The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

COLGATE DR., 7013-Christopher J. and Karen I. Lavergne to John W. Dreiling, $285,000.

W. WAKEFIELD DR., 6710, No. B1-Rachel Hagen to Gino V. and Cindy Farrara, $207,500.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6621-William R. Davis to Michele B. Quimby, $137,000.

10TH ST., 6538-Virginia A. Broadbeck to T.L. Parker, $230,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

CLIFTON KNOLL CT., 7016-Blair S. and Deborah C. Fuller to Michael A. and Kathleen A. Braun, $655,000.

CURTIER DR., 6011-Stephen Jahng to Rowan A. Harmer, $243,000.

DUNMAN WAY, 6334-Antonios R. and Mary E. Estafanous to Gary D. Lewis and Marie K. Laddomada, $419,900.

EDGEMONT DR., 5538-Joseph R. and Nguyen T. Rao to Almis R. and Jeanne M. Jankus, $380,000.

ELLESMERE CT., 6003, No. 19D-Daniel L. Walsh to Tracy Tibbs, $178,501.

GATTON SQ., 7038-Brian W. and Catherine O. Daniels to Ruth M. Guillen and Reyna L. Luna, $350,500.

GOVERNORS POND CIR., 5587-Holly J. and Mark P. Trice to Nancy Rower and Porfirio H. Munoz, $476,300.

GREEN GLADE CT., 7004-Douglas C. and Carolyn C.H. Melvin to Richard C. and Michelle M. Griggs, $489,950.

HYDRANGEA DR., 6041-Meng Ke and Yambao Mediatrix to Consolacion Y. Cano and Lettie Yohannes, $285,000.

MARYVIEW ST., 6331-Carolynn J. and John A. Remke and Benjamin O. Wood Jr. to Julius and Joyce Caesar, $350,000.

NETTIES LANE, 6610, No. A-Catherine L. Fronabarger to Jonathan Finch and Sonia Martin, $258,000.

RIDLEY CT., 5308-Diogenes and Siobhan Sosa to Daniel M. Guynes and Dana R. Swartz, $335,000.

ROCKLEIGH WAY, 6649-David A. and Lauren E. Hebner to Ronald Vanhaaren and Kirsten Vanharren, $283,500.

ROLLING CREEK WAY, 6937-Centex Homes to Kathleen A. and James L. Barefield, $438,635.

VALLEY VIEW DR., 5822-Steven R. and Doris A. Buckner to Han C. and Ngoc N. Nguyen, $275,000.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4359, No. 4359I-Jose Samayoa and Maria Santos to Jae I. and Sherri Lee, Hee S. Chung and Joanne Chung, $137,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4379, No. 102-Andaneppa S. and Nilamma A. Kori to Faisal Mian, $140,000.

ASPEN HILL CT., 4609-Brookfield Aspen Hill Corp. to Michael Considine, $500,929.

BRECKENRIDGE CT., 3338-Armando and Josefina R. Quinones to Vivian O. Rocha, $312,000.

CHANTICLEER AVE., 5010-Ardo X. and Willa M. Meyer to Paula S. Studabaker and G.J. Swann, $365,000.

FARR ST., 7238-Metro Place Holdings Corp. to Trung Q. Nguyen and Truc N. Mai, $949,000.

INVERTON RD., 7800-Andrew U. Chukwura to Ok K. and James S. Yeom, $170,000.

LORENE LANE, 4315-Angela R. and William A. Bangert to Matthew D. and Jenny O. Baker, $540,000.

METRO CT., 4564-Andrew B. and Leonila E.V. Petruzziello to Patricia S. Deangelis, $285,000.

MURRAY LANE, 6846-Alvin W. and Judith H. Kremer to Robert and Jennifer Stroh, $389,900.

PARKDALE CT., 8123-Shon A. and Gillian E. Ramsel to Louis and Debbera Mendyk, $257,500.

RIDGE RD., 4002-James V. and Marilyn S. Jordan to Daniel M. and Rita E. Smith, $412,500.

SIPES LANE, 7212-Larue D. Gray to Lila Linares, $284,000.

THOR DR., 7717-Charmaine A. and Gerald L. Boyer to Brian S. Welch, $370,000.

TOBIN RD., 8310, No. 14-Marc D. Shapiro to Michael A. Johnson, $184,000.

VAN MASDAG CT., 4900-Wilson G. Garcia to Joshua I. Velez, $256,740.

VELLEX LANE, 7208-Jimmie E. and Wende F. Hollingsworth to Tung T. Nguyen and Van Dang, $355,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

LAKESIDE VIEW DR., 3340, No. 4-4-Barbara A. Staiger to William A. Moore III, $317,500.

PINEWOOD TER., 3820-Douglas D. Prysby to Fidel Velasquez, $280,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 1109-Howard R. Kelly to Zhen Han and Yu Zheng, $178,500.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. A13-Constance M. Nagengast to Hossein Safaeian and Nooshin Paydar, $165,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 609-Arash Naderi to Sung B. Kang, $145,000.

