Corgi Mix on the Loose

PURCELLVILLE, Silcott Springs Road, May 31. Animal control received a report of a brown and white corgi mix being kept in a convenience store. An officer retrieved the dog and was leaving when its owner arrived. The officer advised the owner of the need to provide adequate confinement and a collar for the dog.

False Alarm for Husky Mix

PURCELLVILLE, Silcott Springs Road, June 2. Investigating a report of an injured dog, an animal control officer found a husky mix lying on its side and panting. The dog appeared to be in pain when the officer touched its hind legs. The officer took the dog to a veterinarian's office, where it seemed fine. The officer followed up with its owner, who said the dog was all right.

Calf Under Vet's Care

LOVETTSVILLE, Mountain Road, June 4. A woman reported that a calf was walking in circles in a field and had pinkeye in both eyes. An animal control officer met with the calf's owner, who showed the officer the medicine his veterinarian had prescribed. The calf was expected to recover in two to four weeks.

Sick Fox Euthanized

PURCELLVILLE, Purcellville Road, June 7. A woman reported that a sick fox was hiding under her front porch. An animal control officer captured the fox, which appeared to have mange, and took it to the animal shelter, where it was euthanized.

Man Bitten by Pit Bull

STERLING, Dulany Court, June 10. An animal control officer responded to a report that a man had been attacked by a pit bull and was being treated at a hospital for severe bite wounds and nerve damage to one of his hands. The man said he had been walking his male boxer without a leash when a woman walking a male pit bull on a leash approached. The woman warned the man that the pit bull was not friendly. The pit bull then attacked the boxer, grabbing it by its neck and shaking it. The owners were able to pry the dogs apart, but the pit bull jumped up and bit the man's hand. The case was being investigated as a possible dangerous dog case.

Injured Cat Euthanized

LEESBURG, Hiddenhollow Lane, Monday. A woman reported that a cat appeared to have been hit by a car and was hiding in some bushes. An animal control officer took the cat to a veterinarian, who euthanized it because of its injuries.