Wounded Dog Euthanized

PURCELLVILLE, Berlin Pike, June 22. A man reported that an emaciated dog had been hanging around his home for several days. An animal control officer picked up the female pit bull, which was having difficulty breathing, and took it to a veterinarian. The veterinarian euthanized the dog after finding a gunshot wound through its muzzle. The dog's owner was not found.

A Hot Tub Surprise

ASHBURN, Vestals Gap Road, June 24. A woman reported that a dog was trapped inside a hot tub and drowning. An animal control officer found a healthy adult groundhog hiding under the hot tub, but no dog was found.

Weimaraner Left in Car

PURCELLVILLE, 23rd Street, June 25. An animal control officer responded to a report of a Weimaraner puppy locked inside a vehicle outside a restaurant. The officer found a female puppy panting in the front seat. The temperature outdoors was 78. After nearly an hour, the owner of the vehicle was found inside the restaurant. The officer issued the owner a summons to appear in court.

Happy Ending for Ducklings

STERLING, Countryside Boulevard, last Sunday. An animal control officer responded to a report that ducklings were caught in a storm drain and that some children were trying to rescue them. The officer used a net to get 10 ducklings from the storm drain. The officer reunited the ducklings with their mother, who was pacing nearby.

Raccoon Takes Up Residence

ASHBURN, Reliance Court, last Sunday. A man reported that his family had returned from a week-long vacation to find a raccoon in his son's bedroom. An animal control officer determined that the raccoon had entered through the chimney. The officer removed the raccoon and released it into the wild.

Stray Pit Bull Taken to Shelter

ASHBURN, Gardengate Circle, Monday. A man reported finding a brown pit bull lying on his deck. The dog was thin and not wearing a collar or tags. An animal control officer brought the young male dog to the animal shelter, where it was awaiting its owner.