* March 23

George Mason loses to Broad Run, 2-1, in overtime. The Mustangs took the ranked Spartans, who had reached the Virginia AA quarterfinals the year before, into overtime and considered the game an indicator of their improvement over last season.

"Even though we lost, I think that kind of solidified in our mind that we could play against anyone," George Mason assistant coach Frank Spinello said. "I think we came out a different team."

* March 26

The Mustangs begin a 16-game undefeated streak with a 7-0 victory over Central-Woodstock. George Mason's high-powered offense scores at least one goal in every game the rest of the way (the Mustangs' one shutout came in the season opener vs. Stone Bridge). During the run, George Mason defeats Clarke County 2-0 on May 28th, proving it can handle its toughest Group A competition.

* June 4

Clarke County defeats George Mason, 1-0, in the Region B final. Though both teams advance to the state tournament, it is a stinging loss for the Mustangs, who now must take a more challenging path to the state final.

"We kind of hit a plateau in the Region B playoffs and that culminated in our loss to Clarke," Spinello said. "That showed us that we can't relax against anybody."