The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun County and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

CLOCK TOWER SQ., 24719-R.E. Bates and Edgar Martindale IV to Vivian E. Deliz, $349,000.

DILIGENCE CT., 25314-NVR Inc. to Jeong Stephanie and Young Won, $452,040.

GEYSER PEAKS SQ., 24702-Deepak Deshpande to Mani Gopinath, $285,000.

HORNFELS CT., 24813-Stone Ridge Community Development to Caryl J. and Carl E. White III, $555,804.

NYALA CT., 42080-Brookfield Westview Corp. to Christine and Dean Zywicki, $579,240.

ORIBI PL., 25277-Brookfield Westview Corp. to Diane M. Shaw, $575,215.

SERPENTINE PL., 24775-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to V. Holiday and Edward D. Conley, $582,243.

VACATION PL., 25363-NVR Inc. to John Younts, $367,140.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

ABINGTON TER., 46731-Scott Rossi and Rachel G. Varsanik to Jorhely Aizprua and Francisco Arias, $294,900.

ALDRIDGE CT., 28-Tara L. and Alexis Sean Donbergs to Wilfredo Delcid and Melvin Martinez, $224,900.

ASHCROFT TER., 20399-Susana and Ernesto Romero to Deborah Sevier and Claudia Aldave, $280,000.

CARLYLE CT., 46572-Marcella K. and Michael J. McAndrew to Sheryl A. and Brian D. Lemma, $419,900.

DRYSDALE TER., 46628, No. 201-Irene A. and Alan P. Zaleski to Michael A. Schlabach, $227,900.

FINCHINGFIELD CT., 211-Brandy L. Hiner and James P. Treese to Miguel Segundo, $256,000.

HAXALL CT., 3-James Lee Rodd to Linda R. Huey, $230,000.

HIDDEN COVE CT., 47568-Kyong Su Kim to Jasmili Khona, $505,000.

HOBBS SQ., 46363-Connie Darrah to Yu L. Chung, $259,900.

HUNTLEY CT., 43-Ellen Nichols and Timothy Snead to Santos G. Pineda and Hugo Mendoza, $220,000.

LYNNHAVEN SQ., 46542-Graham M. and Paula Jean Veevers to Teresita and Michael Drake, $345,000.

MANCHESTER TER., 46724-Jeri Ann Larson to Loretta and Brian J. Mihalyo, $310,000.

MCCARTY CT., 15-Heather L. and Patrick S. O'Hara to Chanwit Uriyapongsan, $299,900.

MIDDLECREEK CT., 20620-Chen Te and Richard Chuang to Traci B. and David H. Prattis, $394,000.

OVERTON CT., 20574-Carol and Evangelos J. Karagiorgis to Amy C. and James Norris, $512,500.

PARKSIDE CIR., 20765-Stacie H. and Carl A. Warner to Elizabeth R. and John H. Morse, $448,000.

PRYOR SQ., 46383-Paulene Cross to Michelle M. and Darius E. Harris, $244,500.

RIVERWOOD TER., 46563-Margaret A. Fedderke to Michelle Curien and Frank Garcia, $298,500.

ROCKINGHAM TER., 20856-Keith Vandoren and Jessica B. Lawless to Hieu Chi Nguyen, $310,000.

SCOTSBOROUGH SQ., 47791-R. Weaver and Timothy W. Williams to Sharon Craig and Kenneth Roberts, $385,870.

SOUTHALL CT., 14-Irene Cruz to Adrianne A. and Trent D. Brubaker, $227,500.

WALES TER., 46231-Angel Luis Reyes to Amy and Jakub Coufal, $310,000.

WILLOUGHBY SQ., 20506-Bonnie L. MacDonald to Miriam A. Pedrick, $315,990.

Ashburn Area

ALDERLEAF TER., 20404-Tammy L. and John J. Haegele to Paul and Alana and Mary Columbo, $240,000.

