The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

CEDAR BLVD., 710-Carol W. Rawlings trust to Christopher Mararac, $183,000.

Adelphi Area

AMHERST RD., 2001-Mary L. and Anna A. Jones to Maria and Desiderio Espinal, $250,000.

AVALON PL., 2500-Ernest W. and Elizabeth Crow Griggs to Teresita and Edgardo Lampitoc, $150,500.

METZEROTT RD., 1824, No. B-5-Germa V. Bacchus to Cecilia Sunjo, $102,000.

OLD RIGGS RD., 7985, No. 10-Lesbia L. Ramirez to Mfonabasi I. Usoro, $96,000.

18TH AVE., 7935-Bot Miles and Elaine C. Lee to Ruth Echaverry, $142,000.

Beltsville Area

BARKWOOD CT., 7605-Kyung W.K. and Dong H. Bang to Richardo Green, $339,900.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11242, No. 204-Mary E. Wooten to Abdoulaye Sylla, $109,000.

OLYMPIA AVE., 4820-Susan E.O. Day to William A. Nasvaderani, $159,000.

TORREY PINES TER., 12200-Raymond Knight Jr. to Clara Igwacho Allotey, $450,000.

Bowie Area

ALDERWOOD LANE, 16203-Thomas Akowsky to Kevin E. Donelson, $267,000.

CHERRYWOOD LANE, 12701-Philip G. and Doris S. Davidoff to Kathleen C. and David E. Weller, $282,800.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15837-Josephine and Tony J. Dicristoforo to Michael W. Mercilliott, $120,000.

EXCALIBUR CT., 3710-Alvina M. and Frederick C. Williams to Lawrence H. Wentzell, $155,500.

FELTER LANE, 2621-Charles E. Booth Acevedo to Josephine A. and Jerry Hamilton, $235,000.

GOLD CUP LANE, 8118-Steven J. and Julia A. Steimel to David E. and Diana M. Ruckdeschel, $235,000.

LAKEFORD LANE, 5404-Michael J. and Rachel E. Pritchard to Annette P. and David B. Jackson, $370,000.

MORNINGSIDE LANE, 3623-Peter L. and Aura W. Xeron to Paul Jr. and Michelle Poteat, $145,000.

NOVEMBER CT. S., 2927-Monica Charles to Osita S. Osagbue, $136,000.

OXHILL CT., 13400-G.W. and N.H. James to B.R. Herb and K. Frick, $240,000.

QUILL POINT DR., 8331-William A. and Diana L. Zaycer to Janell and Eric L. Conley, $391,000.

QUINTETTE LANE, 12317-Marie A. and Julian L. Terry to Jeanett D. Mitchell, $279,000.

TILBURY LANE, 12300-Jean M. and Leo F. Lynch Jr. to James A. Tittle, $255,000.

Brandywine Area

CEDARVILLE RD., 8305-Barbara J. and George R. Gordon to Adrian M. Roseboom, $165,500.

Capitol Heights Area

DOEWOOD LANE, 1304-Sharon A. Andstac and Jerald Hahn to Shaskia Whitfield, $115,000.

FALKLAND PL., 5741-Laverne P. Robinson to Tarneisha Robinson, $132,000.

POSSUM CT., 307-Bernice S. Reyes Akinbileje to Abayomi Sobande, $125,000.

Cheltenham Area

SARAH LANDING DR., 10403-Brian K. McCutchan to Timothy Hodges, $369,900.

Cheverly-Landover Area

CHEVERLY AVE., 3310-Randal S. Zuwallack to Tito Peterson, $199,500.

REED ST., 6004-NZI Construction Co. to Portland L. Jones, $205,000.

Clinton Area

KILLARNEY ST., 6700-Genevieve K. and James F. George to Francine E. Wigglesworth, $190,000.

College Park Area

EDGEWOOD RD., 4916-Pamela E. and George J. McBride to Brent T. Anderson, $130,000.

GUILFORD RD., 4612-Veronica I. La and Thomas W. Rinehart to Jan L. Rishein, $350,000.

