The following home sales were recently recorded in Alexandria and supplied to The Washington Post by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Alexandria and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ALEXANDRIA AVE. E., 525-Sylvia R. and Robert A. Trefry to David Talcott, $332,000.

ARELL CT., 57-Donna D. Collins to Karyn A. Temple, $445,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 489, No. 101-Thomas G. Riggs and Gerry L. Lawson to Thanh Quang, $148,000.

BEAUREGARD ST. N., 301, No. 1606-Kyoko and Carl Seaton Jr. to Hilda D. Sigda, $175,000.

BRAWNER PL., 5244-Dana L. and Robert P. Birdsong to Colleen Jantzen, $535,000.

CAMERON ST., 120-Patricia A. and Thomas E. Anderson to Cheryl L. Jaeger, $225,000.

CAMERON ST., 1502-Richard J. Wenning and Margaret Y. Lin to Christen M. English and John N. Coulby III, $717,000.

CAMERON PARKE PL., 111-Teresa E. Dykes to Howard G. Kronthal, $489,990.

CATT'S TAVERN DR., 740-M. Candace Miller to Theodore J. Bujewski, $537,000.

CLIFFORD AVE., 302-Susan D. Quarles to Michael S. Oliver, $498,900.

COLUMBUS ST. S., 2802, No. 3421-Yi Yi Yao and Doug Crosno to Theodore Remey, $305,000.

DINWIDDIE ST. S., 2939-Philip N. Pulizzi Jr. to Joseph Garofalo, $252,500.

DUKE ST., 4600, No. 1302-Ann F. and James Leon Hopewell to Jennifer S. West, $148,500.

DUKE ST., 4600, No. 1321-Aziza and Omar M. Shoja to Katia Marchesini, $143,000.

EDSALL RD., 6101, No. 1801-Virginia L. and Kenneth B. Cooper to Amerigo A. and Rios Ricardo Pietropaoli, $375,000.

FAIRFAX ST. S., 200, No. 16-Julia and Michael G. Bruner to Linda J. and Howard D. Kelsey, $735,000.

FAYETTE ST. S., 213-Edith H. Garrett to Charles T. and Bryn M. Baisley, $495,000.

FLOYD ST. N., 135-Tara Karacan to Kayce R. Compton and Vernon M. Andrade, $356,000.

HENSHAW PL., 2323, No. 103-Kim N. Spotswood and Jeremy D. Bright to Donald W. Baker Jr., $330,000.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5340, No. 1201-Jose L. Bolanos to Hernan G. Molano, $143,500.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5340, No. 215-Mark J. Peppas to Pamela J. Dodge, $175,000.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5500, No. 405-Janice A. Asher to Robert J. Mitchell, $238,000.

LANDOVER ST., 3004-Rebecca L. and Michael L. Weir to Gerald K. Karr, $281,500.

LATROBE PL., 4609-Thierry and Victoria Chaney to Ginger and Rodriquez Miquel Long, $524,500.

LAWTON WAY, 4681, No. 304-Mary R. White to Mark C. Thill, $330,000.

MAPLE ST. E., 123-Louise Feliciteestate Castle to Patricia C. and Paul E. Turner III, $416,000.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 1225-Wade A. Lineberger and Bruce Kenney to Huseyin Ozgun Yilmaz, $79,200.

PICKETT ST. N., 200-Theodore W. Arthur to Tina L. Arthur, $108,450.

PICKETT ST. S., 287, No. 201-Merope Ozdener to Gregory N. Bryl, $249,000.

PRINCESS ST., 312-Julie Levine Smalfelt to Jennifer K. Smith, $659,888.

QUANTRELL AVE., 5911-Don D. Peros to Seble Nigatu, $124,500.

QUAY ST., 119-Sousan Kunaish and Hanibal Mahdi to Pamela and David M. Schubert, $750,000.

ROLFE PL., 904-Maureen M. and Michael J. McKeon to Mary P. and Mario B. Kerby, $470,000.

ROUNDHOUSE LANE, 1405, No. 503-Jodi K. Simon and Scott P. Moore to Pamela J. and John E. Prevar, $459,000.

SLATERS LANE, 501-Kenneth R. Brooker to Lani MacRae, $162,500.

SPRING ST. W., 22-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Elizabeth A. and James R. Dolan, $525,000.

VALLEY DR., 1004-Freweini B. and Kahasay G. Sequir to Roxanne C. Suratgar, $290,000.

VALLEY DR., 3247-John F., Colleen and Amy M. Kittell to Janet W. Hudgens, $290,000.

WALNUT ST. E., 111-D. Raelynn Vickrey and Daniel G. Olson to Sharon D. Kitts, $471,000.

WESMOND DR., 226-Anke Poole to Laura Yvette Dickey, $225,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 307, No. 921-Myra J. and Robert J. Wood to Andrew Craig Obermeyer, $247,500.

YOAKUM PKWY., 309, No. 818-Marta and Arpad Simon to N. Joseph and Beate E. Nassif, $305,000.

SECOND ST., 406-Marciann Grzadzinski and Anthony J. Brewer to Laurence J. Easa, $450,000.