AMITY PL., 43867-Mary H. Micieli and Payne W. Bair to Dora H. and Taoufiq Mekouar, $455,000.

ARCADIA CT., 21285-David P. Holberton to Laura M. and Scott A. Lock, $375,000.

ARDMORE ST., 43312-Washington Homes Inc. to Anna M. and Paul W. Williams, $292,487.

ASHBURN RUN PL., 21423-Deborah and Anthony A.E. McDonald to Preet Bajwa and Sukhbinder Singh, $465,000.

BOLD FORBES CT., 42892-Charles E. Busenlehner IV to Robert N. and Jennifer O. Pantall, $409,700.

CESSNA LANE, 44207-Jose Luis Urquizo to E. St. George and Maryellen O'Brien, $323,000.

CHESTERTON ST., 42986-Charlotte A. and Simon Solano to Kay and Mark D. Greenwell, $395,000.

COHASSET TER., 20936-Christine J. and Oliver P. Ramirez to Kelley S. and John R. Davidson, $351,000.

COLUMBUS ST., 43307-Thomas L. Stockdale to Lisa G. and Christopher W. Soong, $484,900.

HARDWOOD TER., 20127-Robin L. and Jeffrey L. Lake to Oscar A. Navarro Jr., $287,900.

KILLAWOG TER., 20981-Ashburn Village Development Corp. to Stacie Marie and James J. Bilenki, $296,000.

LAUREL RIDGE DR., 43893-Tonya P. and Kevin L. Wilkerson to G. Hollenkamp and John Ray III, $405,000.

MEADOWTHRASH CT., 20676-D. Pickering and W. Porter Shomo Jr. to Jean Ault and Lisa Jones Bateman, $440,000.

MIDDLEBURY ST., 20569-NVR Inc. to Christina and Jerome T. Cummings, $459,815.

MIDDLEBURY ST., 20571-NVR Inc. to Nancy Zhou and Robert Wang, $546,390.

NASHUA ST., 42949-NVR Inc. to Kenna C. and Bruce L. Devlin, $501,000.

NATALIE TER., 44098, No. 101-L. Dougherty and Ashley A. Penland to Paul M. Strano, $165,000.

PALMER CLASSIC PKWY., 19991-Christina and Richard Silipigni to Gillian A. and Jeff Pon, $677,000.

PECKHAM ST., 20453-NVR Inc. to Tammi S. and William M. Raff, $479,115.

PLANTATION TER., 43516-Suzanna Jenkins to Pete J. Barry, $250,000.

RISING SUN TER., 44098-Christine M. Padovan to Gurpreet S. and Harbans S. Sidhu, $332,000.

ROAMING SHORES TER., 21028-Lisa M. Adams to Stella and Kevin A. Kelly, $345,900.

ST. GERMAIN CT., 44306-H.H. Mehrabani and Mehrdad Shirazi to Roland and Deanne Inman, $724,950.

SMITH CIR., 20067-Sandi L. and Scott T. Priest to F. and B. Properties Corp., $380,000.

SUSCON SQ., 44251-Linda Haft and Deborah Rappaport to Laura Lightfoot, $329,900.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20991, No. 304-Megan Whang and Mindy Whang to C. Rosenthal and Axel Aranda, $207,200.

TOLAMAC DR., 43738-Michael Scott Hall to Sara A. Johnson, $131,324.

WHETSTONE CT., 43493-Scott A. Frizen to George and Tricia L. Buritica, $518,000.

Bluemont-Frazer Hill Area

WALSH FARM LANE, 19312-Jeanette T. and Joseph B. Sullivan Jr. to Pamela A. and Paul S. Smith, $1.25 million.

Broadlands Area

AINSLEY CT., 21837-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Lisa and Peter Karl, $584,990.

AINSLEY CT., 21841-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Annmarie and Douglas Johnson, $549,990.