Burke Area

BRIDGETOWN CT., 5852, No. 24-Donald A. and Mary A. Rogers to Syed O. Razi, $230,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5833, No. 202-Lois Tichenor, trustee, and Jane E. Brown Revocable Trust to Malek Mohtadi, $166,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5910, No. 301-Hassan Beaini to Joseph Taylor, $183,340.

DRACO ST., 6326-Mridula Vyas to Shajahan Khan, Salina Begum and Ayesha Siddika, $248,000.

HIGH BLUFF CT., 5820-Ana G. and Juan A. Menjivar to Abdul and Amna Hameed and Khalida Jabeen, $265,000.

O'HARA LANDING CT., 5951-Ann and Salvatore R. Barretta to Timothy P. and Dagmar Rosato, $465,000.

OAK LEATHER DR., 5922-Donald E. and Vikki Jo P. Briel to Ashraf M. and Ferozan Sattar, $350,000.

SUTHERLAND CT., 5656-Yuezhong Huang to Seung and Young M. Choi, $290,000.

WYE OAK COMMOMS CT., 5820, No. 10-Patricia A. Bardavid to Cynthia H. Hite, $278,500.

Centreville Area

ASHER VIEW, 14206-J. Bernardo Terrazas to Carole J. Kopala, $300,000.

AUSTABLE WAY, 5886-Dong Y. Kim to Myung H. Park, $391,000.

BEDDINGFIELD WAY, 14210-Brian K. and Natalie Nanto to Si Chen, $290,000.

CHASEWOOD CIR., 6885-Michelle K. Gillotte to Alan C. Thompson, $229,900.

CLUBSIDE LANE, 5417-Niren Naidu to Ryan and Shelby Morrison, $390,000.

EAGLE TAVERN LANE, 15507-John and Sandra Kraft to William E. and Deidre Casey, $595,000.

GLENCREST CIR., 14469, No. 94-Anuradha and Manoj K. Srivastava to Brian Soloway, $252,000.

GULLIVER RD., 14384-Mary S. Moore to David A. and Debra K. Warrington, $385,000.

HAVENER HOUSE WAY, 5945-Jong J. Kim to Tony and Vilayvone P. Temsupasiri, $169,000.

MELTON PL., 13926-Ram D. Dutta to Saim Zafar, $289,000.

MIST FLOWER DR., 13525-Winchester Homes Inc. to Scott D. Kelly, $435,400.

PALE MOON WAY, 5089-Pulte Home Corp. to Duk K. and Eva Y. Kim, $436,350.

PALISADES DR., 6520-Emilio and Maria P. Gutierrez to Carol N. and Richard P. Nordenbrook, $310,000.

PLEASANT FOREST DR., 5131-Metro Place Holdings Corp. to Sanjay Lamba and Ritu Dang, $1.3 million.

PLEASANT FOREST DR., 5138-Brookfield Pleasant View Corp. to David R. and Mary K. Rogowski, $984,500.

REGENTS PARK RD., 6030-Kim D.T. Nguyen to Hung V. and Trinh Mai Huynh, $232,000.

ROCK FOREST CT., 5840-Jose Cruz and Maria Mercado to Kin C. Luu, $205,000.

ROCKLEDGE PL., 6758-Kyong S. and Sung H. Kim to Jessica J. Ranero, $269,900.

ROCKTON CT., 6025-Noelle Barry to Sarah K. and Shannon C. Gazze, $256,000.

ROSEMALLOW CIR., 5329-Winchester Homes Inc. to Tony S. Keung, $320,667.

RUSHBROOK DR., 5208-Kerry L. and Matthew C. Smith to Kirk D. Lellock and Elissa Sabatelli, $339,999.

SAGUARO PL., 14419-Michael S. Morris to JFH Saguaro Corp., $141,900.

SAMMIE KAY LANE, 5300-Pulte Home Corp. to Jose E. and Junis Barraza, $570,400.

SAMMIE KAY LANE, 5318-Pulte Home Corp. to Kathryn J. Kim, $535,295.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6617-Richard A. and Harllet Graves to Hernando and Nestor Molano, $242,000.

STONEPATH CIR., 6139-Gabriel N. Maxey to Amickam Brin, $248,000.

TURIN LANE, 14428-Latrena J. Warthen to Erin Johnson, $161,400.

VILLAGE FOUNT PL., 5044-Pulte Home Corp. to Balamurugan Sundaram and Shahila Arumugam, $340,761.

Chantilly Area

BENJAMIN CROSSING CT., 4720-Edgemoore Investment Group Corp. to Marc A. Saitta, $759,429.

CUB RUN RD., 4416-Brian L. and Liza G. Trace to Maria A. Cruz, Pablo D. Maravilla, Ana C. Maravilla and Jose O. Cruz, $307,000.

HAMLIN AVE., 4111-Maria G. Zepeda to Jose T. Morales and Rosa A. Torres, $289,000.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 13533-Henry Lopez and Zhanneta N. Lopez to Mark M. and Cheryl M. Piper, $415,000.

