The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

ACADIA PARK DR., 9117-V. Lakes Corp. to Lorraine K. and Bryan M. Blanchette, $571,252.

BALLAGAN CT., 9560-NVR Inc. to Christina M. and Stephen C. Brzostowski, $387,375.

BALLAGAN CT., 9568-NVR Inc. to Narjis R. and Mohammad A. Rizvi, $426,959.

BENCHMARK LANE, 8990-Denise M. and Terry F. Willis to Jon S. Stern and Jamie Crozzoli, $265,000.

CAITHNESS CIR., 12150-Judy C. Davis to Brett Caldwell, $200,000.

CORREEN HILLS DR., 12932-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Megan Holak Layton and Brett Layton, $280,440.

COUNTRY MILL DR., 12047-David J. Baskin to Christina M. Russ and Michael S. Maloney, $244,250.

EDMONSTON DR., 8904-Depolo and Kull Development Inc. to Kerry L. and Robert W. O'Neal Jr., $336,640.

FALCON GLEN CT., 9026-Richard M. Wasano to Paul Scheidmantel III, $218,500.

PENZANCE LANE, 12311-Tiffany R. English and David S. English to Mary E. Smith, $255,000.

Dumfries Area

HOPKINS DR., 4717-Dolores V. and Neil M. Larimer II to W. Kellie and Alan L. Remick, $375,000.

INLET PL., 15310-Alisandra E. Edwards and Leroy J. Knox to Michael J. Rainsberger, $198,700.

KILPATRICK PL., 2420-Atlantic Investment Corp. to Faustino M. Tercenio, $140,000.

VIDALIA CT., 3053-Washington Homes Inc. to Cathleen and Giorgio Fernandes, $415,973.

Gainesville Area

CALTHORPE PL., 6753-NVR Inc. to Christine M. and Barry D. White, $341,732.

DANEHURST CIR., 15090-NVR Inc. to Song Suk and Gary Lee Martin Jr., $313,700.

HERITAGE FARMS DR., 13512-Alyson Skinner and Kevin Skinner to Steve A. Yoder, $540,000.

RANSOM OAKS CT., 15013-QCH Custom Homes Corp. to Linda Costello and Philip E. Crable Jr., $656,527.

RODERICK LOOP, 6664-Lauren P. Bogush and Vincent J. Coutee to Linda C. and Alan N. Maxwell, $255,000.

ROXBOROUGH LOOP, 8212-Renaissance at Lake Manassas Corp. to Abdallah Dahir, $668,000.

TENBROOK DR., 8377-The Ryland Group Inc. to Margaret M. Tyrell, $387,861.

VILLAGE STREAM PL., 6926-Robin L. and Juan L. Ramos to Diego L. Arias, $229,500.

VIRGINIA OAKS DR., 7701-Estella L. James and Jerry D. James Sr. to Barbara K. and Jackie A. Marshall, $460,000.

Haymarket Area

CARIBBEAN CT., 5749-Richmond American Homes to Mary Sarah Moore, $512,390.

COUSTEAU PL., 6112-Susan D. and Matthew I. Fisher to Martha H. and Anthony C. Ginn, $349,900.

NELSON DR., 15701-Charlene Morgan Carr and Phillip E. Carr to Erin L. and John L. Viviani II, $218,500.

RIDING CLUB DR., 15121-Bison Building Co. to Lana N. and Fred G. Galati, $1.577 million.

Manassas Area

BROOKVIEW CT., 7824-Shirley M. Dahlstedt to Leonardo Marquez and Elda Hernandez, $221,000.

COLE TIMOTHY CT., 6924-K. Hovnanian at Brenbrooke Corp. to Deborah W. and James F. Burks, $491,375.

EMERYWOOD CT., 6171-VMK Associates Joint Venture to Patricia Cummings Fetter and Kimball W. Brace, $1.069 million.

LIME TREE CT., 10381-Pamela L. and Stephen W. Bowles to Neysa Diaz Torres and Samuel Figueroa Ortiz, $382,000.

LYCEUM LANE, 5979-NVR Inc. to Elizabeth A. and O. Kwasi Gyimah, $515,176.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7556-Israel Carcamo to Rodolfo Revelo Rodriguez, $185,000.

RAPIDAN LANE, 10422-Dawn M. Trawick to Maria and Ever Segura, $179,000.

SHAWNEE LANE, 12104-Ralph A. McKay to Paula Orozco Sosa and Jose S. Sosa, $243,900.

SUDLEY MANOR DR., 9613-Peggy Fox Moore to Michael P. McCarthy and Jeremy E. McLeod, $282,000.

THRAVE LANE, 6053-Stephanie K. Slater and Patrick M. Slater to Delmarshea Wilson and Larry D. Wilson, $585,000.

ZACHARY TAYLOR CT., 13517-Pighini Builders Inc. to Lynn Michelle and Kyle F. Mohr, $470,400.

