News of interest to Loudoun that appeared in the daily Post June 20-26.


Builders Aim to Lure Baseball

Some of the nation's biggest home builders are behind a plan to construct a major league ballpark in a large development beside a rock quarry in Loudoun County. The firms have proposed tapping revenue from a $4.5 billion housing and commercial development they would build around the stadium to entice Major League Baseball officials to move the financially ailing Montreal Expos to a new home just west of Dulles International Airport.


Ballpark Backers Hold Rally

Potential owners of a Northern Virginia baseball team, enthusiastic state and county officials and developers came together near Dulles airport on Monday to tout Loudoun County as a perfect site for a major league team. Gathering at the Center for Innovative Technology, they brought out blue pennants, spouted demographic data showing the Dulles area's wealth and potential for growth and tossed about baseball metaphors.


Greenway Toll Hike Endorsed

An examiner for the State Corporation Commission recommended that owners of the Dulles Greenway be allowed to raise tolls to a maximum of $3, phased in over three years. The current maximum charge for cars traveling on the 14-mile highway between Dulles International Airport and Leesburg is $1.90. Toll Road Investors Partnership II, the private firm that owns the Greenway, said it needed more revenue to cover debt obligations and to ensure its financial stability. The recommendation will be forwarded to commissioners, who have final say over whether the tolls can be raised. No timetable for a decision has been set, a commission spokesman said.


Foundation Groundbreaking Set

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation officials plan to break ground this week on a 23,000-square-foot headquarters on 17.5 acres in Loudoun County. The philanthropic organization, founded from the estate of the former Redskins owner, has been leasing in the county for four years. The facility, which will cost about $12 million, will include office and conference space, as well as space for Cooke memorabilia. With an endowment of $525 million, the group provides financial support to low-income students at all educational levels, particularly categories of students often ignored by other scholarship programs.


The Longest Trek in the League

The proposed ballpark site in Loudoun County is about 21 miles from downtown Washington, a trip that in rush hour can take more than an hour. No team in baseball plays its home games so far from its region's major downtown, according to a survey of teams.