The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes in the District and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


AMES ST., 5350-Grace O. Akintunde to Bunmi Idowu, $150,000.

BAKER ST., 3349-Ronald D. and William H. Green to La'Kisha L. Lacey, $154,317.

CHILDRESS ST., 1347-Melvin Davis to Samuel W. Brathwaite and Juanila A. Brathwalte, $80,000.

D ST., 1507-Lisa Lynette and Milton C. Douglas and Miriam C. Douglas to Joyce R. and Richard Schwartz, $252,500.

IRVING ST., 1018-John J. Strattner and Gijsberta J. Koelewijn to Nichole M. Bennett and Michael A. Piacsek, $345,350.

PERRY ST., 2216-Vincent L. Abell to Ginta and Jeffrey Carlson, $302,000.

R ST., 46-Gregory J. Williams to Aster Geberkidan, $245,000.

SIMMS PL., 1243-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Temesegen M. Gebeyehu, $205,000.

THIRD ST., 1924-Myrtle C. Henry to Dilargachew Belay, $210,000.

FIFTH ST., 535-Eric M. Jones to Julia E. Reynes and Stephen J. Hancock, $475,000.

SIXTH ST., 709-James Matthew White to John M. and Julie Stewart, $325,000.

SEVENTH ST., 1027-HHH Properties to Madison Properties, $206,500.

EIGHTH ST., 4950-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Vincent Andrew Parahoo, $180,000.

10TH ST., 245-Renee Rothstein to Gregory R. Speed and Lona J. Valmoro, $497,500.

14TH ST., 607-Spicer Corp. to Al Karim Abdul Dhanji, $418,000.

17TH PL., 3812-Estate of Albert L. Hughes and Thomas L. Hughes to Betty Turner Brock, $310,000.

20TH ST., 645-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Adeyemi O. Alaba, $85,111.

47TH PL., 1026-Estate of Muriel Kirkpatrick to Victor Ogun Wumiju, $67,000.


APPLETON ST., 3115-James E. and Margaret J. Gilleran to Enu Abhilasha Mainigi and John Duval Walker, $1.35 million.

BENTON ST., 3928-Dirk and Heather Deroos to Frederique and Jesse J. Irwin, $626,007.

BRYANT ST., 138-Five Star Partnership to Michael Sauri, $311,000.

BUCHANAN ST., 640, No. 204-Estate of Emilia A. Howard to Neema Melisa Enriquez, $73,500.

CHERRY HILL LANE, 3211-James D. and Kathryn J. Graham to Bahram and Maryam J. Redjaee, $375,000.

CHURCH ST., 1771, No. 4-Cheryl Tan to Catherine P. McEaddy, $435,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 2311, No. 406-Mary Louise Byrnes to Lynda R. Barrett Choate and Alan G. Choate, $540,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 5406, No. 607-Jeffrey Milton Gilbert and Judith Ilene Katz to Marilyn Stern, $145,000.

DENT PL., 3020, No. 22W-Lesley Strauss and Michael T. McNamara to Jane Cocke Berkeley, $504,400.

INGOMAR ST., 3918-Kenneth H. Rabin to Larry Nittler and Rhonda Stroud, $820,000.

KEEFER PL., 644-Catherine O. Fasida to Michael K. Bobo, $225,000.

L ST., 2201, No. 700-Estate of Edna A. Falbo to Christpher L. Jereb, $157,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 4200, No. 910A-Susan Kahan and David J. Korman to Kurt and Susan Berlin, $850,000.

NEBRASKA AVE., 5253-Kirondeep S. Bhandari to Dan Boeskin and Danielle Cannata, $555,000.

NEW YORK AVE., 30-Aishatu Ohen Bakare to Chad N. Clinton, $285,000.

PRINCETON PL., 760-Richard Nyankori to Joseph L. Askew, $305,000.

Q ST., 3004-Basil G. Kavalsky to Richard H. Bernero and Wendy Loder, $1.25 million.