Manassas Park Area

RAINWATER CIR., 8154-Mohammad Malik to Rachel Paul, $284,500.

VERMONT PL., 8257-Bryan S. Nally to Emad Rayan and Lubna Al Sharif, $227,000.

Nokesville Area

VINT HILL RD., 14309-Wilma Lee House to Dale A., Paul M. and Harold E. House, $210,000.

Woodbridge Area

ANDERSON CT., 14836-Modcon Inc. to Luis Saenz, $180,000.

APPALOOSA DR., 3848-Dorothy S. and Lee E. Reeves Jr. to Jennifer M. and David N. Kelly, $385,000.

BACONS CASTLE CT., 15701-Washington Homes Inc. to Debra R. and Thomas A. Johnson, $407,360.

BELMONT BAY DR., 458-Neighborhoods Corp. to Elizabeth Long, $469,267.

BRYAN CT., 14808-Jose A. Gutierrez to Carlos Guerrero and Christian Argueta, $160,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1412-Dale P. Wolford to Constance S. Whyman, $195,000.

CANDLEWOOD CT., 14784-Aurea N. and Warren C. Duthie to India and Azizullah Sakhi, $186,000.

DANVILLE RD., 14603-Natividad Caballero and Jose Marin to Claudia and Hassan Aitcaid, $272,000.

DAPPLE GRAY CT., 12212-Rachel F. and Alan W. Rapee to Mary L. and Thaddeus J. Clark, $280,000.

DREXEL ST., 2406-Krista Kay Bancroft to Jose Valle, $275,000.

EDGEMOOR CT., 11292-Anna L. Hamidi and Adnan M. Hamidi to Jennifer Jones, $212,300.

ESQUARRE CT., 3337-Marcelle A. Castillo to Ahmed A. Mohamed, $215,000.

GAZEBO CT., 12776-Frederick C. Robinson III to Edelmira and Brunell Gooden, $202,000.

KENTLAND DR., 4400-Roberto Valdes to Carlos Mejia, $242,200.

KERR CT., 13434-Ridgedale Inc. to Dora and Alvaro Espana, $323,878.

KILBANE RD., 4732-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jose Carlos Hernandez, $255,000.

KINGSBURY LANE, 2302-Sheldon Arpad to Hector Guerra, $230,000.

KNOWLES ST., 13715-Eric G. Udell to Jenny R. and Christopher Mallory, $232,900.

LINWOOD LANE, 2509-Caroline Sophia Nickens to Jeffrey H. Leach, $230,000.

MARQUIS PL., 3906-Kathleen R. McKendree to Cheryl Lynn Hauser, $195,500.

MOUNT PLEASANT DR., 14107-Charity L. and J. Dwayne Hooper to Victorina O. Gonzalez, $228,500.

NORTHTON CT., 5726-Ridgedale Inc. to Richard K. and Veronica K. Dankyi, $406,473.

OHIO AVE., 15400-Natividad D. Castro and David C. Meza to Carlos H. Barcenas, $234,000.

OLD POST TER., 1907-Yvette T. and William Torres Jr. to Joseph Michael Denney, $148,315.

PEMBERLEY CT., 4275-D.R. Horton Inc. to Charles D. and Karen R. Bussenger, $400,000.

PLYMOUTH CT., 12597-Laura A. and Ibrahim A. Sankoh to Vanessa Medlin, $200,990.

POWELLS LANDING CIR., 2047-Neighborhoods Corp. to Mary Ann and Charles Warren Riner, $492,300.

RIGGS CT., 1205-A. L. and Anthony L. Moore to Nubia B. Lemus and Hector D. Joya, $220,000.

SAGAMORE CT., 2406-Rachel L. and Peter J. Beach to Scott W. Collins and Margaret J. Kinzer, $279,000.

SILENT TREE PL., 15740-Aysha Taj and Sofia Taj to Bruce Kornegay and Emma Moreira, $265,000.

SWEENEY LANE, 16740-Oak Ridge Inc. to Caroline Y. Pak and William F. Ocampo, $265,965.

SWEENEY LANE, 16746-Oak Ridge Inc. to Gifty Acheampong and Samuel Arthur, $261,830.

TILLETSON PL., 1793-Jennifer E. and James R. Fields to Donnie L. Askew, $155,000.

TRAVAILER CT., 15520-Anita Nadine Jackson to Workayehu Tadesse Wolde and Getachew Abdi, $210,000.

TRIAD CT., 3898-Ana M. Luz and Jose A. Luz to Sue A. and Richard C. Hamrick, $445,000.

TRIDENT LANE, 6152-Robbie C. Johnson to Elsa Flores and Jorge A. Canales, $186,000.

WATERMILL TER., 15347-John R. Riedy to Mohammad Alhussen, $191,000.