Reagan's Achievements

It is with a profound sense of loss, and pride, that I note the death of former president Ronald Reagan last weekend. For generations of Americans to come, he will be remembered as the ultimate peace broker, helping orchestrate the end of the Cold War and thereby leading the world out of one of the most tyrannical periods in history.

At home, President Reagan found a nation in post-Vietnam retreat and disorientation. His genius was to restore a nation's spirit. He achieved all this with two qualities: courage and conviction. His courage allowed him to stay the course when his economic policies were met with opposition and derision. These policies ultimately led to a resurgence of the American economy. His convictions allowed him to deal with the anxiety-ridden stalemates of the Cold War, not settling for the status quo but going for victory. Within eight years, an overmatched Soviet Union fell apart, and the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.

Undoubtedly, his political accomplishments were grand, but his greatest achievement may have been how he made Americans feel good about their country once again. His desire for the United States to be that "bright shining city on a hill" resonated with millions, making it again acceptable to feel pride in our nation and, by extension, in ourselves.

For that, President Ronald Reagan should have our undying gratitude.

A. Shane Mattingly

chairman, St. Mary's County Republican Central Committee


Gratitude to Mentors

The Community Mentorship Program, sponsored by the Calvert County public schools, is open to a limited number of academically able seniors each year. Students who participate in the program are able to expand curriculum opportunities beyond the school site. These exploratory internships provide work and study under the direction of a professional mentor in the community. The two major thrusts of the program are: 1) to help students explore possible future career choices, and 2) to involve students in the planning, development and completion of a related project.

The mentors -- chosen from business, industry, the professions and the arts -- are experienced and dedicated leaders in the community who desire to share their working knowledge of developments in their fields.

The Mentorship Program not only meets the students' needs by providing settings for mentor-intern relationships, it also provides students with a deeper understanding and readiness to deal with the problems of the real world.

As facilitator of the Mentorship Program, I want to thank the following professionals who participated this year. They have given their time freely and with selfless devotion to the growth of our students.

Advertising, Randy Runyon and Pete Hurrey, dbf Media Co.; archaeology, Kirsti Uunila, county Department of Planning and Zoning; athletic training, Dawn Ahearn, Patuxent High School; civil engineering, Daniel Kelsh, Collinson, Oliff and Associates; corporate law, Julie Schejbal.

Electrical engineering, Benjamin Bowling, BAE; elementary education, Patty Wahl and Kim Stone, Huntingtown Elementary, and Karen Howell, Beach Elementary; event planning, Gail Harkins, Calvert Memorial Hospital; health physicist, Tim Kirkham, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant; hotel management, Melissa Bless, Holiday Inn Select Solomons; journalism, Joe Norris, the Calvert Independent newspaper.

Law, Sheila Sullivan, Office of the Public Defender; Julie Schejbal Law Office; Robert Riddle and Kathryn Marsh, State's Attorney's Office; law enforcement, Lt. Jerry Beason and Sgt. Brian Newcomer, Maryland State Police, Barrack U, Prince Frederick.

Living history, Karen Stone, Calvert Marine Museum; marine biology, Tom Miller, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory.

Medicine, Michael Skolnick, Bay Shore Pediatrics; Sylvia Batong, family medicine; Jonathan Lowenthal, Calvert Internal Medicine Group; Image-Guided Neurosurgery Center at Washington Hospital Center; Raja Hawit, pediatrics; Ruby Alonzo, obstetrics/gynecology; Joseph Tiralla, Calvert OB/Gyn Associates of Southern Maryland; Valerie Moore, general surgery; Cindy Daly, West Shore Surgical Associates; W.R. Ehrmantraut, Plastic Surgery of Southern Maryland; Mark Kushner, Calvert Internal Medicine Group; Tracy Williams, Julie Simpson and Cathy Roche, Calvert Physical Therapy; Judith Sturgis, registered nurse, Calvert Memorial Hospital; Jonathan Fears, Calvert Internal Medicine Group; Nancy Ulanowicz, Penny Younkers and Michelle Bowen, Calvert Memorial Hospital; Joseph Finizio, Patuxent Imaging and MRI Center; Charles Bennett, family medicine; Debra Spatz, Rozran and Spatz Orthopedics; Karl Holschuh, thoracic surgery; Roula Hawit, Dunkirk Pediatrics; Gerald Sterner, family medicine.

Museum curation, Jimmy Langley, Jolene Schafer, Robert Hurry and Richard Dodds, Calvert Marine Museum; nutritionist, Kelly Harvey, Nutrition Services of Southern Maryland; pharmacology, Philip Price, FamilyMeds; and veterinary medicine, Dolores Bowen, Chesapeake Animal Clinic.

I know I speak for the Board of Education, the administrators of Northern, Calvert and Patuxent high schools and all the interns when I say I truly appreciate the value of the participation by these mentors in the program this year. Over the years, these experiences have proved to change the course of a young person's life, helping to establish directions and goals for the future. We all look forward to your continued support in the future.

Jack Keosseian

facilitator, Community

Mentorship Program

Calvert High School

Prince Frederick