores, $240,000.

BLACKSMITH SQ., 43477-Robert Clawes Sr. to Qudratullah Mojadidi, $290,000.

BLYTHWOOD CT., 20862-Melissa and Jeffrey Murray to Pratibha P. and Pradosh R. Dessai, $489,900.

BRISTOW CIR., 44218-Rita A. and James W. Goggins to Gina M. Vila and Andrew R. Young, $469,000.

BROOKVIEW SQ., 20200-Lisa E. Arquette to P. Rahravani and Pounnah Rahravani, $271,000.

CHERRYSTONE PL., 20482-Herschel Gore and Nicole Swan to Sharon Parry and Dudley C. Smith, $443,000.

CHOKEBERRY SQ., 43287-Domenick Michael Digravio to Divya and Sumeet Chawla, $279,999.

CHOKEBERRY SQ., 43309-Stephanie A. Wenger to E. Craig and Michael J. Christensen, $278,000.

CHOPTANK TER., 43996-Joyce M. and Richard S. Resovich to Robyn and Albert R. Shiely III, $285,000.

FOWLERS MILL CIR., 20905-Deborah L. and Scott O. Perkins to Dorene Erickson, $411,900.

GLEN CASTLE CT., 43646-Winchester Homes Inc. to Joanne and Arthur Dyer, $487,495.

GLEN CASTLE CT., 43671-Winchester Homes Inc. to Leslie A. and Devinder Sidhu, $695,000.

HAVEN CREST WAY, 43679-Winchester Homes Inc. to Linh T.T.D. and Thieu V. Nguyen, $522,710.

KILLAWOG TER., 20920-Stefani Pomerantz to Charles F. McKeon Jr., $273,900.

KINGS CROSSING TER., 21764-Barbara Griffin and John M. Hetey to Tim A. Davis, $275,000.

LA BELLE PL., 43322-Belmont Land Partnership to Michelle and David W. Lejeune Jr., $542,509.

LACEYVILLE TER., 44031-Margaret W. and John C. Howland to Carmen Claure and Julio Polanco, $273,000.

LACEYVILLE TER., 44060-Tom E. Douglas to Carolyn L. Whitescarver, $290,000.

LEMON SPRINGS TER., 21002-Eva and Raymundo G. Segundo to Thadina J. and John J. Brozich, $267,500.

MICHENER DR., 43819-Cathy G. and Paul R. Merrill III to Tracye and Derrick Boegner, $490,000.

MIDDLEBURY ST., 20559-NVR Inc. to Shanna L. and Joel M. McGaughey, $494,590.

MIDDLEBURY ST., 20561-NVR Inc. to Jennifer R. and Dennis R. Canoy Jr., $428,240.

MUIRFIELD VILLAGE CT., 20034-Katerina and Michael J. McGregor to Erin and Carl Dimanno, $530,000.

NASHUA ST., 42952-NVR to Jacky Yim and Sofia Huang, $486,690.

NATALIE TER., 44092, No. 302-Fabiha and Warren Kumari to Kerry T. Tucker, $218,000.

PAGET TER., 44138-C.J. Brooks and Stephen Matherne to Ronald A. Kirk, $289,000.

PHELPS TER., 43697-Min H. Jung to Hogun Lee and Kyung Ae Son, $310,000.

PRESIDENTS CUP TER., 19976-Candice Wilson and David K. Brown to William G. Sharp, $385,000.

PRESIDENTS CUP TER., 19992-Diana Nelson to Kathleen O. Claypool, $435,000.

RAINTREE CT., 21099-Diane L. and Barry D. Frazier to Deborah M. and Jerold Johnson Jr., $463,900.

RUSH RUN TER., 43295-Linda J. and Edward B. Gordon to Jeanne H. and William E. Holland, $320,000.

STANFORD HALL PL., 19700-Belmont Land Partnership to Kristin K. and Jon A. Wohlfert, $672,693.

STONEBRIDGE DR., 43797-Bernard D. Knoerdel to Erica Pytlovany, $312,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 21023, No. 201-Teresa V. Ziolo to Lisa J. Goodrich, $175,000.

TIPPECANOE TER., 44108-S. Fernandes and Dorian J. Mehrotra to Uyen Hoang and Quang, $287,000.

