Aldie-Braddock Road Area

CLOCK TOWER SQ., 24689-Prathima Errabelli to Thomas C. Merical III, $324,065.

FELDSPAR PL., 41860-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Benjamin H. Heaney, $533,806.

GYPSUM WAY, 24791-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to M. Annette Tees and Charles J. Janak, $562,415.

HORNFELS CT., 24817-Stone Ridge Community Development to Luong Ly, $604,880.

LENAH RUN CIR., 40771-Heather M. and Robert B. Carhart to Sona S. Vaish and Ramesh Venkat, $679,000.

MISTY VALE CIR., 41010-Richard J. Repke to Leslie M. and Montgomery M. Green, $695,000.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24686-Spencer Taylor to Marie Jose and Mohey Ragab, $335,000.

NYALA CT., 42081-Brookfield Westview Corp. to Ben Jr. and Belinda G. Rogers, $640,000.

NYALA CT., 42085-Brookfield Westview Corp. to Nancy L. and Michael B. Davis, $670,390.

SERPENTINE PL., 24794-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Hong S. and William Dill, $492,755.

SERPENTINE PL., 24830-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Lee Wesner, $523,561.

SHELLS WAY, 24797-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Seung M. and Ksung Baek, $650,000.

SUNNY MEADOW LANE, 24266-Winchester Homes Inc. to Virginia V. and Stuart E. White, $694,570.

Algonkian Regional Park Area

BICKEL CT., 7-Wendy M. and Robert C. Gaddy to Ahmet Cakmak, $200,000.

BICKEL CT., 69-Alexander Collins and Kathleen Lacs to Albertina and Jonathan S. Walker, $235,000.

BICKEL CT., 103-Jin Jean Cheng and Lai Chen to R. Morant and Maria Guimbard, $217,000.

BRENTMEADE TER., 20339-Alexandra S. and Ian J. Lobo to Jeanne S. and John F. Clizbe, $365,000.

BRISBANE SQ., 46136-Kristin H. Carman to Joseph E. Araujo, $409,755.

CHESAPEAKE SQ., 20453, No. 203-Kimberly D. Hinkle to Michelle M. Brauch, $205,000.

DERRYDALE SQ., 20839-Chad E. Clement to Mohammed I. Ahmed, $320,990.

DOCKSIDE TER., 20776-D. Khona and J. Khona and Sudhir Khona to Scott W. Patterson, $298,000.

FELSTED CT., 320-Brian D. and Sheryl A. Lemma to Kendra and Christopher Carson, $242,900.

GRAHAM COVE SQ., 46846-Kristen Clark and Devin Thatcher to Elisabeth J. and Mario Villarreal, $318,900.

HAVEN TER., 46330-Robert Carl Rothstein to Romuel Saygo and Michael Pagaduan, $319,990.

LONGBANK CT., 20677-Verla K. and William F. Austin to Susan Roth and Gregory Bauserman, $464,900.

MIDDLE BLUFF PL., 47216-Ana L. Carvajal and Paul A. Diaz to K. Myruski and David J. Schedler, $594,990.

MOSBEY CT., 13-Susan and Frederik Hartsuiker to Santokh Singh and Paramjit Kaur, $180,000.

NERINE CT., 20901-Aparna and Hemadri Dasari to S. and Philip R. Mammen, $560,000.

NOLAND WOODS CT., 20567-Toll Virginia Partnership to Wendy L. and Robert S. Henderson, $570,148.

OAKDALE CT., 25-Shari L. and William M. Phillips to Mitchell E. Goldfarb, $242,000.

REEF TER., 47589-Mileah and Robert Hudgins to Thomas Gregory Ferguson, $314,000.

RIPPLING DR., 47567-Labkhand K. and Raul B. Aguilar to Amy and Frank Hart, $519,900.

STONEHELM CT., 46620-Abraham Dilmaghani to Kelli A. and David J. Nemer, $446,500.

WELTON TER., 46689-Carrie Seevers and Chad R. Wagner to Jane C. Banman and Albert O. Zeh, $300,000.

South Riding Area

BEACHALL ST., 42969-Moya B. Cardle to Ronald C. Rush, $300,000.