ANGEL WING WAY, 42571-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Yumi and Dongmyung Shin, $415,570.

ASHLEY INN TER., 22704-Caroline A. and Michael G. Evers to Darryl Day and Tashina Benymon, $346,000.

BANKBARN TER., 21604-Pamela S. Baer to Darlene Smialek, $302,500.

BROADWELL CT., 42853-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Marcella and Michael McAndrew, $665,989.

CHICKACOAN TRAIL DR., 21428-Lisa M. and David A. Cvercko to Mary and Julio Robert Serrano, $515,000.

CORTEZ TER., 42483-Beazer Homes Corp. to Patricia and Steve Blackwell, $347,278.

CORTEZ TER., 42485-Beazer Homes Corp. to Molly and Phillip Milliken II, $391,662.

CORTEZ TER., 42489-Beazer Homes Corp. to Fernando M. Ortiz, $340,387.

CRESTED QUAIL DR., 21964-NVR Inc. to Mary K. and Timothy E. Holmes, $611,210.

CRESTED QUAIL DR., 22025-NVR Inc. to Katherine and William Skinner Jr., $677,009.

CRESTED QUAIL DR., 22037-NVR Inc. to Bruno and Teresa M. Vercillo, trustees, $791,650.

FALLING LEAF CT., 42842-Winchester Homes Inc. to Paula F. and Irving I. Glick, $689,965.

LARCHMONT WAY, 21888-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Mary G. and Robert M. Clyburn, $475,000.

LARCHMONT WAY, 21909-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Divya P. and Manoj Swamy, $363,752.

LEGACY PARK DR., 42550-Bram Neighborhoods Corp. to Julio and Constance R. Laguardia, $506,841.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43497-Anjuan Tian and Xiaxiong Zhong to Ha L. and Thuong N. Ho, $487,000.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43584-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Lisa M. and Steven D. Herz, $662,076.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43674-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Shachi Agarwal and Sanjay Gupta, $529,263.

MEANDER CROSSING CT., 42871-Pamela A. and James W. Horton Jr. to Nancy M. and William A. Sawyer Jr., $520,000.

PORTICO PL., 22788-Winchester Homes Inc. to Katharine and Stephen L. Zerkle Jr., $517,670.

RIDERS SQ., 43171-Christina M. and Mark A. Malonis to Satish V. Sripada, $313,500.

SANDHURST CT., 42881-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Nina K. and William A. Behrens, $617,494.

SCHENLEY TER., 21874-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to V. Shanthy and Rahi Rajupalepu, $327,335.

SCHENLEY TER., 21876-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Karen and Ira Feldman, $370,775.

SCHENLEY TER., 21878-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Trent Trang Minh Pham, $377,190.

STURMAN PL., 21376-Arlene C. and Robert L. Diehl to Christina and Glenn R. Marchione, $570,000.

WATER RUN CT., 22083-Richmond American Homes to Suzanne Barritt and James P. Ross, $545,690.

WELBORNE MANOR SQ., 22543-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Elaine Chiang and Guok Fung, $338,486.

WELBORNE MANOR SQ., 22553-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Margaret D. Rau and John Hayford, $346,016.

WINDOVER DR., 21946-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Lois H. and Cecil W. Crouch, $372,245.

ZULLA CHASE PL., 22692-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Aneela S. and Ramesh D. Keswani, $621,795.

ZULLA CHASE PL., 22796-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Maureen G. and Daniel J. Bullis, $680,596.

Dulles Area

BRONDESBURY PARK TER., 21758-Sonja K. and Dwayne Hoskins to Sandra and Wendell Baker, $300,000.

ELKINS TER., 21826-Kevin D. Miller to Matthew P. Larson, $223,500.

ELKINS TER., 21840, No. 303-Luoqi Zhang to Erica L. Dohne, $220,000.

ELKINS TER., 21899-Christina M. Neal to Linda L. and Gary W. Lawson, $215,000.

