The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BOULEVARD VIEW, 6618, No. B2-Carol D. Ferguson and Catherine M. Kiefer to Roger L. Gilreath, $218,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ALDERMAN DR., 6360-Charity K. and Christopher Magume to Daniel U. and Rebecca A. Schwarz, $490,000.

AUSTIN CT., 3420-Donald R. and Cordelia Freeman to Frank and Sharon Pappajohn, $426,000.

BROOKLEIGH WAY, 6518-Isabel C. and William G. Tejada and Claudia T. Riley to Amy T. Tram and David E. Pascual, $270,000.

DUNNINGTON PL., 7425-Richard K. and Amy L. Henneberg to William F. and Stephanie D. Flynn, $438,000.

GENTLE LANE, 6211-Katherine R. Gagnon to Cynthia R. and Peter E. Travia, $420,000.

GILLINGHAM ROW, 7421-Steven and Katherine Lowry to Jonathan E. Mathews and Celina M. Williams, $425,000.

GLENWOOD MEWS DR., 5625-James E. and Priscilla C. Lennier to Diane Montgomery, $349,500.

GRANGE LANE, 6545, No. 403-Woo and Ae Pyun to Sheila T. and Roben F. Igcasenza, $288,000.

HARBOR COURT DR., 5384-Miren S. Cuenco and Eduardo P. Fadullon to Daoming and Chendi Zhang, $265,000.

HAYNES POINT WAY, 7710, No. H-David P. and Vesna Feltes to Gary W. Ashburn, $250,000.

HILLARY CT., 6313-Aida C. and Jacqueline C. Neel to Luis F. Tobar and Nohelia D. Chicas, $213,000.

JOWETT CT., 5575-John A. and Joann M. Weberski to Jennifer Trinh and Thomas R. Wasaff, $372,000.

KEBLE DR., 6001-Mohammad H. Akbar to Mark J. Peppas, $370,000.

MORNING RIDE CT., 7901-Minoo Aghyani and Hossein K. Monfared to Fawzia Z. and Zabih U. Noori, $450,000.

NORHAM DR., 5937-David V. Marventano to Miren S. Cuenco and Eduardo P. Fadullon, $380,000.

OLD CARRIAGE WAY, 6505-Marty Hurd to Daniel S. and Jennifer L. Falcone, $229,900.

PIKE CT., 6105-Victor K. Bonomi to Anteneh A. and Getahuna Chekol, $339,000.

SPECT CT., 3919-Genevieve C., James L. and Robert M. Bove to Timothy J. and Joanne G. McNeilly, $314,150.

TERRAPIN PL., 5981-Felicia Lee and Nichelle N. Ryder to Mark A. McIntosh, $270,000.

TOPPER CT., 8079-Neil C. O'Donovan to Craig S. Feaster, $220,000.

TOWER HILL CIR., 5628-Prestwick Corp. to Samuel Tafesse, $768,027.

TOWER HILL CIR., 5640-Prestwick Corp. to Ghennet Ghebrecristos, $801,002.

Annandale Area

AIRLIE WAY, 4503-Teresa A. and Lloyd Parker to Song M. Cho, $320,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4943, No. 4943D-Fahri M. Abdulrahman and Feuzita H. Ahmet to Kenneth S. and Tria A. Kim, $155,000.

ANNANDALE RD., 4020-GMAC Global Relocation Services Inc. to Kamran and Zohreh Ohi, $899,000.

ASPEN HILL CT., 4637-Brookfield Aspen Hill Corp. to William L. and Ethel J. Smith, $489,790.

BRIAR CREEK DR., 8104-Stephen R. and Stephanie Shur to Antoinette R. and Patrick W. Binning, $455,000.

BURBANK RD., 8928-Selina S. and Thomas P. Lee to Thuong T. Nguyen and Dung B. Truong, $460,000.

COUNTRY VALE CT., 4654-M. Doris and Robert J. Moore to Yaser Bushnaq and Majida Zeiter, $445,000.

DASSETT CT., 7901, No. 101-Marlene F. English to Gilberto and Suri Castillo, $195,000.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7710, No. 105-Sheila M. Turek to Na J. Chung, $152,500.

LITTLE RIVER TNPK., 7483, No. 101-Mohamed Bidin to SFC Properties Corp., $90,000.

