The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

MANNING RD. E., 231-Ronald J. and Paulette N. Clark Jr. to Amanda V. and Michael A. Martin, $295,000.

Adelphi Area

AVALON PL., 1805-Mary A. Thoma and Lafayette Parker to Edgar Anderson, $160,000.

FOX ST., 2604-Ravi Bal to Daysi and Maria and Jose Arevalo, $251,000.

QUEBEC ST., 1422-Marie A. and Richard T. Stearns to Rosa E. Campos and Raul A. Canales, $255,000.

QUEBEC ST., 1908-Manuel R. and Dora M.R. Amaya to Bertila and Jose Arias, $173,000.

Beltsville Area

BELTSVILLE DR., 12099-Tracy W. and Sheri W. Greenfield to Dung Tran and Cynthia Cruz, $126,000.

FALLSTON AVE., 3125-Robert A. Boissonneault to Lincy and Suresh Selvarjah, $315,000.

YATES RD., 4704-Homer L. and Stella M. Reece to April D. and Lonnie F. Harris, $308,000.

Bowie Area

EASTHAVEN CT., 15825-Delmar S. Spivey to Brooke Larman, $127,500.

ERMA TER., 3700-Dwayne Thomason to Tyrone Davis, $186,681.

KAVANAUGH LANE, 12621-Catherine and Anthony G. Logiudice to Richard Bebout, $235,000.

KILBOURNE LANE, 12600-Bruce and Dorothy R. Johnson to Christopher and Ellen C. Bruenjes, $235,000.

LONDON LANE, 14554-Jennifer L. Clark to Djhanice M. Mun and Edrrick P. Neric, $182,000.

NEMAN CT., 2716-Kicha R. and William C. Kerr Jr. to Deborah Tarver Smith, $163,000.

NORTHCOTE LANE, 14908-Carl A. Torggler trust to Sonia O. and Mark N. Lewellen, $259,900.

TWIN CEDAR LANE, 12021-Richard M. Krauss to Laurene J. and Kirk I. Doan, $245,700.

11TH ST., 13111-Faith Independent Baptist Chruch to Patrick M. Bell, $95,000.

Brentwood Area

UPSHUR ST., 3700-Donnette and Winfred W. Pearson Jr. to Brian Szabo, $191,000.

Capitol Heights Area

BROOKSQUARE DR., 1716-Clive Webley to Gail C. Turner, $103,450.

PACIFIC AVE., 1419-Randolph E. and Julia T. Owens to Michael J. Garrett Sr., $140,000.

SHADY GLEN TER., 7320-Olga E. and Jackie L. Hayes to Veronica D. Neville, $139,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

ALLENDALE DR., 8109-Sharon A. and Jerold Hahn to Derek A. Slade, $109,950.

CONGRESS PL., 8956-Barbara S. and Robert T. Alston to Wesley Foster, $131,580.

GREENLEAF RD., 5705-Kevin G. and Lois E.H. Chambers to Sara J. and Jesse M. Webber, $224,900.

Clinton Area

CHRIS MAR AVE., 6014-Victor Blank to Deloria R. Shaffer, $139,990.

FOX PARK RD., 9009-Michelle Y. and James W. Blackston to Aneta E. Cobbs, $292,000.

MALCOLM RD., 8006-Joseph A. and Margaret E. Medley to Jennifer and Rashad Terry, $203,800.

RED FOX CT., 7603-Andre Boykins to Joseph Musgrove and Toyna Hill, $203,000.

THRIFT RD., 10106-James C. Williams to Emma E. Sikorski, $220,000.

TRENT ST., 5406-Annmarie Metro to Lorraine Lemon Berry, $175,000.

WOLVERTON LANE, 6224-David M. and Kimberly M. Brooks to Donnie and Victor Poole, $228,500.

College Park Area

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 6907-Julie E. Keenan and Richard D. Koch to Tamara Cibor, $350,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. 1005-Helen R. Martin to Katherine Lyttle, $97,000.

District Heights Area

MILLVALE AVE., 2521-Larry G. and Rosalind J. Baker to Cecelia and Mitchell Blackmon, $125,500.

