The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BURNHAM WOOD CT., 10-Robin L. Taylor to Mary K. Plott, trustee, $247,500.

CHRISLAND CT., 1207-Debora W. Brown to Michael R. Klybor and Toni E. Ivey, $497,000.

GEMINI DR., 1240, No. 89-Christine S. Langer to Janice Oesterle, $136,000.

HARBOUR VILLAGE CT., 7046, No. 2-Keith L. Larson to Carole A. Campbell, $327,000.

JACKSON ST., 1003-Thomas W. Phillips to Meta M. Shepherd, trustee, $265,000.

JENNIPER LANE, 1109-Mary B. Lucas, trustee, to Roger and Georganna Bohnert, $850,000.

PRESIDENT ST., 1121-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mohamed Kheiry, $116,000.

PRESIDENT POINT DR., 9-Rouse J. Todd to William C. and Marie R. Ferguson, $490,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 21, No. 8-Sam H. Snyder to Earle D. and Dorothy Myers, $90,000.

WINDSOR AVE., 932-David B. Kao to Mark A. and Deborah Smith, $355,750.

WINDWHISPER LANE, 983-Rosemary Lethbridge to Pamela S. Thompson, $249,900.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

ASTERN WAY, 930, No. 402-Irene Rosenfeld to Elinor B. Flannery, $225,000.

BAYVIEW VISTA, 1195-Dallas A. Hinson to Dwight and Eileen A. Zilinskas, $250,000.

CONDUIT ST., 115-Richard J. Felber to Kim A. Alfano, $600,000.

EATONS LANDING DR., 317-Linda Orlady to James D. and Eunice A. Chambers, $2,100,000.

FOREST KNOLL, 2561-Duglas Printz to Thaddeus D. and Marjorie S. Burgess, $365,000.

GREENBRIAR LANE, 606-Homes for America Inc. to Jose J. Carabantes and Elsye C. Barahona, $165,400.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 100-John R. Breen, trustee, to William J. Wiggins and Susan Flanagan, $225,000.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 65, No. 3-Scott P. Neff to William C. Coard Jr., $236,900.

HARWOOD PL., 411, No. 30-Michael Cramer to Robert C. Cadena III, $122,000.

HOWARD'S LOOP, 654, No. 21-Kristian J. Marquez to Belinda L. Ancarrow, $295,000.

ISLAND VIEW DR., 137-Dorothy R. Brodie to Susan Millman, $519,000.

KING GEORGE ST., 262-Melvin D. Clark to Blue Heron Corp., $525,000.

LITTLE MAGOTHY VIEW, 1076-Peter M. Gillon to A. Barry and Paula Belman, $605,000.

MASTLINE DR., 935-Clinton E. Carle to Peter S. and Margaret L. Alex, $324,900.

MEADOW HILL DR., 1753-Ralph J. Basile to Peter G. and Catherine E. Hollerbach, $727,500.

MERMAID DR., 1150-John C. Thomas to Jill M. Campanaro, $325,000.

OLD HICKORY RD., 1477-Carl A. Jackson to Christopher W. Murphy, $510,000.

OLD MILL BOTTOM RUN, 1616-Leo W. Dunn III, trustee, to Scott E. and Shannon B. Swidersky, $768,500.

OLD PINE CT., 1301-Wesley D. Emrick to Lauren R. Emrick and Bradley L. Campbell, $170,000.

PEGGY STEWART WAY, 2004, No. 102-Michele A. Deckman, trustee, to Jeffrey K. Reece, $205,000.

PEGGY STEWART WAY, 2004, No. 208-Danielle S. Wildason to Beverly J. and Gary S. David, $260,000.

RITCHIE LANE, 1564-Brian J. Mullen to Anthony J. and Catherine M. Pelura, $295,000.

RIVER BAY RD., 1170-Marian E. Cronise to Adil A. and H. Ferhan Kilical, $625,000.

RIVER FALLS CT., 902-Cendant Corp. to Marc A. and Deborah R. Siedband, $497,500.

SOUTHGATE AVE., 68-Richard W. Kraft Jr. to Dale P. and Lois C. Kelberman, $595,000.

SOUTHWOOD AVE. N., 8-Charles P. Nilan to Margaret C. Rose, $420,000.

