The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BAYSIDE RD., 5200-John T. Laport to Tracy Palmer, $217,000.

CHESAPEAKE LIGHTHOUSE DR., 8583-Keith A. Adams to Kevin P. Dunn, $167,000.

OLD BAYSIDE RD., 7710-William J. and Mary Kathryn Engel to Nancy M. and Richard G. Finfrock Jr., $205,000.

14TH ST., 3909-Samuel David and Judith L. Estep to Timothy S. and Raymond T. Pyles, $150,000.

Dunkirk Area

ICEHOUSE CT., 2719-Richard S. Mitchell to Sandra L. and Robert J. Jurney, $370,000.

Huntingtown Area

BEN OAK DR., 3270-Helen M. and Burl C. Thompson to Gilbert Zalc, $250,000.

BIDWELL LANE, 1467-Michael H. and Constance S. Sachar to Kris M. and Vernon E. Terrill Jr., $389,900.

COX CT., 3600-Beverly J. and Joseph E. Farmarco to Francis A. Schaeffler Sr., $335,000.

GREENFIELD LANE, 41-H.W. Dowell Inc. to Kaine Inc., $115,000.

HOLLAND CLIFFS RD., 3428-Kadie E. Leach to Kristina and Greg S. Karbett, $470,000.

Lusby Area

BIG SANDY RUN, 11668-Richard A. Blasy Jr. to Matthew Neel, $165,500.

BONANZA TRAIL, 12227-Robert A. Hansen Jr. to Linda A. and Wayne H. Johnson, $23,500.

DEER DR., 377-Richard and Marlene Ehrlich to Barbara and Anthony Baratta, $595,000.

EBBTIDE LANE, 8186-Pamla R. Greulich to Tammy L. Helms and Johnny M. Grant, $215,000.

HICKOK TRAIL, 759-Craig L. and Melissa A. Gross to Jamie D. and Steven G. Fink Jr., $184,000.

OVERLOOK DR., 408-Nicholas B. and Jennifer C. Carlucci to Martha L. and Ronald J. Walters, $252,000.

STOCK DR., 8530-Dann Richard and Robyn M. Lemerand to Suzanne D. Thomas and William B. Kerill, $164,000.

North Beach Area

DAYTON AVE., 9117-Edward J. Clark to Frank Leniek and Gail R. Toledo, $240,000.

ERIE AVE., 8816-Linda L. Zacharski to Celia Molofsky, $159,000.

Owings Area

GREEN LEAF TER., 2429-Jeffrey T. Smith to Arlene J. Elam, $219,000.

LITTLE TREE LANE, 71-Janice B. and Robert V. Marcellas to Cheryl V. Boswell and Louis M. Underwood, $490,000.

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 8531-Jerry M. and Barbara A. Hawkins to Kathryn Ann and Steven J. Mitchell, $150,000.

WOODLAND TER., 2521-George R. Riston III to Theresa M. Spinola, $204,000.

Port Republic Area

BALSAM RD., 3734-Mary R. and James A. Strain to Aurora and Carmelo Camacho Cruz and G. Delane and Mary A. Buff, $215,000.

BICENTENNIAL CT., 3025-George Tsirigotis to Anthony Q. Vidotto and Lisa G. Hensley, $153,000.

MANDELA CT., 3050-Barry L. Moomau to Nola A. and George A. Sesso, $170,000.

Prince Frederick Area

CAMBRIDGE PL., 230-Susan G. Ockert to Sharon K. and Douglas W. Smith, $215,000.

EGRET CT., 4835-Allen L. Craft to Janice L. and Steven Yarosh, $320,000.

St. Leonard Area

GOLDFINCH LANE, 6135-Robert A. Moeller Jr. to Jody T. and Gina R. Jafari and Ruth R. Green, $425,000.

LOBLOLLY LANE, 2112-Carol T. Miller to Donna and Tommy Follin, $165,000.

Charles County

Brandywine Area

BEECHNUT DR., 16044-Patricia Swearinger to Linda L. and Todd H. Tavares, $280,000.

Bryans Road Area

JASON CT., 2209-Anthony and Carol Cipollone to Sheryl M. and Eric P. Hollins, $215,000.

WOLSEY CT., 5850-Lamar Tyler to Treva L. Jones, $170,000.

