Pit Bull Ban Not Needed

A proposal before the Prince George's County Council would remove the county's ban on pit bulls. This breed-specific legislation was passed when there were a number of pit bull attacks in primarily one or two districts. At that time, the pit bull was in vogue as the dog-weapon of choice.

This law is probably unconstitutional and illegal. It actually states that any dog that has the "characteristics of a pit bull" cannot be owned in the county and that all of these would be euthanized.

What people fail to realize is that revoking this bill does not mean that there will not be appropriate protection for the citizens of Prince George's County. Actually, there is a dangerous-dog law, with fines and imprisonment that have been increased in the current version. This law will protect county residents and also punish dog owners who are the instigators of pit bull attacks, by improper training and not by inherent breeding. Residents can obtain a copy of this bill from their council member.

There has always been a dog-weapon of choice. First it was the German shepherd, then it was the Doberman pinscher, then the Rottweiler and now the pit bull. If we removed all the pit bulls in the country, an unscrupulous individual would then find another breed to use for protection, dog fighting and spreading general mayhem.

Hopefully, the Prince George's County Council in its wisdom will remove this breed-specific ban, since there are adequate safeguards to society in the current beefed-up dangerous-dog bill.

Charles F. Colao

Marlow Heights