Shady Grove

Adventist Hospital

MAY 19

Ava Maria Spencer Deak, a daughter, to Kristina Deak and Timothy Deak of Frederick.

MAY 21

Noah Koffi Agboyibor, a son, to Akouvi Enyo Apedanou and Kossi Assilenou Agboyibor of Silver Spring.

Ritvik Kumar Bhattacharyya, a son, to Madhavi Bhattacharyya and Joy Kumar Bhattacharyya of Germantown.

MAY 23

Mirza Hilal Hussain, a son, to Hua Huang and Asghar Hussain of Rockville.

MAY 24

Andre Kanye Campbell, a son, to Sommer Royal and Darryl Campbell Sr. of Damascus.

Enson Cao, a son, to Nelly Sanchez-Cao and Phuong Cao of Silver Spring.

Ayanna Emily Abiodun John, a daughter, to Adiatu Ajimalay John and David Alexander John of Germantown.

Colin Francis Kelly, a son, to Erin Kelly and Shawn Kelly of Knoxville, Md.

Eliana Beth Lang, a daughter, to Deborah Lynn Weltz and David Michael Lang of Olney.

MAY 25

Stephen Ime Akra, a son, to Gloria Uduak Akra and Aloysius Ebenezar Akra of Montgomery Village.

Gabrielle Alexis Brown, a daughter, to Melika Shawn Brown and Lewis Willard Brown of Gaithersburg.

Sophia Sealgee Geem, a daughter, to Jeong-Yoon Choi and Zong Woo Geem of Rockville.

Amina Mariam Mokhtarzada, a daughter, to Mariam Mokhtarzada and Zeki Mokhtarzada of Silver Spring.

Habib Haytham Najjar, a son, to Heather K. Najjar and Haytham K. Najjar of Gaithersburg.

Atharv Amit Panditrao, a son, to Veena Amit Panditrao and Amit Vasudeo Panditrao of Gaithersburg.

Elias Ayman Shokry, a son, to Ludmila Orlova-Shokry and Aiman Mostafa Shokry of Gaithersburg.

Elizabeth Loy Yeager, a daughter, to Sarah Loy Yaeger and Richard Patrick Yeager of Germantown.

MAY 26

Keimiah Trakeia Carter, a daughter, to Tracey A. Hobbs and Keith L. Carter of Gaithersburg.

Kimberly Grace Sharma, a daughter, to Catherine C. Sharma and Parshotam Dass Sharma of Potomac.

Nikolas Khalil Hadeed, a son, to Jennifer Blackburn and Jason Hadeed of Waldorf.

MAY 27

Ryan Jacob Carnes, a son, to Theresa Michelle Harjo and Steven Gregory Carnes of Frederick.

Brianna De Vera Cunanan, a daughter, to Catherine De Vera Cunanan and Christopher Rodrigo Cunanan of Gaithersburg.

Taylor Rose Evans, a daughter, to Lisa Sjoberg Evans and Russell Patrick Evans of Germantown.

MAY 28

Dustin Lee Andrews-Tomlin, a son, to Deanna Lynn Tomlin and David Alan Andrews-Sexton of Gaithersburg.

Anthony James Escobar, a son, to Jill M. Johnson and Jose Roberto Escobar Valles of Gaithersburg.

Wyatt Thomas Fullmer, a son, to Jennifer Lynn Fullmer and Robert Lee Fullmer Jr. of Sandy Spring.

David Alejandro Ramirez, a son, to Dawn Valentine Ramirez and Samuel Alejandro Ramirez of Gaithersburg.

Charlotte Xu, a daughter, to Qian Wang and Luke Xu of Gaithersburg.

MAY 29

Brett William Engels, a son, to Katy Engels and Rob Engels of Gaithersburg.

Nolan Zachary Giegel, a son, to Jennifer Giegel and Zachary Giegel of Gaithersburg.

Madilyn Emma Ryan, a daughter, to Tonya Dee Cumbest and Matthew Gerrard Ryan of Derwood.

MAY 30

Jasmine Al-Shami, a daughter, to Chantale Bernatchez and Amin Al-Shami of Bethesda.

Aaron Tianran Ouyang, a son, to Jiwen Sun and Shu Ouyang of Germantown.

Jonah Tobias Woo, a son, to Jennie Mei Woo and Anthony Warren Woo of Germantown.

MAY 31

Michaela Tania Galcik, a daughter, to Tania Krystyna and Michael Francis Galcik of New Market.


Paige Lin Alexander, a daughter, to Denise Papantones Alexander and Thomas Dean Alexander of Ijamsville.

Callie Jeanette Borda, a daughter, to Ruth Burke Borda and Bryan Edward Borda of Darnestown.

Marshal Bowen Carr, a son, to Perette Marie Halpin and Douglas Michael Carr of Damascus.

Julian Padraig Oisin Zidane Estabrook, a son, to Victoria West Estabrook and Jason Alexander Estabrook of Gaithersburg.

Sibley Memorial Hospital


Alona Rona Mitchell, a daughter, to Tanesha Lanae Butler and Ron Anthony Mitchell Sr. of Oxon Hill.


Mary Greer Vermilye, a daughter, to Eileen Grady and Andrew Vermilye of Bethesda.

Henry Francis Carvajal, a son, to Mary Brennan Carvajal and Ricardo Carvajal of Rockville.


Max Murray Meisel, a son, to Olga Meisel and Marc L. Meisel of Bethesda.


Elizabeth Patricia Coligan, a daughter, to Melissa Jo Coligan and Michael Kris Coligan of Silver Spring.

Sophie Danielle Levine, a daughter, to Arriane Levine and Paul Levine of Olney.


Jaylin Noel Erica Madden, a daughter, to Melody Noel Mary and Jerome Eric Madden of Upper Marlboro.


Kevin Maciel Aldridge, a son, to Lidia Maciel Costa Aldridge and Peter James Aldridge of Bethesda.

Dylan Fitzgerald McLeod, a son, to Towanda Brooks McLeod and Keith Fitzgerald McLeod of Upper Marlboro.


Audrey Yun-Rui Teo, a daughter, to Wei Wei Guo and Sin Yew Teo of Potomac.

Frederick William Meinhardt, a son, to Molly Meinhardt and Jack Meinhardt of the District.

-- Compiled by RIA MANGLAPUS