WOOSTER DR., 3090-Glenda A. and Barry L. King to Carol E. Wheeler, $144,000.

Cobb Island Area

AUDREY RD., 17424-Harvey W. and Cheryl L. Goldsmith to Christine and Gilbert E. Norwood Jr., $159,900.


Prince Frederick Road Area

CEDAR BROOK PL., 15075-Karen L. and Daniel E. Healey to Chip Hetzel, $425,000.

Indian Head Area

JENKINS DR., 100-William R. Massey III to Cindy L. and Samuel C. Hagy, $141,500.

MARVIN DR., 3785-Robert W. III and Darlene M. Brown to Dawn E. and William E. McClure, $204,900.

RIVERSIDE RUN DR., 52-Thomas T. Tomasky to Lakisha A. Brown, $120,600.

La Plata Area

HICKORY CIR., 612-Brandt Construction Co. Inc. to Chapel Point Development Corp., $90,000.

Port Tobacco Area

CHAPEL POINT RD., 8550-ABM Partnership to Cynthia A. and Charles H. Beardsley, $170,000.

ELAINE CT., 7710-Juanita and Victor E. Unruh to John A. Coller, $480,000.

St. Charles Area

ADDISON CT., 1215-Joseph M. Pastorious to Shirley A. and Rodrick E. Northern, $225,000.

CALICO WOODS PL., 11906-Anthony H. Largie to Robert L. Brooks, $211,400.

GRINDALL CT., 2708-Lynn S. Harley to C. Lloyd and Chester Timoteo, $175,000.

JAMESON DR., 12879-Matthew P. Edwards to Janna F. and Richard A. Buntin, $220,000.

MARIGOLD PL., 3465-Greater Suburban Properties Inc. to Andrew Dounias, $199,000.

RICHMOND WAY, 2439-Michelle A. Williams to Haniff Khan, $220,000.

ROBINSON PL., 2545-Anthony M. Montgomery to Linda Stepney, $121,900.

RUSTY LEAF CT., 3671-Timothy H. Perrier Jr. to Angelina C. and Matthew E. Gray, $220,000.

Waldorf Area

BASS CT., 5036-Brett A. and Melissa A. Carey to Dawn M. and Michael Soto, $255,900.

BLUE WHALE CT., 6124-Louis G. Jr. and Michelle H. Ream to Teresa M. and Jeffrey C. Shiflet, $235,250.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4131-Barbara J. Peters to Kelley M. Henry, $143,900.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4172-Billy R. and Karen D. Absher to Michelle L. and Ryan S. Hill, $136,000.

CARLISLE RD., 6002-Kimberly M. and Steven R. Kirkland to Chyrise M. Jenkins, $239,500.

COUNCIL OAK DR., 12597-John H. III and Patricia M. Rusch to Olubunmi K. and Darryl K. Smith, $134,384.

DORSEY CT., 3085-Stephen L. Reeves to Eddie Burks Jr., $186,000.

FERNWOOD CT., 2527-Angela M. and Thomas A. Craven to Shean E. Poole, $160,000.

GROUSE PL., 4529-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mary K. McCarthy, $116,000.

MARSH HAWK DR., 2991-Jason S. and Adana L. Powers to Usha Shrestha and Ori Nadav, $279,900.

MCDANIEL RD., 2630-Dawn R. and David A. Grossman to Antoinette McClary, $349,900.

MOCKINGBIRD CIR., 4249-Barbara A. Jones to Catherine J. and Randy G. Bimson, $222,500.

PERCH CT., 3821-Thomas and Lisa Brady to Dawn and Jason S. Gulley, $229,900.

RED WOLF PL., 6047-Judith A. Harper to Rhonda E. Dombrosky, $164,950.

REGAL PL., 2484-Kimberly B. and Victor H. Sampson to Ternita R. Mitchell, $158,000.

RYON CT., 3311-Rhonda J. Levi to Alison E. Farver, $125,000.

SLOAN AVE., 926-Roland J. Jr. and Tina M. Swann to Rita D. Glascoe and Michael A. Joffe, $180,000.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5819-Tammy L. and John D. Roberts to Joyce L. Embrey, $161,000.

White Plains Area

CARDINAL LANE, 8543-Charles C. and Agnes O. Ford to Debra I. and Robert O. Rice, $155,000.