Clifton Area

HARVEST PL., 13021-Dorothy M. and John L. Moser to Lisa A. Poulter, $347,500.

LUTON HILL WAY, 6907-Edward H. and Gloria J. Jacques to Richard K. and Amy L. Henneberg, $920,000.

Fairfax City Area

ALTA VISTA DR., 4317-Ruby M. Belch and Robert J. Wollmer to Mohammad Y. Choudhry, $360,000.

BAILEY LANE, 9249-Barbara R. Branch to Jeffrey K. Boulier, $339,900.

CARDONESS LANE, 11501, No. 305-Comstock Fairfax Corp. to Nicholas M. Stavrakakis, $284,050.

CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4829-John S. and Therese Pigeon to Yuezhong Huang and Xiaohang Luo, $316,900.

CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4863-William C. Banfield to MSM Properties Corp., $285,500.

CASBEER DR., 12482-Bill S. and Dawn A. Martinos to Stephen M. Palmeter and Sharon D. Liwski, $425,000.

CERROMAR PL., 12535-NVR Inc. to Thomas Pennington, $651,768.

CHAPEL HILL TER., 9231-James F. and Sarah A. Agnew to Ernest J. and Amie P. Mannino, $483,750.

CHARLES STEWART DR., 3821-Cathleen F. and Cyril P. Potosky to Falahyar Fatmi and Teresa L. Roberts, $454,000.

ELLENWOOD DR., 2927-Hrvoje J. Bacak to H. Laird Walker, $280,000.

FAIR CREST CT., 12779, No. 8-304-Lucia Bruchill to Alexander P., Sandra and Peter C. Scourby, $265,990.

HADLEY LANE, 4031-Eugene V. and Ramona R. Berry to Ou S. Chang, $442,900.

HARBOR TOWN CIR., 12257-Fedaa Zaqzouq to Dehabo Ibrahim, $132,165.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12763-NVR Inc. to Suk H. Kim and Tae S. Chong, $404,290.

KAYWOOD CT., 5312-David C. and Laura C. Thomas to Michelle L. Hyska, $345,000.

KEARNEY LANE, 4269-Glenn Harshman to Seth C. Pickett and Nicole E. Katrana, $535,000.

KENERSON CT., 9304-Paul D. and Kathryn A. Flynn to Amy D. and Surachart T. Vailikit, $410,000.

KIRKWOOD DR., 3519-Walter L. and Alice B. Carlson to David M. Johnson and Nikki Bellamy, $425,000.

MEATH DR., 11420-Mark and L. Brooke Luther to Shannon J. and Deborah Donovan, $532,000.

MELLWOOD LANE, 4203-Gene A. and Lucy Baughan to Scott and Ena B. Wood, $365,000.

MISSION SQUARE DR., 2991-Candace J. and Ronald C. Cibolski to Kemba and Kwame Thomas, $331,000.

MORNING SPRING LANE, 13162-James L. McCullough and William J. Mickler to Philip K. Warner, $329,900.

NESTER RD., 9224-Charles L. and Martha W. Briner to Michael D. and Melissa C. Payne, $400,000.

OAKCREST CT., 10834-John E. Ardolino Jr. to Charlotte S. and Taylor O. Chess, $564,000.

PAXFORD CT., 5550-Jason D. and Mary K. Klein to Lewis A. and Diana V. Conner, $285,388.

POET CT., 13228-Elizabeth H. and Joel D. Henceroth to John R. and Kathy Cenicola, $371,050.

QUEENS BRIGADE DR., 12174-Kevin J. and Jean M. Strasser to Lucio and Marina Alvarez, $464,000.

WHEELED CAISSON SQ., 4270-Ira Feldman to Angelique and Michael K. Grandizio, $304,500.

Fairfax Station Area

HADDINGTON CT., 8133-John P. McInnes to Denise B. and Steven R. Thomma, $615,000.

PEACH CT., 8305-Gwendolyn D. and James A. Traficant to Hun H. and Sook Suh, $615,500.

Falls Church Area

ANNANDALE RD., 2844-Yon G. Han to Asia Ashraf, $109,500.

BARRETT RD., 6656-Sandy Hu to Mark Nguyen, $320,000.

CHANUTE PL., 8003, No. 14-Anil Sobti to Wayne Chen, $172,888.

CHANUTE PL., 8006, No. 5-Marilyn M. White and C. Shaw to Christopher D. Shaw, $140,000.

INVERSHAM DR., 7721, No. 129-H. David Hall to Arlena R. Levy, $220,500.

JAMES LEE ST., 6708-Bernice Brown to Edgardo Marquina, $120,000.

NEW PROVIDENCE CT., 2832-Erika and Lisa Frederick to Benjamin L. Heisler, $265,000.

POPLAR DR., 1020-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Jean and Jeffrey Fox, $464,000.

SOUTH ST., 6440-Neighborhoods Corp. to Trung Q. and Allie N.U. Tran, $703,808.