SUMMERVIEW WAY, 2700, No. 6304-William R. Addington Jr., trustee, to Robert M. Heaton, $265,000.

SWAN DR., 1319-James Meiklejohn to Bradley and Stacey Hunt, $395,000.

WOOD TREE CIR., 1776-Frank A. Gutierrez III to Chad T. and Suzette M. Langley, $199,900.

Arnold Area

BALTIMORE-ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 1566-Lawrence U. Heisig to Kent R. and Elizabeth G. Wegner, $560,000.

CRESSTON RD., 134-Martin F. Mardiros to David L. and Rebecca B. Gookin, $248,000.

DIVIDING CREEK RD., 732-Timothy J. Moore to Adrian W. and Monica L. Mewshaw, $320,000.

ELMRIDGE RD., 18-David J. Hogen to William H. and Claudinne R. Roe, $462,000.

MARTINGALE LANE, 518, No. 23-Ronald P. Turcot to John F. and Denise T. McLoughlin, $329,000.

NEWBRIDGE CT., 634-Stephen A. Shepet to Nathaniel L. Whitman, $120,000.

SILVERLEAF DR., 1146-Robert M. Weber to Fred Pritt, $205,000.

WEST WAY, 1443-Allan Sosslau to Wesley S. and George H. Turner, $219,000.

Brooklyn Area

BROOKWOOD RD., 4917-R.J. Tormollan to Kimberly R. Smith, $75,000.

CAMROSE AVE., 300-William S. Henderson to Eugene Klemkowski and Charles Ward, $114,000.

CEDAR HILL LANE, 207-Champion Mortgage to Michael J. Sullivan, $73,500.

HOLY CROSS RD., 222-Steven A. Witten to Mark Johnson, $140,000.

OLD RIVERSIDE RD., 416-Donna Maler to Timothy E. Johnson and Rachel N. Green, $97,900.

Churchton Area

GWYNNE AVE., 1108-Judith L. Bradford to Tammy M. Hangliter, $225,900.

GWYNNE AVE., 1118-Robert M. Irving to John D. Peterson, $215,000.

Crofton Area

ASSABET CT., 2510, No. 99-Maurice H. Manahan to Stephen R. Skippen and Nicola Rust Skippen, $247,500.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1624, No. 16-Babi Das to Jennifer L. and Zachary B. Pope, $183,000.

GRANITE CT., 1711, No. 34-Shirley N. Johnson to Robert J. Ambrose, $179,000.

HIGHTEE CT., 2454-Sharon E. Scheidhauer to Denise S. Giacobba, $383,500.

HORNBEAM DR., 1544-Kennon A. Artis to Henry E. and Christine L. Chadwick, $535,000.

JEFFREY DR., 1174, No. 3-Marcia B. Schabel to John B. and Catherine A. Thomas, $250,000.

JONES FALLS CT., 1710, No. 1-Ransom L. Baldwin to Edward and Joanna Starr, $200,000.

JOSEF CT., 2803-Jack Liebsch Jr. to Donald K. and Sarah D. Bice, $440,000.

LACONIA CT., 2381-Chantel L. Walker to Nicole Skibicki, $257,000.

MARLBOROUGH CT., 1540, No. 35-Bradley J. Neitzel to Ronald F. and Carole A. Ellis, $165,000.

MARTHA GREENLEAF LANE, 1217, No. 36-Edward Fernandez to Edward and Samantha Kutz, $172,000.

ORLEANS CT., 1452, No. 101-Timothy S. Moreland to Jennifer L. Rizer, $180,000.

PUTNAM LANE, 2315-Shelly M. Smith to Kyle C. and Laura M. Norton, $419,000.

RIDGELY CT., 1678, No. 171-Janet E. Jenkins to Kathleen C. Toms, $138,000.

ROCHESTER ST., 1794-Stephen W. Hostetler to Leonard E. and Brenda S. Reed, $353,000.

SHARWOOD PL., 1839, No. 74-Michael L. Smigielski to Jennifer J. Skinner, $175,000.

Crownsville Area

CEDAR TRAIL, 361-Abbas Mazzami to Howard B. Vreeland Sr., trustee, $240,000.

JOYCE DR., 1009-Stephen W. Lundstrom to Matthew Sasser, $157,000.