MUSKOGEE ST., 5029-Jieun and Christopher Sanick to Wayne A. Lafollette Jr., $199,500.

48TH PL., 9104-Craig J. Little to Rubenia and Virginia Chavez, $200,000.

60TH AVE., 8613-Anthony and Theresa Watson to Yuan S. and Marcie S. Ting, $22,000.

District Heights Area

ADDISON RD. S., 1815-Lisa J. Muse to Melody Thomas, $79,000.

BENTONIA CT., 2333-Shirnell Addison to Michael Jenkins, $165,000.

BERRY LANE, 1804-Jeannetta Howard to Deborah J. and Brent McMillon, $150,000.

SHADY GLEN DR., 1506-Avenda D. Hobbs to Gwendolyn Hunt Powell, $182,000.

Fort Washington Area

BUCHANAN DR., 13461-J.D. and B.L. Kirkland to R. and P. Webb, $184,500.

CAGLE RD., 8303-Travis J. Payton to William D. Spruill Jr., $189,600.

DORIS DR., 9200-Yvonne M. McCoy to Devon G. Parsons and Pearl Fleming, $230,000.

FORT FOOTE RD., 9605-Socorro T. Vidanes to Juse and Edwin Doverte, $265,000.

GRIFF DR., 10213-Ronald M. and Emily W. Rose to Juan and Transito Gutierrez, $216,500.

MECCA CT., 303-Darren Waak to Lizbeth Sanchez, $226,000.

PALMER RD., 1214, No. 120-Janice N. and Edward Wingfield to Lesia R. Pandy, $146,000.

PENDLETON ST., 13400-C.F. and C.D. Dunn to W. and W. Andrews Jr., $230,000.

PINE RD., 602-Ronald E. and Barbara S. Kagarise to Demetria J. and Albert J. Tolson, $225,000.

PISCATAWAY DR., 13707-D.A. and R.M. Brown to C.S. Miguel and C. Chase, $290,000.

Glenn Dale Area

SIR LANCELOT DR., 12311-J.A. and B.E. White to R. and S. Matthews, $322,700.

Greenbelt Area

GREENBELT RD., 8659, No. T1-Ebony Davis to Theresa P. Ibbott, $91,500.

Hyattsville Area

QUINWOOD ST., 1516-Ramon Sarabia to Gloria N. Lopez and Pedro M. Parada, $206,000.

Lanham Area

BARKER PL., 5409-John D. and Alita P. Fowlkes to Ana and Manuel Perdomo, $190,000.

FORBES BLVD., 7101-Linda M. Zappasodi to Angela E. Crawford, $215,900.

NAVAL AVE., 6126-Veronica A. and Martin Mandstel Higgs to Stella M. and Martin M. Higgs, $52,433.

NIGHTINGALE CT., 7003-Cecilia L. and Arthur Metzger to Sylvia A. Stewart, $255,000.

STORCH LANE, 7018-Glenn T. Boykin to Phyllis M. Quartey, $203,900.

Largo Area

BARBERRY CT., 14, No. 42-6-Chiara M. Lee to Chiara M. Lee, $94,500.

CASTLETON PL., 244-Beverly T. Freeman to Mary A. Asamoah, $180,000.

EAST GROVE, 8829-Mary J. and Ernest C. Freeman to Erika Mabry, $141,000.

Laurel Area

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14117, No. 309-Linda E. Easley to Ryan Megredy, $96,000.

BROOKLYN BRIDGE RD., 7908-Joseph H. and Eleanor A. Brown to Jenny A. and Arthur A. Souder, $333,000.

HARRISON DR., 1018-Jeffrey C. Hull to Fidel A. Videla, $160,000.

JIB ST., 14226, No. 6222-Mark D. Germ and Stephanie M. Entrup to Ibidapo A. Ola, $120,000.

Montpelier Area

BALSAMWOOD CT., 10318-Timothy A. Kluchinsky Jr. to Junyan Xin and Yongliang Liu, $297,000.

