The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

15TH ST., 6374-Linda M. and James K. Redmond to Sharvon E. Jones, $180,000.

Dunkirk Area

GOLDEN RUSSET DR., 9816-Joseph K. Bryan to Lisa M. and Cole S. Western, $330,000.

LANDING LANE, 4210-Michael J. and Rosemary McCarthy to Rosa M. and Marvin J. Shoop, $425,000.

Huntingtown Area

CARRIAGE LANE, 435-James M. and Robin L. Groff to Helen K. and Warren T. Beard, $315,000.

LITTLE FALLS RD., 4355-Anthony and Amy Recce to Michele and Stuart Miller, $386,000.

MAYFAIR CT., 1715-William R. and Frances A. Phelan to Claire F. and David L. Hill, $435,000.

QUIET MEADOWS CT., 1900-Alice M. Davis to Devon M. Garner and Jack C. Lancaster II, $221,500.

WILSON RD., 1310-Irene Marie Divver to Doug Kaiser, $219,200.

Lusby Area

EL DORADO DR., 1113-Andrea M. and James Simmens Jr. to Susan K. Dennis and Robert J. Ellis, $107,000.

GUNSMOKE TRAIL, 724-Steven M. Jr. and Rachel G. Merica to Patricia D. Pleinis, $150,000.

PARRAN DR., 12930-James R. and Edie M. McGreevy to Laura P. Tizol and Jacqueline M. Gheen, $189,000.

PIUTE CT., 12260-John A. Gillette to Jacqueline Etheridge, $164,000.

PLANTERS WHARF RD., 551-Mark W. and Daisy M. Cole to Cynthia Reddoch and Jose Jaramillo, $249,900.

RIDGE RD., 12435-Stephen J. and Audrey E. Morris to Scott T. Bowen and Larry J. Patin Jr., $139,900.

SOLLERS WHARF RD., 415-Anita L. and John S. Brannan to Karen J. Turner, $228,900.

Owings Area

BOYDS TURN RD., 9291-Cecilia and Jerry Schrack to Jeffrey P. Palshook, $235,000.

CHANEYVILLE RD., 3580-Mary I. and James O. Smith to Heather Lynn Smith, $240,000.

CHANEYVILLE RD., 3700-Arthur J. Rambo Jr. to R. Christopher Corwin, $325,000.

WOODED TRACE RD., 1934-Dawn E. Von Storch to Jill A. and Geoffrey T. Twetten, $271,000.

WOODLAND PL., 2554-John Andrew Norfolk to Kurt W. Lankenau, $225,922.

Port Republic Area

ACACIA RD., 2359-Bernard M. Johnson to Laura Murphy and Braxton E. Baldridge, $200,526.

WALNUT RD., 1550-Linda Phelps to Sheila Hall and Joseph A. Coleman, $255,000.

Prince Frederick Area

CALVERT TOWNE WAY, 110-June and Harold C. Megonigal to Marie Wildstein, $249,900.

CEDAR BEACH DR., 210-Gary N. and Theresa S. Potts to Kelly M. and Wayne A. Gross Sr., $294,999.

CHARLOTTE CT., 716, No. 27-Mary S. and Hugh A. Bolt to Vernelle W. Jenkins, $176,000.

NORTH SHORE DR., 4312-Dana K. Scott to Timothy Deale and William Nomikos, $135,000.

WESTLAKE BLVD., 208, No. 18-Louise V. Lewis to Martin Walker, $165,000.

Charles County

Bel Alton Area

TWINBERRY CT., 9100-Steven J. and Kathryn B. Nichols to Kyong Volpe and Gary Zeichner, $339,900.

Bryans Road Area

SIR DOUGLAS DR., 5475-Charles E. Mackey to Luke W. Cooper, $251,250.

SOUTH HAMPTON DR., 2371-Carroll A. and Tonya Walton to Julius Dickens, $326,000.

WALDEN CT., 2032-Carol F. Barbour to Tonette H. and Brian K. McNeil, $272,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

GROSSTOWN RD., 12855-Heritage Green Corp. to Pat and John Thorne, $300,000.