PARK RD., 1040-Richard H. Shephard to Brian M. Cleary, $399,900.

REDWOOD TRAIL, 867-Joseph J. Tkach to Janet M. Schumacher, $175,000.

SEVARDEN LANE, 966-Melvin A. Kiper Jr. to Raymond and Kimberly J. Herman, $1,700,000.

WALNUT TRAIL, 379-Cendant Corp. to Elizabeth K. Magiera, $223,000.

WHITNEYS LANDING DR., 765-Emil H. Levine to William and Betty A. Bryant, $200,000.

Curtis Bay Area

CREEK SHORE WAY, 7839, No. 83-Timothy A. Savalina to Michelle Kincaid and Sandra Eastwood, $217,000.

CREEK SHORE WAY, 7843, No. 117-Bruce J. Drasal to Norma M. Terry, $224,900.

PARKWAY DR., 672-Tamora Kirsch to Antonio Mejia Jr., $169,900.

STONEY POINT WAY, 1461, No. 230-Nicholas F. Pugh to Melissa Bothoff and Jason Dolch, $146,500.

Davidsonville Area

BIRDSVILLE RD., 3917-Benjamin P. Ocasio to John A. Hinds, $386,500.

HARRISBURG DR., 713-James E. Warren to Janis and Kathryn Nagy, $480,000.

MOUNT AIRY CT., 3308-Neal J. Obert to Angela G. Jones, $687,500.

Edgewater Area

HIGHLAND DR., 424-Stephen R. Melnikoff to Philip Meyers Jr. and Judith Brown, $130,000.

LEE DR., 1651-Kenneth L. Kurlychek to Philip R. and Karen E. Walsh, $312,500.

LINDEN AVE., 301-Ann E. Gaines to James W. and Ruth L. Christie, $224,500.

Gambrills Area

AUTUMN VALLEY LANE, 923-John R. Sharp to Olivio F. and Idalia M. Lopes, $219,000.

Gibson Island Area

MAGOTHY RD., 452-Edward P. Covert to Richard D. Fairbank, $3.55 million.

Glen Burnie Area

CONTINENTAL DR., 6405-Alice J. Bonolis to John P. Edwards, $96,450.

ELLWELL CT., 443, No. 4-Kendall L. Fielder Sr. to Lorraine Chandler, $154,000.

FOXCHASE DR., 128-Theodore F. Queen to Jennifer R. Quinn, $198,000.

GORDON LANE, 3-Madeleine G. Watts to Randy J. Sellman, $179,900.

LACROSSE LANE NE, 6455-Diana Walker to Harrison V. Price Jr., $87,500.

MAPLE LANE, 102-William A. Walker to Cynthia D. Thompson, $157,000.

MARSHALL RD., 618-Creek Properties Corp. to Kimberly Smith and Kenneth D. Tubbs, $210,700.

MCNEIL CT., 11-Prudential Relocaton Inc. to Romael M. Boyd, $234,900.

NORVELLE CT., 456-Albert G. Napolitano to James L. Cameron Jr., $140,800.

OLD STAGE RD., 607-Jeffrey A. Bafford to Nelson J. Mensch, $175,000.

PARKE WEST DR., 7912-James W. Johnson to Thomas M. Neagle, $120,000.

RIDGELY RD., 103-Rebecca L. Spangler to Rodgerick E. and Patricia A. Miller, $220,000.

RIDGELY RD., 207-Holly K. Stratton to Stanley L. and Valerie J. Curtain, $218,900.

RUMFORD DR., 7108-Michael D. Sowers to Les L. Ashburn, $241,900.

SAUNDERS WAY, 1805-Joseph Jedrowicz Jr. to Paul D. Sheldon, $159,900.

SHELLY RD., 101-Jeffrey L. Wingo to Jonathon and Wendy Ramsey, $230,000.

TURN LOOP RD., 8173, No. 24-Ronald L. Spriggs to Gerald L. Robertson, $103,000.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 406-Ulis R. Fleming to Jason A. Wilcox and Shelly M. Chaney, $184,900.

WHALER CT., 7542, No. 598-Laurie L. Bradley to Josehua Emmer and Emily V. Burton, $149,000.

THIRD AVE. SE, 309-James Wilson to H.T. O'Herlihy and Deborah A. Smigovsky, $147,500.