The following home sales were recorded in Arlington and supplied to The Washington Post by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Arlington and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ADAMS ST. N., 2030, No. 208-Daisy S. Berlingeri to Paul A. Clark, $194,000.

ARLINGTON RIDGE RD. S., 1200, No. 506-Magdy Fouad Bastawrous to Alyssa Przyuski, $202,000.

BARTON ST. S., 1401, No. 236-Sue Dee Duncan to Lynn M. Zuercher, $234,000.

BUCHANAN ST. S., 2129-Sherry Y. Lange to Josephine Gavigan, $315,000.

CAMERON ST. N., 1737-Ruffner Marshall to Tiblez Adal, $439,989.

CRYSTAL DR., 1200, No. 914-Nancy L. and John H. Tackett to Mary Jo and Richard W. Reding, $350,250.

CRYSTAL DR., 1805, No. 614S-Jan H. Chang to Philip Jarres, $299,000.

EDGEWOOD ST. N., 2341-J. Stephen Britt to Emily J. and Thomas F. Doolittle, $636,510.

FILLMORE ST. N., 1608-Mary S. Brill to Theresa Fitzpatrick, $519,900.

GEORGE MASON DR. N., 1033-Tina K. and Joseph R. Fritsch, trustees, to Robert B. Wolinsky and Danielle M. Estrada, $500,000.

HARTFORD ST. N., 1200, No. 101-Karen Postle and Michell Cox to Inez C. and Robert J. Magnani, $549,900.

IVES ST. S., 1906-Betty Louise Johnston to Irena and Michael Slage, $442,000.

KENNESAW ST. N., 1020-Olympia Hantzopoulos to Jaroslav Flidr and Melanie Stowell, $432,000.

KENSINGTON ST. N., 709-Shirley and Joseph R. Poldiak to Arlington Property and Ventures Corp., $346,900.

LEXINGTON ST. N., 2115-Monica D. and Daniel Skopec to Wilma S. and Laurence J. Thom, $460,000.

MILITARY RD., 3536-Melissa A. and Kevin P. Roukous to Mitzie L. and Matthew J. Gulbranson, $480,000.

OAK ST. N., 1600, No. 332-Valerie M. Kushner to Virginia M. and Orval P. Wick, $425,000.

ODE ST. N., 1303, No. 204-James W. Thomasson to Roger Shrestha, $156,500.

PARK DR. S., 121-Elva G. McLearen to Montero Milko R. Rocha, $353,000.

PERSHING DR. S., 18-Catherine and Joseph R. Manzari to Javier Alvarez, $499,000.

QUEENS LANE, 1809, No. 2-145-Jennifer Quinn and Matthew J. O'Herron to Elizabeth Clendenin, $215,100.

QUINCY ST. S., 1817-Kelly I. Smith to Mark Smith, $325,000.

RHODES ST. N., 1813, No. 4-253-Eleanor Jessica Nagy to Jennifer E. Coon, $295,000.

STUART ST. N., 1050, No. 414-Anand Subbiah and Usha Kaul to Christine M. Bouvier, $440,000.

TAYLOR ST. N., 2145-Keldanic Corp. to James G. Oliver and Lolan O'Rourke, $703,800.

UTAH ST. S., 3225-Bonnie Schwartz and Michael J. Woltman to James S. Moll, $336,000.

WAKEFIELD ST. S., 3349, No. B-Elizabeth K. and Daniel E. Pageotte to Catherine M. and Timothy J. Keeler, $348,000.

SECOND ST. N., 4808-Charles Moore and John Stinson to Max R.D. Lyons and Charlene Mahoney, $547,000.

FIFTH ST. S., 2019-Charlotte E. and David L. Caldwell to June A. and James L. Ventura, $525,000.

FIFTH ST. S., 3352-Charles L. Parente Jr. to Daniel J. and Margaret O. Corcoran, $476,000.

FIFTH ST. S., 3701, No. 512-Christopher Stromski to Clotilde N. and Hector M. Flores, $111,000.

EIGHTH ST. S., 5512-Kefia Hassan to Shadat Dullal, $272,900.

10TH ST. S., 1633-Jeffrey S. Leithead to James J. Davenport and Shari L. Taylor, $329,900.

16TH RD. S., 2808, No. 2808B-Carrie Tzu Roesch to Laurent Mani, $186,000.

16TH ST. S., 2700, No. 654-Michael J. Abeyta to Lynn M. Marquis, $225,000.

18TH ST. N., 3166-Gregory D. Sullivan, trustee, to Joshua C. and Colette M. Baylson, $915,000.

22ND ST. N., 1541-Ronald K. and Patricia H. Sable to Becky L. Schergens and John A. Kinsey, $960,000.

25TH ST. S., 4936-Andrew J. Stein and Mary Lou Leonard to Elizabeth K. and Daniel E. Pageotte, $375,000.

30TH ST. N., 6213-Robert W. Noah to Harris Custom Homes Corp., $412,000.

36TH ST. S., 4514, No. A2-Randall Fred Fetterman to Natalie F. Barrett, $296,000.