HALEYS PL., 14950-Suzanne M. and Craig E. Pemleton to Cendent Mobility Government Financial Services, $387,900.

Indian Head Area

CINDY CT., 3900-Walter L. Jr. and Jean M. Browning to J.S. Grumbine and Michael D. Upchurch, $173,500.

STUCKEY RD., 5500-James S. Sr. and Eva S. Chesley to Adrienne Yee, $69,150.

La Plata Area

BEECH LANE, 9945-Betty L. King to Janeska S. and Andre Sadowski, $285,000.

CEDAR CT., 811-Ahmed Aftab and Asiya Aftab to Mohammed Z. Hossain, $114,000.

HAWTHORNE RD., 5305-James A. Greco, trustee, to Nyanda and Tsaka Dutch Malik, $216,000.


Rock Point Road Area

RIVERVIEW DR., 12141-Tracy L. and Mary A. Barnes to Carrie V. and Edward W. Lindsay, $156,000.

St. Charles Area

ALLWARD DR., 1014-James R. and Karen M. Jacobs to J.C. Radcliff and Allen B. Howard, trustees, $259,900.

DARTMOUTH RD., 1039-Maria C. Roberts to Mary A. Cerniglia Mosher, $160,000.

HOPKINS CT., 2260-T.M. and Patricia E. Baldwin to Mildred E. and Mark S. Douglas, $249,900.

OLD BAILEY CT., 2239-Ernest Jr. and Patricia M. Kangelos to Manuel and Clorinda Benites, $240,000.

QUADE CIR., 4855-John T. Quarles to Victor C. Harley, $225,000.

YORK CT., 2411-Barbara K. and Michael Wayne Sturman to Kelly E. Brown, $149,500.

Waldorf Area

ALBERMARLE PL., 2722-Candy Reynolds to Gisela D. and Jeremy Salaver, $185,000.

CANVASBACK CT., 4027-Michelle M. and Richard B. Yates to Joseph W. Johnson Jr., $200,000.

EAGLE CT., 4333-Cynthia L. Mori to Keisha J. Shepherd, $135,000.

EVERGREEN DR., 7021-Denise M. and Lester S. Delinski to Larry F. Deakins, $181,000.

MAGUIRE PL., 4000-Vanessa L. and Steven H. Allen to Clarence Simpson, $340,000.

MAKO CT., 5510-Kelly I. Fennell to Matthew S. and Amber L. Parker, $284,000.

MOORHEN CT., 2813-Kenneth W. and Sheila M. Brockmann to M. Proctor and James C. Gregory II, $284,900.

NEEDLEFISH CT., 5605-Michael Soto to Lori L. and Douglas J. Otten, $209,950.

NORWOOD CT., 3523-Mary E. and Richard F. Brown to Maleka Darby, $202,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 2661-New American Properties to Sherry D. Bumpers, $234,000.

RYON CT., 3387-Adams J. Schweitzer to David Thomas, $120,000.

SILVER SPUR PL., 12003-Trena Lee Robinson to Patricia L. Vinson, $124,500.

ST. PAUL'S DR., 1038-Phyllis A. and J. William Fritschle to John Dowdell, $178,000.

TAWNY DR., 2340-Jimmy T. Romasantaand to Darrell L. King, $244,999.

THRASHER CT., 11708-Karen E. McAliley to Cynthia and Michael Jones, $310,000.

TORCELLO CT., 11743-David R. Mattingly to Talease L. and Jimmy C. Middleton, $289,900.

VIDALIA CT., 2432-Roberto A. and Anna Liza S. Javier to Anita R. and Jamal T. Ross, $251,500.

WESTWOOD DR., 2241-Tish and Jeff Kennan to Gerry McNeill and Wise K. Latimer, $180,000.

WINBRELL CT., 2700-Ronaldo and Leonila R. Palma to Janice M. Bryant, $300,000.