Glen Burnie-

Marley Creek Area

ANDREWS RD., 912-William Hynson III to Arthur D. Davies Jr., $130,700.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7512-James Elskoe to Hesham Y. and Rose M. Henein, $197,500.

BEAVER RD., 7609-Richard L. Stack to Habersham Bank, $425,000.

BIDDLE RD., 731-Catherine H. Ravadge to David W. Diacont, $160,000.

DUBLIN DR., 365-Glenn E. Johnston to Tanner Horner, $163,000.

ELM DR., 3-Rachel Bunn to William F. and Jillian M. Volberding, $177,000.

GATEWATER CT., 350, No. F-Jeremiah M. Brandt to Rene Porras, $105,000.

GLENLEA DR., 123-Elmer Hendershot to Edward M. and Anne Curtis, $170,000.

HARRIET DR., 12-Charles W. Boyer to Richard Conner, $159,900.

HOLLOWAY RD., 10-Bay Enterprises Corp. to Clifton Croston Jr., $129,900.

HOWARD MANOR DR., 432-Henry L. Alfaro to Josie Ndimkaoha, $214,000.

ISTED RD., 1402-Dennis E. Brown to Robert L. Turgeon, $115,000.

JUPP RD., 1514-Michael J. Selig to Penny A. Dove, $159,900.

LINCOLN DR., 428-Emory W. Trotter to Department of Veterans Affairs, $158,634.

MORRIS HILL RD., 425-Cheryl L. Younger to Kathy B. Stansbury, $176,000.

PHELPS AVE., 101-Carl W. Straub to Andrew A. Johnson, $190,000.

ROSE ANNE RD., 907-Walter S. Kunz Sr. to John V. and Kelly M. Turner, $205,000.

STIEMLY AVE., 302-Robert A. McCoy to Robert J. and Bonnie M. Blessing, $200,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 116, No. 103-Dawn F. Munday to Bank of New York, $86,619.

Hanover Area

CAMBIUM CT., 1421-Norma L. Clark to Tiffany K. Hollins, $223,000.

CANONCHET CT., 1934-Robert V. Harris to Robert V. and Loretta G. Harris, $165,000.

FAIRBANKS CT., 7686-Jacqueline A. Hoppa to Keri N. Pauly, $149,900.

GREENKNOLL BLVD., 14-Wallace R. Staflin to William C. and Crystal Fleck, $248,500.

KIDWELL CT., 7750-Pao C. Huang to Waichan E. and Yuksim Woo, $120,000.

RANDOLPH CT., 7426-Patricia A. Weinel to Bradley South, $302,500.

Laurel Area

BROOKTREE ST., 8218-Neville Lord to Jae Sup and Jung Soo Jung, $250,000.

GREEN GRASS RD., 8334-Michael P. Donnelly to Tracy Allcock and Heather C. Young, $225,000.

SAVANNAH RIVER RD., 8607, No. 32-Stevenson Prinston to Alex Koranteng and Barbara Debrah, $270,000.

WOODLAND MANOR DR., 8544-Jason Tuckett to Theresa A. Oluwole, $268,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

COLONIAL DR., 19-John Day to Harry W. Ridge III, $150,350.

Lothian Area

BROOKS WOODS RD., 5705-Larry A. Ward to Dale L. Pickett, $425,000.

CLAYBROOKE DR., 4400-Richard Howard Construction Co. Inc. to Marisa A. Decillia and David P. Carr, $499,900.

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 5688-Maurice R. Hartman to Steven M. Parks Jr., $323,000.

Millersville Area

BERNARD DR. N., 8218-Eric Pierce to Ian D. and Lisa J. Perras, $265,000.

CANDLEWOOD CT., 301-Kenneth C. Dodge Jr. to Julie Mazcko, $485,000.

CECIL AVE., 1099-William P. O'Rourke to Kimberly B. Lundstrom, $350,000.

CHALET WEST, 508-Leonard K. Allen to Christopher V. Quick, $233,000.

RED MAGNOLIA CT., 323-Patricia Giroux to Kevin and Jennifer Bonk, $470,000.

SCARLET GLEN CT., 8393-Michael G. Spencer to Richard J. and Colleen R. Prengaman, $720,000.

