The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Adelphi Area

BUCK LODGE TER., 2608-Olga L. Geronimo to Guillermo Perez, $332,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1800, No. A-5-Lamont O. Hames to Pedro A. De Leon and Glenda V. Amores, $80,240.

METZEROTT RD., 1822, No. 108-Jacquelynne D. Despertt to Thanh V. Vu, $60,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1832, No. 101-Evelyne and Jean C. Pierre to Charlimise and Fritz Desrosiers, $99,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 121-Eleanor L. and Lawrence Solomon to K.D. Properties Inc., $82,000.

TULLYMORE DR., 10401-Karen L. and Douglas D. Guzick to Barbara Golden, $250,000.

Beltsville Area

CHERRY HILL RD., 11202-Anabel and Jose F. Hernandez to Maria A. Reys, $105,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11338, No. 204-II-G-Millard Hawkins to Dana Coleman, $99,000.

NAPLES AVE., 4611-Barbara L. and William J. Ritchie to Exdar A. Soto, $252,000.

USANGE ST., 4301-Dawn S. and Craig A. Violette to Linda M. Nilsen, $245,000.

Bladensburg Area

NEWTON ST., 5208, No. 203-Edson E. Ijeomah to Kehinde A. Onafuwa, $56,500.

Bowie Area

ATWATER CT., 3400-Tami and Douglas L. Jones to Chloe Anderson, $389,000.

CHURCH LANE, 8501-Venus S. Mason to Forest Investments Corp., $195,564.

EXCALIBUR CT., 3712, No. 301-Nikki C. Weldon to Eunesa S. Benoman, $162,000.

IDLEWILD DR., 13311-Robert E. Johnson to William E. and M.A. Blasi, $225,000.

KEMBRIDGE DR., 12409-Norma E. Phipps to Darlene J. and Ferris B. Burton, $267,500.

LANGSTON DR., 4601-Benida Nichols to Sheila R. and Nathaniel Edmonds Jr., $185,000.

MAROON LANE, 3617-William C. Lowry to Beth A. Shriver, $205,500.

NORTHROP PL., 3807-Michael and Hannie Koss to Lynn and Gordon Roberts, $259,900.

OLD CRAIN DR., 5801-Dwight I. and Heather A. Cooke to Cheryl E. and Stephen G. Golden, $293,500.

OXFORD CT., 16320-Jay A. and Vivian E. Ford to Barbara E. and Sheldon Q. Deshong, $315,000.

PRESIDIO WAY, 16213-Annette P. and David B. Jackson Sr. to Susan and Marlon Moncrieffe, $237,000.

QUIET OWL LANE, 12410-Edward W. Reilly to Benida M. Nickols, $316,000.

RAGING BROOK DR., 11210-Folake O. Ogunleye to Abimobola H. Emmanuel, $150,000.

RIDGELINE TER., 4740, No. 261-Janice C.P. and Phillip G. Harmon to Gregory L. Davis, $170,000.

RIVERTON LANE, 4913-Lori L. and Mark F. Kotz to Michael W. Linkins Jr., $215,000.

UNDERMIRE CT., 8607-Angela W. and Curtis S. Jacobs to Baltazar Ponce, $329,900.

Brandywine Area

ACCOKEEK RD., 5901-Ray and David Brown to Maria Hairston, $165,000.

Brentwood Area

38TH AVE., 4410-Franklin L. Ways to Dinora E. and Rafael Merlos, $195,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ADDISON RD., 5466-Edwina L. Wright to Eugene Ellison, $191,500.

BALSAMTREE DR., 923-Wanda P. Curry Williams to Monica and Jerome Johnson Jr., $165,000.

SHADY GLEN TER., 7313-James A. Simmons to Larry D. Hawkins, $117,000.

60TH AVE., 713-Elizabeth M. and Cecil F. Jenkins to Melvin Knox, $181,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

CENTRAL HILLS LANE, 976-Robert A. Martin to Rose L. Cummings, $157,900.

COLUMBIA AVE., 2100-Renee Perkins and Betty D. Graham to Ophelia T. Bryan, $151,500.