VALLEY BROOK DR., 6803-Mark A. Eigenbrode to John E. and Corinne Grommers, $395,000.

WESTLAWN PL., 3032-Loretta A. and Mark F. Vogel to Edgar and Maria A. Urquidi, $310,000.

WOODLEY LANE, 7115-Quan and Khang M. Nguyen to Loc and Mau Tran, $328,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

PATTERSON RD., 7448-Yvette Levavasseur to Juan Guardado, $335,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

INLET COVE DR., 6937-NVR Inc. to Seethevi Naken, $509,810.

REPOSE PL., 6941-Courtland Homes Corp. to Rainna F. and Michael J. Brazil, $530,698.

Fort Hunt Area

CAMFIELD DR., 8840-Harold L. and Mary E. Vandusen to Joyce L. Corbin, $356,000.

CHADWICK AVE., 1209-Andreas J. and Maria A. Tsiaoushis to John A. Tsiaoushis, $590,000.

CROWN PL., 8408-Elizabeth A. Gailliot trust to Eric L. Schulz and Pamela R. Stevens, $511,000.

HIGHGATE RD., 8715-Richard W. Youmans, trustee, and Youmans family trust to Michael K. and Katherine A.N. Lavanga, $450,000.

STABLE DR., 8511-Elmer and Juanita M. Holst to Wayne Leach and Kamini Kothari, $417,000.

WAKEFIELD ST., 1905-Dorothea Y. Broyles to William A. and Alissa D. Turner, $570,000.

WINTHROP DR., 8715-Alexandra S. and Michael H. Downie to Genuario Properties Inc., $385,000.

Great Falls Area

BRENNANHILL CT., 10209-Cynthia M. Hajost to Cynthia M. and Lisa A.H. Bertin, $770,000.

CAVALCADE ST., 10620-Ellen S. Tenenbaum and David C. Viar to Xinhong Wang and Yong Lin, $508,000.

INGLISH MILL DR., 11287-Susan A. and Edwin W. Crooks to Patrick K. and Kristen A. Moore, $910,000.

Herndon Area

ALTON SQ., 12913, No. 202-Kevin K. Green to Myong H. Park, $213,000.

ANGELINE DR., 2484, No. 304-Omar D. and Thania Garcia to Francis M. Chesnek and Thomas P. Vaccarino, $248,000.

CENTER ST., 623-Dao A. Tran to Hassan Dastvar and Fariba Nazemi, $80,000.

CINNAMON OAKS CT., 12900-Daniel F. and Mary E. Chavez to Zuorong and Yue Zhang, $525,600.

COATES LANE, 13500-Mark A. Miller to Ian and P. MacGregor, $279,900.

ENGLISH GARDE CT., 12413-Gregory M. and Paula W. Hoogerland to Adrian J. and Joanna R. Blows, $930,000.

FALL PL., 703-James L. Stewardson to Luis A. Portillo, $305,000.

FOX HUNT LANE, 13176-Engle Homes Inc. to Mankesh K. Menon and Mridula C. Nambiar, $383,402.

FOX HUNT LANE, 13188-Engle Homes Inc. to Satish V. Solleti and Venkata A. Gilla, $387,077.

FRAMINGHAM CT., 12833-David H. and Mitsuyo O. Sprague to Shawn and Mel Davidson, $397,000.

GATEPOST LANE, 3009-John J. Drake to Seydou Thiam and Mireille Farijila, $360,000.

GREG ROY LANE, 13050-Wai Chau and Cecilia S.F. Chan to Richard G. Bradley, $475,000.

HIGHCOURT LANE, 2102, No. 202-Mary A. Prescott to Brandon H. Sloan, $152,900.

HIGHCOURT LANE, 2109, No. 305-Andrew Maddalone to Stephanie M. Klaus, $205,000.

JAMES MADISON CIR., 2585-Arvinder and Parveen K. Grover to Nageswararao L. Peta and Vedavathi Munipalli, $313,500.

LEONA LANE, 912-Neighborhoods Corp. to Kathleen H. and C. Timothy Geiger, $680,842.

PARK AVE., 940-Gerald Nixon and Jennifer E. Kane to Ivan R. Valladares, Catarino D. Zabala and Jose A.F. Sosa, $244,000.

ROSE GROVE DR., 12821-Winchester Homes Inc. to Hao Chen and Wen Deng, $909,794.

SHALLOW FORD RD., 1365-Gregory Keller and Kelly Lloyd to Peter and Patrice Gallelli, $378,000.

SPRINGTIDE PL., 1287-Alejandrina and Cesar A. Navarro to Jose F. Guzman, Yessenia Axume and Edis Ventura, $200,000.

STANTON PL., 13488-Velee E. Hamilton to Fiodor V. and Lidia Damian, $265,900.

Huntington Area

ARLINGTON TER., 2239-Spyridon P. Skiados to Alicia Decesaris, $251,000.

FENWICK DR., 5636-West E. Coile to Bonnie L. Lemenager, $174,000.

