Open Arms for BRMC

I and many other residents of Broadlands not only have absolutely no objection to, but instead warmly welcome, the planned location of Broadlands Regional Medical Center in our neighborhood.

I was grateful that the state health commissioner fully considered the merits of the application and agreed, urging the Board of Supervisors to do the same.

The challenges faced by Loudoun County in dealing with the tremendous growth and development in the past and expected to continue are obviously astounding. Of these numerous challenges, the last thing residents need to be concerned about is when additional quality health care services "might" be available in their community.

Although I can understand looking at health care as part of a general plan for the county, I was not only disappointed that Loudoun Healthcare Inc. was attempting to dictate and control the locations, and as a result, the timing, of additional health care facilities throughout the county but also that at this stage of the process, the Board of Supervisors is even considering the possibility of denying BRMC in favor of such a proposal.

Loudoun Healthcare's action appears nothing more than another attempt to create both economic and legal barriers to entry into the Loudoun marketplace for any competing health care organization (what might be referred to as "How to Create and Protect a Monopoly 101"), and I hope that the Board of Supervisors can acknowledge it as such and not become an accomplice to the plan.

I realize that some Loudoun residents are unhappy that the facility is not farther west, and although I empathize and might even agree that it would be preferable, I also understand that, from an economic standpoint, it is necessary for any business -- whether for-profit or nonprofit -- to locate in the higher population-density area of the community it will serve in order to be viable.

The competition resulting from the placement of BRMC in Broadlands would more than likely accelerate the timeframe in which additional health care services would be available in western Loudoun rather than waiting for the population density to increase sufficiently there. Disapproving the Broadlands placement would only serve to significantly delay the addition of such greatly needed health care services and facilities.

In addition, given our current economic environment, specifically the tax situation in our county, prohibiting or delaying the location of a business such as a hospital that would pay nearly $4 million per year in direct taxes to Loudoun County seems almost irresponsible.

The current and future residents of Loudoun need, deserve and want a modern, state-of-the-art facility such as Broadlands Regional Medical Center in our community -- today.

Tim Butka


The author recently accepted an invitation to join the BRMC steering committee.