SUNNYVIEW DR., 8314-Vicky Huang to Robert and Jung Keck, $259,000.

VICTORIA CT., 486-Craig A. Bredeck to John S. and Michelle M. Bolly, $235,000.

WATSON CT., 454, No. 22II-Thomas K. Cimbolo to Brian C. Harrison, $135,000.

North Beach Area

EMMET PL., 656-Jon C. Simpson to Wing Chan, $169,900.

Odenton Area

AMMUNITION AVE., 207-New Home Builders Inc. to Dwight M. and Cynthia E. Evans, $242,250.

CHAPELVIEW DR., 1342-William S. Long to Newman Enterprises Corp., $120,000.

DOMAIN CT., 510, No. 92-Lois A. Phillips to Jennifer L. Split, $165,000.

ESTUARY DR., 818-Rafael Pagan Jr. to Andreas and Barbara G. Pappas, $230,000.

FOREST EDGE CT., 2405, No. 301A-Ricky Kwok to Margaret M. O'Keefe, $226,000.

GRAY IBIS CT., 2629-Stephen J. Carrier to Craig G. and Janell Watson, $31,500.

GREEN FIELD CT., 8736-Kenneth R. Jones to Ericka L. Hanson, $202,000.

HAYMEADOW CT., 694-Matthew E. Ammon to Anthony M. and Teresa S. Vessels, $420,000.

LANGDON FARM CIR., 192, No. 47-Department of Housing and Urban Development to James and Teresa Jones, $205,399.

LIONS GATE LANE, 606, No. 19-Melissa I. Garfield to Jason and Jessica Ford, $195,000.

LITTLE PATUXENT CT., 8708-Betty L. Hinkle to Michael G. and Steven J. Haertel, $281,000.

PINE DRIFT DR., 779-Kevin C. Carberry to Heather C. Bush, $266,000.

PINE MEADOWS DR., 8517-Martin K. Rowley to Joshua A. Seaton, $227,000.

PINECROFT CT., 2019, No. 72-Christopher M. Semon to Craig and Gayle Myers, $194,000.

REALM CT. W., 613, No. 99-Abby Williams to Cheryl A. Lawbaugh, $144,500.

REALM CT. W., 655, No. 23-Terrell L. Parrish to Justin E. Daniluck, $166,000.

SALINAS CT., 8710-James H. O'Connor to Joanne L. Allen, $232,900.

SANDY WALK WAY, 2351-Eugene J. Matho to Laura Maroldy, $297,000.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2612-Shannon K. Schwarz to John E. Skelton and Marina Nalli Skelton, $266,000.

THORNBROOK CT., 2736-Scott Smolen to Rose M. Weber, $245,000.

Owensville (West River) Area

COSIMANO PL., 1006-RCS Inc. to Stephen G. and Susan W. Strope, $160,000.

PLANTATION BLVD., 639-Gary L. Cunningham to John D. and Patricia M. Debone, $375,000.

PLANTATION BLVD., 658-Whitney K. Lindstrom to Gregory Minnick and Valarie Napaqanetz, $399,900.

Owings Area

OLD SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 7030-John Siegriest to Beth A. and Brian Versak, $280,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ABBEY CT., 8034, No. F-Theresa A. Hatfield to Abbey Cort Trust, $67,000.

ABBEY CT., 8036, No. J-Julie A. Tignor to Stephen Stroheker, $109,500.

BAY RD., 2025-Robin Dale Grove to Constantza Habsburg, $287,500.

BOOTH BAY HARBOUR, 1170-Lisa I. Humm Denney to Catherine Schaaf, $174,900.

BOOTH BAY HARBOUR, 1181-William Ng to Marguerite O. Shepherd, $120,000.

CLOVERHILL RD., 209-David E. Bartlebaugh Jr. to Sandra L. and Yvonne M. Barcroft, $220,000.

FOREST DR., 8346-Gregory J. McCloskey to Robert L. and Lisa J. Rohmann, $370,000.

G ST., 734-Richard A. Rudiger to James F. Youngbar, $335,000.

HOTEL AVE., 1106-Francisco Joya to James R. and Robin Hupfl, $212,500.

LAKE DR., 2280-Barbara A. Joos to Bennie B. Tucker III, $415,000.