QUACKENBOS ST., 307-Anthony C. and Dana S. Thompson to Tia Harper Velazquez and Emilio Velazquez, $327,000.

RIVER RD., 4214-Michele Havilland and Michele Havilland Trust to David S. Ardia, $620,000.

S ST., 1824, No. 103-Elizabeth Stottlemyer to Joseph P. Godin, $385,000.

S ST., 3515-Patricia Jean Mason Parson to Gordon E. Runte, $735,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 1456-Estate of Milton T. Taylor and Vermelle T. Kinnard and Matteil Pulley to Robert Paul Riggins, $324,000.

SUDBURY RD., 1909-Estate of Paul W. Thomas to Antonia and Thelma Cofer, $586,000.

T ST., 1438-Margaret R. McLeod and Ilene R. Zeitzer to Dara Lee Duguay and Alfonso V. Guida, $620,000.

TAYLOR ST., 1433-Harriet W. Houston and Barbara W. Payton to Nantucket Holdings Ltd., $305,000.

TILDEN ST., 4739-Francisco Javier and Maria Aguirre Sacasa to Maria F. McCulloch, $910,000.

UNICORN LANE, 2725-Evelyn June and Myron Peter Bosak to Rita Rigor and William Earle Matory, $884,000.

VAN NESS ST., 2939, No. 607-Francis P. and Julia B. Creighton to Patricia A. Russo, $380,000.

VERMONT AVE., 1313, No. 16-Giles Deconcilio and Christopher M. Walsh to Dawn Degrange, $260,000.

WALNUT ST., 213-Blanche Geneva and Don Seymour to Yvette P. Carter Mitchell and Ronald M. Mitchell, $320,000.

YUMA ST., 5151-Noelle Winsor to Diane L. and Harry A. Dematatis, $1,500,000.

11TH ST., 3008-Steven E. Murray to Patrick R. Farace, $310,000.

12TH ST., 2001, No. 107-Surraun W. Calloway to Donald E. Hunt, $312,000.

13TH ST., 6643-Estate of Geraldine Washington to Tawana T. Hinton and Reginald Warfield, $243,000.

16TH ST., 3060, No. 306-Jon Thomas Adlon to Elizabeth A. Ramborger, $203,000.

17TH ST., 1401, No. 201-Hugh M. Fulton to Margaret R. McLeod, $349,500.

22ND ST., 1099, No. 404-Cynthia C. and John H. Weber to Heather Sturt and Paul G. Haaga, $530,100.

32ND ST., 2760-Joel F. Brenner and Jane Ellen Loos to Weiss Baruch and Laura R. Blumenfeld, $2.2 million.

49TH ST., 2323-Gail W. and Richard I. Knapp to Michael D. Abrams, $950,000.


A ST., 4632-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Spencer Jerome Chapman, $88,515.

BELLEVUE ST., 1105-Francois Pierre Louis Dessin to Panchita Bello, $160,000.

D ST., 1240-Gerald M. Feldman and Janis M. Maxwell to Edward D. Reiskin, $490,000.

E ST., 332-Caren Benjamin and Timothy O'toole to David Lawrence Madland and Karin Joan Wallestad, $505,000.

S ST., 1728-Curtis L. and Virgie W. Hopkins to Angela Gilliam and Johnnie Fairfax Wheeler, $205,000.

WADE RD., 2636, No. 2-Shannon M. Weinschenk to Jose Pacheco, $93,500.

17TH ST., 109-Marcus Mason to Catherine A. Acevedo and Elizabeth A. Greene, $304,000.

30TH ST., 2603-Pascha Greenberg to John L. Murphy, $170,000.

34TH ST., 1426-Estate of Lueangier Moten to Adam L. Parascandola and Stephanie L. Prete, $225,000.


FOURTH ST., 1250, No. W607-Edward Alston and Viola E. Moore to Eugenia S. Kim and Ruth Kim Wilson, $165,000.