The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Frederick City Area

ALL SAINTS ST. W., 151-Kyle M. Heister to Erica and Edward Bayley, $185,000.

ARBOR DR., 6985-Vera L. Debold to Loren W. and Rose Marie Cascioli, $170,000.

BALDRIDGE CIR., 6120-Eric M. and Terrie L. Dahl to Eva M. and John Call, $212,500.

BERRY ROSE CT., 1603, No. 2D-Charles Troxel to Brenda and Travis Hensley and Family Living Trust, $132,000.

BISHOPSTONE CIR., 109-Noel F. Simons to Susan L. Harrison, $168,000.

BLACK DUCK CT., 6725-Katherine P. Johnson to Angel P. Cappelletti and Carmen Fleming, $165,000.

BLACK HAW CT., 30200-Angelique and Kyle Petersen to Kenneth E. Nisula, $176,000.

BRIDGWATER CT. E., 9501-Nicole Eustace to Laveer and Felix Jovel, $455,000.

BRIDGEWATER CT. W., 9407-Lisa and Alan M. Wrightson to Norman Clarence Waters Jr., $303,000.

BRIDLE PATH CIR., 7730-Claude E. Shifflett Jr. to James Joseph and Susan B. Yocum, $265,000.

CANFIELD TER., 245-John V. and Janet S. Mulvey to Herlinda R. and Alfredo Sanchez, $152,000.

CHESTNUT HILL WAY, 107-Ann Turner to Georgina L. and Jean L. Mbisa, $200,000.

CRABAPPLE DR., 5674-Mildred Utley to Dorothy L. Clark, $200,000.

DILL AVE., 201-Rose Marie Holsing to Marilyn H. Buchen, $310,000.

DILL AVE., 262-Margaret S. and Scott F. Osborne to Carol Ann Dickson, $229,900.

DUKE CT., 5276-Michael J. Seal to Marilyn Munoz Jones and Anthony Jones, $215,000.

ELFIN CT., 1401-Scott Wayne Vaszil to Monroe P. Weeks, $365,000.

FLEETWOOD CT., 9673-Melanie Pantazopoulos to Kristen A. and Denver B. Haught, $317,750.

GRAYSTONE CT., 2108-Michael and Melissa Parlon to Gregory L. and Patricia E. Huyck, $315,000.

HARPERS WAY, 146-Katherine W. Wood to Gopalan Soman, $228,400.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 650-J-Timothy A. Frye to James W. Johnson, $78,200.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 701-Robert M. and Rhonda J. Drake to Jane E. and Dennis F. Holt, $83,001.

HIMES AVE., 613, No. XI-109-Deborah and Edmund and Pamela Morton to Jeanne L. and Gary W. Morton, $122,000.

JEFFERSON BLVD., 6637-Judy Ann Miller to Kent D. Barnhart, $275,000.

KLINE BLVD., 141-Irwin J. and Rebecca Wolberg to Annette Lee Weaver and Jan Ellen Kleiman, $270,000.

LAUREN CT., 117-Leonnie Antonniette Nelson to Gertrude E. Aikoo, $140,000.

LEE PL., 630-Timothy P. and Wendy F. Ganley to Thomas M. Renkey, $215,000.

LINGANORE RD., 7149-Douglas A. and Deborah Newcomer to Julie E. and Paul M. Palak, $168,000.

MARKET ST. N., 704-Jennifer L. Clarke Merson to Marie H. and Scot A. Slaby, $119,900.

MARY ST., 527-Stanley R. Biggus Jr. to James L. Kenney and Yamei Gao, $161,100.

MOUNT ZION RD., 4710-Richard E. and Mary E. Ireland to Jane and William Ireland, $225,000.

PENDLETON CT. S., 30-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ennis Marus, $129,995.

REGAL CT., 5221-Bruce D. Burns to Josephine N. and Vincent I. Onuigbo, $160,000.

SHARON DR., 8319-Bertrand and Deborah Newcomer to Grace and Alexander Mooney, $285,000.

