The following were among animal cases received recently by the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources Animal Management Division. Call 301-499-8300 for directions to the Prince George's County Animal Shelter, hours of operation, and adoption and licensing procedures. The shelter's Web site is at; click on Government, then Agency Index.

Dog Tied in Woods With No Food

SUITLAND, Woodacre Dr., 5400 block, June 21. A resident reported a sickly looking dog, which she described as a pit bull, was tied in a small patch of woods near her residence. An animal control officer picked up a black and white, 2-year-old female mixed collie and pointer. The animal had no food, water, shelter or ID tags. When approached by the officer, the dog was friendly. The officer took it to the shelter to be claimed.

Turtle Held Captive for a Year

NEW CARROLLTON, 85th Ave., 5400 block, June 22. A resident asked Animal Management to take a snapping turtle he found in a park more than a year before. An animal control officer arrived at the condominium and told the resident about state Department of Natural Resources laws pertaining to the protection and removal of wildlife. The resident was warned that fines could have been assessed. The turtle was returned to the wild.

Snake Meets Resident Halfway

LANDOVER, Brightseat Rd., 1500 block, June 22. A frightened apartment resident called Animal Management to say that half a snake was hanging inside the apartment window, and half outside. An animal control officer removed the trapped black snake from the window and returned the healthy and harmless reptile to the wild.

Dying Groundhog Found in Road

SEAT PLEASANT, Drylog St., 7000 block, June 22. A groundhog was found lying in the middle of a roadway and bleeding from its mouth and eyes. An animal control officer took the injured animal to the shelter. Because of its extensive injuries, the groundhog was euthanized.

Sparrow Pulled From Furnace

HYATTSVILLE, 36th Ave., 5000 block, June 22. A resident found a bird in her basement furnace. An animal control officer reached inside and captured the bird, a baby sparrow. The bird was returned to the wild.

Stray Dogs Impounded

FORESTVILLE, Kaverton Rd., 2900 block, June 22. An animal control officer picked up a small, black and white male mixed Labrador retriever puppy, approximately 8 months old. The dog was friendly and in good condition; it was not wearing ID tags. It was being held as a stray and was available for adoption.

UPPER MARLBORO, Duvall Rd., 9200 block, June 22. An animal control officer picked up a large, black and brown adult male Rottweiler that was not wearing ID. The animal was being held as a stray.

-- Compiled by GERRI MARMER