Note: The county planning office file number for each project is included.

Projects Proposed

California Area

1. Wal-Mart, 45485 Miramar Way. A site plan for a 90,020-square-foot expansion to a 116,060-square-foot building. 03-132-017.

2. Williams Run, west side of Indian Bridge Road, about 500 feet south of St. Andrews Church Road. A plan to subdivide 76.16 acres for a 200-lot subdivision. 03-12000038.

Chaptico Area

3. Buckler Farmstead, 36856 Danny's Lane. A minor site plan for a boarding stable. 04-13100020.

4. Indiantown Hills, north side of Route 234, about one mile northwest of Mechanicsville Road. A plan to subdivide 154 acres for a 24-lot major subdivision. 04-12000021.

5. Mill Point Shores Church, south side of Center Avenue at Ivy Lane. A minor site plan for a 240-square-foot addition to the church. 04-13100021.

Leonardtown Area

6. Brodesser Bed and Breakfast, 41441 Knight Rd. A minor site plan to turn a 5,082-square-foot building into a bed-and-breakfast. 04-13100027.

Lexington Park Area

7. Essex Woods and Essex Woods North, west side of Willows Road, about 6,000 feet south of Great Mills Road. A plan to subdivide 132.07 acres for a 302-lot subdivision. 03-12000014.

8. Woods and Stream Homes, east side of Route 237 about 4,000 feet north of Route 246. A plan to subdivide 44.823 acres for a 77-lot subdivision. 00-12000032.

Loveville Area

9. Loveville Farmers Market, 40454 Bishop Rd. A site plan for a 14,625-square-foot auction house and farmers market on 5.27 acres. 04-13200016.

Piney Point Area

10. Pridgetts Cove, northeast side of Piney Point Road, about one-half mile south of Lighthouse Road. A minor site plan for a 2,592-square-foot duplex. 04-13100018.

Wildewood Area

11. Airport Industrial Park, south side of Airport View Drive, 1,300 feet west of Route 235. A concept site plan for a 53,925-square-foot industrial park. 04-13200017.

12. St. Mary's Industrial Park, north side of Airport View Drive, about 2,100 feet west of Route 235. A concept plan for a 6,600-square-foot office/warehouse. 04-13200018.

Projects Approved

Mechanicsville Area

13. Mechanicsville Commercial Center, east side of Mechanicsville Road at southbound Route 5. A site plan for a 49,215-square-foot retail and storage center. 04-132-005.

Valley Lee Area

14. St. George Peninsulas, south side of Andover Estates Road, about 800 feet southeast of its intersection with Route 249. A site plan to subdivide 467.97 acres for a 54-lot subdivision. 04-120-001.

Building Permits Issued

California Area

15. St. Mary's Self Storage, St. Andrews Church Road. A permit to build a public storage facility on 15.98 acres. 04-0893.

Mechanicsville Area

16. Bon Voyage Pet Kennels, 26315 Meadow Wood Dr. A permit to convert a barn to a commercial kennel. 04-1128.

-- Compiled by BONNIE SMITH