The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BALLAGAN CT., 9504-NVR Inc. to Neil X. and Terrence F. D'Souza, $469,183.

BALLAGAN CT., 9557-NVR Inc. to Jennifer L. and Christopher J. Strom, $379,165.

BALLAGAN CT., 9564-NVR Inc. to Jacqueline and Robin Manapsal, $373,790.

BIG SPRINGS LOOP, 9141-Beazer Homes to Amy and David Gee, $413,335.

DUNBARTON DR., 12974-Brookfield Corp. to Beverly K. and Donald C. Jordan Sr., $316,990.

DUNBLANE CT., 9504-Brookfield Corp. to Robin B. and Gary N. Yacur, $298,340.

DUNBLANE CT., 9505-Brookfield Corp. to Lisa J. Brasacchio, $325,990.

ORLAND STONE DR., 10101-Brookfield Corp. to Lorenza Jewell Jr., $343,165.

ORLAND STONE DR., 10105-Brookfield Corp. to Michael L. and Joanne F. Brown, $322,765.

PENTLAND HILLS WAY, 10053-Brookfield Corp. to Malcolm Tudor, $327,265.

PENTLAND HILLS WAY, 10059-Brookfield Corp. to Keith Scott, $351,890.

SELKIRK CIR., 12513-Nicole R. Bass to Lynn Phuong and Jason N. Frazier, $222,000.

Broad Run Area

JOHN MARSHALL HWY., 17000-Merrilee C. and Gayle M. Harrington to Cloverland Farm Corp., $2.05 million.

Catharpin Area

FORD RD., 12930-Patriot Homes to Phyllis S. and Patrick Villegoureix Ritaud, $667,265.

Dumfries Area

DR. DAVID CLINE LANE, 17920-Anna M. and Harvey L. Watson to Muhammad Asghar and Salahuddin Nasir, $125,000.

FORT PULASKI CT., 1816-Josianne E.T. and Charles E. Flemming to Dolores Solis, $142,000.

FOUR SEASONS DR., 17365-Hovnanian Homes to Carolyn A. and Mark A. Pierce, $340,379.

FOUR SEASONS DR., 17385-Hovnanian Homes to Jacqueline and John Herde, $280,895.

FOUR SEASONS DR., 17389-Hovnanian Homes to Janet and Robert J. Laver Sr., $379,609.

MCCLELLAN CT., 2311-Richard G. Lamp to David E. Lloyd Jr., $147,500.

MCCLELLAN CT., 2329-Kublawi Sahar and Salim Kublawi to Mario and Gisella Panameno, $156,900.

PORT WASHINGTON CT., 15533-Donna Lee Scott to Elizabeth L. Allen, $238,000.

SPARKLING BROOK LOOP, 16540-Hovnanian Homes to Emma Jane and Jeffrey Saxe, $445,000.

STEWART LANE, 3666-Edwin Carbajal Martinez to Wagner E. Pineda, $165,000.

Gainesville Area

DANEHURST CIR., 15074-NVR Inc. to Kimberly A. and Jason Z. Rose, $310,840.

HEREDITY LANE, 5448-Heike C. and George K. Bostick to Pamela J. and Kyle G. Sharp, $485,000.

RAINY DAY WAY, 12221-Khanh Nguyen to Jaspinder K. and Surinderbir S. Samra, $460,000.

TENBROOK DR., 8389-The Ryland Group to Tanya F. and Richard C. Seaman Jr., $383,811.

Haymarket Area

ARNOLD PALMER DR., 15475-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Thanh T. and Hugh G. Cherry, $483,922.

HAGEN WAY, 15508-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Rudolf G. Bickel, $286,870.

SHOAL CREEK DR., 5599-Cendant Corp. to Jeffrey Ahern, $515,000.

TYLER MILL CT., 14855-Diane B. Hughes to Jeffrey A. and George A. Joseph, $585,000.

