10th Street Market1000 S St. NWAug. 29, 2003N1411 Market1936 11th St. NWJuly 31, 2003N1913th Street Quality Mkt1209 13th St. NWAug. 28, 2003Y204th Estate Grill1639 L St. NWApril 30, 2004N18 & 197 Food1830 Benning Rd. NEJuly 11, 2003N187 Food1830 Benning Rd. NEMarch 6, 2004N14*A&L Market2007 First St. NWAug. 29, 2003N14Adams Grill1813-15 Adams Mill Rd. NWMay 21, 2003NAlabama Express 2846 Alabama Ave. SEJuly 10, 2003N19*Albert's Liquor Store326 Kentucky Ave. SEJuly 11, 2003N19*Alero Restaurant3500 Connecticut Ave. NWFeb. 13, 2004NAvenue Wine & Liquors2316 Pennsylvania Ave. SEJuly 10, 2003N19*B & B Food Store1310 North Capitol St. NWOct. 24, 2003N20*** Barrel House Liquors1341 14th St. NWAug. 28, 2003N13*Beef Smith50 Massachusetts Ave. NEApril 2, 2004Benning Mall & Variety 4801 Benning Rd. NEAug. 8, 2003N19*Berkshire Food & Drug4201 Massachusetts Ave. NWJuly 25, 2003N17Berkshire Food & Drug4201 Massachusetts Ave. NWMarch 5, 2004N19Best Way Liquors2011 14th St. NWJuly 24, 2003N19*Big Value Liquors3174 Bladensburg Rd. NEAug. 7, 2003N19Bless 7 & 9 Store434 Shepard St. NWMarch 6, 2004N*19Bloomingdale Liquors1836 First St. NWJuly 3, 2003N19Bowen Discount Liquors1239 45th St. SEAug. 15, 2003N13Cairo Liquor Store1618 17th St. NWAug. 29, 2003Y20Cap Liquors1301 South Capitol St. SESept. 12, 2003Y20Capitol City Brewing Co. 2 Massachusetts Ave. NEApril 2, 2004N Capitol Hill Wine & Spirits323 Pennsylvania Ave. SEJuly 11, 2003N19Capitol Liquors1835 Benning Rd. NEJuly 11, 2003N18**Carmen & Peaches Variety Store1454 Park Rd. NWNov. 21, 2003N18*Carrie's Delicatessen3429 14th St. NWJuly 24, 2003N19*Cavalier Liquors3515 14th St. NWJuly 3, 2003N19*Charlie Chang's Rest./Lounge1912 I St. NWMay 7, 2004N18 & 18Chesapeake Big Market601 Chesapeake St. SEDec. 5, 2003Y16China House1601 Benning Rd. NEMarch 5, 2004N*19*Chipotle Mexican 1837 M St. NWJan. 31, 2004Y18Chipotle Mexican 2600 Connecticut Ave. NWFeb. 6, 2004YCircle 7 Market740 Kenilworth Ave. NEDec. 19, 2003N20*Circle Liquors5501 Connecticut Ave. NWJuly 18, 2003Y17*Columbia Wine & Liquor1151 Bladensburg Rd. NEAug. 7, 2003N19*Compact Market1613 Montello Ave. NEAug. 7, 2003N19**Cookie's Corner1070 Second St. NWNov. 21, 2003N14Coppi's Pizza 1414 U St. NWApril 16, 2004N*18 & 19Cork 'N Bottle Liquors7421 Georgia Ave. NWJuly 3, 2003N19*CVS Pharmacy5011 Connecticut Ave. NWJuly 18, 2003Y17CVS Pharmacy5011 Connecticut Ave. NWMarch 5, 2004Y19D & B Deli Carryout3412 Georgia Ave. NWMarch 6, 2004N*14*Daily Fish of Chesapeake2270 Sherman Ave. NWAugust 1, 2003N19Dakota Liquors5510 Third St. NEJuly 31, 2003N17Davis Market3819 Georgia Ave. NWNov. 7, 2003N14District Chophouse & Brewery509 Seventh St. NWJan. 23, 2004Y18Elgailan Grocery1916 14th St. NWJan. 30, 2004Y18 & 18Elmira Grocery1646 Columbia Rd. NWAug. 29, 2003N14Embassy Market4401 South Capitol St. SEAug. 15, 2003N14Fairfax Liquors 2153 P St. NWNov. 