UPLAND TER., 19924-Richard Ian Hall to John M. Secco, $281,000.

WILD MEADOW CT., 20585-Miller and Smith at Wild Meadow Corp. to Donna P. and William P. Shomo Jr., $747,400.

WILDFLOWER SQ., 21172-Eladio G. Yenderrozos to Joan M. Andrew, $285,000.

Dulles Area

GOLDEN SPIKE TER., 21954-Paula C. and Richard A. Schantz to Kelly Mularie Lacher, $274,900.

LIVINGSTONE STATION ST., 45612-Carol E. Colbert to Dawn and Tyson Hagewood, $369,900.

Hamilton Area

HAMPTON RD., 15929-Shari and Aaron A. Possien to Christine and Mark R. Vitkus, $570,000.

HEATHER KNOLLS PL., 16958-G. and M. Homes Corp. Number Three to Rita J.P. and Michael R. Williams, $746,000.

ST. PAUL ST. S., 215-Marlin L. Miller to John F. Page, $285,000.

Leesburg Area

ALPINE DR., 224-Richmond American Homes to Anna Woo and Nathaniel N. Navarro, $427,215.

BAISH DR., 407-Ryland Group Inc. to Rafael Jr. and Cynthia A. Medina, $330,668.

BURNT BRIDGE DR., 19222-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Betty T. and Blake B. Morrison, $642,350.

CAMBRIA TER., 1180-Edwards Landing Corp. to Adnan U. and Irfan U. Khan, $293,519.

CAMBRIA TER., 1186-Edwards Landing Corp. to Maribel and Alfredo Patzi, $280,960.

CAMBRIA TER., 1188-Edwards Landing Corp. to Theophilus J. Gana, $299,333.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125-H, No. 4-Virginia R. and Benjamin C. Lawrence to Michael C. Lawrence, $70,000.

COLLETT MILL CT., 43720-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Kate W. and Frederick L. Dalrymple, $529,965.

CREEK FIELD CIR., 19280-Lansdowne Community Development to Alissa and Jay Buth, $601,622.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 1005-Marilyn and Donald Sullivan to Mary M. and Wayne D. Miller, $215,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 607-Elizabeth C. Lawrence to Page R. and Murray L. Bradley, $295,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19385, No. 606-Carol A. and Donald D. Ballenger to Lorraine H. and William M. Thornton, $323,500.

DAWSON MILL PL., 20273-L.M.H. Corp. to Tanvinder K. and Eugene A. Skiba, $713,481.

DAWSON MILL PL., 20277-L.M.H. Corp. to Laurie J. and Jeffrey A. Bukala, $688,714.

FIELDSVIEW CT., 43286-West Goose Creek Corp. to Patricia and Kurt Schenk, $871,100.

FORT EVANS RD., 106-B-Janet V. Hensley to Gertrude V. and William C. Thomas, $140,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 112-Martha A. Curran to Alirio B. Argueta, $165,000.

GOLDEN LARCH TER., 213-Tiffany R. and Chad E. Mussmon to Oscar Merida and Valerie Zofchak Jr., $267,500.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1111, No. 202-Sherilee J. Long to Elizabeth S. Wright, $115,900.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1112, No. 102-Jon Barrett Everhart to Kurt A. Martin, $146,500.

JACOB CT., 603-Habiba Ahrary and Ghulam Faruk Rafat to Kristine M. and Seth F. Stein, $515,000.

JENNINGS CT., 201-Patricia J. and Stanley H. Kim to Joseph Richard Wetzel, $427,000.

KEOKUK TER., 1146-Brookfield Edwards Landing Corp. to Tracy I. Calvin and Leo P. Fecteau, $299,215.

LECROY CIR., 43278-NVR Inc. to Wendy H. and William H. Jones Jr., $556,390.

LEES MILL SQ., 43668-Courtney Buster and Howard Marshall to Cindy Gooday and Wendy Sutton, $359,900.

LYNCHBURG TER., 508-L. Martin and Christopher D. Riha to Jon Everhart, $229,000.

MAX CT., 102-Richmond American Homes to Hien T. and Ahn V. Nguyen, $366,315.

MAX CT., 110-Richmond American Homes to Stephanie L. and Gregory L. Dobies, $437,090.