RED FOX DR., 4933-Glenda F. Clark to Walter O. and Lisbeth Y. Rodriguez, $360,000.

THOR DR., 7821-Bernard V. Myles to Tan M. Ly and Hoang Oanh T. Mai, $375,000.

WILLET DR., 4821-Isabel C. and Hector A. Campbell to Nah Y. Rim, $350,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3316-Alexander Christie to Kidane Zebabena and Letteberhan T. Ghebreeghziabhir, $188,900.

Baileys Crossroads Area

AFTON CT., 6101-Charles Chalfant to Ashok Watson and Benjamas Pojchamansirikul, $354,000.

DUFF DR., 3517-Micheline Mescher to Glenn and Susan Griffin, $561,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. S, 3701, No. 1108N-Janet L. Meeks to Mario Camero, $97,500.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3701, No. 2504-Joy L. Hartman to Zenaida P. Lomac, $179,900.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6145, No. 505-Gordon P. Peyton, trustee, and Susan L. Adkins to Nooshin Javanbakht, $171,000.

MADISON POINT CT., 6080-Julio and Myriam Soto to Esperanza Investments Partnership, $385,000.

MERRITT PL., 5928-Elena J. and Michael R. West to Jagdish Katyal Jr., $422,700.

PAYNE ST., 3446-Amar S. Khan to Kashif Sanaullah and Atif S. Khan, $330,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 615-Amanda H. Patrick to Juanita D. Holton, $145,000.

Burke Area

BRIDGETOWN CT., 5974, No. 109-Lisa P. Hair to Jose M. Centeno and Carla E. Romero, $240,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5819, No. 202-Van N. An to Roger L. Nickell, $164,900.

CROWNLEIGH CT., 5782-Anamar and Mauricio Cuellar and Maria E. and Armando Lopez to Mark A. Provan, $270,000.

HEATHWOOD CT., 9525-Mann Family Trust and John A. Mann and Minnie W. Mann, trustees, to Jung S. and Byung H. An, $429,900.

LAKEPOINTE DR., 9867-Robert B. Raiszadeh to William H. Reese Jr. and Chau Flickinger, $249,500.

LAKEPOINTE DR., 9902-Christopher Raiszadeh to Emma Tirana and Petro Luarasi, $285,000.

MASON BLUFF DR., 5729-Poonam and Praveendra Dhingra to Ellen Merenbloom, $275,000.

OAKSHORE CT., 5759-Joseph A. and Patricia A. Mehula to David Askia Forbes, $269,900.

PETER ROY CT., 9372-Gary W. Parks to Helen M. Doerfler, $298,000.

QUIET POND TER., 10258-Margaret and Peter C. Bohn to Chau V. Nguyen and Cho Thuan N. Tong, $249,900.

ROCKWELL RD., 6311-Denise B. and Steven R. Thomma to Esmail E. Taghizadeh and Shahrokh Sobhani, $421,000.

Centreville Area

BATON ROUGE CT., 13924-Eul S. and Jae I. Kim to Myung H.I. Park, $280,000.

BEDDINGFIELD WAY, 14215-Kevin E. Carrick to Ashish M. Khot, $289,900.

CASTLE HARBOR WAY, 5130-James E. Connell to James O. and Nina E. Dewberry, $254,900.

CONEFLOWER CT., 13475-Winchester Homes Inc. to Steven N. and Susan C. Tomanelli, $631,725.

CRIMSON SKY CT., 5335-Pulte Home Corp. to Muralidhara R. and Rajyalaxmi Guggilam, $386,940.

FOUR CHIMNEY DR., 14434-Harbans S. Sidhu to Ilir Ikonomi and Florian Dimashi, $234,000.

GEORGE BAYLOR DR., 6110-Dale H. and Lynda M. Turner to Tae S. Kim and Joung R. Choi, $275,000.

GRUMBLE JONES CT., 14016, No. B-Amara and W. Dyer Vest to Lorraine M. Catalano, $215,000.

HAYMARKET LANE, 14830-Marie E. and Weldon A. Stanford to Jennifer and Stephen Walker, $217,400.

HERITAGE CROSSING LANE, 14259-Robert M. Katz Jr. to Abby N. Boadi, $246,000.

INDIAN SUMMER CT., 14610-Eugene D. Carstea to Parastou and Issa Bannourah, $300,000.

