Meningitis Death Still Puzzles Experts

Disease Usually Doesn't Kill, Health Officials Say

The death of a 16-year-old Chantilly High School student from viral meningitis remains a mystery.

Infectious disease specialists working on the case of Courtney "Kay" Richard have not been able to identify the virus that caused the condition in her, a 16-year-old classmate of hers and a teacher at Armstrong Elementary School in Reston. The classmate and the teacher are recovering.

Health officials said viral meningitis usually does not kill unless it combines with another disease or attacks someone with a weak immune system, such as an infant. Friends say Richard, an athlete, looked fit before she checked into the hospital June 13.

Pr. William Student Had More Weapons

12-Year-Old Had Butane, Ammunition at School

A Prince William middle school student who planned to frighten or even kill students who had teased him and then hold hostages to extort money, had 100 rounds of ammunition, a knife and a flammable liquid, police said.

The 12-year-old student walked into Bull Run Middle School on June 18 with a red bandana covering his face, pointed a rifle at employees, students and parents and ordered them to "get down," witnesses and law enforcement forces said. The seventh-grader was discovered loading a rifle inside a restroom before police stormed the building.

The boy has been charged with numerous crimes, including conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit abduction for money. A 13-year-old boy from Haymarket has been charged with conspiracy to posses firearms on school property. Police said that boy helped plan the incident but backed out before it happened.

The 12-year-old's mother, Naomi Lewis, a 38-year-old cafeteria worker at the school, has been charged with possession of a weapon on school property. Law enforcement sources said the boy arrived at school with his mother and she discovered that her son had brought a bag full of weapons, ammunition and liquid butane into the van. She locked the vehicle but did not report the discovery to any authorities.

Security Chief Admits Drunken Driving

Former Dulles Employee Sentenced to 10 Days

The former security chief at Dulles International Airport admitted that he was drunk and driving early on New Year's Day at the time he was supposed to be overseeing airport security during a heightened terror alert.

Charles D. Brady, 50, was sentenced to a mandatory 10 days in the Fairfax County jail. However he will probably serve only parts of four days, and those will be on weekends.

Fairfax Extends Search for Police Chief

Selection Postponed for Two More Interviews

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors interviewed four internal candidates for chief of police, then postponed the process for three weeks to interview two outside candidates who were not finalists. On July 12, the board plans to interview Donald A. Flynn, an assistant director of the U.S. Secret Service, and Alfred J. Broadbent, an assistant chief of the D.C. police department.

No favorite has emerged for the job. Lt. Col. Suzanne G. Devlin is the acting chief.

Across the Region

N.C. Farmer Sentenced; Metro Parking Change

* Tobacco farmer Dwight W. Watson was sentenced to six years in prison for making threats, destroying property and paralyzing part of downtown Washington after he drove his tractor into a pond on the Mall last year.

* Metro's parking garages and lots will switch to a cashless system this week. Beginning tomorrow, commuters parking at any of Metro's 33 lots and garages across the region must pay using an electronic SmarTrip card. The prepaid, reusable cards will make parking simpler and speedier, officials say.

Talking and driving: Driving while talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device becomes illegal in the District on July 1.