HOUSELY PL., 10293-D.A. McDaniels Inc. to Deborah L. and David W. Bowler, $231,815.

HOUSELY PL., 10297-D.A. McDaniels Inc. to Karen M. Costa, $219,230.

St. Mary's County

Abell Area

BERNIE LAWRENCE LANE, 21230-Bernard R. Lawrence to Barbara S. and John D. Nelson, $199,000.

Bushwood Area

COLTON POINT RD., 22145-Mary Ann Hayden to Donna F. and Stephen M. Gibson Sr., $85,000.

California Area

CHESTNUT OAK CT., 23240, No. 3D-John T. Englert to Trudy Lee Lacey, $88,000.

Callaway Area

PINEY POINT RD., 19991-Ethel Cleo Sparks to Karen L. and Martin A. Siebert, $30,000.

Great Mills Area

BRAWNY ST., 45508-Dayne Solar to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $249,000.

GREENS REST DR. N., 45985-Tanya J. and Gregory A. Head to Noelle L. and Bruce A. Dubois, $399,900.

Hollywood Area

CUCKOLD COVE WAY, 24972-Arnold H. Carter to Richard Iagnemmo, $70,000.

SPRIGGS CT., 24597-Mark G. Dillow to Nicole O. and Stefon A. White, $59,000.

Leonardtown Area

BIRD HAVEN DR., 42264-Kingston Development Partnership to Catherine E. and Frank A. Dziekiewicz, $254,406.

MEDLEYS NECK RD., 43379-Charles A. Pessagno to Cynthia L. and Todd M. Richards, $187,000.

WOODMONT DR., 44101-Jack R. Wagner to Cynthia S. and Daniel J. Koenig, $377,000.

Lexington Park Area

BRYAN RD., 46767-Sirunya and Jonathan Colby to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $235,900.

ESPERANZA DR., 23146-George F. Hurlburt to Robert S. Blades, $233,000.

FOX RIDGE RD., 21975-Department of Veterans Affairs to Adele Marie Bowie, $90,000.

GLOUCESTER CT., 22022, No. A-4-Christopher F. Perlick to Earl R. Castain, $56,000.

GLOUCESTER CT., 22026, No. A-7-Laura Perlick to Earl R. Castain, $56,000.

KEEL DR., 48222-Jennifer C. Olds to Vermell W. and Paul E. Curtis, $235,000.

KEEL DR., 48256-Tambrey M. and Thomas M. Zang to Christina and Brady J. Bartosh, $253,750.

LUCCA WAY, 46100-Edna R. and Kenneth D. Wentworth to Latrice N. Rubenstein, $100,000.

LUCCA WAY, 46119-Julius L. and Karen A. Camp to Victoria L. and Darcy Hansen, $116,900.

ST. LO PL., 21712-Paul A. Chaney to Paula R. and Michael A. Wade, $94,500.

Mechanicsville Area

ERIN DR., 27127-B. and H. Builders Inc. to Michael W. Stroud, $276,500.

LAKELAND DR. W., 36910-Brian C. Wooldridge to Jessica A. and Erik I. Williams, $175,000.

LAUREL RIDGE CT., 38448-Charles S. and Laurie M. Milbrook to Launa A. and Shane P. McCowan, $160,000.

SUMMITT HILL DR., 39425-James R. Russell to Katherine D. and Michael D. Wimbish, $220,000.

THREE NOTCH RD., 26315-Performance Custom Homes Inc. to Jeffrey J. Edwards, $205,000.

TOMAHAWK CT., 30060-Jonathan H. Reed Sr. to Krista L. and Charles B. Payne, $224,000.

WOLFE DR., 40353-Thelma C. and Julian F. Wheaton to Paul R. Sedlock, $159,950.

WOOD DUCK CT., 39374-George W. Butt to Charles W. Gagnon and Charles W. Gagnon Jr., $166,100.

Ridge Area

THREE NOTCH RD., 16641-Eva Emerson Cherry to Keith Knoblauch, $45,000.

Tall Timbers Area

RIVER RD., 18293-Tom Jadico and Cathy J. Shedd to Helen Claire Whitney, $635,000.

RIVER RD., 18342-Violet Elizabeth Smith to Ryan M. Norris, $155,000.

SHALLOW FORD CT., 44594-Chesapeake Materials Associates to Bonnie L. and Jeffrey B. Davis, $125,000.