The opening show for the new Black Box Theatre in Indian Head premiered Friday. "Pump Boys and Dinettes," described by its producers as "part pop-country concert and part musical theater," will be presented on weekends through June 27, including today at 2 p.m.

Set on Highway 57 in an unnamed state, the story takes place at a gas station run by four guys on one side of the road and the Double Cupp Diner run by the Cupp sisters on the other side.

The proprietors of the two businesses come together for song, dance and a good time, bringing the audience into the play as an integral part of the ensemble.

The Black Box Theatre is part of the operations of Chesapeake Bay Floating Theatre Inc., which was recently started in Indian Head. One of the missions of the organization is to re-create the experience of the James Adams Floating Theatre, a barge that traversed the Chesapeake Bay in the early 1900s.

Based in the Indian Head Center for the Arts, the nonprofit group presents live theater, music, dance, readings and other artistic productions. The organization has also started an outreach program that offers theater labs, apprenticeship programs and locally centered performances.

The theater company has three more productions scheduled in the fall: "Same Time, Next Year" in September, "Last of the Red Hot Lovers" in October and "Brighton Beach Memoirs" in November.

Blues and folk music performances are scheduled in July and August. For tickets or information, call 301-743-3040.