Retriever Gets Needed Shelter

LEESBURG, Sugarbush Court, June 12. A yellow Labrador retriever was reported to have been kept outside all day without shelter. An animal control officer advised the dog's owner of the requirement to provide a doghouse or other adequate shelter for any animal kept outdoors. The officer followed up four days later and suitable shelter had been provided.

Pit Bulls' Owner Advised

STERLING, Sterling Boulevard, June 18. An animal control officer investigated a report that two pit bulls were being kept in a backyard pen and that they frequently escaped into neighboring yards. The officer found two young female pit bulls being kept in a small crate. One of the dogs had an obvious limp. The officer issued a notice for the dogs' owner to provide veterinary care for the limping dog within 72 hours, as well as proper shelter, rabies vaccinations and county dog licenses for both dogs within 10 days. A follow-up visit will be conducted.

Dog in Car Accident Reclaimed

LEESBURG, Edwards Ferry Road, June 19. An animal control officer took custody of a Jack Russell terrier that was in its owner's car when the car was involved in an accident. The owner was taken to hospital. She reclaimed her dog from the animal shelter when she was released.

Cat Caught, Quarantined

PURCELLVILLE, Charles Town Pike, June 19. A man reported that a cat had killed his pet doves and tried to bite his daughter. The man had confined the cat in a garbage can but not before the cat had scratched him and drew blood. An animal control officer took the cat to the animal shelter, where it was being held in quarantine for 10 days.

Injured Fox Euthanized

STERLING, Sinegar Place, June 21. A woman reported that an injured red fox was in her yard. An animal control officer picked up the fox, which appeared to be paralyzed, and took it to the animal shelter, where it was euthanized.

Baby Rabbits Found Alive, Well

LEESBURG, Clark Court, June 23. Animal control officers responded to a report that a woman was burying baby rabbits alive. The officers met with a girl who said that she had found four baby rabbits and that a wildlife hotline had suggested she dig a nest for them in the mulch. The girl showed the officers the nest and the rabbits, which were alive and well. An officer took the rabbits to a veterinary clinic for professional rehabilitation.