Player of the Year

Kristi Artenian, Forest Park, Junior

* Cardinal District player of the year and repeat All-Extra selection.

* Attack totaled 50 goals, 42 assists, 46 ground balls and 12 takeaways.

* Helped Bruins (12-3) win first district title and reach Northwestern Region championship.

Coach of the Year

Kate Thomas, Osbourn Park

* With only two senior starters, guided team to the Cedar Run District regular season and tournament titles.

* Yellow Jackets (14-4) nearly upset eventual champion Albemarle in Northwestern Region semifinals.

First Team

A Shayna Sargent, Osbourn Park, Jr. -- First-team all-region choice totaled 48 goals, 29 assists, 83 ground balls and 42 takeaways.

MF Mackenzie Ebling, Gar-Field, Sr. -- Team's top threat scored 44 goals. Will attend Virginia Tech.

MF Shara Kantz, Forest Park, Sr. -- First-team all-region pick won 74 percent of her draws and totaled 59 ground balls, 15 assists, 14 goals and 14 takeaways. Will play at Trinity (D.C.) College.

MF Kelly McConnell, Osbourn Park, Jr. -- First-team all-region selection collected 63 goals, 16 assists, 118 ground balls and 67 takeaways.

MF Kristen McCormick, Hylton, Jr. -- First-team all-region selection scored 28 goals, with 16 assists and 41 ground balls.

MF Jessica Noone, Stonewall Jackson, Jr. -- First-team all-region pick scored 64 goals for Northwestern Region semifinalists.

MF Kerry Shannon, Osbourn Park, Soph. -- Finished with 69 ground balls, 58 goals, 38 takeaways and 15 assists.

D Allison Andresen, Osbourn Park, Jr. -- First-team all-region selection amassed 83 ground balls and 82 takeaways.

D Geraldine Galdamez, Stonewall Jackson, Soph. -- Helped Raiders hold six opponents to six goals or fewer this season.

D Elyssa Klopfenstein, Forest Park, Sr. -- First-team all-region choice recorded 33 ground balls and 18 takeaways. Will attend Virginia Tech.

D Jenna Marshall, Potomac, Sr. -- Cedar Run District player of the year and four-year starter totaled 40 goals and 87 ground balls.

Honorable Mention

Shelly Allen, Hylton, Jr.; Laura Bachmann, Osbourn, Sr.; Megan Behrle, Stonewall Jackson, Jr.; Haley Brock, Hylton, Jr.; Allison Coates, Osbourn, Jr.; Charlie Costello, Woodbridge, Soph.; Shannon Kennedy, Forest Park, Sr.; Manda Krimmer, Stonewall Jackson, Soph.; Roxy Marquez, Potomac, Jr.; Adrianna Mendez, Osbourn, Sr.; Diane Neilson, Hylton, Sr.; Norah O'Brien, Gar-Field, Jr.; Danielle Shields, Osbourn Park, Soph.

The All-Extra girls' lacrosse team. Front row, from left: Kerry Shannon, Osbourn Park; Jessica Noone, Stonewall Jackson; Jenna Marshall, Potomac; Shayna Sargent, Osbourn Park; Kristen McCormick, Hylton; Shara Kantz, Forest Park. Back row, from left: Geraldine Galdamez, Stonewall Jackson; Kelly McConnell, Osbourn Park; Allison Andresen, Osbourn Park; Mackenzie Ebling, Gar-Field; Kristi Artenian, Forest Park; Elyssa Klopfenstein, Forest Park; Coach Kate Thomas, Osbourn Park.Forest Park's Kristi ArtenianOsbourn Park Coach Kate Thomas