MARGARET AVE., 12-Scott Koontz to Shepherd Enterprises Corp., $115,000.

NEW YORK AVE., 239-Joseph A. Blanchard Jr. to Christopher S. and Holly B. Carloss, $375,000.

NORWALK HARBOUR, 8674-Joseph S. Presgraves to Michael Cuevas and Catherine I. Chevas, $174,900.

OAK HARBOR CT., 1215-Jane R. Cope to Charles H. and Jodie A. Toll, $550,000.

PINE RIDGE RD., 8057-Lonnie H. Straughn Jr. to Joan A. Weller, $226,000.

SHADY GROVE WAY, 7950-Martin W. Stewart Jr. to Paul E. and Cindy M. Slattery, $264,900.

SILVERADO CT., 8144-Anthony G. Tomassetti Jr. to Clare Hatcher, $499,900.

TOWER BRIDGE DR., 8105, No. 235-Hee S. Kim to Seong Am Ahn and Nam S. Kim, $127,000.

WEST SHORE RD., 7743-Jay N. Mason Jr. to Jay N. Mason III and Heather Coble, $198,000.

WHITE ROCKS CT., 300-Joseph P. Nutile Jr. to Elizabeth M. Brown, $217,900.

11TH ST., 972-Lawrence G. Funk Jr. to William G. and Brinda Ann Jones, $220,000.

Riva Area

ESCAPADE CIR., 3225, No. 1804-Hollie Mance Morris to James W. Thomas Jr. and Jessica L. Rice, $340,000.

ROCK DR., 3029-Milton F. Conley to Jeremy C. Meene and Jodi Menne, $249,900.

Severn Area

CANTER CT., 7852-Willie C. Bryant to Jonathan and Valerie Chilla, $213,000.

CHAMPLAIN DR., 1909-Sandra K. Staton to Laura Dorsey and Omowale Elson, $239,900.

CITADEL DR., 7900-Mark B. Luffy to Lashawn D. Jackson, $240,000.

JASONS LANDING WAY, 7924-Thomas E. Brown to Brian S. and Lisa A. Hancock, $375,000.

PIONEER DR., 8533, No. 19D-Charles E. Altshuler to Daniel Folio and Chris Izydore, $42,000.

PULLMAN DR., 1504-Ronald D. Vanscyoc to Woodrow L. and Shirley A. Parker, $220,000.

RINGE DR., 1550-Henry B. Shaw III to Thomas O. and Lee L. Coleman, $409,000.

SHEFFIELD CT., 1906-Glenn M. Cook to Sharon T. Jacobs and Benjamin J. Hauptly, $250,000.

SHELBY CT., 1703-Anthony J. Vasconcellos to Thomas Carroll, $351,000.

SPRUCE HILL RD., 7855-Robert C. Sugg to Charlie Elliott, $314,900.

Severna Park Area

CEDAR RD., 100-Maryland Capital Investors Inc. to Susan D. McConkey, $250,000.

CHARINGTON DR., 521-Christopher H. Erskine to Peter G. and Colleen D. Byrnes, $295,000.

KENMORE RD., 521-Karla R. Alford to David J. and Teri A. Baca, $239,900.

LAGUNA CIR., 289-Christopher S. Carloss to Edward and Erin Brunatti, $232,500.

LYNWOOD DR., 430-Heinz A. Petzold to Kennichi C. and Michele R. Dowdell, $330,000.

MARYLEBORN RD., 452-John R. Bolotin to Marcella E. and Robert J. Pike, $455,000.

MCKINWAY, 605-Alice M. Gray to Robert S. and Mary W. Jeter, $150,000.

OLD STATION RD., 9-Wendy J. Walker to Daniel Bornstein, $617,000.

TRENTON AVE., 746-Gayle L. Rice to Anne D. Forsythe, $280,000.

Shady Side Area

BAUMAN LANE, 5303-James R. Davis to Lawrence C. and Collen M.C. McCarthy, $635,000.

HINE DR., 4950-Robert B. Kelbaugh to Nicholas and Linda Ann Zafiriou, $232,000.

PINE AVE., 1198-Ryan J. McVearry to Robert B. and Christina L. Barkley, $216,400.

Tracys Landing Area

DEALE RD., 187-Michael W. Belcher to Jerry E. and Linda A. Parker, $285,000.