FORT FARNSWORTH RD., 2636, No. 124-David and Susan L. Rosenblum to George L. Cajigal and Polly Parks, $139,900.

GLENDALE TER., 2338-Nadia Dellawar and Nazir Jami to Stuart B. Long, $255,000.

JAMES DR., 2815-Raymond P. Hoppe to Juan A. Reyes and Marvin Y. Salvador, $330,000.

MONTICELLO RD., 5934-Aida and Angel Valverde to Elizabeth M. Moya, $255,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5902, No. 1011-Robert Buckwalter to Jacqueline Ross, $230,000.

WAGON DR., 2624, No. 306-William D. Elmore to Ajoy Sinha, $130,000.

Hybla Valley Area

BELLE HAVEN MEADOWS CT., 2405-Haydis D. and Juan F. Chicas to Gaby and Pedro Henckell, $564,900.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7583-Centex Homes to William H. Christopher, $294,014.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7586-Beazer Homes Corp. to Lynn Reno and R. Scott Lindsey, $308,320.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7579-Beazer Homes Corp. to Tawfiqul M. Islam, $411,704.

RICHMOND HWY., 6441-Yvonne S.B. Stinson to William G. Darnell and Uzma Anzar, $96,000.

Lincolnia Area

BEAUREGARD ST., 5138-Dewayne Bell to Ekaterina Moskovskaya, $358,000.

CHOWAN AVE., 5223-David H. and Kimberly E. Stafford to Timothy and Jaime Hjort, $420,000.

DAHILL PL., 4318-Brian Walker and Pamela Ammermann to Jay S. Krutulis, $420,000.

INDIAN RUN PKWY., 6236-Patricio C. Castro to Hugo R. Sorto and Carlos A. Castillo, $349,000.

MUIR PL., 4201-Deborah M. Manser, trustee, to Gregoria and Juan Villarroel, $330,000.

Lorton Area

AMERICAN HOLL RD., 8141-Pulte Home Corp. to James T. Franklin, $627,700.

BERTSKY LANE, 8509-Artur F. and Honorata B. Korniluk to Carolyn M. and Paul J. Roberts, $349,000.

BITTERROOT CT., 8756-Pulte Home Corp. to Karen L. and Randy T. Fowler, $686,025.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9296, No. 201-William L. Chernault to Christiana N. Porter, $190,000.

FLOWERING DOGWOOD LANE, 8740-Centex Homes to John R. and Wilda S. Ferguson, $603,425.

POTTERS HILL CIR., 9640-U.S. Home Corp. to George and Lucy Alibaruho, $359,873.

POTTERS HILL CIR., 9656-U.S. Home Corp. to Andrew C. and Byung H. Frantz, $363,109.

PURPLE LILAC CT., 8261-Pulte Home Corp. to Ivan H. and Maria D.P. Saldana, $432,300.

PURPLE LILAC CT., 8263-Pulte Home Corp. to Gerard D. and Lisa D. Pannoni, $422,525.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8265-Pulte Home Corp. to Nancy B. and Thomas S. Bethmann, $360,400.

McLean Area

ARBOR LANE, 7012-Barbara H. and John H. Waller to L. Chris and Michele O. Petersen, $865,000.

CHELSEA RD., 6893-Tae and Insook Lee to Patricia S. and Michael R. Juliano, $540,000.

DAVISWOOD DR., 1212-Carrie A. and Robert J. Rask to Elizabeth O. and George K. Livingston, $1.085 million.

FLEETWOOD RD., 6800, No. 809-Colleen S. and Michael S. Kirtland to John Hraster, $122,600.

GIRARD ST., 6928-Eric V. Thompson and Mary W. Lusk to Shaun W.T. Ng and Yoko Yamamoto, $488,200.

HECTOR RD., 6927-Gary G. and Susan F. Moser to Michael K. and Pyoung R. Choi, $577,000.

INGLESIDE AVE., 1402-Louis M. and Linda B. Byron to John C. and Margaret O. McNerney, $800,000.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1645-Robert A. Barancho to Karen and Joseph J. Wawrzaszek, $263,000.

KIMBERWICKE RD., 1000-Elise W. and William D. Howe to Virginia M. Ward and Christos C. Loukaitis, $875,000.

LEGERE CT., 7759-Basheer Edgemoore McLean Corp. to Helen R. and Marito H. Garcia, $611,298.

LINCOLN WAY, 1503, No. 301-Fountains at McLean Corp. to Melissa A. Melberger, $312,400.

MERRIMAC DR., 7116-Joseph D. and Virginia L. Pishioneri to Susan G. Clasby and Edward A. Buzzi III, $540,000.

MONZA RD., 1700-Paula S. and Steven A. Studabaker to Robert M. Adamson, $490,000.