MILL RUN CT., 18412-Sola E. and A.J. Pallotta to Lisa M. Adams and Jeff T. Raupp, $599,000.

PADDINGTON WAY, 118-Patricia A. and H. Robert Dwyer II to Tereza Lovo and Jose F. Ventura, $196,900.

QUEEN ST., 107-Dolores M. Gleason to Charles Jackson Norris Jr., $262,000.

RED HILL RD., 41295-Christine and Jerome T. Cummings to Maria L. and Jose R. Jimenez, $370,000.

REDBUD LANE, 909-Douglas Alan Powell to Kwan S. Jeon and James P. Lonergan, $302,000.

RHONDA PL., 890-Winchester Homes Inc. to Debra Reeve and Keith Reeve Ward, $412,635.

ROCKY CREST TER., 19144-Lansdowne Community Development to Cheryl A. and Dan P. Edwards, $435,990.

SHADOW TER., 43065-Catherine B. and Robert M. Dreaux to Sung Hwan Huh, $325,000.

SPARKLEBERRY TER., 507-John M. Dorffler to D. Aguirre and Ricardo Lezama Nunez, $265,000.

SPENCER TER., 206-Kincaid Virginia Corp. to K. Bahring and David Serensits, $300,960.

SPRINGHOUSE SQ., 649-Tammy M. and George P. Rowe Jr. to Carolyn E. and Brian M. August, $313,000.

STALLION SQ., 344-Jeffrey M. Bartholomew to Mohamed Tayab, $232,000.

TOBERMORY PL., 17761-Toll Land IX Partnership to Constance C. and Dennis A. Cropper, $840,353.

TOW PATH TER., 19079-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to S. Arciniega and Angel Cruz Jr., $534,299.

TOW PATH TER., 19087-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Jeanette Mallet, $543,650.

UPPER MEADOW DR., 18793-West Goose Creek Corp. to Ryan T. Magazzine, $649,900.

WIGGUM SQ., 19228-Lansdowne Community Development to Laverne Cooper and Mary L. Walker, $554,970.

WOODBRIDGE CT., 1609-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Nancy and Chip Beebe, $365,673.

WOODBRIDGE CT., 1609-Nancy and Chip Beebe to Mirna Zelaya and Jose M. Zelaya, $440,000.

Lovettsville Area

HOYSVILLE RD., 12995-Christie Conlon and Clayton Adams to Richard E. Weaver, $299,927.

MOUNTAIN WATCH CT., 12093-Barron Homes Inc. to Karen and Joseph Gesa, $479,900.

ORRISON RD., 13391-M.B. Waterford View Corp. to Carolyn A. and Robert R. Parnell, $245,000.

POTOMAC HEIGHTS LANE, 11500-Kettler Homes at Taylorstown Meadow to Ronalda Meson, $634,900.

Purcellville Area

COLCHESTER RD., 19896-Felicity W.A. and Peter H.A. Bowles to Frederick C. Karam, $525,000.

GENTLEWOOD SQ., 542-Michael Harris Corp. to Barbara J. and Richard E. McClellan, $393,110.

HILLSBORO RD., 16752-Kirsten A. Nyrop to Cristina Clohan, $450,000.

HIRST CT., 100-Michelle and Christopher Cline to B. Arlene Compher, $234,000.

IVY HILLS TER., 132-Toll Virginia Partnership to Rebecca A. and Philip J. Walther Jr., $283,997.

IVY HILLS TER., 134-Toll Virginia Partnership to Andrew T. and Courtney B. Hayes, $270,503.

PAXSON RD., 36979-B. Arlene and Nathan E. Compher Jr. to Marin L. and John D. Haney, $391,000.

PICKWICK DR., 17196-Karen C. and Norman M. Turbeville to Crystal M. and Keith Graybeal, $415,000.

STURBRIDGE CT., 708-Washington Homes Inc. to Jennifer N. and Tom E. Douglas, $389,464.

Round Hill Area

BROOKVILLE CT., 17560-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Michael D. and Kimberly L. Garrett, $300,395.

HIGH ST., 8-Selena M. Murtaugh to Amy Ulland and Thomas S. Lloyd, $264,800.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17221-Round Hill Investors Corp. to S. Osterberg and Bart Colombo, $381,595.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17284-Lisa E. and F. Shane Blackwell to Bernadette and Timothy G. Manning, $339,000.

