Holy Cross Hospital


Sarah Heather Meyer, a daughter, to Beth and Larry Meyer of Kensington.

Shady Grove

Adventist Hospital


Naija Nichele Armstrong, a daughter, to Neva Renee Prather and Cedric Lamonte Armstrong of Germantown.

Christina Anne Hadad, a daughter, to Ana Luisa and Michael John Hadad of Potomac.

Kalei Anne Murray, a daughter, to Molly Beth and Christopher Sean Murray of Gaithersburg.


Elizabeth Marie Miller, a daughter, to Karen Lynn and Kevin Joseph Miller of Germantown.

Devin Thomas Reed, a son, to Nathalie and Charles Reed of Rockville.

Lucas Jo Shell, a son, to Laura Michelle Bosch-Shell and Jonathan Allan Shell of Germantown.


Lana Akiko Anderson, a daughter, to Roxanne Atsuko Yamashita and John Bruce Anderson of Rockville.

Kian Kenneth Benze, a son, to Shadi and David Benze of Gaithersburg.

Kelly Adley Blahut, a daughter, to Eileen Elizabeth and Stephen Paul Blahut of Adamstown.

Samantha Nicole Blaylock, a daughter, to Amy and Robbie Blaylock of New Market.

Zachary Cole Anh Huynh, a son, to Karen Elizabeth Reinhold and Kiet Anh Huynh Jr. of Frederick.

Brandon Alexander Kirkpatrick, a son, to Lauren Anne and Scott Stephen Kirkpatrick of Mount Airy.

Mackenzie Nicole Saum, a daughter, to Cherry Francisco Saum and Brian Keith Saum of Germantown.

Kayleigh Natasha Young, a daughter, to Liamar and Ty Young of Germantown.


Deyvis Alexis Guzman Jr., a son, to Sandra Janet Miranda Roman and Deyvis Alexis Guzman of Germantown.

Samuel Ohan Soghomonian, a son, to Paula Cronis Soghomonian and Christopher Ohan Soghomonian of the District.

Hannah Mae Stein, a daughter, to Linda Balon Stein and Michael Aaron Stein of Gaithersburg.


Jaleil Allen Ferrell, a son, to Sancha Nicole Francis and Jason Allen Ferrell of Gaithersburg.

Michael William Hennies, a son, to Lynn Renee Hennies of Germantown.

Samuel Lee Powers Jr., a son, to Carolyn Lee Thompson and Samuel Lee Powers of Damascus.


Shannon Heather Hammond, a daughter, to Harriet Elaine and Richard Hammond of Montgomery Village.

Christopher Alexander Zapata and Delilah Mae Zapata, twin son and daughter, to Robin Dawn and Antonio Asencion Zapata of Silver Spring.


Joshua Low Brettle, a son, to Jennifer Ann Low and Dean William Brettle of Rockville.

Shawn Ashton Benjamin, a son, to Debra Britton Benjamin and Charles William Benjamin Jr. of Germantown.

Paul Christopher Carvajal, a son, to Karen and Fernando Carvajal of Germantown.

Kyle Kwon Johnson, a son, to Marianne Kwon Johnson and Gibbes Richards Johnson of Darnestown.


Jin Joseph Kobes, a son, to Kimberly Suzanne and Solomon Herbert Kobes of Kensington.

Rachel Alexo Licup, a daughter, to Cecille and Edwin Licup of Montgomery Village.

Kaleb Odell Schmidt, a son, to Elizabeth Anne and Robert Odell Schmidt of Clarksburg.

Christopher Logan Weikert, a son, to Michele Leigh and Mark David Weikert of Germantown.


Timothy James Benson, a son, to Debbie M. and Ron Benson of Damascus.

Michael Cai Chu, a son, to Lucy Luwei Cai and Yanfang Chu of Boyds.

Samuel Atticus Bruce-Cartwright, a son, to Rebecca Cartwright and William Bruce of Clarksburg.

Brandon Wei-Lun Chen, a son, to Yvonne Foong and Tony Chen of Kensington.

