Misled on Health Care Plan

With respect to the recent letter to the editor ("BRMC Not the Answer," Loudoun Extra, June 20) critical of my vote against moving forward with the proposed Countywide Health Care Facilities Plan, I am afraid that some are misled as to the intent of this scheme.

In reality, instead of fostering additional access to health care for residents in Loudoun County, the intent of this proposal (developed by Loudoun Hospital Center) is to diminish access by attempting to circumvent the Virginia health commissioner's decision to approve the location of a new hospital in Broadlands. This all from a Board of Supervisors that at its first meeting, with no public notice, disbanded the county's Health Care Commission.

Like it or not, Loudoun is the nation's fastest growing county. We have the lowest number of hospital beds per capita in Northern Virginia. More than half our residents leave our county for health care services.

This scheme, if adopted, would prevent the establishment of another hospital in Loudoun for 10 to 15 years, as the proposal conveniently recommends putting a second hospital in Loudoun far away from the population base -- in essence, guaranteeing the monopoly of the county's sole hospital. That is wrong!

Politics has no business in providing health care to our residents. Unfortunately, this scheme reeks of it, and in the end, if successful, the residents of Loudoun will continue to flee our county for access to health care services. Shame.

Scott K. York (I)


Loudoun County Board of Supervisors