PALOMA CIR., 16818-Wanda L. and Ronald L. Jones to Lisa E. and F. Shane Blackwell, $472,000.

South Riding Area

BEACHALL ST., 42944-Justin and Paige L. Hicks to Sherri L. Hish, $304,900.

BEACHALL ST., 43022-Wayne J. Taylor to Mai Bay Tran, $265,000.

DONEGAL DR., 25794-South Riding Partners Partnership to Maria Z. Prieto, $542,832.

LAKE MIST SQ., 25320, No. 201-Melanie L. and Tom H. Letourneau to Stacy and Michael Mendler, $247,500.

LANDS END DR., 26090-Claire Louis and Corey E. Bailey to Ronald Kris Henley, $270,000.

LANDS END DR., 26134-Anita L. Meginn to Heather M. Carhart, $307,500.

PRIESTERS POND DR., 25831-Arthur Gattsek to Ronald C. Rush, $625,000.

QUINLAN ST., 25884-South Riding Partners Partnership to Marilyn and Supachai Siris, $520,916.

RACHEL HILL DR., 26001-Gregory M. and Krista R. Peacock to Michele and Haralabos Spyridakis, $424,900.

SCARLET SQ., 43636-L. Brandenburg and Thomas Moffitt to Sandra L. Brandenburg, $295,000.

SHERANDO CT., 43877-Brookfield Blue Springs Corp. to Deborah A. Tees and Robert T. Harwood, $742,290.

TREMAINE TER., 25681-South Riding Partners Partnership to Mary A. Clokey and Craig L. Curtis, $444,708.

VALIANT DR., 43148-South Riding Partners Partnership to Anna H. and Andrew W. Tan, $604,724.

Sterling Area

AMHURST ST. E., 314-Elizabeth R. and Robert S. Jordan to Rogelio Berrios, $310,000.

BEECH RD. W., 212-Marta and Santiago Gonzalez to Arlene P. Harris, $295,000.

BRETHOUR CT., 713-Madesta Cosmen and Darren M. Martin to Syed K. Hussain, $140,000.

BRUNSWICK ST. E., 200-Flora Vasquez and Nelson Vasquez to Melanie Campana, $249,000.

CHURCH RD. W., 108-Daisy and Daniel S. Dobrai to Josefina E. and Eligio Portillo, $295,000.

COLONIAL AVE., 719-Bertha Cabrera and Julio C. Vigil to Reyna E. Ayala King, $182,000.

CONNEMARA DR., 119-Jennifer A. and David P. Julian to Jane and James Coleman, $399,000.

COURTYARD SQ., 46966, No. 303-Lezette Young to Richmond T. Brittingham, $224,000.

EDINBURGH SQ., 143-William Scott Seville to B. Maynard and Christina L. Fields, $152,900.

ETHAN CT., 21062-Ruben Flores and Ema Balderrama to Gladis Y. and Elmer Romero, $340,000.

FARMINGTON LANE, 108-Green Tree Servicing Corp. to Betsy B. Trinh, $250,000.

ITHACA RD. N., 102-Christopher Callaghan to Jose A. Rivera and Maria Benitez, $300,000.

ITHACA RD. N., 110-Eileen J. and Michael S. Parkinson to Ana E. and German D. Gonzalez, $265,000.

JEFFERSON CT. E., 1605-Virginia A. Johnson to Kelly M. and Scott W. Drummond, $215,000.

LINCOLN AVE. N., 219-M. Kaur and Bhupinder P. Singh to Leoh and Veronica S. Saupan, $224,950.

LINCOLN AVE. S., 302-Margaret H. and Gary E. Jones to Maria Rivera and Juan Rodriguez, $314,000.

MAPLE AVE. W., 804-Edith E. and Richard P. Lake to Pe Nyunt, $270,000.

OAK SHADE RD., 9-Virginia E. and Stephen N. Kulik to Kristine and Dennis Snegosky, $265,000.

OVERMOUNTAIN SQ., 45525-Crystal M. and Keith D. Graybeal to J. Willis and Christopher Oper, $300,000.

WILLIAMSBURG RD., 217-Howard J. Davis to Melinda and Christopher T. Debell, $242,000.