SINGLETREE DR., 5657-Alecia M. Jones to Vilma Guzman, $197,000.

STRATFORD DR., 806-M-Jeffrey M. and Debra Keilholtz to Nakia T. and William D. Whitney, $106,900.

SUGARBUSH CIR., 528-E. Jane Young to Brandy A. Snyder, $189,000.

THRUSH CT., 7987-Elisa S. and James M. McCoy to Diana C. Weinrich, $203,900.

TRAIL AVE., 618-Richard D. and Brenda K. Sarver to Megan and Marc Deocampo, $227,000.

WILLARD HORINE CT., 6591-Nancy Castro and Julian M. Sepeda to Concha D. Harper, $165,000.

FIFTH ST. E., 227-Daniel A. and Stephanie A. Rigaux to Kathy Rossen and Timothy Kenyon, $198,500.

Garfield Area

BLACK ROCK RD., 3044-Earl L. and Helen E. McLucas to Anita Keating and Andrew Coffman, $150,000.

Jefferson Area

BENNINGTON PL. E., 4814-Joan M. Nowak to Zahera and Shahid S. Sheikh, $336,500.

CHEVY CHASE CIR., 2812-Robert S. and Susan M. Cooksey to Elizabeth and Neil Pellicot, $305,000.

Middletown Area

BROWNSTONE CT., 7095-Larry A. and Maryellen L. Gor to Christina P. and Michael J. Forbes, $275,000.

MANDA CT., 1-Philip M. Palmer to Keri L. and James D. Weiss, $349,900.

Monrovia Area

FINGERBOARD RD., 12526-Ronald R. and Barbara A. Reader to Martha B. and Steven B. Pugh, $214,990.

Mount Airy Area

ALFRAN DR., 5793-Eugene and Pamela E. Molesky to Robin Lee Templeton and Sanjoy Ghosh, $330,000.

DOUGLAS AVE., 6029-Ronald J. and Deborah E. Ihrer to Laurie A. and Martin Higgins, $339,000.

FINN DR., 10658-Vivian and Joseph Simmel to Kendra L. and Chris M. Berry, $327,000.

GREENLEA CT., 10397-Kenton W. and Kirsten A. Kroner to Deborah Miller, $234,900.

HIGHBORO CT., 4606-Marjorie J. Moxley to Janet A. and Robert A. Connor, $335,000.

MOLESORTH TER., 4309-Amy Wilson Rowan to Sherry M. and Kevin E. Williams, $329,900.

OAK VIEW DR., 1124-Scott O. and Barbara H. Davis to Lori K. and Aaron T. McCaa, $195,000.

OLD ANNAPOLIS RD., 13448-Burl J. and Traci M. Zirkle to Stephen C. Vallance and Cheryl A. Verbrycke, $299,900.

PENN SHOP RD., 13716-William M. O'Brien to Thomas R. and Cheryl A. Croker, $249,000.

VILLAGE WAY, 113-Steven B. Pugh to Marian L. and Richard M. Tworek, $222,200.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

JOSEPH CT., 5636-Joan P. Ellis to Tammy T. and Duane J. Durbin, $176,000.

Point Of Rocks Area

PIPPINS PL., 3801-Edward S. and Delores A. Koziel to Tamara M. and John M. Bird, $235,900.

Thurmont Area

STONEY PARK WAY, 16-Tammi Marie and Dennis J. Kirby to Derek Huzzy, $191,000.

TACOMA ST., 107-Ricky J. Motley to Pauline Draper Fisher and David John Andrew Fisher, $270,950.

Walkersville Area

EYLER CT., 9444-Joseph F. Devilbiss Sr. to Daniel and Linda Kay Wold, $120,000.

MAPLE AVE., 17-David E. Chisholm to Deborah J. and Thomas R. King, $274,900.

SHERWOOD DR., 96-Kenneth Warner Keilholtz to Reeder Custer Investments Inc., $163,500.

WOODSBORO PIKE, 10233-Monica T. Merkel to Vicki and Gary Gladhill, $430,000.