White Plains Area

ESPRIT PL., 10708-Sherella A. Swann to Denise M. Coates, $180,000.

ESPRIT PL., 10721-Lorenzo and Lorenzo E. Pittman Jr. to Shelia R. Brevard, $190,000.

HOUSELY PL., 10285-D.A. McDaniels Inc. to Carnell M. Mosley, $195,289.

PAGES CT., 10015-Robert L. Mills to Deborah L. Milstead, $279,000.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

OWENS DR., 36736-Kevin F. Johnson to Donald E. Jr. and Terry D. Phares, $61,000.

California Area

CHERRY BLOSSOM LANE, 23127-Mark W. Nave to Susan C. and Bryan T. Dugan, $212,000.

RED OAK CT., 23346-Steven C. McCullough to Maria and Jeffrey Harmening, $166,000.

SPRINGSTEEN CT. N., 45840-PMI Mortgage Insurance Co. to Stuart Debondt, $109,900.

Charlotte Hall Area

MOHAWK CT., 30560-William H. Wessells to Carole and Kenneth Allston, $200,000.

Dameron Area

THREE NOTCH RD., 17405-Eric M. Morgan to Christine M. and Bobby D. Boutwell Jr., $145,000.

Great Mills Area

BECTIVE WAY, 45544-Robert S. Blades to Tracy and Chris L. Canniff, $205,000.

BRAWNY ST., 45508-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Rosemarie and James Hake, $249,000.

CHARLES WAY, 45923-Severin E. Bujarski to Frances R. and James R. Chandler, $80,000.

ST. GABRIEL'S CIR., 22025-Michael A. Campbell to Paul F. Ratliff, $133,400.

Hollywood Area

PINTO DR., 25320-RMJ Corp. to Brian M. Woodburn, $157,000.

SECRETARIATE DR., 25005-Robin and Robert Belden to Kevin L. Akers, $125,000.

Leonardtown Area

CHINGVILLE RD., 20316-Richard Carpenter to David D. Ruminski, $170,000.

TIMBERLINE CT., 22235-Edward W. and Jane Shenk to Laurie and Roy Lancaster, $240,000.

Lexington Park Area

CHESTNUT ST., 18404-Jeff F. and Misti D. Devery to Farah D. Mughal Gonzales and Dave R. Gonzales, $189,900.

DEFENDER ST., 21580-Arthur H. Richardson to Derrick A. Lindberg, $165,500.

DEVIN CIR., 47720-Nichole C. Brown to Nestor Portilla, $122,500.

EASTON CT., 48270-J. Laurence Millison to Douglas M. Crane, $90,000.

FESTIVAL CT., 47139-J. Laurence Millison to Kevin A. Boissonneault, $216,580.

OXFORD DR., 21549-Laurence Millison to Katherine H. and Neil A. Myers, $280,655.

SCARBOROUGH DR., 21257-John L. Albers to Steve Sharkey, $239,000.

SURFSIDE DR., 48405-Joseph A. Decesaris to Deborah Ann Newman, $295,000.

YORKTOWN RD., 46581-Louis C. Dunn III to Ryan Hovatter, $81,000.

Mechanicsville Area

CARLTON WAY, 39049-Wade G. Moody Jr. to Rochelle and Edward Patterson, $279,990.

GOLF COURSE DR., 35330-Colonial Workshop Inc. to Judy H. and Jeffrey J. Wallenfelt, $202,295.

HEARTS DESIRE LANE, 39779-David D. Horstick to Lacey R. and Jason P. Oliver, $126,900.

HILLVIEW DR., 29765-Rufus I. Butler Jr. to Jacgualine A. and Marco Decesaris, $145,500.

REDGATE DR., 26927-Robert James and Jo Ann Bruffy to Lisa M. and Daniel A. Peterman, $226,900.

RONALD DR., 29966-Wanda L. and Rajinder K. Boveja to Gregory Scott Dunn, $145,000.

Scotland Area

BAY FRONT DR., 14643-John T. Courtney Jr. to Barbara S. and Christopher P. Aiken, $49,000.