The Washington Post visited 247 public courts listed on the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation Web site and in other public documents as well as those identified by the National Capital Region of the National Park Service.

Additional courts, not listed officially, were spotted in the course of travel around the city and located on the map. A generous attitude was adopted toward rankings. If players were using a decrepit court, weeds or no weeds, it was classified as being in "fair" condition.

Many courts are listed on city records as having lights, but The Post did not visit at night and does not know if they work. To report problems or request maintenance, call 202-673-7647 or 202-727-5465.

Anacostia, 11th Street and Anacostia Avenue SE. Nine courts. Excellent surfaces with view of the Anacostia River and ships in the distance.

Arboretum, 24th Street and Rand Place NE. Two courts. Excellent condition.

Backus, South Dakota Avenue and Hamilton Street NE. Two courts. Rough surface with grass and weeds, no nets.

Bald Eagle, Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Joliet Street SW. Two courts. Few scattered tufts of grass growing on courts behind recreation center.

Banneker, Ninth and Euclid streets NW. Eight courts. Cracked court surfaces.

Barry Farm, 1230 Sumner Rd. SE. One court. Some cracks, no net.

Benning Park, 53rd Street and Southern Avenue SE. Two courts. No nets, grass growing on the court.

Benning-Stoddert, Burns and C streets SE. Four courts. One net missing, grass and big cracks on court surface.

Brentwood Park, Sixth Street and Brentwood Parkway NE. Two courts. No nets. Being used as playground for nearby Hamilton School, which is the temporary home of Noyes Elementary.

Chevy Chase, 41st and Livingston streets NW. Two courts. Heavily cracked with grass growing in the gaps, signs of recent fire on tennis surface.

Congress Heights, Alabama Avenue and Randle Street SE. Three courts. Excellent surfaces.

Deanwood, 49th and Nash streets NE. Four courts. Two with grass on surface and no nets, two with cracks.

Douglass, 19th Street and Stanton Terr. SE. Four courts. New surfaces, excellent condition.

Dunbar, First and O streets NW. Three courts. Courts look abandoned, with weeds flourishing on surfaces.

Edgewood, Third and Evarts Streets NE. Two courts. Inch-wide crack stretching horizontally across surfaces.

Ely/Fort Dupont, Minnesota Avenue and Ely Street SE. Four courts. Excellent shape.

Evans, 5600 East Capitol Street NE. Two courts. Look abandoned with no nets and tall grass and weeds growing on surface.

Forest Hills, 32nd and Brandywine streets NW. Two courts. Row of grass growing down the center of the court.

Fort Davis, 1400 41st Street NE. One court. Recreation complex under construction, equipment on court.

Fort Lincoln, Fort Lincoln Drive NE. Eight courts. Four courts with cracks, two courts with grass growing on the surface. All heavily used.

Fort Reno, 41st and Chesapeake streets NW. Three courts. Excellent condition.

Fort Stanton, 18th and Erie streets SE. Three courts. Two nets are down, some grass growing in cracks.

Fort Stevens, 13th and Van Buren streets NW. Two courts. Some cracks.

Francis, 24th and N streets NW. Four courts. Narrow cracks on two courts. Heavily used.

Friendship, 45th and Van Ness streets NW. Two courts. Cracks parallel to net, some grass in the wider spaces.

Friendship/Oxon Run, Livingston Road and South Capitol Street SE. Two courts. Nets gone, weeds growing wild on the courts, which look abandoned.

Garfield Park, Third and G streets SE. Two courts. Excellent condition.

Georgetown, 33rd street and Volta Place NW. Two courts. Vertical and horizontal cracks. Courts heavily used.

Hains Point, Ohio Drive SW. Twenty-four courts. National Park Service requires reservations and charges fees. Excellent condition. There are 10 clay courts and nine hard courts outside, and five more in a bubble.

Harry Thomas Sr., Lincoln Road and T Street NE. Two courts. Excellent surfaces, no poles or nets.

