The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

B ST. W., 203-Richard E. Metheny to Matthew H. Vadney, $139,500.

CONCORD DR., 54-Donald G. and Angela L. Talton to Kathy J. and Gary M. Barrett, $189,400.

PARK AVE., 732-Kathi Beachley to Robert F. Mandes, $199,000.

Frederick City Area

AMBROSE DR. N., 2602-Larry Alan Haines to Norma Eugenia Cooper, $201,900.

AZTEC DR., 803-Rochelle and Sharon M. Lewis to Yaw Owusu, $349,900.

BALL RD., 8123-Mary Ann and Gerald M. Gue to Timothy Kaiser, $280,000.

BARON CT., 6912-Ned A. and Jeanene L. Erickson to Katherine M. and Louis N. Finelli, $345,000.

BIRCHWOOD LANE, 9434-Seydou and Sharron A. Dembele to Ann and John Verbeten, $232,900.

CASTLE ROCK RD., 1758-Deborah M. and Larry W. Grove to Kelly T. McKee Jr., $374,900.

CATALPA RD., 7072-Annamae Wares to Maria C. and Dennis A. Gates, $175,000.

CHADWICK CIR., 809-Laura P. Russell to Laurel A. Wilson, $121,000.

CHESTNUT OAK CT., 9793-RLT Partnership to Nancy A. Taylor Davis and James Haydn Davis III, $255,000.

DAVID LANE, 1398-Stuart F. and Sherri A. McKissick to Stacy M. Pittinger and Stephen S. Baxter, $155,500.

DUKE CT., 5806-Lori L. Swiger to Brett Richard Etzler, $160,000.

DUNBROOKE CT., 828-Henry B. Wilson to Betty M. and Joseph H. Bartenstein, $335,000.

EARLES CT., 5206-Tab Properties Partnership to Karen H. Grossenkemper, $188,000.

ELLROSE CT., 536-James Dolan to Jeffrey Clements, $144,900.

ETZLER RD., 5709-Teizo Yoshimura to Gregory C. and Amy L. Sloan, $775,000.

FLEETWOOD CT., 9668-Wayne R. and Kara L. Moore to Dana and Geoffrey T. Slevin, $315,000.

GRANT PL., 508-Debra Lynne Johnstin to Yvonne L. and Stephen M. Linger, $221,000.

HARPERS CT., 1909-Patricia A. and Michael L. Wolford to Beverly A. Decaro, $212,500.

HIMES AVE., 613, No. XI-107-John E. Poole III to Donna M. Wallen, $119,000.

JENNINGS CT., 1614-Arnold and Marjorie I. Julius to Sujatha B. and Srinivas Gowda, $137,500.

KATSURA CT., 5790-Charles H. Troxel to Melody A. and Richard N. Grove Jr., $163,000.

OLD RECEIVER RD., 7503-Allen R. and Debra J. Middendorff to Jacqueline and Stanley Biggus Jr., $295,000.

PALACE GREEN TER. W., 2203-Meggan K. and Kirk T. Day to Jeffrey M. Schaeffer, $197,000.

PEACHTREE CT., 1313-Tana G. and Robert J. Lawrence to Arnold Julius, $240,000.

PRIMUS CT., 601-Richard C. Jr. and Miriam G. Doyle to Yasmin and Shaheen Iqbal, $198,500.

REGAL CT., 5360-Taiwo Adebayo and Abiola A. Subair to Laura K. Tritch, $170,000.

RIPPLING BROOK RD., 2433-Nathan E. Mangum to Jo Anne B. Conner, $319,900.

SANDPIPER CT., 6740-Nancy Kruse to Deborah L. Galdamez, $171,000.

SHOOKSTOWN RD., 1641-Peggy A. and Chester F. King to Eric Burkholder, $225,000.

STONEGATE DR., 162-Pedro C. Moreno to Jane E. and Dennis F. Holt, $127,500.

VIENNA CT., 3-Carolyn Marie Tobery to Grimco Investments Corp., $117,000.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 2129, No. 2D-Marlene and Mark A. Seese to Stephanie L. Dorsett, $129,900.

WARREN WAY, 2637, No. 1-7-Scott A. Gossert to Sheri R. Bergman Galvez, $152,900.

WATER ST., 123-Frances L. and James H. Nusbaum to Vivian C. Campbell, $130,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1515-Lois T. Knott to Greta M. and David A. Hurt, $194,900.

WHITE FLINT DR., 5996-Nancy B. and George D. Clark Sr. to Biba Sardessai, $775,000.

FOURTH ST. E., 131-Michael Lamar Williams to Gary D. Baker, $205,000.

THIRD ST. E., 325-Jan and Weaver Annette Kleiman to Catherine H. and Thomas Canning, $190,000.

Ijamsville Area

LINDSEY CT., 3065-Teresa and Timothy Campbell to Stephanie C. Moore, $498,900.

MUSSETTER RD., 5021-Dorothy L. and Peter J. Gordon to Laurie J. and William D. Ridgway, $446,400.

Knoxville Area

PETERSVILLE RD., 3512-Misti Lee Hoffmaster to Brenda C. and John A. Leach, $190,000.

Middletown Area

MYERSVILLE RD., 8730-Tracy M. and Jeffrey L. Schubert to Jay Lee, $189,900.

ROBINDALE DR., 24-Daniel W. Jr. and Cheryl J. Jones to Stacy L. and Kevin Scott Beall, $137,000.

Monrovia Area

BLUEBERRY CT., 3737-Andrea V. and James F. Campbell to Michael S. Cholewcynski, $330,000.

Mount Airy Area

BALMORAL RIDGE CT., 6795-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Veronica Elizabeth Hadogopoulos, $320,000.

FAIR LANE, 6959-John J. Fitzgibbons to Lorraine and Leonard Maenza, $385,000.

ILLINOIS CT. N., 6210-Judith K. Jandora to Kyra Kreinbrook, $187,900.

LAKERIDGE RD., 6734-James R. and Sharon L. Scarborough to Debra A. and Daniel M. Burke, $319,000.

OAK VIEW DR., 1208-Daniel J. and Heather L. Laudicina to Kristin Swinimer and Gary Furr Jr., $189,900.

WINDSONG CT., 5746-William S. Groene to Amy G. Wilson, $293,900.

Myersville Area

CHURCH HILL RD., 10106-John M. and Christina L. King to Stacey A. and Mark C. Flynn, $339,000.

TOWER RD., 12388-Vincent A. Jr. and Patricia M. Serio to Susan M. and Evans K. Anderson, $365,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

LAKE POINT CT., 10739-Arlene S. and William R. Duffy to Deborah J. Deane, $226,000.

SPONSELLER CT., 5543-Brian J. and Christy H. Lausch to Hemamalini Vasan, $262,500.

New Windsor Area

TARR DR., 9006-Jonathan and Laura Stiens to Margaret C. and Brian K. Bailey, $218,500.

Thurmont Area

BENNETT CT., 201-Robert L. and Betty Carwithen to Robin L. Blandford and Brian E. Rippeon, $299,900.

KELLYS STORE RD., 6705-Patricia A. and Richard L. Pfeiffer to Department of Veterans Affairs, $158,231.

VICTOR DR., 102-Jamie S. and Charles E. Johnson to Denny Fenner, $227,000.

Walkersville Area

INQUIRY CT., 8737-Cathy Kinna to Ronald L. Alexander II, $122,000.

VISION LANE, 8421-Susan M. and Damon B. Catlin to Nicole Marie Cornell, $144,000.