The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

DELAWARE AVE. N., 213-Jacqueline and Winston Mann to Christopher Peter Butler, $126,000.

FOURTH AVE., 203-Evelyn B. Cherry to Andrea F. and Michel J. Lacasse, $185,400.

Buckeystown Area

BUCKEYSTOWN PIKE, 3632-Mary Louise Remsberg to William C. and Margaret S. Mooneyhan, $320,000.

Emmitsburg Area

HARNEY RD., 11322-John K. McGlaughlin to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, $79,000.

MAIN ST. E., 208-Joseph G. and Robbie H. Sanders to Ronald L. Kelly and Mary Kathleen Walker, $150,000.

WAYNESBORO PIKE, 9245-Robert D. Burgenstock to Ruth and Kenneth H. Bosic, $125,000.

Frederick City Area

BARTGIS CT., 9495-Raymond L. Nielsen to Michaelle E. and Paul M. Scott Jr., $525,000.

BERKLEY LANE, 9424-Linda L. and Gary W. Hickman to Rene M. Vargas, $225,000.

BEVERLY CT., 1550-Donald and Joseph Quinn McGee to Marquita S. and Roger V. Smith, $184,900.

BOX ELDER CT., 5818-James C. and Julia D. Ditto to Tana G. and Robert J. Lawrence, $200,000.

BUCKEYE CT., 8393-John D. and Jean T. Frey to Helga H. and Richard C. McDonald, $385,000.

CANFIELD TER., 222-Mabel Poole to Carey A. and Andrew M. Chambers, $134,000.

COACHLIGHT CT., 7287-Cristian Bramati to Betty Jean Naylor, $122,900.

CRABAPPLE DR., 5659-Betty B. Harrant to John N. Jr. and Erma I. Balch, $175,000.

CRESTWOOD CT., 5624-Sando Sherman Adetunji to Jason A. Pasiak, $189,900.

DAVID LANE, 1359-Nancy B. Meng to David B. Clarke, $128,900.

DOVER ST., 6100-Rejean Bertrand to Miriam A. Medrano, $299,900.

ELLSWORTH WAY, 2402, No. 3D-Richard R. Burgee to Kristina D. Nagai, $153,900.

FINGERBOARD RD., 7822-Gidget and David E. Harley to Katharene A. Munday, $169,900.

FREE TER., 1833-Eric L. Moulton to Linda M. Carlozzi, $213,000.

GRANT PL., 528-Roberto and Karen Larranaga to Korene Larranaga, $220,000.

HARPERS WAY, 165-Kevin M. Kelley to Kim Sutherland Evans, $219,000.

HAYDOWN CT., 6611-Stephanie L. and Curtis F. King Jr. to Jennifer G. Dwyer, $160,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 316-Clyde M. and Edith M. Berger to Alicia G. and Larry E. Senseman, $119,500.

HENDRY TER., 9105-Lawrence and Ilona Hogan to Alice C. and Steven C. Drumheller, $485,000.

HIMES AVE., 617, No. VI-108-Trina L. and Catherine H. Henry to Donna J. Hoover Kephart and Fred A. Kephart Sr., $117,500.

JUBAL WAY, 917-Linda A. Matthews to Joshua J. Bernstein, $219,900.

KEY PKWY., 1405, No. 303-Robert A. Huzzy to Karen D. and Blaine R. Young, $89,900.

LADD CIR., 7106-James M. and Loretta K. Markey to Kimberly and Stephen McVickers, $207,900.

NEWPORT TER., 6104-Thomas and Stephanie Washek to Karen W. and Richard L. Henderson, $225,000.

PLANTERS CT., 5814-Joseph M. and Patricia A. Rakich to Debra J. and James R. Collingwood, $148,500.

PRESTON DR., 8707-Phillip D. and Sherry A. Blanchard to Lola V. Poe Taylor and Clayton A. Taylor, $319,900.

REICHS FORD RD., 8826-Gloria M. and Bernard F. Sier to Shirley W. Bell, $154,900.

RIVENDELL PL., 5597-H. Hekmatpanah to Nathan Eric and Rebekah I. Smith, $198,000.

ROCKWELL TER., 205-Golda Mae Webster Castle to Lynn M. O'Brien, $590,000.

SOUTH ST. W., 402-Mark Langworthy to Chad R. Lawyer, $219,900.

SPRING MEADOW LANE, 6114-Paul M. and Noreen C. McNeill to Lori M. and David L. Etter, $430,000.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6512, No. 4302-Sandra L. and Thomas Moreland Jr. to Kelley Johnson, $158,000.

SPRINGWATER PL., 6109, No. 2401-Patrick and Adam Austin to Tracy L. Walters, $175,000.

VIEWSITE CT., 6196-Roger L. and Dreama Nester to Sherry A. and Phillip D. Blanchard, $394,900.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2268-Amanda E. and David B. Morrow to Leonnie A. Nelson, $215,000.

WILLIS LANE, 6832-Paul L. Tower to Jason L. Haynes, $265,600.

THIRD ST. E., 327-Annette L. Weaver to Linda Moran and Don Hallett Doughty, $200,000.

10TH ST. W., 1494-Neil A. Pellicot to Mary and Clyde Gilbert Sr., $210,000.

Ijamsville Area

HYATT RD. W., 10322-David E. and Barbara A. Collins to Ruth and William A. Collins Jr., $164,000.

Jefferson Area

MANHEIM PL., 3903-Linda J. Gugliemelli to David C. Bryant, $195,000.

Knoxville Area

KNOXVILLE RD., 219-Frank D. Augustine to Bonnie L. and John M. Gdowski, $190,000.

PETERSVILLE RD., 3619-Constance M. Grams to Geraldine L. Reynolds and Thomas A. Overton, $202,125.

Middletown Area

BOILEAU CT., 65-Gina M. and Cary M. Henley Jr. to Mary Beth Vanpelt, $155,000.

Mount Airy Area

MORNING GLORY PL., 11707-Lewie and Kerry Anderson to Lisa L. and Jason G. Russo, $357,000.

WHISTLING SWAN WAY, 6867-Alexander and Pamela Smith to Kim A. Bernhardt and Paul D. Moake, $294,900.

Myersville Area

WOLFSVILLE RD., 10909-Robert L. and Virginia H. Bowers to Cheryl M. and S. Todd Sherwood, $275,000.

Point Of Rocks Area

BALLENGER CREEK RD., 1514-Michael W. Turner to Glenn Edward Miller Jr., $179,000.

BROOKSHIRE RUN, 1738-Thomas J. and Denise L. Loeper to Allison D. Chapman and Bret C. Hamilton, $255,000.

Thurmont Area

DOGWOOD AVE., 104-Charles and Patricia Rokosny to Terry L. and Carolynn R. Maddox, $186,675.

VISTA AVE., 23-William Hutchison to Jason D. and Colleen M. Ford, $194,200.

Walkersville Area

BEACON CIR., 8788-Larry L. Twenty and Kellie Gow Jr. to Joanne Legette, $124,900.

DISCOVERY BLVD., 8510-Karen Lynn Tobery to Michael Harris, $127,500.

MOON MAIDEN CT., 13-Andrea Brooks McKenzie to Daniel Francis, $127,000.

TREASURE AVE., 8755-Isaias Loukos to Paul Ioannides, $135,000.

VICTORY CT., 8794-Michael J. Galbraith to Sandra N. and Allen F. Tritsch, $120,000.