Hardy, 45th and Q streets NW. Two courts. Vertical and horizontal cracks in playing surface.

Hearst, 37nd and Tilden streets NW. Three courts. Cracks, but no grass growing in them.

Hillcrest, 32nd and Denver streets SE. Four courts. Difficult to find; located off an alley parallel to Alabama Avenue. Some cracks.

Hine, Seventh Street and Pennsylvania Avenue SE. Two courts. Cracks and a line of grass growing across one court.

Jefferson, Eighth and H streets SW. Four courts. Two next to the junior high school appear to be abandoned, other two courts nearby have tall weeds growing on court surface.

Kelly Miller, 49th and Brooks streets NE. Three courts. No nets, many weeds.

Kenilworth-Parkside, 4300 Anacostia Avenue NE. Four courts. Excellent condition.

Kennedy, Seventh and P streets NW. One court can be entered through the Kennedy Rec Center. New and in good condition.

King-Greenleaf, Second and N streets SW. Two courts. Some cracks, nets dragging.

Lafayette, 33rd and Quesada streets NW. Four courts on two levels. Some cracks, particularly on upper level.

Langdon Park, 20th and Franklin streets NE. Five courts. Four newly resurfaced and in excellent condition. One older court has no poles or net.

Langston, 26th street and Benning road NE. Three courts. Grass in cracks on two of them.

Lansburgh Park, K Street and Delaware Avenue SW. Two courts. Grass on surface, nets gone, gates askew.

Montrose Park, 30th and R streets NW. Four courts. Cracks, and a hump on one side of the playing surface.

Mosley, 19th and Otis Streets NE. Five courts. This facility, which is still called Taft on the official city Web site, was officially renamed the Dwight Mosley Athletic Center several years ago. Three excellent surfaces and two with very small cracks.

Newark, 39th and Newark streets NW. Three courts. Parallel cracks snaking across the courts with some grass on one.

Oxon Run, Seventh Street and Mississippi Avenue SE. Four courts. The original complex was expanded to become the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center.

Palisades, Dana and Sherier Places NW. Three courts in excellent condition.

Pierce Mill, Rock Creek Park, off Park Road NW. Two clay courts. Locked.

Rabaut, Second and Peabody streets NW. A faded "recreation department tennis rules" sign suggests that tennis courts once existed on a weedy and cracked asphalt area here.

Randall, First and I streets SW. Three excellent courts.

Randle Highlands, 31st Street and Pennsylvania Avenue SE. Two courts. Soil has washed onto one of two newly resurfaced courts used as playground for a nearby school.

Raymond, 10th Street and Spring Road NW. Two courts. Some small cracks and grass on one court. One net missing.

Reed, 18th and California streets NW. Two courts. Deep cracks on both courts.

River Terrace, Benning and Anacostia roads. Two courts. Excellent condition.

Rock Creek Tennis Center, Rock Creek Park, 16th and Kennedy streets NW. Ten hard courts and 15 clay courts. Excellent condition. Fee charged.

Rosedale, 17th and Gales streets NE. Two courts. New surface, no nets in mid-June.

Rose Park, 26th and O streets NW. Three courts. Light cracks in these heavily used courts.

Shaw, 10th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW. Turned into skateboard park.

South Grounds, 15th Street and Constitution Avenue NW. No courts. Long gone.

Southeast Tennis and Learning Center, 701 Mississippi Avenue SE. Ten courts, including the original Four Oxon Run courts. Excellent condition.

Takoma, Third and Van Buren streets NW. Six excellent courts.

Turkey Thicket, 10th Street and Michigan Avenue NE. Eight courts. Cracks and glass on at least four. Construction underway on the recreation complex.

University of the District of Columbia, Connecticut Avenue and Yuma Street. Five courts. Heavily used. Some cracks.

Upshur, Iowa Avenue near Upshur and Varnum streets. Two courts. Cracks and some grass.

Tyjai Cole, left, 5, and Maurice Gary, 5, concentrate during a tennis lesson.