KAMPUTA DR., 15001-Gary and Christine Simoncic to Joseph L. Harris, $344,900.

LAMIUM LANE, 13510-Winchester Homes Inc. to Marvin J. and Lourdes G.C. Gershman, $583,375.

MALTON CT., 6847-Saroj and Surya Khanal to Ivan V. Milovidov and Ekaterina B. Falikova, $260,000.

MCALESTER WAY, 6027-Kathy M. Kawana and Jerrod R. Ullah to Maria M. and Porfirio Mercado, $350,000.

MIDDLEBOURNE LANE, 5490-Philip K. Warner to Amina Boru, $299,900.

NETHERTON ST., 6090-Brian K. and Doris E. Flynn to Binh D. and My M. Tran and Chris N. Chan, $211,900.

OLDE KENT RD., 14611-Carmen R. and Stephen P. Bray to Jose and Marta Solis and Luis Erazo, $228,900.

ORDWAY RD., 7203-Harvie L. and Dorothy L. Burke to Dariush Bakhriani, $270,000.

PADDINGTON LANE, 6264-Ira and Linda L. Lieberman to Scott R. Lieberman, $204,250.

PADDINGTON LANE, 6318-Robert B. Smith to Jason Voss, $250,000.

RED RIVER DR., 14017-Cindy Nguyen to Sung H. So, $274,900.

SILO VALLEY VIEW, 14389-Ahmed Zainab to Hyungsub Oh, $293,000.

SPENCE PL., 6304-John L. Snyder Jr. to Christopher M. and Cassandra Halyshyn, $273,000.

STARGAZER TER., 13501-Pulte Home Corp. to Jyong J. Yun, $348,150.

STARGAZER TER., 13511-Pulte Home Corp. to Philip D. Oberlies, $361,500.

SULLY LAKE CT., 14525-Mark M. and Tina M. Harris to Robert J. Buote and John A. Gonzalez, $262,000.

SYDELL LANE, 14509-Robert B. Dinardo to Tu A. Honguyen, $276,500.

VILLAGE CENTER DR., 5557-Anne H. and Christopher K. Suh to Eric W. and Heather L. Stalfort, $439,900.

WALTER BOWIE LANE, 14001, No. D-Charles Rittenberry to Rabi Chitrakar and Shreeja Shrestha, $230,500.

WATER POND CT., 13935-James A. Witherspoon to Matthew Ballon and Christina Soucy, $242,000.

WEALDSTONE CT., 6016-Lana C. Chumley to Jesse I. Alvarado, $205,000.

WILLIAM CARR LANE, 14417-Maria A. Pensabene and Gladys Guerra to Shawn L. Carter and Amy E. Dillon, $335,000.

WINDING RIDGE LANE, 14018-Rowena E. and Jerry R. Soriano to Kathy Oliver, $290,000.

WINDING WOODS CT., 14306-Gregory S. Bourscheid to Kristin M. Fitzgerald, $343,000.

WYNDHAM ROSE COVE, 5111, No. 102-Craig H. Booth to Paul T. Sharp, $237,000.

Clifton Area

HARRIER DR., 5708-David S. and Jin K. Kang to Chang K. and Kyung S. Suh, $219,900.

HARVEST PL., 13053-Paul M. Ghesquiere to Martha C. and Irvin B. Vann, $324,900.

WHITE DOVE LANE, 5695-Chad D. and Susan Foster to Om P. and Chander K. Handa, $227,000.

Fairfax City Area

BAYARD PL., 9213-Barbara P. and William T. Miller to Vinh Q. Nguyen and Mary A. Vu, $440,000.

BROOKGREEN DR., 4162-Ashi Chaturvedula to Sun Y. Kupcis, $418,500.

BROOMSEDGE CT., 3735-Edgar E. and Maria T. Suarez to Satish K. Krishnamurthy and Geeta S. Kumar, $293,000.

CHRISTIE JANE LANE, 4808-Pulte Home Corp. to Susana B. and John G. Saab, $617,093.

COLONY PARK DR., 10252-Gun H. Kim to Ick N. Kang and Hyo I. Kim, $273,000.

CUSTOM HOUSE CT., 13227-Shervan Torabi to Lan Thi Nguyen, $270,000.

DUDLEY CT., 10704-McShay Homes Corp. to Catherine K. and Donald P. McDonough, $857,550.

