New Caretaker for Neglected Dogs

STERLING, West Maple Avenue, June 28. An animal control officer responded to a report of a beagle mix and a shepherd mix running loose. The officer determined that the dogs' owner was out of town and that the designated caretaker had not been looking after them. The officer gave the dogs fresh water and contacted the owner, who arranged for someone else to care for them. An officer followed up the next day and found that both dogs had food and water.

Stray Hamster Up for Adoption

ASHBURN, Keller Square, June 30. A man reported that his wife had found an injured hamster on a bicycle path near their home. An animal control officer picked up the hamster, which had an injured front leg, and took it to a veterinarian. The hamster is available for adoption at the animal shelter.

Injured Deer Euthanized

WATERFORD, Hurley Lane, June 30. An animal control officer responded to a report of a deer caught in a fence. The officer found the deer stuck between the stakes of an iron fence. The deer was bleeding from its nose and mouth. The officer shot the deer to end its suffering.

Injured Hawk Expected to Recover

ASHBURN, Belmont Ridge Road, July 3. An animal control officer responded to a report of an injured red-tailed hawk in the road. The officer found the hawk, which had flown into the side of a vehicle, and took it to an animal emergency hospital. The hawk was expected to make a full recovery and be released into the wild.

Dog Accidentally Locked in Car

STERLING, Woolcott Square, last Sunday. A woman reported that she had accidentally locked her Shih Tzu mix and her keys inside her vehicle. An animal control officer was able to open the vehicle, and the dog was not hurt.