Aldie-Braddock Road Area

DILIGENCE CT., 25298-NVR Inc. to Marilyn R. and Roderick L. Rionda, $515,165.

FELDSPAR PL., 41864-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Liza G. and Brian L. Trace, $521,052.

GYPSUM WAY, 24783-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Patricia A. and David L. Greenwalt, $576,790.

LENAH WOODS PL., 24190-Winchester Homes Inc. to Priscilla and Kenneth M. Freeman, $679,785.

ORIBI PL., 25248-Brookfield Westview Corp. to My H. and Hoa Q. Pham, $577,340.

PLEASANT RIDGE PL., 24120-Centex Homes to Charlene Jessup and Bret M. Kurihara, $621,966.

SERPENTINE PL., 24782-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Deanna and Victor Kohnke, $543,505.

SHELLS WAY, 24789-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Karin Walter and Ashok Keswani, $521,866.

SOUSA PL., 40641-D.R. Horton Inc. to Kimberly A. and William H. Matlack, $707,012.

TROMBONE CT., 24398-D.R. Horton Inc. to Sally A. and John A. Ashley, trustees, $721,803.

VACATION PL., 25402-NVR Inc. to Jill and Raul Perla, $463,185.

VACATION PL., 25403-NVR Inc. to Jill S. and Scott E. Burdick, $395,834.

VACATION PL., 25406-NVR Inc. to Sarah D. and Michael V. Knapp, $422,930.

VACATION PL., 25407-NVR Inc. to Geeta Devireddy and Kumar Barakam, $390,491.

Algonkian Regional Park Area

ASHCROFT TER., 20398-Amy E. and Frank T. Hart III to Steve Smagin, $320,000.

BERKELEY CT., 2-Laurie S. and Daniel B. Goodson to Jason E. Potter, $232,900.

BREEZY POINT TER., 20745-Linda R. and Jeffrey M. Huey to Suhasini and Sunil D. Kaushal, $315,000.

BREEZY POINT TER., 20758-Quinzetta H. and Anthony Watson to D. Kabirnavaei and K. Kabirnavaei, $306,000.

DERRYDALE SQ., 20876-Clark McMorris III to Noella R. and Egbert A. Pengal, $320,900.

DOMAIN TER., 21174-Meredith Laduke to Irene L. Dartoozos, $268,000.

LYNNHAVEN SQ., 46532-Jessamyn J. and Daniel S. Brown to A. Warsame and A.F. Hersiburane, $349,000.

MILLWOOD SQ., 21205-Douglas Richard Allen to Elizabeth D. and Scott B. Meister, $330,000.

PEBBLEBROOK PL., 46553-Tammy S. and Michael Alan McHenry to Upkar and Varjinder S. Bajwa, $430,000.

PORTER TER., 46267-Maureen C. Kelly to Michelle B. Suchan, $285,230.

QUARTERPATH TRACE CIR., 20610-Sarabjit K. and Mandeep Singh to Sudha and S. Panjabi and Arun Panjabi, $584,900.

RIVER MEADOWS TER., 46519-Dierdre C. and Albert M. Torres to Joan Heath, $301,000.

ROSEWOOD PL., 21356-Haowei Wang to Lareese A. and Glen M. Miracle, $615,000.

SNOW HILL WAY, 46814-Abir O. and Samer S. Beidas to S. and Pramod Singh, $470,000.

Broadlands Area

AINSLEY CT., 21845-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Fleur and George L. Chan, $569,990.

ANGEL WING WAY, 42567-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to William Patton and Kristi Jelsing, $450,060.

ARBOR GREENE WAY, 43182-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Kholoud and Nehad Aref Salous, $393,415.

CORTEZ TER., 42491-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jin Sung and Hyung Ahn, $373,200.

COURTLAND PARK DR., 22814-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Jessica D. and Kevin Gulick, $482,910.

CRESTED QUAIL DR., 21997-NVR Inc. to Catherine Mimi Rogerson, $611,465.

GOODWIN CT., 21607-Richard S. Chambers to Stephanie A. and Charles K. Pigg, $465,500.

HIGH HAVEN TER., 22688-Yena and Jun Beom Kwon to Jacqueline and Cameron D. Jackson, $290,000.

LARCHMONT WAY, 21876-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Rocio S. and Enrique J. Diaz, $450,340.

LARCHMONT WAY, 21880-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Cynthia and Kevin J. Carter, $537,472.

LARCHMONT WAY, 21889-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Victoria Y. and Neal P. Umphress, $384,193.

LAUGHING QUAIL CT., 43149-NVR Inc. to Kinnaleth S. and Rolando Veizaga, $759,840.

LEGACY PARK DR., 42562-Bram Neighborhoods Corp. to Geri L. and Sean P. Wardlow, $475,959.

LEGACY PARK DR., 42600-Bram Neighborhoods Corp. to Jodi T. and Stephen K. Yates, $442,904.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42463-Centex Homes to Nancy B. and Warren H. Fowler III, $351,160.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42546-Centex Homes to Holikomar K. Ieng, $292,707.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42609-Centex Homes to Frances A. Larsen, $299,782.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42615-Centex Homes to Violet L. Shahriari, $309,260.

MAISON BLANC SQ., 43770-Mandeep Singh to Gerardo Barreto, $355,000.

OATLANDS GROVE PL., 22707-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Mary and Paul D. Biernacki, $513,818.