CHILMARK DR., 25542-Cynthia M. and Robert A. Rademacher to George M. Duvall, $479,900.

EUSTIS ST., 43013-Shannon L. and Lonnie E. Young to J. Livingstone and Elizabeth Eberle, $284,900.

FRANCIS SQ., 43050-Christine and Edward Jason Nader to Rebecca S. Saunders, $301,000.

KAISER PL., 25777-South Riding Partners Partnership to Kelly A. and Stephen M. Smith, $529,715.

LAKE MIST SQ., 25300, No. 200-James W. Godsey to Tonya A. Collins, $218,500.

LANDS END DR., 26133-Lawrence R. Legge to Martha Darif, $305,900.

LANDS END DR., 26224-Nora R. and Binod B. Thapa to Jennifer L. and Matthew C. Arnold, $395,000.

RACHEL HILL DR., 25969-Pamela M. and Jody L. Lecrone to Lori S. and Paul T. Kappel Jr., $397,000.

RIPLEYS FIELD DR., 25308-Tricia N. Archer and Brock A. Darby to Colleen F. and Chad E. Morison, $525,000.

ROLLING ROCK SQ., 42699-Vickie Nguyen and Cuong Huy Phan to Lisa M.H. and Michael A. Labelle, $345,000.

TREMAINE TER., 25683-South Riding Partners Partnership to Eileen P. and Robert J. McFarland, $430,320.

Sterling Area

AARON CT., 306-Susan S. and Anthony R. King to Steven P. Reed, $369,990.

APPLEGATE DR., 147-Scarlett B. and Robert C. Lucas to Gladis Avelar and Raul Somoza, $375,000.

ARGONNE AVE. N., 1101-Pedro R. Quijada to Daniel A. Romero, $260,000.

BEACON DR., 206-Darlene Meekins to Brooke E. and Joseph W. Skiados, $259,900.

BEECH RD. W., 203-E. Guerrero and Kathleen Carlyle to Jesse L. Kidd, $265,000.

BEECH RD. W., 628-Jo Ann and Charles R. Egen to Orawan Tutor, $269,000.

BRETHOUR CT., 713-Sule Habib and Leland E. King to Madesta Cosmen and Darren M. Martin, $119,630.

COURTYARD SQ., 46956, No. 301-Sharon S. Circe to R. Asadi and Saeedeh Hojatzadeh, $215,000.

EVERGREEN ST., 105-S.R. Blaine and Benjamin F. Sands to Marta A. Gonzalez, $300,000.

FILBERT CT. S., 810-Natalia A. and Mikhail Malychev to Gloria G. and Timothy M. Jones, $276,000.

GLADSTONE DR., 21058-Karen Burke Tee Luttrell to Hillary B. and Israel I. Deanda, $291,900.

GOLDSTONE TER., 21820-Robert Pantall and Jennifer Block to Alex Bhargava, $267,900.

MAPLE AVE. W., 704-Kelly and Samuel Conover to Jesus E. Rodas Madrid, $289,700.

MYCROFT CT., 1016A-Margaret M. Tyrrell to Ana R. Reymundo, $140,000.

MYRTLEWOOD SQ., 21921-Jorge Collque to Hedwig S. and James F. Watson III, $245,000.

NEWPORT CT., 24-Karen Gesa to Caroline and Ian R. Johnson, $279,000.

RICHLAND CIR., 108-Ethelmae and Leland F. Page to Amanda L. and Elliot F. Fletcher, $186,300.

SAMANTHA DR., 315-Charlene J. Whitfield to Yang and Scott Gossert, $395,000.

TRUMPET CIR., 46875-Shubhangi J. and Jagadish G. Gowda to Beth B. and Curtis L. Nation, $274,900.

WARWICK CT., 1042-James A. McEnanem to Woodrow D. Cooper, $141,900.

Waterford Area

CHURCH ST., 15512-Lynda C. and Peter J. Buck, trustees, to H. Kloosterman and H. Yarrington, $750,000.

GRASSLEY FARM LANE, 39923-Carmax Inc. to Elaine B. and Robert M. Moore, $1.15 million.