A homeless man whom prosecutors described as a "criminal predator" was sentenced yesterday to a 62-year prison term for sexually attacking three women after forcing his way into their residences.

The three attacks took place in the fall of 2002 while Raymond C. Evans was free on personal recognizance and awaiting trial on charges stemming from two earlier sexual assaults, authorities said. Those cases are pending.

Evans, 28, was convicted in April by a jury in D.C. Superior Court of sexual assault, burglary and other charges in the attacks on the three women. Prosecutors said he used knives and box cutters to threaten the victims.

They said he forced his knee into the throat of one victim -- a woman who has cerebral palsy and uses arm crutches and braces to walk. He knocked her unconscious before sexually assaulting her numerous times, they said.

"What I've found profoundly shocking is that the defendant seems to have gone about this savagery in an almost businesslike fashion," Judge John H. Bayly Jr. declared at the sentencing.

Prosecutors said Evans sought women who were vulnerable and alone as he carried out a "reign of terror" in the city. They said he has been in trouble for much of his life, with eight prior convictions for assault and other offenses.

Before the sentence was imposed, the sister of the woman with cerebral palsy urged the judge to give Evans a long prison term.

"It is a miracle that [my sister] did not die from this assault," she said. "In the interest of justice and the safety of society, we are begging you to keep this man out of society."

The victim sat in the audience, flanked by other relatives, wiping away tears. One other victim also was in court.

Evans did not address the victims or express remorse.

Defense attorney John Copacino requested that the judge impose a 30-year prison term. He conceded that the crimes warranted "a very severe sentence" but said Evans had had a difficult upbringing and suffered from bipolar disorder.

The convictions involve incidents in November and December 2002. D.C. police had arrested Evans twice before in connection with sex offenses, which allegedly took place in August and September 2002. Prosecutors had asked a judge to put Evans in a halfway house after the September offense, but the judge released him on personal recognizance because the halfway houses had no room.

On Nov. 1, 2002, Evans forced his way inside the Southeast Washington apartment of a single mother of three children and attacked her at knifepoint, prosecutors said.

The attack on the woman with cerebral palsy came on Dec. 3, also at knifepoint in Southeast. One week later, Evans knocked on the door of a Northwest Washington apartment and used a ruse to get inside. He pulled out a box cutter and attacked a nursing student.

Evans was arrested Dec. 12, 2002, after Detective Stanley Greene matched him to descriptions provided by the women.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Scarpelli said he and co-counsel Kate Connelly were pleased with the sentence. Evans also was required to register as a sex offender and pay a $2,600 fine.

"In the end, the victims were very happy with the sentence that Judge Bayly imposed; therefore we felt that justice was served," Scarpelli said.