SETON WAY, 2307-Tawnya L. Bonner to Beverly A. Johnson, $160,000.

Fort Washington Area

EAST FORT FOOTE TER., 8618-Clara J. and Newland H. Bush to Sydney Paskel, $90,000.

FORT WASHINGTON RD., 11820-Everett G. and Mildred W. Bowie to Lucretia G. Coles and Litra O. Gunter, $250,000.

MADISON DR., 1308-Mary D. Camacho and Geoffrey D. Buff to Dolores Cabatbat, $187,500.

PALMER RD., 1304, No. 16-Eunice H. and George E. Wagner Jr. to Gwendolyn D. Ashton, $145,000.

Greenbelt Area

GREENBELT RD., 8431, No. T-2-Meredith Gibbs to Dana R. Alston, $96,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 6978, No. 302-A Matter of Money Corp. to Michael K. Songco, $76,000.

MANDAN RD., 7921-Rose Marie and K. and Leonard J. Jung to William M. Seganish Jr., $95,000.

Hyattsville Area

59TH PL., 5109-Wilfredo S. and Ana L. Cartagena to Florinda S. Ull and Francisco Salgado, $169,900.

Langley Park Area

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 9203, No. A-1-Julia Cruz and Blanca Lobato to Ronald Mitchell, $94,000.

Lanham Area

ALDERSHOT DR., 5206-Christopher D. Drayton to Rhabiatu D. and Annas F. Kamara, $230,000.

BRAE BROOKE DR., 8730-Subrenda J. and Ronnie Jacobs Sr. to Noreen W. Toussant, $170,000.

NIGHTINGALE PL., 7001-Ameer and Myra Abdullah to Mah E. Tedid Mbah and Tidong E. Mbah, $252,000.

UNDERWOOD ST., 9409-George L. Klinker to Rainbow Properties Corp., $100,000.

VILLAGE PARK DR., 6751-Ting Zhang and Gang Qian to Carman E.A. Long, $240,000.

94TH AVE., 6341-Robert Moore to Wanda D. and William Tate, $137,000.

Largo Area

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8951-Meshell J. Lathrop to Tracy L. Thomas, $130,000.

WATER FOWL WAY, 13611-Adepeju Akinto to Cheryll and Edna James, $375,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY CT. E., 7652-Ted W. Shen to David T. Ishkanian, $106,000.

ARBORY WAY N., 7520-Leon Hasnain to Eric T. Stoneking, $158,900.

CARRIAGE HILL DR., 7229-Suzanne C. One and Clesson E. Turner to Toni D. McNeely, $235,000.

CARRIAGE HILL LANE, 15614-Brenda Chaney to Oscar A. and Oscar L. Valdiviezo, $232,000.

CROWS NEST CT., 7906, No. 31-Ana Arruda to Quang Tran, $135,000.

FENWICK CT., 8161-Azad A. and Fawziya and Shah Mirza to Kenyatta and Michael Allen, $178,000.

HAINES CT., 7727-Valerie A. and Jose D. Vieira to Naabia Abbey, $155,000.

MULBERRY ST., 8519-Tina and Scott E. Guile to Tom W. Khoury, $179,900.

11TH ST., 1114-Jimmy J. Johnson to Jorge Deoyague, $210,000.

Montpelier Area

IMPERIAL DR., 8507, No. III-Clara M. Murphy and R. Jnene Peyton to Rebecca M. Peyton, $142,500.

IVYSTONE LANE, 12609-Timothy M. Molitor to Natalie E. and Craig A. Butler, $315,000.

SNOWDEN OAKS PL., 8421-Phyllis S. Rose to Thrisha M. Joyner, $146,000.

New Carrollton Area

GLENOAK RD., 4715-William R. and Marilyn G. Scannell to Susan M. and Peter L. Miller, $160,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5538, No. 1619-Adegbemisola B. Oladunjoye to Chinenye Agbo, $53,000.

POWHATAN ST., 7702-Sandra and Abdul W. Khair to Rene G. Lopez, $200,000.