Brynn Theresa Lancelotta, a daughter, to Karin and Charles J. Lancelotta III of Rockville.

Zachary Ross Shell, a son, to Virginia Elgin Shell and David Ross Shell of Frederick.


Falaq Rizvi, a daughter, to Jawaria Jawad Rizvi and Jawad M. Rizvi of Boyds.

Aidan Robert Twentey, a son, to Cara Aylin and Ian Christopher Twentey of New Market.


Lauren Elizabeth Martin, a daughter, to Michele Allison and Mark Martin of Germantown.

Jessica Zhang, a daughter, to Xiao Ming Zou and Ming Teng Zhang of Silver Spring.


Miles Alexander Carter, a son, to Kristen S. and Gary Alexander Carter of Germantown.

Ella Sydni Cooper, a daughter, to Lori Michelle and Andrew Scott Cooper of Rockville.

Samuel Joseph Allman, a son, to Karen D. and H. Steven Allman of Gaithersburg.

Grace Michelle Scalzi, a daughter, to Laura Lowekamp Scalzi and Michael Paul Scalzi of Damascus.

Mackenzie Grace Van Orden, a daughter, to Kelly Geralyn and Nathan Allen Van Orden of Boyds.


Lara Mackenzie Beach, a daughter, to Tatiana Valenzuela Beach and Joshua Edward Beach of Urbana.

Emily Grace Kipfer, a daughter, to Amanda Marie and Darren James Kipfer of Gaithersburg.

Edwin Jarad Lewis II, a son, to Nicole Murray Lewis and Edwin Carnell Lewis of Germantown.

Nicolas Patrick Joao Poggi Silva, a son, to Karin Pudel Poggi Gomes Da Silva and Alvaro Poggi Silva of Gaithersburg.

Vanessa Mae Vample, a daughter, to Krystal Dawn Redshaw and Lawrence Eric Vample Jr. of Montgomery Village.

Ashton Cory Williams, a son, to Lorraine Lynn Wright and Wole Williams of Montgomery Village.

Daniel Yang, a son, to Jenny Dong and Mike Yang of Potomac.


Marin Margery Bartman, a daughter, to Katherine Yates Bartman and Ian Patrick Bartman of Frederick.

Antonio Jose Luna, a son, to Ana Carolina and Antonio Luna of Rockville.


Reva Mannan, a daughter, to Monika and Tinku Mannan of Potomac.

Roshni Raju Pawar, a daughter, to Shraddha and Raju Pawar of Germantown.

Iara Aylen Rattner, a daughter, to Micaela Carmio and Ariel Rattner of Rockville.

Madison Janae Elizabeth Robb, a daughter, to Pamela Turner Robb and Darryl Lee Robb of Frederick.

Nathan Alexander Terry, a son, to Susan Leigh and Jesse James Terry of Montgomery Village.

Maeve Claire Sanford-Kelly, a daughter, to Ariana Marie Brannigan Kelly and Barak Joseph Sanford of Bethesda.

Rachel Anne Swartz, a daughter, to Kristi Hartland Swartz and Dustin Paul Swartz of Gaithersburg.

Alejandro Castillo Yanes, a son, to Maria del Carmen Yanes and Bartolome Castillo Morales of Germantown.


Zoe Beth Batten, a daughter, to Robin Amy and Benjamin Michael Batten of Catonsville.

Kenneth Diego Beck, a son, to Maria Fernanda Beck and Joseph Edwin Beck of Silver Spring.

Dylan Hsu Chang, a son, to Amy C. and Richard Chang of Silver Spring.

Tashae Christina Cribbs, a daughter, to Patrice Marretta Myers and Harold Thomas Cribbs of Silver Spring.

Sahlia Nathalia Easley, a daughter, to Letricia Lynn and Martin James Easley of Gaithersburg.

Rachel Annabelle Mozingo, a daughter, to Rebecca Matthews Mozingo and James Milton Mozingo of Gaithersburg.

-- Compiled by RIA MANGLAPUS