CLAXTON DR., 12832, No. II-Laura Niewenhous to David P. Jones, $134,500.

IMPERIAL DR., 8453, No. III-Brenda Mahabir to Jose L. Guardado, $173,000.

New Carrollton Area

GREENVALE PKWY., 6944-Enedina Gil to Jesus Gil, $200,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 7429-Betty C. and Robert E. Kitchen to Family Services Foundation Inc., $195,000.

OSBORN RD., 6408-Rubye G.H. Ellis to Maria and Mario Vidal, $165,000.

QUENTIN ST., 8108-Brenda Rembert to Maria D. Lopez, $190,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 7517, No. 1928-Angela M. Forsyth to Joan White, $47,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 7517, No. 1922-Roberta B. Popik to Pauline Lynch, $48,000.

SHEPHERD ST., 6817-Michael and Yolanda E. Hillyer to Rene D. Verastegui, $170,000.

Oxon Hill Area

CARSON AVE., 738-Brenda G. Kidd to Aprillyn and Chona A. Arpon, $127,900.

CEDAR RIDGE DR., 207-Darlene G. and Charles H. Sorge to Anthony Williams, $244,000.

OWENS RD., 953-Margaret C. and George S. West to Maurice Barrett, $115,000.

ROANNE DR., 7402-Charlene G. Allen to Toni A. Anderson, $157,000.

Riverdale Area

58TH PL., 6303-Robert L. Clayton to Gloria A. and Martin E. Torres, $190,000.

Temple Hills Area

AKRON ST., 4607-Zelma H. and Peter A. Margelos to Tracy Bullock, $129,500.

ANVIL LANE N., 2018-Sheila A. Riley Gadson to Joyce A. Jenkins, $144,950.

FERNANDES DR., 3505-William A. Murphy to Mitchelle D. Robinson, $218,500.

KEATING ST., 2601-Mary A. Evans and Robert E. Bradley to Millie Canty, $129,500.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

VAN BUREN ST., 4011-Michael E. and Cheryl J. Agnew to Kerry J. Loring and Rex B. Wingerter, $575,000.

14TH PL., 5421-Carlos A. and Vilma Sarmie Martinez to Margarita Ramir and Miguel Velasquez, $221,000.

23RD PL., 6635-Clanzell C. Fancher to James S. Sumter, $120,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

GRANDHAVEN AVE., 10322-Robert Jr. and Teresa M. Tuck Allnut to Mark S. Carson and Rosanna M. Johnson, $400,000.

HAMPSHIRE HALL CT., 14252, No. G-603-Howard L. Hope Jr. to Rodney Webb, $165,000.

HANNAH WAY, 11223-Errol P. Chang to Mohamed Bundu, $141,900.

KING JOHN WAY, 4711-Robin D. Lynon to Renee A. Jackson, $153,000.

LIVE OAK LANE, 9203-Charles L. Washington to Diane S. and Lawrence J. Glover, $191,000.

LORD LOUDOUN CT., 4474-Donna L. Parks to Allyson K. Landweer, $105,000.

PARKMONT LANE, 4817-Colleen M. and Paul E. Henderson to Diane L. Thompson, $135,000.

PRINCE PL., 10239, No. 26-204-Richard J. Pfleiderer to Cassandra T. Golson, $70,000.

RED JADE DR., 224, No. 14-4-Kathleen J. and David E. Spriggs to Orlander Bell Jr., $130,000.

SUTTON DR., 10805-William U. Brown to Febbie R. and Charles R. Gray Jr., $252,000.

TIMBERLINE DR., 10602-Allison C. and Donovan O. Marks to Christopher C. Evans, $225,000.

Woodmore Area

FORESTGROVE LANE, 10405-Godson C. and Keche P. Offoaro to Dennis and Chioma Nweke, $235,000.

JAYSTONE CT., 407-Arnold Jr. and Daphney M. Gray to Shauna K. White and Beverly A. Boykin, $350,000.

ST. MICHAELS DR., 821-Robert L. and Bernadette Watson to Philip R. Witcher, $150,000.