COUNTRYWOOD CT., 1713-Sharon E. and Jeffrey C. Datcher to Elias Sepulveda Jr., $133,500.

EUCLID ST., 5701-Lovenia H. and Robert H. Wiles to M. Pope Barrow, $160,000.

LA DOVA WAY, 3410-Abiola A. Awosanya to Florence Awosanya, $280,000.

RYDERWOOD CT., 1817-Sharyn A. and Jeffrey L. Dowtin to Ernest B. Vance III, $137,000.

Clinton Area

CHRIS MAR AVE., 5815-Helen J. and Carl Briguglio to Julie Baumgartner, $197,000.

CLINTON MANOR DR., 6608-Lillie M. Finch to Latonya V. Walker, $240,000.

GWYNNDALE PL., 5604-Karina V. and Garry R. Mayner to Jerome P. Hudson, $230,000.

SHANNAN DR., 8701-Beatrice M. and Larry L. McCollum to Jacqueline K. Holmes, $176,500.

SMALL DR., 9513-Phyllis J. and Ronald A. Erlwein to Stephanie L. Prather, $199,950.

VIENNA DR., 4900-Celecia L. and Bradley T. Lee to Crystal Beslow, $195,000.

WINTERSET CT., 9215-Karon and Farad Hall to Linda W. Coleman, $295,000.

College Park Area

60TH AVE., 8507-James L. Williams to Brian Perrina and Page Buker, $201,000.

District Heights Area

BELWOOD ST., 6118-Edith P. and Melvin Wade to Hattie V. Wolfe, $153,000.

DONNELL PL., 7239, No. A7-Stephanie Rostamie to Herbert Cole, $36,500.

HIL-MAR DR., 5147-Jerome D. Davis to Leslie M. Robertson, $119,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8629-Diana Hawk to Lashawn M. Vanhorne, $155,000.

Fort Washington Area

LIRA DR., 802-Azad M. Ally to Collis V. Timlick, $300,000.

MESSINA DR., 9308-Charles M. and Maureen L. Long to Yudis Y. and Mainor O. Ventura, $209,000.

MIDDLEFIELD RD., 6703-Lenwood W. Brooks to Mildred and William T. Tucker, $192,000.

RIVER FOREST LANE, 113-Dorothy L. and John L. Carswell Jr. to Diana Fogle, $361,200.

TRAVERSE WAY, 9508-Wylene L. Bush to Zona M. and Albert C. Craig, $225,000.

Greenbelt Area

HANOVER PKWY., 7708, No. 201-Marie Emmanuel to Duane A. McKinney, $116,500.

Hyattsville Area

EMERSON ST., 5610-Paula E. Williams Bauvil to Oluwabumi Y. Adesuko, $160,000.

52ND AVE., 4805-Rosalie G. and John B. Findley to Francisco A. Flores, $77,500.

Largo Area

EIDER CT., 13106-Darlene E. and Hans C. Benson to Risi Balogun, $315,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY CT., 7629-Richard C. McDonald to Confort Owolabi, $150,000.

BELLE AMI DR., 14906-Allen M. and Traci M. Dickson to Carlos Guevara, $167,000.

BOND MILL RD., 15622-D. Elaine Lowry to Della R. Dewalt, $202,000.

BONNETT LANE, 14437-John D. Jr. and Angela M. Johnson to Rita H. and Harshad R. Patel, $166,000.

LAURELTON DR., 15411-Kee Ja and Bum Un Kim to Aaron S. Blucker, $255,000.

MEWS CT., 15608-Robert J. Gentile to Darlene David, $144,500.

PRINCE GEORGE ST., 509-Dawn F. Kulavik to Harry M. and Michael L. Peden, $160,000.

SPLIT RAIL LANE, 7307-Anthony S. and Teresa C. Wilson to Kristina N. Clipper, $150,000.

TALBOTT AVE., 321-Clarence O. and Elris O. Davis to William N. and Margaret E. Lynch, $195,000.

TALBOTT AVE., 893-Michelle F. Ellis to Celso Aguilar, $160,000.

Montpelier Area

POPLAR GROVE CT., 11202-Wilfred R. III and Janet Bleakley to Deborah A. and Michael D. Secreast, $399,900.

