The following was among cases received recently by Anne Arundel County Animal Control. For more information, call 410-222-8900.

Biting Rottweiler Euthanized

LOTHIAN, A St., 1-100 block. A Rottweiler that bit a teenage boy was euthanized June 30 after it was impounded and attempts by Animal Control to contact its owner were unsuccessful.

On May 1, the dog pushed through an unsecured gate in its yard and attacked a miniature pinscher on a porch of a home on the same street. The daughter of the pinscher's owner and the owner of the Rottweiler arrived to stop the fight. The pinscher received stitches at an animal hospital for puncture wounds.

The following day, the Rottweiler bit its owner's 14-year-old son on the right forearm when the youth tried to pull the dog away from a fence line because it was barking at another dog. The injury did not require stitches, according to Animal Control.

The Rottweiler was quarantined at the Animal Control facility. After Animal Control made several unsuccessful attempts to contact the owner, the agency served a "Potentially Dangerous Order" on June 16 to a female resident at the owner's home. The owner did not appeal the order -- which requires significant measures to contain the dog at home -- or try to claim the animal, according to Animal Control.

The county bite investigator later served the woman a letter advising the owner that he had 10 days to comply with the order or Animal Control would consider the dog abandoned. After receiving no response, Animal Control made the decision to euthanize.

-- Compiled by SHARON FANNING