FAIR VALLEY DR., 4604-Lee E. Peterson to Andrew W. and Nelia P. Miller, $386,000.

FAIRCREST CT., 12665, No. 102-Isabel H. Valverde to Margarita Alegre, $72,149.

FAIRFIELD HOUSE DR., 12237, No. 313A-Jeffery M. Hoffman to Marissa Urbano, $266,000.

FARM HOUSE LANE, 4354-Fiona J. and Kelly P. Toole to Dean and Yan Y. McKinsey, $385,500.

FOREST HILL CT., 11601-Equity Homes Partnership to Kenneth and Kyong Ae Kitahara, $647,611.

GARDEN STONE LANE, 8901-Frank, Kim D.T., Mary and Steve T. Nguyen to Joel A. Horwitz and Cheri L. Marmarosh, $690,000.

GLENN ROSE ST., 4424-Donna J. and Jack E. Donaho to Gualberto Arze, Javier Meneces and Roxana Arze, $369,900.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12021, No. 201-Ann R. Katen to Bing Sheng Teng, $221,000.

GREENWAY CT., 12111-Joseph J. Romano III to Woo J. and Jin Y.L. Sung, $230,000.

GRINNELL ST., 5208-Carey A. and Gertrude L. Kinney to Ruthann E. and Mark M. Wheeler, $409,900.

GROVEWOOD WAY, 10207-Wai C. Tai to Eun S. and Young Park, $521,000.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12666-Centex Homes to Ping P. and Sheng J. Sheng, $387,145.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12670-Centex Homes to Brian P. Quirk and Michelle Giammanco, $383,515.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12733-NVR Inc. to Sandra D. and Gregory L. Thomas, $355,050.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12739-NVR Inc. to Tracy F. and George M. Parker, $405,440.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12759-NVR Inc. to Quan Y. Luong and Andrew Tran, $344,540.

KENERSON DR., 5019-Linda C. and Donald D. Martin to Robert Song, $415,000.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9702-Charles F. Fisher to Thomas G. Blakeman, $123,000.

MELLWOOD LANE, 4213-Gaye E. Tiffany to Michael P. Daniels, $359,000.

MEMORY LANE, 13020-George J. and Mary C. Phillips to Karen O. Jones, $369,900.

MIRANDA CT., 9534-Danielle M. and Charles I. Daniels to Auenchai Landon, $330,000.

PEACHWOOD CT., 13405-Farid and Maria T. Massabki to Elizabeth A. and Timothy J. Lisko, $457,000.

PRESSMONT LANE, 13205-Jerome A. Fleming to Daniel T. and Ngoc D.T. Nguyen, $347,000.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 13134-Ki S. and Sungsook Yi to Young J. Moon and Sung L. Kim, $320,000.

RED SPRUCE RD., 10135-Carol M. and Ronald N. Koontz to Donna J. and Jack E. Donaho, $543,000.

TALLOW TREE PL., 3939-Kathleen M. and Phillip Q. Howell to Sadiq S. and Salima S. Lalani, $321,000.

WERTHERS CT., 4035-Leighton J. and Tammy M. Heller to John and Gloria Sim, $390,500.

Fairfax Station Area

EMMA ANN WAY, 9077-Silverbrook Farms Corp. to Thuy T. Lam and Vy D. Pham, $702,445.

WESTPOINTE DR., 8398-Han K. and Ok C. Kim to Ahmed Bencheikh, $575,000.

WOODLAND HILL LANE, 7940-Christine P. and William T. Meyers to Kenneth W. and Joan M. Kern, $750,000.

Falls Church Area

BARRETT RD., 6626-Todd M. and Courtney E. Battaglia to Jose Vasquez, $313,000.

BROOK DR., 2838-Carolyn B. and Peter K. Sinzenich to Diana Banister, $509,900.

FAIRMONT ST., 3026-Virginia Steinacker to Julie D. Langlois, $325,000.

HAYCOCK RD., 7025-Prudential Residential Services Partnership to Constance R. and Phillip E. Church, $415,000.

KINGS CHAPEL RD., 2910-David Lee to Chau K. Ly and Huyen T.T. Tran, $140,000.

OAKLAND AVE., 7138-Aileen A. and Lauro A. Onza and Marilyn and Leopoldo Borce to James A. Bobek, $310,000.