MANNING SQ., 21953-Carrie E. and Jerry W. Havenner to Catherine A. Knicely, $269,900.

MARBLE TER., 46050-Maria E. Willanueva to Joseph P. Malo, $300,000.

WATERLOO STATION SQ., 45690-Jill C. Dodson to Bindu M. and Sridhar Tunuguntla, $305,000.

Leesburg Area

ARIEL DR., 282-Centex Homes to Judith E. Treichel, $488,772.

BAISH DR., 403-Ryland Group Inc. to C. Gordon and Jeanette Herndon, $330,831.

BARNFIELD SQ., 311-Mark Fredrick Hood to Molly Dionis and William A. Carter, $247,500.

BELFOREST CT., 40965-Lauren Monti and Michael Connor to Sioux E. and Michael C. Kimberling, $742,000.

BONNIE RIDGE DR., 731-Sommaie C. and Tierri P. Alexandre to Lai Chen and Jin Jean Cheng, $476,000.

BOYER FIELDS PL., 19067-Lansdowne Community Development to H. Vrbetic and Lawrence P. Leblanc, $759,990.

BURNT BRIDGE DR., 19219-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Srila and Chandra Kallam, $634,183.

CANBY RD., 17795-Erin B. and Edward P. Rowley to Anna M. and Hossein G. Askari, $600,000.

CANBY RD., 17950-Joan C. and Edwin Lugo to Rhonda B. and Robert R. McGoodwin, $527,000.

CARNABY WAY, 113-Kristin and Joseph E. Murdock to Julie M. and Alexander Charlanow, $214,900.

CHARTIER DR., 19206-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Martin D. Jones, $529,120.

CHARTIER DR., 19243-Lansdowne Community Development to Kathy and Ruth Sack and Ryan J. Sack, $742,375.

CLAIRMONT CT., 708-Barbara J. and Brian S. Buckholz to Melissa L. and Nicholas A. Foote, $389,900.

COBBLER TER., 635-Wayne D. Skaggs to Juliana R. and Kevin A. Shuey, $252,000.

COLLETT MILL CT., 43724-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Holly B. Dunn and Daniel W. Roe, $525,055.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 665A-C. Mendoza and Enrique E. Mendoza to Emily Edwards, $167,600.

COTON HALL ST., 19214-Lansdowne Community Development to Marcela Urbina and James Caron, $525,734.

CREEK FIELD CIR., 19293-Lansdowne Community Development to Maria Sirvent and Jose A. Escoda, $450,260.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19385, No. 714-Erma T. and Charles G. Rockholt to Priscilla Sammet, $328,000.

FEATHERSTONE LANE, 1305-Lori R. and Richard M. Galloway to Rachel M. and James J. Maguire, $429,900.

FERNDALE TER., 823-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Safouh I. Barazi, $220,915.

GREYSTONE SQ., 19214-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Charles C. Campbell, $454,175.

HALLBROOK CT., 19031-Lansdowne Community Development to Richelle B. and Robert J. Lynch Jr., $717,905.

HAMPSHIRE SQ., 145-Patricia Lathem to Kevin K. Green, $275,000.

HANCOCK PL., 82-Ron L. Coultas to Khurram Mughal, $125,500.

HARMONY CHURCH RD., 18936-Verlece Simpson to Sean and Hiepson Kaysarn, $259,900.

JERNIGAN TER., 43675-Lansdowne Community Development to Helena Gomez and Angel Velazquez, $505,000.

KEPHARTS MILL TER., 19240-NVR Inc. to Paola M. Rojas and Todd Fisher, $366,025.

LAWFORD DR., 314-Judy L. and J. Daniel Sahm to Kara M. and David A. Bradstock, $459,900.

LIMESTONE CT., 16337-V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Tonya B. and Tarek K. Dagstani, $745,728.