VENUS CT., 7029-Catherine E. and Robert F. Petrie to Gloria and Homayoun Tebyanian, $337,000.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5617-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Eugene Marvin Jr. Crawford, $375,250.

Manassas Area

AMBLEWOOD DR., 13214-Deanne and Modupe C. Salaah to Sylvia A. and Mitchell Leverette, $465,000.

ANJOU CT., 9693-Julietta and James A. Aulestia to Johnessa and Willie Bass, $420,000.

ASHEVILLE ST., 10170-Margaret P. Jordan to Mary Jane Dimino, $165,000.

CHERRY OAK CT., 8857-Yanquing He to Pamela M. and Francis F. Fernandes, $165,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8281-Gillermo David to Mary Mc Donald, $178,000.

KESSLER PL., 11310-Robert H. Davis Jr. to Patrick H. Murray, $236,500.

MEADOW GROVE CT., 10664-Tammy Anne McDole to Krista D. Carlsen and William J. Poole, $188,500.

PARADISE CT., 10481-Telisport W. Putsavage to Laurie M. Jarman, $140,000.

Manassas Park Area

DUCK POND TER., 8019-Comstock Corp. to Sergey Andreev and Elena Kalinovskaya, $293,425.

MCLEAN WAY, 8032-Elizabeth M. and Robert A. Carter to Gloria Emilia Guevara and Elmer Velasco, $250,000.

WILCOXEN FARM PL., 7838-Birchwood Corp. to Phi N. Pham and Nang T. Luong, $368,770.

Nokesville Area

BLUEGRASS CT., 11964-Tracy Wilkinson and Brett Whysong to Ute C. and Mario A. Trevino, $395,000.

LAKEHILL DR., 13150-Caryn M. and Michael R. Poloske to William D. Bookwalter, $550,000.

Woodbridge Area

AEGEAN TER., 11391-Steven B. Hyahurst to Katherine W. Adams, $190,000.

BATH CT., 3518-Thomas J. Chess to Martin O. Martinez, $80,000.

BIRCHDALE AVE., 14729-Adrian J. Sentiger to Maria V. Rubio and Virgilio Ascencio, $224,000.

BIXBY RD., 2767-Heather D. Irvine and Jason E. Irvine to Maurice C. Bradby, $167,000.

BLACKSMITH TER., 15347-Christopher M. Valdes to Gary S. Latta, $179,900.

BURGUNDY PL., 2864, No. 6-Sheryl and Dean Meyeraan to Janine L. and Michael S. Goodchild, $124,000.

BURNING RIDGE CT., 4137-Ann M. and Mark M. Jalajel to Baryalai Azimi, $550,000.

CARTER LANE, 1539-Patricia and Jose M. Rodriguez to Mirna Sigaran and Adonay Membreno, $240,000.

CATALPA CT., 15135-Diana and Santiago Castillo to Maria J. and Agustina Brum, $185,000.

CHOCTAW RIDGE CT., 3032-Alvina Nester and Ellen Singleton to Haregewein Kebede and Gezu D. Mequanint, $233,500.

COLONIAL DR., 1531, No. 302-Toni Anne Coffman to Michael James Goy, $90,000.

COLORADO AVE., 15320-Emma M. and David L. Webb to Ana G. and Daniel A. Ramirez, $200,000.

CULLERS CT., 3316-Leigh Anna and David M. Lavers to Esther H. Chicata, $290,000.

DONALD CURTIS DR., 15904-Gail D. Dotson to Scott E. Riley and Joyce Riley, $206,500.

DOWNEY CT., 14820-Kathleen Welsh to Margoth R. Aparicio and Reynaldo Portillo, $250,000.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14696-Anne P. Talkington, trustee, to Alain Acosta Caldas, $175,000.

ENSBROOK LANE, 4397-Detura McCanick to Juan Benitez, $180,000.

EVANSDALE RD., 4610-Ana E. and Mauricio J. Cisneros to Lorenzo Lopez, $240,000.