OLD CHESTERBROOK RD., 6823-James R. Price to Dennis Harrington, $450,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1800, No. 317-Jerry R. Kennedy to Rose Spielberg, $310,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1808, No. 1405-Marlon R. Phillips to Jonathan M. and Lara E.H. Stuckey, $306,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1521, No. 109-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Larry Yeh, trustee, $195,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1521, No. 111-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Meiling and Waylon Wang, $289,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1521, No. 210-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to John J. Hughes III, $239,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1521, No. 302-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Rizwan and Faizan Khan, $202,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1530, No. 201-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Francis and Sanda Dipaolo, $322,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1550, No. 306-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Diane F. Atwell, $358,055.

SPRING GATE DR., 1570, No. 313-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Megan Maloney, $305,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1570, No. 411-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Leah M. Garcia and Omar G. Sanchez, $233,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1570, No. 7416-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Michelle C. and Eric T. Hyman, $238,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1571, No. 205-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Jean and Jason J. Linn, $226,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1571, No. 212-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to April and Nicholas Masick, $243,400.

SPRING GATE DR., 1571, No. 306-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Antonina L. Bean, $243,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1571, No. 309-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Phillip W. Henning, $213,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1571, No. 6103-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Michael B. Washburn, $289,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580, No. 111-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Catherine D. Hoang, $218,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580, No. 116-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Michelle L. and Bruce L. Lazerow, $195,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580, No. 201-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Lei Wang, $208,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580, No. 203-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Vince S. and Jasjeet K. Arneja, $299,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580, No. 216-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to James R. and Therese J. Eskew, $205,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580, No. 301-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Nancy and Robert Matisoff, $219,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580, No. 304-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Hong T. Dang and Lai Kit A. Wong, $334,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580, No. 309-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Casey E. Choi, $218,400.

SPRING GATE DR., 1591, No. 114-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Sonya N. Kaveh, $329,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1591, No. 209-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Yu Fan and Yin Li, $205,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1600, No. 114-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Preston S. Welch, $177,378.

SPRING GATE DR., 1600, No. 201-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Jiyoon Baek, $333,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1600, No. 202-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Nuha N. Mardini, $333,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1600, No. 212-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Amy Thompson, $226,005.

SPRING GATE DR., 1600, No. 402-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Masahiro and Nam H. Oshima, $329,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1600, No. 408-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to David and Sunah Yun, $203,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1600, No. 414-Gates of McLean Development Corp. to Lynn Cheong, $199,900.

TREMAYNE PL., 7720, No. 113-Kristina A. and Martin Vedder to Nicole N. and Zohreh N. Pajoohi, $254,900.

Mount Vernon Area

BEEKMAN PL., 8637, No. A-Mary A. Teasley to Ryan L. Newell, $97,000.

CASA GRANDE PL., 7928, Building 125, No. C-Town of Clifton to Roger E. Quintanilla and Rivera Garcia Gilma, $135,000.

CENTRAL AVE., 8320-Helen S. Pittman to Vicki J. and William D. Sheppard, $275,000.

GROOMBRIDGE WAY, 4400-Gina A. Bruce to Jacqueline Y. Walters, $128,750.

HAVENWOOD PL., 3863, No. D-Brenda Y. Frye to Danielle A. Green, $125,000.

LAUREL RD., 4008-Sylvia A. Winterling to Santiago J. Soler, $445,000.

LAUREL RD., 4305-Betty W. Downard to Mohammadreza Lahabi, $253,000.

LAWRENCE ST., 4615-Peter A. and Alex S. Diawuo and Agnes A. Mensah to Janet Yamoah, Kwadwo Agyapong and Kwame B. Sakyi, $270,000.

LITTLE HUNTING DR., 3447-John T. Sheakley to Marissa P. Gomez, $285,000.

NEEDLES PL., 3809, Building 14, No. A-Kelin Y. Garcia and Deysi A. Gonzales to Armando Gomez and Jorge Hernandez, $160,000.

PEMBROOK VILLAGE DR., 4327, No. 20-Charles C. Barrett to Thomas O. Manning, $170,000.

SHADWELL DR., 8616, No. 64-Jane T. Stephens to Yerbolat Rakhmetov, $145,000.

VILLAGE WAY, 8633-Sherry D. Billingsley to Larisa Karmazina, $114,000.

WASHINGTON WOOD DR., 3808-Dorothy G. and Russell E. Brown Jr. to Juliann T. Prazmark and Paul T. Stalknecht, $875,000.

North Springfield Area

DUNSTON ST., 7405-Frances T. Ulmer to Du Y. Ngo and Hoa N. Thai, $330,000.

LARRLYN DR., 7029-Vara Merica to Bradley P. and Margarete C. Dunbar, $378,203.

QUEENSBERRY AVE., 5539-Gloria L. and Harry C. Grevert to Tracy N. and Michelle K. Grevert, $360,000.

Oakton Area

NORBORNE PL., 2815-Richmond American Homes to Alison S. and Raymond J. O'Brien, $920,015.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10024-Joanne D. Romano to Myung K. Kang, $214,900.

ROSE CREEK CT., 3005-Renaissance at Hunting Hills Corp. to James C. and Kelliann G. Morgan, $1.322 million.

TRENHOLM DR., 3107-Patrick J. and Sara B. Callanan to Andrew L. and Jennifer L. Cibula, $570,000.