SOUTH ST., 6432-Neighborhoods Corp. to Jason M. and Jane C. Stenstrom, $651,395.

SPRING TER., 6456-Robert K. Burger to William J. Penhallegon and Sybille A. Klenzendorf, $489,000.

STUART DR., 2911-Mary G. and George V. Anderson to Alison I. and Paras P. Rana, $365,000.

YARLING CT., 2826-Inger M. and Richard H. Raymond to Andrew P. Cichosz, $271,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

LAKE PARCEL DR., 9132-NVR Inc. to Aida E. and Kenneth E. Nielsen, $555,900.

Fort Hunt Area

BEATTY DR., 9017-Bertha E. Smith to Myung J. and John S. Ko, $462,500.

BIRCHLAKE CT., 4331-Lora Danielle to William E. and Evelyn M. Gleason, $269,000.

WATERFORD RD., 8714-Kenneth W. Howard and Barbara Genovese to Dan M. and Kathleen M. Eddy, $440,000.

WEST BOULEVARD DR., 7824-Thomas E. and Suzanne A. Fitzpatrick to Michael J. and Maureen M. McKeon, $1.16 million.

Great Falls Area

CHALLEDON RD., 1021-Joan I. Desantis and Beverly Cockrell to Annelies E. Habermacher, $560,000.

LORAN CT., 1090-Margaret C. and Michael H. Aneiro to Michael T. and Rhian V.T. Agrillo, $529,000.

WISE OWL WAY, 10601-Mark E. Peters to Michael D. and Sarah C. Boyd, $910,000.

Huntington Area

BISCAYNE DR., 5816-Marvin Y. and Wilson Gomez to Maria and Mauricio Mejia and Fidelicia Berrios and Otilio Diaz, $250,000.

ELMWOOD DR., 4201-Jimmy X. and Khanh B. Ho to Ngoc N. Nguyen, Kevin B. Ho, Dang Nguyen and Loung Khamsakoune,


REDCOAT DR., 2624, No. 164-Thomas J. Joseph to James M. and Teresa G. Taylor, $140,000.

WAGON DR., 2629, No. 334-Kimberly L. Muchnick to Lashawn R. Dickerson, $186,000.

Hybla Valley Area

BOSWELL AVE., 2716-Dorothy Elmendorf and Jerome H. Wright to Thinh M. Vu and Hong H. Chau, $210,000.

BRYANT TOWNE CT., 7021-Thelma G. Frye to Luz G. Argueta and Manrique A. Blanco, $242,000.

CALDERON CT., 7501-Raphael A. Laufer to Jacqueline Thomas, $205,400.

FLEMING ST., 2504-Henry A. and Rita F. Terry and Vicki L. Johnson to George Choudhry, $249,500.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7557-Centex Homes to Burwell B. Wagner, $266,129.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7578-Beazer Homes Corp. to Muhammad Babar, $310,703.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7591-Centex Homes to Kimberly Dang, $283,055.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7569-Beazer Homes Corp. to Manuel J. Romero, $283,648.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7577-Beazer Homes Corp. to Leslie A. and Brian S. Kinkade, $315,907.

PARSONS CT., 7203-Joel E., Melody W. and James E. Rudy to Erika Martinelli, $237,000.

RANGE RD., 7602-Robert J. Boylan and Charlotte A. Story to Suzan J. Aramaki and Alec Christoff, $479,000.

Lincolnia Area

BERMUDA GREEN CT., 6574-Helen P. Thomas to Jennifer A. Hellmann, $271,000.

LINMAR CT., 4632-Mary A. Creal to Douglas Smith, $340,000.

TAHOE CT., 4103-Muhammad Nawaz and Khalida Parveen to Haidat Ullah and Safoora Bibi, $380,000.

Lorton Area

BENHAM ST., 8815-Ronald W. and Theresa Kennon to Jose Montano, $318,000.

BERTSKY LANE, 8511-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Susan B. Pearlman, $349,000.

CHEROKEE ROSE WAY, 8867-Pulte Home Corp. to Charles W. and Christi A.S. Mayer, $368,075.

MCCARTY RD., 9240-Kenneth R. and Heather Meagher to Brett A. Schmitz, $295,000.

ROCKY FORGE CT., 8308-Susan B. Pearlman to Ki S., Reina I. and Kisup Choi, $210,000.