FINDLEY RD., 3805-William A. Guevara and Jose Hernandez to Jose Carlos Umeres, $210,000.

GAZEBO CT., 12779-Judy C. and James H. Hammond to Asha Singh and Karan Singh, $220,000.

GRANBY RD., 4111-Kathryn E. and Jerry L. Hopkins to Prudencio Martinez, $250,000.

GREENVALE RD., 13434-Mary J. and David W. Hughes Jr. to Jane and Ronald P. McCreary, $299,900.

KERR CT., 13430-Ridgedale Inc. to Vincent G. Stephenson and Ven Hang, $344,939.

KIRKDALE DR., 4650-Rosalie Tucker and Herbert Shepherd to Ana Arevalo and Gustavo A. Rodriguez, $255,000.

LASHMERE CT., 13013-The Drees Co. to Rachel F. and Alan W. Rapee, $470,000.

LODGE TER., 15271-Kevin Nesbit Jr. to Amal Mohamed Allagabo, $182,000.

LYNWOOD DR., 5038-Cynthia R. and Shell S. Holtzapple to Zuleyma E. Guevara and Mario A. Marquina, $249,500.

MADEIRA CT., 2873, No. 3-Robert Taylor to Marina L. Llewellyn, $130,000.

MAPLEDALE AVE., 13733-April K. and Ronald E. Hines to Nick Y. Ron, $159,615.

MARINER LANE, 1944-Karen R. and Kevin T. Kelty to Angela M. Londono and Cesar A. Orozco, $210,000.

MAURICE DR., 1535-James R. Evans and Florence A. Evans to Domingo Bonilla, $244,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 2032-Janet Elizabeth and Michael P. Peter to Lindsay B. and Scott M. Collins, $208,000.

MEADOWBROOK RD., 13785-Fredi Martinez and Carlos Orlando Mejia to Carlos E. and Carlos M. Delgado, $237,900.

MEDWICK CT., 5261-Vivian Novillo and Francisco Garcia to Wilson Guardia, $254,000.

MILL BROOK CT., 12845-Douglas G. Kay to Katell C. Devilliers and Christopher T. Gricius, $280,000.

NORTHTON CT., 5695-Ridgedale Inc. to David R. Hudspeth, $416,215.

PACKARD DR., 13304-K. Jean Hughey and William A. Hughey to Frances E. and James O. Tate, $458,000.

QUATE LANE, 13067-The Drees Co. to Sonja M. and Donald J. Zundel, $417,125.

QUATE LANE, 13536-Ridgedale Inc. to Nina S. Vilaychith and Phousithy Ratanavong, $338,615.

ROPE DR., 13906-Ercilia and Jose M. Saravia to Trinidad Vasquez and Ramiro R. Quintanilla, $223,900.

SCOTCH HEATHER PL., 13040-Robert Kettler, trustee, to Juan Luis Millan, $379,053.

SMOKETOWN RD., 12998-Lee M. and Robert J. Ivaniszek to Donna M. Harrison, $412,000.

STEVENSON CT., 12212-Jody W. Vanison and Joseph B. Vanison to Ana L. Avalos, $125,000.

TAG CT., 6181-Kachia R. Wright and Darin L. Wright to Angela J. and Melvin Rodriguez, $296,000.

TORRENCE PL., 4449-Alva J. Williams and Kenneth M. Williams to Alva Rival and Maria Ocon and Ilson Rival, $252,000.

TORRENCE PL., 4463-Lourie Cramer to Neil J. Foglio and Cynthia L. Welsh, $265,000.

TUMBLING BROOK LANE, 12803-Shailaja R. and Ramesh P. Uppin to Joseph C. Alexander III, $203,900.

WIDEBRANCH LANE, 4132-Chong H. Pace and Robert L. Page to Dawn A. and Glenn E. Gardner, $375,000.

WINSTON CT., 2712-Mario F. Colorado to Tarsha Bowers, $250,000.