21, 2003Y18Fairway Market2501 North Capitol St. NEJuly 17, 2003N19Fairway Market 2501 North Capitol St. NEMarch 19, 2004Y14Frank & Stein 4686 Martin Luther King Ave. SWAug. 14, 2003N13Fresh Dairy1901 New Hampshire Ave. NWAug. 28, 2003N20Fresh Fields Whole Foods 2323 Wisconsin Ave. NWJuly 25, 2003Y*17*Friendly Food Market 1399 Half St. SWSept. 12, 2003N14Friendly Food Market 1399 Half St. SWMarch 6, 2004N14Friends Liquors1406 H St. NE July 11, 2003 N18Fuddruckers 1216 18th St. NW Jan. 31, 2004 Y18 & 18Georgia Avenue Market3126 Georgia Ave. NWAug. 1, 2003N19**Gray's Market3306 Georgia Ave. NWAug. 1, 2003N19**Greenway Liquors3700 Minnesota Ave. NEAug. 8, 2003Y19Harvard Liquor2901 Sherman Ave. NWAug. 1, 2003N19Imperial Liquor1050 17th St. NWAug. 29, 2003N13*J.J. Mutt Wine & Spirits643 Pennsylvania Ave. SEJuly 11, 2003N19Jaleo 480 Seventh St. NWJan. 23, 2004N17 & 18Jubilee Market2316 Fourth St. NEAug. 28, 2003N14Jumbo Liquors1122 H St. NEJuly 11, 2003Y18Jumbo Liquors1122 H St. NEJuly 17, 2003Y18June Market2324 North Capitol St. NEJuly 17, 2003N19Kennedy Street Market701 Kennedy St. NWAug. 1, 2003N19Kim's Market3503 Georgia Ave. NWNov. 7, 2003N14Kim's Market3503 Georgia Ave. NWMarch 6, 2004N14*King Avenue Liquors2757 Martin Luther King Ave. SE July 10, 2003Y19La Madeleine3000 M St. N.W.NLasalle Liquors1719 K St. NWDec. 12, 2003N14 Ledroit Market1901 Fourth St., NWNov. 21, 2003N*14Lee's Liquors2339 Pennsylvania Ave. SEJuly 10, 2003N19L'Enfant Deli701 L'Enfant Plaza SWAug. 8, 2003Y17Local 161600 U St. NWApril 16, 2004N18 & 19Logan Circle Liquors1018 Rhode Island Ave. NWAug. 8, 2003N 14Mama Ilardo Pizzeria 50 Massachusetts Ave. NWOct. 17, 2003Y17*Mangos2017 14th St. NWApril 23, 2004N18 & 18Mar De Plata 1410 14th St. NWJan. 30, 2004Y18 & 18Marks Market3933 14th St. NWNov. 14, 200314*Marriott at Metro Center775 12th St. NWMay 7, 2004Y18 & 18Marvelous Market3217 P St. NWJan. 23, 2004N14 Master Liquors1806 D St. NEAug. 7, 2003N19Mayfair Liquors7312 Georgia Ave. NWJuly 3, 2003N19Mercadito Ramos2213 14th St. NWAug. 28, 2003Y20*** Metro Foods1325 Rhode Island Ave. NEJuly 17, 2003N18Missouri Avenue Market5900 Missouri Ave. NWAug. 1, 2003N19*Missouri Avenue Market5900 Missouri Ave. NWJan. 10, 2003Y18 Modern Liquors901 M St. NWOct. 24, 2003Y20 Nathan's 3150 M St. NWMay 14, 2004N19New Dodge Market3820 14th St. NWJuly 24, 2003N19*New Hampshire Market1900 16th St. NWAug. 28, 2003N13Northeast Beverage 1344 H St. NWJuly 11, 2003N 18Northeast Beverage 1344 H St. NWJuly 17, 2003N18Northwest Liquors300 Kennedy St. NWNov. 7, 2003*18 O'Connor's Liquors2900 Minnesota Ave. SEAug. 8, 2003Y19Oghi & Gwen's Liquors 4416 Southern Ave. SEAug. 15, 2003Y19Pal Discount Liquor1905 Brentwood Rd. NEAug. 28, 2003N14Paradise Deli & Grocery1121 Seventh St. NWAug. 1, 2003Y19Paradise Liquors 1900 14th St. NWJuly 24, 2003N19*Park's Market 3400 13th St. NWJuly 31, 2003N19**Peacock Liquors1625 New York Ave. NEJuly 17, 2003N19Pennsylvania Avenue Market1501 Pennsylvania Ave. SENov. 