Equality in Housing Aid

While I can understand the county wanting some of its employees to be able to afford to live where they work ("County May Help Workers Get a House," Howard Extra, June 24), why should they be given preferential treatment in the housing market over other residents who may earn less? Most people would like to live near where they work, so any lottery should be applied equitably.

As for the need to "plow the roads at midnight," I'm sure county workers get compensated for time spent plowing, and the county must have a contingency plan to get them to the job. Their work is indeed important, but most work is, if not as important, at least as necessary in the chain of command. Do you ever wonder, though, how low-wage earners manage to make it to work in the snow to man the convenience stores, grocery stores and fast-food restaurants, while the pampered white-collar workers have the luxury of getting paid to stay home or are given the option of taking comp time, something unheard of for most service employees?

Ah, but it is summer and who wants to think about snow right now? Certainly the county will do what is right in this regard.

Lou Ann Prosack