Reston Area

AUTUMN RIDGE CIR., 1493-Andrea C. Scholl and Earl R. Wingrove III to Daniel T. Defranco and Barbara R. Oelerking, $289,500.

BAYFIELD CT., 11764-Gaylord W. Swaby to Isabelle and Herve Savoure, $250,000.

BRENTON POINT DR., 2528-Robert J. Martin III to John Sloboda, trustee, $455,000.

CHURCH HILL PL., 1416-Effat R. Mojarad to Patricia A. Willis, $219,900.

FOXCROFT WAY, 2509-Darren L. and Teresa F. Kelley to Stanley R. and Maile L. Parker, $401,000.

GATE HILL PL., 11407, No. 107-Christopher M. and Aleta A. Habeeb to James and Amanda Keehner, $280,000.

GATESMEADOW WAY, 1309-Theodore F. and Tonya M. Linnenkamp to Randy and Ioulia G. Liebermann, $725,000.

HARBOR CT., 11198-Elizabeth Kennedy to Gloria Thrall, $245,000.

HARBOR CT., 11298-Michael W. Conboy to Guadalupe Saucedo, $310,000.

HOLLOW TIMBER CT., 11404-Colleen T.P. Bromley to Ross B. Schaufelberger, $450,000.

HORSEFERRY CT., 2350-Christopher Potochar to Ryan J. and Katrina W. Bell, $272,500.

HUNTERS RUN DR., 2277-Michael H. Novack to Nancy Sanders and Michael Krause, $146,000.

HUNTERS RUN DR., 2328-Kara L. Manton to Patricia L. Wencel, $187,000.

IVY BUSH CT., 11513-Louise A. Pisauro to Hannah Rohlfs, $256,000.

LAKE AUDUBON CT., 2076-Alex and Aliza Barel to Elissa and Scott Blackerby, $412,500.

LAKEBREEZE WAY, 2034-John B. and Kathleen Clements to Brian M. and Elna Brown, $383,000.

MARKELL CT., 1155, No. 231-Engle Homes Inc. to Dat T. and Vanessa T. Hoang, $885,172.

NUTMEG LANE, 12200-Roberto E. Rocha and Milko R.R. Montero to Jose Chavez and Estela Alvarez, $249,000.

SHIRE CT., 11843, No. 21B-Laura A. Turner to Renee L. Brenner, $167,700.

SOUTH BAY LANE, 2105-Michael W. Antilety and Faeth L. Bradley to Timothy G. and Bo Y. Fleming, $492,000.

STOWE RD., 1590-Harold P. and Patricia Bojanowski to Rhonda J. and Ronald M. Rubin, $499,900.

WEDGE DR., 11302-Joanne S. and James M. Copperthite to Peter and Carol Raphael, $560,000.

Seven Corners Area

JUNIPER LANE, 3231-Seville Homes Corp. to Kathleen A. Brown and John M. Cullather, $660,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3100, No. 941-Rana Muneer to Eugenia P.I. and J. Michael Ross, $167,500.

VALLEY LANE, 3113-Barbara J. and David C. Cornwell to James Caramberis, $387,000.

Springfield Area

ASH DR., 5713-Douanghanh and Khankeo Simanivanh to Melanio Sejas, $359,950.

BEACHWAY LANE, 9123-Danny and Julie A. Steele to Dwight M. and Carrie R. Bruce, $415,000.

BLUE JASMINE CT., 7805-Hilary M. and Thomas P. Schubert to Frank and Georgia L. Aleman, $425,000.

BRISTOL SQUARE CT., 7710-Jose L. and Yamileth Pardo to Mark A. and Ana E. Williams, $275,000.

BRUNSWICK ST., 6018-Gloria F. and Harry E. Mills to Aklilu Abebe and Genet Jemere, $345,000.

BURNING FOREST CT., 8252-Haider M. and Sheila Popal to Nelson G., Sandra and Miguel Osinaga, $228,050.

GILES PL., 7215-Paul A. and Tamara H. Nelson to Selvia Navarro, Anibal Menjivar, Monica C. Menjivar and Gerardo Navarro, $276,000.

HANOVER AVE., 6202-James R. and Elena Scott to Agustin G. Sotero, $280,000.

HUNT SQUARE CT., 9539-Charles E. and Mary E. Lucas to Sandra McIntyre, $260,000.

KITCHENER DR., 8479-Bok J. and Won Choi to Arash and Bijan Jamaleddin, $260,000.

MICHAEL ROBERT DR., 6376-Scott A. and Kimberly S. Stewart to Josephine S. Huang, $270,000.

RUNNING CREEK CT., 8211-Gholam R. and Nasrin Abadi to John W. and Myong Footit, $417,000.

SLEEPY VIEW LANE, 8031-Grada S.C. and Larry M. Lamb to Lakshmi K. and Rao M. Tadavarthy, $285,000.

Vienna Area

BLAIR RD. NW, 437-Margaret E. and William C. Counce to David and Rocio Paredes, $485,000.