14, 2003Y14 & 16 Pier 7/Channel Inn650 Water St. SWMay 14, 2004N19Pizzeria Uno50 Massachusetts Ave. NEApril 2, 2004YPost Pub1424 L St. NWApril 30, 2004Y19Potomac Delicatessen1200 Potomac Ave. SEOct. 10, 2003N14 Raymond's Liquors3035 Naylor Rd. SEAug. 14, 2003N14Rendezous Lounge2226 18th St. NWMay 21, 2004Y18 RFD Washington810 Seventh St. NWMay 7, 2004N18 & 18Rhode Island Avenue Grocery101 Rhode Island Ave. NEJuly 17, 2003N18Rim's Market1039 Bladensburg Rd. NEJuly 17, 2003Y18*Roha Restaurant & Lounge1212 U St. NWJan. 23, 2004N16 & 16Rose Mar Liquors1537 Good Hope Rd. SEJuly 10, 2003N19Royal Farm Market646 Rock Creek Church Rd. NWNov. 7, 200314S & T Market3001 Sherman Ave. NWAug. 1, 2003Y19Safeway 322 49th St. NENov. 14, 2003Y14 Sammy's Liquors2717 Bladensburg Rd. NEAug. 7, 2003Y19Santa Rosa2224 18th St. NWMay 21, 2004Y16 & 18Save More Supermarket1634 North Capitol St. NWOct. 24, 2003N14 Sav-On-Liquors1414 14th St. NWAug. 28, 2003N19*Se Market1500 Independence Ave. SESept. 12, 2003Y20Sequoia3000 K St. NWMay 7, 2004Y18 & 18Seymours Wilen Liquors5581 Southern Ave. NEAug. 8, 2003N19Shipley Supermarket2283 Savannah St. SEAug. 15, 2003N14Shop Express2400 14th St. NWJuly 24, 2003N19***Shop Express3900 Benning Rd. NESept. 12, 2003N14Sign of the Whale 1825 M St. NWJan. 31, 2004Y18Sister Sub Shope1206 Queen St. NEApril 23, 2004N15Spar Liquors3916 South Capitol St. SEAug. 15, 2003N19Species3333 Connecticut Ave. NWFeb. 7, 2004NSpeedy's Liquor3328 14th St. NWJuly 24, 2003N19*Stan's Restaurant1029 Vermont Ave. NWApril 30, 2004N18 & 19Star Wine & Liquor1824 North Capitol St. NWJuly 17, 2003N19Steve's Market1501 First St. NWOct. 17, 2003N17Steve's Market1501 First St. NWMarch 6, 2004N14*Stop & Shop Liquors3011 Rhode Island Ave. NEJuly 17, 2003N18Sun Ray Market3205 Georgia Ave. NWJune 18, 2004N**15Super Saver Grocery & Deli4413 14th St. NWNov. 7, 200318* Sutton Place Gourmet3201 New Mexico Ave. NWJuly 25, 2003Y17*Swedish Pastry Shop5409 Georgia Ave., NWJan. 10, 2004N18 Sylvia's Liquors1818 Benning Rd. NEJuly 11, 2003N18Sylvia's Liquors1818 Benning Rd. NEMarch 6, 2004N15*Tena Market200 Rhode Island Ave. NWOct. 3, 2003N14 The Meeting Place1707 L St. NWApril 30, 2004N18 & 19Thunder Grill50 Massachusetts Ave. NWApril 2, 2004NTwins Liquors5117 Georgia Ave. NWJuly 3, 2003N19Utopia Bar/Grill1416-1418 U St. NWApril 16, 2004N18 & 19Wagner's Liquors1717 Wisconsin Ave. NWMarch 20, 2004Y*19Wagshall's Liquor4955 Massachusetts Ave. NWAug. 14, 2003Y17*Walter Johnson Liquor Store1542 North Capitol St. NWOct. 3, 2003N14* Weiman's Liquor1201 Fifth St. NWDec. 19,2003N14 West End Market2424 Pennsylvania Ave. NWDec. 12, 2003Y18 Woodner Grocery3636 16th St. NWDec. 19,2003Y14 Woodridge Vet's Liquor1358 Brentwood Rd. NEDec. 12, 200318Wright's Market627 Third St. NEAug. 7, 2003Y19Zanzibar700 Water St. SWMay 14, 2004Y 19