PORTICO PL., 22780-Winchester Homes Inc. to Paula V. and Jason A. Fulton, $527,030.

RIDGEWAY DR., 42776-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Mary A. Corey, $520,240.

SCHENLEY TER., 21872-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to John J. Kelly III, $389,380.

SCHENLEY TER., 21880-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Mohammad S. Owji, $385,698.

SWEET ANDREA DR., 22763-Centex Homes to Loanne Nguyen and Ray Ly, $597,250.

WATER RUN CT., 22038-Richmond American Homes to Deborah H. Calder, $517,490.

WATER RUN CT., 22050-Richmond American Homes to Sarah P. and Steven M. Mouton, $522,720.

WELBORNE MANOR SQ., 22545-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Joel Abalos, $389,417.

WELBORNE MANOR SQ., 22547-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Hermes Rodriguez and Isabel Valverde, $310,268.

Leesburg Area

ARIEL DR., 284-Centex Homes to Donald Ragland and Terry F. Riney, $483,305.

BAISH DR., 423-Ryland Group Inc. to Austin D. and Jennifer L. Cullen, $320,713.

BAISH DR., 425-Ryland Group Inc. to Rita Sakyi and Gabriel Sakyi, $318,690.

BEAR CREEK TER., 18554-James Thomas Kelly to Carla B. and Alban V. Deniz, $475,000.

BLACKSBURG TER., 531-Patricia L. Serone to Jennifer Knickelbein, $233,000.

CAGNEY TER., 101-Ann Trisha Ramrattan to Debby Lynn and Michael W. Myers, $268,990.

CAMBRIA TER., 1172-US Home Corp. to Farid Faieq, $267,290.

CATOCTIN CIR., 211-Mark A. Tee Simmons to Diane S. and Guy N. Dinkins II, $196,896.

CHANCELLOR ST., 905-Ruth and Frank Garber to Eileen M. Jacobs, $334,900.

CHATHILL TER., 43007-Karen P. and Jeffery D. Walthall to Miya and Robert L. Woomer, $350,000.

EBAUGH DR., 356-Ryland Group Inc. to Anthony Paige, $340,483.

EBAUGH DR., 360-Ryland Group Inc. to Barbara Krajewska, $336,835.

FERNDALE TER., 806-M. Mahmoudieh and Ali Jazini Dorcheh to Janeen J. and Richard J. Jones, $300,000.

FERNDALE TER., 810-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Michael Kavianpour, $213,745.

FORT MACLEUD TER., 804-Vincent L. Sweeney to Deborah J. Lundell, $328,883.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1103, No. 301-Sajma and Zvonimir Novotni to Sary Chu and Pauly Beng, $168,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1105, No. 302-Daniel R. Miksa to Kevin P. Clawson, $156,500.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1108, No. 101-Ronald W. Rosenberger to Rosa and M. Reyes and Fredis Reyes, $165,500.

ICEHOUSE TER., 19099-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Soo J. Kim and Eric S. An, $374,095.

KINGSMILL ST., 18394-Patricia H. and Donald W. Griffith to Kathleen A. and Tedd Preisendanz, $800,000.

LARCH VALLEY CT., 817-Jolynn M. and Kevin J. Pehlke to Lauren and Matthew Menton, $480,000.

LOUDOUN ORCHARD RD., 18853-Geoffrey W. O'Malley to John Stumbaugh and Mariko Suzuki, $223,600.

MAXIMILLIAN CT., 106-K.L. Olde Towne Corp. to Laura K. Horvath, $260,996.

MILL SITE PL., 19254-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Judy P. and Thomas J. Magazzine, $1.1 million.

MOSELLE WAY, 19134-NVR Inc. to Sravanthi and Sridhar Nagulavancha, $442,484.

OAK VIEW DR., 156-Alva A. Dawson to L. Umanzor and Deysi Berrios, $212,400.

RHONDA PL., 886-Winchester Homes Inc. to Tina and Jeremy Boyd, $390,050.

RHONDA PL., 888-Winchester Homes Inc. to Helaine R. and Kenneth G. Walsh, $428,425.

ROANOKE DR., 318-M.I. Ghuman and Mohammad Nawaz to Fozia Bashir, $120,000.

ROCKBRIDGE DR., 568-Connie A.F. and Scott D. Sellman to Remedios Maya and Erasmo Ayala, $232,900.

ROCKY CREST TER., 19157-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Patricia A. and John J. Kelemen, $760,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18414-Beazer Homes Corp. to K. Rodriguez and Harold L. Waugaman, $249,185.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18414-K. Rodriguez and Harold L. Waugaman to Melissa and Heath A. Hammett, $322,900.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18518-Phuong D.H. and Duy My Phan to Kimberly A. and Eric C. Wolfe, $309,000.

TAVISTOCK DR., 810-Donna M. and Michael J. Kacmarcik to Doreen and Salvatore Spata, $465,000.

TAYLORSTOWN RD., 13393-Michael Wyatt, trustee, to Mark Cornish and Stefanie F. Vahle, $520,000.

TEABERRY DR., 43123-Norma M. and William L. Galloway to F. Jaggar and Carlos Pastorelli, $507,000.

WHIPP DR., 325-Ryland Group Inc. to Jessica and Joseph Pillera, $363,562.

WOODBRIDGE CT., 1601-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Marjorie J. and Joseph Filice, $367,095.