MAGNOLIA GROVE SQ., 19370, No. 101-IDI Cortese Magnolias Corp. to Louise Pilitt, trustee, $289,190.

MAGNOLIA GROVE SQ., 19370, No. 301-IDI Cortese Magnolias Corp. to Shirley Lee and James Tang, $287,000.

MAX CT., 107-Richmond American Homes to Jean M. and Kurt R. Reiter, $437,740.

MEADOWS LANE, 117-Brenda G. Lee to Nancy L. and John Randolph Adrian, $132,000.

MILL RACE TER., 43019-Jocelyn D. McClurg to Cynthia L. and David W. Loughran, $400,000.

MONTAUK CT., 712-Edwards Landing Corp. to Nayyar T. Din, $459,649.

MORVEN PARK RD., 11-Sally J. Fields and Kevin M. Gleadall to Erin P. and Todd Snyder, $651,366.

PEARLBUSH SQ., 457-Jessica L. and Corey H. Perloff to Kristie S. and Richard C. Fritz Jr., $257,900.

RHONDA PL., 884-Winchester Homes Inc. to Sharon and John Brandon, $408,125.

RIM ROCK CIR., 18422-Winnie C. and Derek E. Kistler to Gladys and Celso Pajelo, $580,000.

ROCKY CREST TER., 19142-Lansdowne Community Development to Medhat and Mohammed R. Ghannam, $456,988.

SHADOW TER., 43072-Terri K. and Scott D. Coleman to Noopur and Manish Shanker, $325,750.

SMARTTS LANE, 1063-Bevin Cetta Anness to Jacqueline G. and Jorge L. Gonzalez, $243,200.

SPARKLEBERRY TER., 564-Kara Pfeifer to Charles A. Thompson III, $262,750.

SPECTACULAR BID PL., 40881-Renaissance at Beacon Hill Corp. to Marcie E. and David L. Peterson, $1.9 million.

SWEIG TER., 19172-Fairfax Capital Corp. to Maysoon T. and Hakam S. Siryani, $390,000.

TONQUIN PL., 722-The Drees Co. to Mary Jeanne and Jeffrey R. Helton, $458,757.

TOW PATH TER., 19085-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Anne M. and Troy R. Jenderseck, $446,886.

TULIPTREE SQ., 539-Elizabeth M. Lehr to Melanie A. and Ronald C. Brooks, $269,000.

WHIPP DR., 309-Ryland Group Inc. to Valarie E. and Aaron J. Bertoglio, $421,670.

WHIPP DR., 333-Ryland Group Inc. to Tamara L. and Dennis R. Kirkland, $434,491.

WIGGUM SQ., 19226-Lansdowne Community Development to Mariana and John M. Van Der Riet, $566,595.

WILDMAN ST., 303-Brenda S. and Alfred N. Furr to Maribeth and Leonard W. McDonald III, $290,000.

WOODBERRY RD., 135-Carole and John H. Clagett to Carol D. Parsons, $293,000.

Lovettsville Area

PARK PL., 16-Stephen E. Gore to Martha P. and Kevin L. McMahill, $137,000.

PICNIC WOODS RD., 13257-Deanna L. and John C. Raso to Nancy C. Taylor, $433,000.

Purcellville Area

CANTERBURY CIR., 537-Sarah L. and Timothy P. Teepell to Krista and Jack Przybylowicz, $385,000.

COUNTRY CLUB DR. W., 641-Howard F. Carlyle Sr. to Jacqueline and Eric Moe, $410,000.

FRAZER DR., 233-Carrie M. and John C. Rawn to Kimberly M. Roland, $229,500.

GATEPOST CT., 401-Washington Homes Inc. to Joanna and Michael Damelio, $369,490.

GENTLEWOOD SQ., 538-Michael Harris Corp. to Linda M. and John A. Wallace Jr., $435,007.

HIGHWATER RD., 36877-Eric L. Fiddler to Evelyn and J. Ware and John Ware Sr., $175,000.