CHASE HILL CT., 9911-C. Kevin and Heidi Kelso to Robert B. Cwalina Jr. and Suzanne E. Egolf, $619,000.

COMMONS DR. NW, 247-Nancy L. Butler to Fern M., Stewart D. and Carol D. Morrison, $292,000.

DELANCEY DR., 9408-Barbara M. and Richard A. Newby to Yeonmi and Jae K. Ahn and Sun J. Hong, $550,000.

DELLWAY LANE, 8632-Joey L. Fisher to Brian L. Delfavero, $296,000.

EVELYN CT., 2814-Thomas C. Power to Thomas Simeone, $290,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2442, No. 241-Douglas D. Palmer and Jacqueline Wavelet to Rebecca L. and Timothy A. Gregory, $205,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2456, No. 224-Gina M. Scinta to William E. and Angela A. Levan, $198,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2642, No. 69-Charles J. Neam to Rosa F. Zurita, $220,000.

GLYNDON ST. SE, 417-Eileen S. and John R. Leone to Terence P. and P. Renee McCulley, $422,500.

HUNTER MILL RD., 1857-Homecomings

Financial Network to Dae S. Kim and Hyun K. Shin, $425,000.

JEFFERSONIAN CT., 8510-Jagjit S. Bakshi, trustee, and Bakshi Trust to Geoffrey Rowe, $377,500.

KNOLL ST. NW, 445-Gordon C. and Jean J. Christensen to Ana Santolalla, $337,500.

MANHATTAN PL., 2663, No. 103-Jade Dunn Loring Metro Corp. to Ivan S. Guerra,


MANHATTAN PL., 2665, No. 102-Dunn Loring Resolution Corp. to Michael G. McCloskey, $361,470.

MANHATTAN PL., 2665, No. 111-Dunn Loring Resolution Corp. to Virginia Ward, $387,000.

MANHATTAN PL., 2665, No. 114-Dunn Loring Resolution Corp. to Karen S. Pierre, $380,025.

MEADOWOOD DR., 10701-Mark P. and Sara L. Chadason to Ricci D. and Shahrzad Moshirfatemi, $655,000.

NORTHERN NECK DR., 1547, No. 202-Faisal A. and Melissa V. Kabli to Anas Osman,


OAKTON PARK CT., 2738-Neighborhoods Corp. to David A. Jodice and Min S. Kim, $926,345.

PEMBROKE PL., 9612-Frances M. and Paul R. Calaway to Jeffrey D. and Laura A. Trent, $850,000.

PENNYCRESS LANE, 1506-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to John Talaoushie, $590,000.

PIERIS CT., 2043-CRG Tysons Corp. to Lorey M. Smith, $506,868.

TAZEWELL RD. N., 627-Martha G. O'Keefe, trustee, and Garifo Family Trust to Roger T. and Lisa M. Rader, $379,900.

TYSON OAKS CIR., 8013-Nam Q. and Tina T. Pho to Yanzhong Niu and Yuan F. Chen, $319,900.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

TYSONS EXECUTIVE CT., 2137-L.A. and Anne R. Billups to Al Alami, $699,950.

West Springfield Area

BARRINGTON CT., 8509, No. J-Thong Nguyen to Cesar and Odalis Herbas, $152,000.

BAUER DR., 8525-Nazifa Ahmadzai to Gordon P. and Linda W. Sloan, $289,900.

BAYSHIRE RD., 5907, No. B-Derman Hernandez to Anthony J. Mack and Raagen Y. Price, $157,900.

HOLFORD LANE, 6714-Jane W. and Steven D. Reed to Glenda L. and Peter J. Taylor, $362,000.

HUNTSMAN BLVD., 6613-Mike A. and Norma J. Laurello to Russell A. and Judy K. Collett, $397,000.

JILLSPRING CT., 7241-Michael S. Wilson to Scott A. Stewart, $217,000.

MING TREE CT., 7205-Danny R. and Helen L. West to Daniel and Joanne R. Lipka, $414,450.

RATHLIN DR., 6258-Michele M. Massey to Julia R. and Shawn P. Hughes, $279,900.

RATHLIN DR., 6280-Nick Y. Ron to Jennifer Huang and Roger S.C. Lin, $249,900.

REXFORD CT., 5765-Isaac O. Lewis to Douglas C. Austin, $154,000.

REXFORD DR., 5819, No. A-Timothy A. Strother and Nectar Projects Inc., trustee, to RNP Properties, $104,000.

ROYAL RIDGE DR., 5847-Bernard F., Clare M. and Mary L. Peacock to Samantha M. Slater, $207,000.

TRILLIUM LANE, 6902-Janice W. and Ronald J. Hastings to James and Cindy Thompson, $550,000.

WESTBURY OAKS CT., 6603-Melinda and James E. Gomes to Minh D. Doan, $304,900.

WHITLERS CREEK DR., 7231-Robert C. and Tina T. Whatley to Nazir A. Hamid, $322,000.