Mount Rainier Area

34TH ST., 4049-Waleola Duyile to Charles F. and Dorothy T. Steck IV, $205,000.

New Carrollton Area

FREDERICK RD., 7729-Irma and Henry Ripple to Dorelys Garcia and Oliver A. Herrera, $93,000.

LAMONT PL., 6503-Pamela R.D. and Melvin Oliver to Elizabeth Amaya, $208,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 7505, No. 2045-Janet Jackson to Rosalie Atse Ekuban, $49,500.

UPSHUR ST., 7302-Tanya P. and Thomas R. Claggett to Juan P. Quintanilla, $185,000.

WEBSTER ST., 7111-Maria T. Avellaneda to Mercedes P. Suart and Pedro D. Luna, $130,000.

65TH AVE., 3702-Pilar G. and Marcelino D. Emralino to Marta Espinoza, $140,000.

84TH AVE., 6137-Stephen A. Sells to Antoinette D. and Ernest A. Melendry, $200,000.

Oxon Hill Area

DEAL DR., 5311-Barbara R. Bea and Curtis L. Roberson to Richard C. Brown, $122,300.

Riverdale Area

SHERIDAN ST., 4607-Kaaren S. and Brian A. Simmons to Lilli A.T. and Renato J. Morales, $197,000.

Suitland Area

SILVER PARK TER., 4095-Brenda L. Myles to Kenneth R. Sterling, $150,000.

Takoma Park Area

LINDEN AVE., 1136-Gillian R. and Carl R. Roper to Lucia E. Bercian, $176,000.

10TH AVE., 6814-Rhonda Hazelock to Susana L. and Anthony Coyle, $185,000.

Temple Hills Area

ACORN DR., 5309-Benjamin Proctor to Sylvia Brothers, $225,000.

CHRISTINA LYNN CT., 3001-Renee C. Williams to Konica Grady, $135,000.

COLEBROOKE DR., 2609, No. 22-Elsie M. Tillery to Diane Talbert, $60,000.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3107, No. N-203-Sharon Smoot to Presto and Stephen Shuttlesworth, $19,000.

WESTCHESTER DR., 6902-Essie M. Savoy to Theresa D. Epps, $215,000.

WICKHAM DR., 4809-Norma J. Matthews to James E. Owens, $231,000.

31ST AVE., 2813-Felecia P. Lee to Tinika D. and Michael E. Johnson, $154,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

OGLETHORPE ST., 3821-Janice L. Mitch and Glenna T. Nkang to Babak Salimi, $122,000.

OLIVER ST., 3912-Beatriz and Manuel Galeas to John Feffer and Karin J. Lee, $225,000.

OLIVER ST., 3924-David J. Simard to Aida Morel, $123,000.

SLIGO PKWY., 6520-Oscar P. Melara to Jaime Aguilar, $180,000.

TOLEDO TER., 3450, No. 502-Felicia W. Goss to Ana B. Gomerez and Evaristo Polanco, $72,500.

37TH PL., 5009-Lee Ganey Jr. to Mayra Buerostro and Luis Alfaro, $300,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

ABBOTSWOOD CT., 11445, No. 48-2-Linda E. Bass and Karla B. Philip to Kwanza K. Graham, $143,000.

COLONEL ADDISON PL., 4908-Kimberly M. Owens to James E. Tubbs Jr., $255,000.

GRAIDEN ST., 210-Marian Martin to Edward A. Hampton, $255,000.

JOYCETON DR., 11526, No. 34-5-Cecile Lagrenade to Mary C. Lumpkin and Nicole D. Duncan, $142,950.

LORD MARLBOROUGH PL., 14011, No. 21-3-Kathleen and Vincent A. Forca to Darlene Brown, $111,000.

PARAGON CT., 8512-David F. Favors to Joyce L. Bruce, $185,000.

Woodmore Area

JOHNSBERG LANE, 302-Marlene E. and Lemuel A. Roberts Jr. to Donald A. Bell Jr., $280,000.

WESTRIDGE DR., 10320-Shirley A. Christopher to Brian J. Gant, $97,900.