ST. FRANCIS CT., 37894-Wright Farm Corp. to Natasha and Stephen G. Kotecki, $570,852.

Round Hill Area

BRISTOL TER., 17533-Vanessa T. Huynh to John A. Cantrall, $259,000.

DWYER CT., 36293-Ghazwa Associates Corp. to NVR Inc., $183,000.

FALLS PL., 17531-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Mary Jane C. and Shaun B. Wright, $277,600.

FALLS PL., 17543-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Michael T. Hall, $313,495.

FALLS PL., 17550-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Elizabeth and Thomas E. Whiting Jr., $317,500.

FALLS PL., 17551-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Deanne L. and Nikolos P. Tropoulos, $326,275.

NEWBERRY CROSSING PL., 35927-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Aaron Jacobs, $107,681.

South Riding Area

DONOVAN DR., 25964-South Riding Partners Partnership to Delilah C. and Edgardo M. Peregrino, $562,822.

KATLING SQ., 43455-Charmaine and Atiba De Souza to David T. Henry, $299,900.

MCKINZIE LANE, 25891-Edward T. Cope to W. Dimmick and Ronald Molway Jr., $625,000.

PARAMOUNT PL., 43808-Brookfield Blue Springs Corp. to Mary and John Dryer, $693,690.

TREMAINE TER., 25685-South Riding Partners Partnership to Darlene A. and Dayton Dawson, $492,343.

VALIANT DR., 43137-South Riding Partners Partnership to Mary A. and Steven A. Tracy, $592,872.

Sterling Area

BAKER LANE, 107-Linda Graves to Ingrid and Tito Bolanos, $250,000.

BRIARWOOD CT., 117-Dorothy L. O'Neill to Irma Portillo, $355,000.

BRUNSWICK ST. E., 200-Melanie Campana to Shawn Hanna, $275,000.

CLARION TER., 46858, No. 302-Mary Ellen Hoey to Jennifer Wells, $221,750.

COLLEGE DR. N., 101-Omar Fawad Anwari to Shahnaz and Qasim M. Hasanpour, $59,000.

COTTAGE RD. N., 185-Elsie L. and Robert E. Miner to John D. Nicely Jr., $207,000.

COVENTRY SQ., 231-Maribel and Alfredo Patzi to Nilima and Rajesh Mehra, $168,000.

DARTMOUTH DR. E., 305-Cigdem and Caglar N. Belendir to F. and I. and T. Toker and Cebrail Toker, $125,000.

ESSEX SQ., 24-Robert J. Wetsel to Christie S. Tees and Mark L. Fralick, $175,000.

FIRESIDE CT., 21118-Carol P. Vanesko to Nee Wah K. and Anthony Sullivan, $276,000.

GREENFIELD CT., 224-Joseph V. Damusis to Sonia Henriquez and Marco T. Avelar, $179,900.

HUMMER CT., 402-Thutrang Nguyen and Tin D. Bui to Francisco Amaya, $310,000.

JASON CT., 602-Susan M. and Thomas J. Biales to Kathleen and Alexander Collins, $357,500.

MAPLE AVE. W., 511-Beth A. and Charles S. Rogers to Emma and George J. Clement, $275,000.

RABBITRUN TER., 46943-Lan T. Vu to Rene D. Garrett, $264,000.

REDWOOD RD. W., 905-Patrice A. and David K. McCarthy to Hassib Azar, $256,000.

SIMEON LANE, 15-Paulette Y. and Robert Zottig to Tok H. Yi, $194,900.

SPECTRUM WAY, 46641-Yun F. and David P. Mahaffey to Walter Hernandez and Lauren Eadie, $299,900.

STERLING BLVD. S., 705-Jose A. Bonilla to Maria and Jose Moreno, $274,000.

WESTGATE CT., 14-Sheila and Barry N. Fogel to Laura Box and William Hutchinson, $280,000.