WAITES WAY, 8951-Richard D. Davis to Angela C. Vasquez, $235,500.

Mount Vernon Area

ACKLEY ST., 8223-Vanderplaats Associates Corp. to Juan Blanco and Irma Vasquez, $292,500.

BUCKMAN RD., 4300, No. L-Humu Dumbuya to Larisa Karmazina, $130,000.

FALKSTONE LANE, 8801-Robert J. Rospendowski to Samuel M. and Amy E. Barnes, $428,000.

GILA CT., 8503, No. 181-Chansamone and Somphanh Ratschachack to Alma and Herlin Mejia, $87,000.

JINETES CT., 8404, No. 213-Alma A. and Herlin A. Mejia to Canales Ortiz Fredy, $112,000.

MINA LOMA CT., 8416, No. 236-Dominion Financial Corp. to Alexander M. and Yantett A. Cuellar, $157,600.

WYNGATE MANOR CT., 8546-Wyngate Corp. to Charles L. and Donna M. Bryant,


North Springfield Area

BRADDOCK RD., 6805-Harold and Rosa L. Stull to Yaw and Grace Duah, $339,000.

CARRICK LANE, 8109-William A. Hanewinckle to Rosario Vargas, $350,000.

HESTON CT., 5501-Marcus and Tara M. Bauer to Hue T. Tran, $274,900.

HINTON ST., 5513-Kenneth R. Larkin to Blaine C. and Jessy A. Jackson, $349,000.

PARLIAMENT DR., 8711-Lance J. Luttschwager and Luanne C. Pavco to Hon Chon, $347,000.

ROLLING RD., 5519-Thuy Lam and Vy D. Pham to Ha T.K. Bui, $325,000.

WILLSTON PL., 2905-Francisco J. Villa to Mario A. Rodriguez, $109,500.

Springfield Area

ALVARADO CT., 8220-Janet M. and Wayne L. Stultz to Raymond H. Wallace III, $366,000.

BLUEJAY DR., 7017, No. 401-Gloria D. and Thomas B. Roberts to Mohtaram Mozafari, $375,000.

FLANDERS ST., 5805-Michael A. Peek to Daniel and Wenceslao Zurita, $315,000.

KERR DR., 7117-Cuong Q. and Lien H.T. Nguyen to Lam T. Mai and Thuy T. Ha, $335,000.

LORETTO ST., 6002-Glenda L. and Peter J. Taylor to Heidi L. and John E. Hidle,


LOWMOOR CT., 7805-Lisa A. and Daniel K. Gallagher to Inpanh and Vilayvone T. Visoutsri, $372,500.

MCWEADON LANE, 7604-Shazia Hussain and Wasif Ali to Mian A. and Hasina A. Shah, $632,000.

NORTHERN OAKS CT., 7668-William H. Gregory Jr. to Dianne L. and Conrad M. Thorpe, $249,900.

RIDGE OAK CT., 7465-Karamjit Kaur and Harmohinder Chahal to Min S. Kim, $328,500.

RIPPLED CREEK CT., 8489-Brenda K. Koch to Michael A. Rangel, $327,957.

ROLLING OAK LANE, 7302-Ariel Telmo, Teresita Peralta and Gloria Umayam to Nazifa Ahmadzai, $275,000.

WESTMORE DR., 7513-Elisabeth Mark to Mary G. Dingler, $358,000.

WILBUR CT., 7706-Timothy M. McCurdy to Jamil and Anne V. Malouf, $550,000.

WILLOWFIELD WAY, 6346-Brian R. and Colleen G. Lynn to Miriam R. Pena and Pedro G. Vasquez, $559,600.

West Springfield Area

GREELEY BLVD., 7838-James L. and Linda R. Rodriguez to John J. and Ulrike L. Twomey, $440,000.

GREEN ASH DR., 6638-Marilyn D. Houston to Maria V. Brum, $278,200.

SOLOMON SEAL CT., 7056-Gladys Cotter to Jeffrey Meixner, $336,500.

SQUIRREL RUN CT., 7203-Eva C. Zuegel to Ibrahim I. Hamad and Nadia M. Ayyad, $323,500.

SURVEYORS PL., 8815-Carlos O. and Evin M. Rodriguez to Allison and Mark Serrano, $269,999.