QUINCY ST., 5618-Geraldine K. Tulane to James R. Heslep, $99,000.

TRENTON RD., 4802-Pamela D. Beverly to Rozier Singletary III, $144,000.

87TH AVE., 6231-Anna M. and Jack G. Berger to I.D. Contreras, $230,000.

Oxon Hill Area

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 568-Thomas S. Burke to Donald J. Schutz, $28,000.

Riverdale Area

LAFAYETTE AVE., 6001-Lynette D. and Rodney L. Davis to Charotte Y. Brown, $116,000.

MUSTANG PL., 6004-Sylvia A. Stewart to Mauricio Palomino, $192,000.

62ND PL., 6117-Henry C. and Clarissa W. Ellison to Marc P. Ethier and Lisa S. Archer, $155,000.

63RD PL., 6413-Delores and Allen Ross Sloan to Virginia Jones and Allan F. France, $223,000.

Suitland Area

POPLAR RD., 6709-Rachel J. and George E. Fisher to Enyinna O. Anthony, $134,500.

SKYLINE DR., 4306-Edward T. Burke trust to Judith D. and Michael S. Morris, $169,000.

Temple Hills Area

ANVIL LANE N., 2106-Arthur W. and Rondey Wooten Young to Xiao F. Wang and Qing Y. Chen, $150,000.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3103, No. S-716-Michael C. McGoings to Claire R. and Heather A. Byer, $50,000.

JANE CT., 6200-Charles E. Pullen Jr. to Angela Archer, $136,500.

LINDA LANE, 5707-Reginald L. Forbes to Yvonne M. Speight, $185,000.

LYONS ST., 4004-Carolyn L. Roachford to Eric L. Beharry, $128,900.

SUMMERHILL RD., 6706-Malda J. and Stanley A. Neal to Pamela A. Henderson, $296,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

CAMPUS WAY S., 10095-Rosa D. Bullock to Shade A. Barnes, $149,000.

CLIRIEDEN LANE, 4703-Robin C. Rubain to Diona L. Stoudmire, $175,990.

COLONEL BEALL PL., 4914-John J. and Cheryl L. Kittle to Mark I. and Kimberly D. Phillips, $251,000.

FAREHAM LANE, 13806-Patricia Jordan to John E. Brown, $178,800.

GRANDHAVEN AVE., 8520-Kimberly S. and Adam B. Miller to Dorothy Tate, $190,900.

HALLOWAY N., 3736-Erica D. and William A. Brown to Linda Ferguson, $170,020.

HARMON CT., 3408-Carlyle O. and Lauren A. Osborne to Ramatou Kouyate and Mohamed Sannoh, $207,000.

HAVRE TURN, 7315-Gregory D. Marquardt to Denton G. Guy Williams, $184,000.

JOYCETON TER., 89-Sakina R. Denegal to Linette and Elizabeth Cooper, $167,000.

KING GREGORY WAY, 13809-Barbara J. Austen to Sherika N. Johnson, $160,600.

PERRYWOOD RD., 6700-Helen L. and Harry M. Brooks to Bruce J. Bell Sr., $311,000.

RIPON PL., 13126-Ellen G. Warren to Jonathan M. Riddle, $183,000.

TRUMBULL DR., 13023-Jose Luna Lima to Sandra F. and William E. Ruxton, $60,450.

VILLA CT., 11404-Gary Witherspoon to Martin L. Johnson, $220,000.

WHEELING AVE., 12315-Lloyd G. and Joan C. Luellen to Rita and Martin Letren, $205,000.

WYLD DR., 10504-Leslie Hines to Venus Alert and Godfrey Grenion, $370,000.

Woodmore Area

LAKE OVERLOOK PL., 11222-Cedric J. Watlington to Wariko and Nzuki Waita, $199,950.

STILLWATER PL., 606-Fannie L. Ruffin to Lorraine Y. Williams, $215,900.

WESTLAKE DR., 905-Artine P. and Steven E. Hollis to Roderick G. Thomas Jr., $204,000.