The Graduate: Branden Albert, Glen Burnie

Top Sports: Football, basketball

Destination: University of Virginia

Sports Moment: "My favorite moment would have to be making it to Comcast Center back-to-back years for the state tournament in basketball because not a lot of teams can make it that far two years in a row. Everyone doubted us, especially my junior year when I moved here from Rochester, N.Y. Everyone was saying how we didn't have anybody [who was a really good player], and that Thomas Johnson was going to beat us [in the 4A East Region final]. I think now we've put Glen Burnie basketball on the map."

The Graduate: Regan Bosch, Severn

Top Sports: Lacrosse

Destination: Duke

Sports Moment: "Beating St. Mary's in the rain [8-6 on April 26] because it was just miserable out there, and being able to beat them was sweet revenge because they beat us [in the playoffs] last year. I don't remember what the score was -- all I know is we won and that it was a big deal because St. Mary's is a big rival. It wasn't one of our best games, not like how we played when we beat Notre Dame Prep [9-8 on April 7] because they were the defending [IAAM A Conference] champions. It was one of those games where we really played in our zone, and we just worried about what we were doing and didn't worry about what the other team was doing."

The Graduate: Tim Carrier, Old Mill

Top Sports: Soccer

Destination: Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J.

Sports Moments: "When we beat South River for the region championship my junior year, because it showed the progress we made since my freshman year because I started against C. Milton Wright [in the region final], and we got crushed, 6-0. This year was pretty memorable, too, because we got to the state championship game for the first time, after we beat High Point, 2-1, [in the semifinals], and I don't think too many people thought we would have made it that far after we lost to Glen Burnie in the county title game."

The Graduate: Shannon Hadaway, Severn Park

Top Sports: Soccer, lacrosse

Destination: Ohio University

Sports Moment: "I got to win three state titles in soccer, but the last two [in 2002 and 2003] stand out because we beat River Hill [in the 3A East Region final] both times, and they were the team a lot of people thought would win. This year we beat them in a shootout, and I remember being so nervous with my teammates. In the state championship I got to score the goal to win the state title with less than two minutes left, and it was just a perfect ending."

The Graduate: Ray Matula, Southern

Top Sports: Football, outdoor track

Destination: Virginia Tech

Sports Moment: "I'm going to have to say our game against South River, just because they're our biggest rival. We were up by two points [33-31] in double overtime, and they had just scored, and they were going for the two-point conversion. They called a sweep, and I was playing nose guard, and I came through the line and made the play to end the game. It was just an awesome game. I also decided to come out for the track team this year for my first time, and I ended up placing third in the shot put and sixth in the discus, and I was really surprised about that. Maybe I should have gotten into track earlier."

The Graduate: Tyler Moyer, Broadneck

Top Sports: Football, wrestling

Destination: Naval Academy Preparatory School, Newport, R.I.

Sports Moment: "It's probably the football season, where we went to the championship game for the first time [in school history], and beating Woodlawn to get there. It was rainy, and the field was muddy, and it was just nasty out there, but we won because we played like a team, and we didn't have one real star. Wrestling was a lot fun because there were so many people cheering for me at Cole Field House for the finals, and I beat a wrestler who was undefeated, and it was a great way to end my senior year."

The Graduate: Ashley Paschall, Spalding

Top Sports: Field hockey, lacrosse

Destination: Vanderbilt

Sports Moment: "I think getting to the lacrosse championship game [of the IAAM's B Conference] and winning it was big, and getting there again this year [and losing to Friends] was also big for us because it showed how much we'd improved since my freshman and sophomore years. We were a lot more dedicated to lacrosse, and then being able to beat St. Mary's for the first time ever really established us as a good team because they were in the [IAAM] A Conference. I'm going to miss just spending so much time with my teammates that I almost wish I could have one more year at Spalding."

The Graduate: Frannie Sullivan, South River

Top Sports: Field hockey, lacrosse

Destination: Ohio University

Sports Moment: "Definitely this year beating Severna Park and Broadneck, and beating Broadneck twice. It was just awesome. The second time we played [in the 4A/3A East Region final] the end of the game was just so amazing I don't have any words for it. I saw [teammate] Jen May get the ball, and my defender went to her, leaving me wide open, and I got the ball, and I was thinking, 'Just fake once and shoot, and don't miss, please don't miss,' and just after I scored I heard the whistle sound, and the game was over, and it was just incredible. I think this season we got some recognition and credit and our team moved into a completely new level."

The Graduate: Tommy Zichelli, Severna Park

Top Sports: Lacrosse

Destination: Penn State

Sports Moment: "Finally winning the [4A/3A] state championship after we had come so close the last two years before and being so close but not winning it, even though I thought we had the talent to win it. But this year we pulled it together and came through, and it started with the county championship game [against Broadneck] because that was our best game of the season and that set the standard because everything just clicked for us. We had three coaches the last three years, and it bothered us to a certain extent, but when we got on the field, we didn't have to think about that. We could just focus on playing lacrosse."

Branden Albert, who will attend the University of Virginia, played a major role in helping Glen Burnie reach the state tournament for two years straight. Shannon Hadaway's career as part of the Severna Park girls' soccer team included three state championship trophies.Severn's Regan Bosch said beating St. Mary's was a highlight this year.Tim Carrier led Old Mill to the boys' soccer state title game this season.Southern's Ray Matula, above, made a game-saving tackle against South River to preserve a 33-31 victory this season in football. Tyler Moyer, left, was a standout athlete for Broadneck both on the football field and on the wrestling mat.Frannie Sullivan, left in blue, played lacrosse and field hockey for South River. Ashley Paschall, above, played the same two sports for Spalding.