Projects Proposed

1. Lansdowne on the Potomac, Section 45, east of Riverlook Court, north of Goose Creek. Subdivide 58.78 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing-four units per acre) into four lots and an open parcel.

2. Historic Selma Estates, Phase 1, Section 3, north of Montressor Road. Subdivide 279.09 acres zoned AR-1 (agricultural rural) to create 25 lots, three conservancy lots, street dedication and easements.

3. South Village, Section 4, east of Elk Lick Road, north of Edgewater Street. Thirty-eight single-family lots, three open parcels and street dedication on property zoned PDH-4.

4. Red Hill Manor, north side of Route 617, west of Evergreen Mills Road. Subdivide 40 acres zoned AR-1 for five residential hamlet lots, one conservancy lot and three open parcels.

5. Estates at Elk Run, north side of Route 620, contiguous with South Riding. Rezone about 58.55 acres from R-1 (residential-one unit per acre) to PDH-4.

6. Ashburn Technology Park, west side of Route 625 between Farmwell Road and Ashburn Village Boulevard. Special exception to allow additional uses (child-care centers) in the district within 66.57 acres zoned PD-IP (planned development-industrial park).

7. Meadowbrook Center, Lot 10A, intersection of Loudoun County Parkway and Beaumeade Circle. Construct two office warehouse buildings with a combined floor area of 104,912 square feet on 9.26 acres zoned PD-IP.

8. DCP Loudoun Compressor Station, 0.7 miles north of the intersection of Routes 617 and 860. Natural gas compressor station and associated structures, utilities, paving and piping on 36.69 acres zoned AR-1.

9. Meadows Farms, south side of Route 50, about 0.5 miles east of Route 659. Construct a 10,800-square-foot building with parking on 4.9 acres zoned CLI (commercial-light industrial).

10. Dulles Trade Center II, Lot 9, southwest of the intersection of Overland Drive and Pebble Run Drive. Construct a 22,400-square-foot office-warehouse with parking and utilities on 1.5 acres zoned PD-GI (planned development-general industrial).

11. Dulles Trade Center II, Lot 11, south of the intersection of Overland Drive and Pebble Run Drive. Construct a 22,200-square-foot building for motor vehicle service and repair facility on 1.51 acres zoned PD-GI.

12. Broadlands Regional Medical Center, east side of Belmont Ridge Road, north of Broadlands Boulevard. Amend proffers associated with ZCPA 1997-0004, ZCPA 1994-0005 and ZMAP 1995-0003 to allow a general hospital, outpatient facilities, heliport and structured parking on 57.73 acres zoned PDH-3 (planned development housing-three units per acre) and PD-OP (planned development-office park).

13. Galilee United Methodist Church, south of Winding Road between Broad Run Drive and Lakeside Drive, north of Route 7. Special exception to allow amendment to development condition to show removal of portion of the sidewalk with Virginia Department of Transportation right of way on 9.09 acres zoned CR-1 (countryside residential).

14. Chevy Chase Bank, 21800 Towncenter Plaza, south side of Route 7, west of Dranesville Road. Special exception to allow redevelopment of a drive-through bank on 9.53 acres zoned PD-CC(SC) (planned development-small regional retail center).

Projects Approved

15. Loudoun County Fire and Rescue Training Center, northwest corner of the Shellhorn property, east of Sycolin Road and south of the Town of Leesburg. Special exception to allow expansion of the fire and rescue training center facilities including a burn building, four-story enclosed tower in a high-bay field house, storage building containers and gravel and concrete pads on about 26 acres in the JLMA-20 (Joint Land Management Area-20) zoning district.

16. South Riding L.P., within South Riding, south of Route 50. Rezone about 194 acres from PD-GI and PDH-4 under a 1972 zoning ordinance to PDH-4 under a 1993 zoning ordinance to develop 620 residential dwellings (274 single-family detached units and 346 townhouses, including 39 affordable dwelling units), at an approximate density of 3.2 dwelling units per acre, and to provide a 20-acre elementary school site. Also approved a concurrent application to amend the concept development plan and proffers originally approved under ZMAP 1991-0005 (South Riding), primarily to reflect the proposed South Riding Station rezoning application. Other changes are largely administrative in nature and affect approximately 85.53 acres zoned PDH-4, separate from the rezoning area. This area represents all portions of South Riding that have not yet received site-plan or subdivision approval that would have triggered the existing ZMAP 1991-0005 proffers.

Building Permits

17. Stone Ridge North, 51 townhouses at Cinnabar Square.

18. Loudoun County School Board, classrooms addition at 21670 Ashburn Rd.

19. Target, alteration to Target at 46201 Potomac Run Plaza.

20. Friends of the Animal Shelter, new dog shelter at 39709 Good Puppy Lane.

21. Lansdowne, 99 multifamily units at Magnolia Grove Square.

22. Broadlands South, 15 townhouses on Windy Oaks Square and 20 townhouses on Crosswind Terrace.

23. Vesta Properties LLC, new school at 20854 Stubble Rd.