Calvert County public schoolteachers and support staff members will be paid according to the contract that expired today until stalled negotiations with employee unions are completed, the Board of Education said in a statement this week.

Superintendent J. Kenneth Horsmon also issued a release Monday, saying the Calvert Education Association had broken a non-disclosure agreement with the board when it posted a letter on its Web site with details about the negotiations. The letter said the board offered teachers a 1 percent cost-of-living increase.

The union's letter said that E. Lloyd Robertson, the board's chief negotiator, recommended that Horsmon declare an "impasse," a formal status that would prompt intervention from outside arbitrators to resuscitate the talks.

Horsmon said he was "disappointed" by the suggestion that he called for an impasse.

"I have not made such a request of the State Superintendent though that action [may] now be inevitable," he wrote.

Helen Thompson, the president of the Calvert Education Association, said she understood last week that the talks weren't going further and felt an obligation to keep the teachers informed.

"[Horsmon's] in the enviable position of being able to have it both ways. He can talk to the people he's dealing with and representing. But I'm supposed to keep 920 union members in the dark over the summer?" she said. "At some point I feel they have a right to know at least the outline of what's going on."

Thompson said the board has made "overtures" to the union this week to resume talks.

-- Joshua Partlow